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Platforms: PC
Languages: English, French
Players: Multi-player
Jan 13, 2016 @ 4:01pm
May 27, 2016 @ 4:41pm
Release date: Q1 2016

Genomicide is an intense, free online multiplayer cellular action game in which you must devour everything you can to evolve. Bringing the cell game to the next level, it is the perfect quick cell game for friends and family or for anonymous fighting.

From proteins on the ground to the flesh of your foes or even the odd gene will be accumulated resources needed to meet your cell goal. You will experience a new addictive cross-platform cell game. Loads of fun using very simple controls and weaponized mutations against other player’s cell.

Every skill you unlock will be used to make your way up the cells food chain and eat any cell that gets in your path.

Customization of your cell will also have beneficial effects on its performance while making them... appetizing cells!

  • More mutations
  • More customization items
  • Special Skins
  • Maps
  • Feedback return

Thank you for your support !

Already available on :

Bite: Automatically bites touched foe stealing mass from him

Mutations List
  • Escape: Propels you fast forward
  • Pyrosis: Fires a projectile in front of you
  • Frenetic: Reduce cooldown durations by 15%
  • EBP(Electro Biologic Pulse): A discharge of static electricity that will damage everything in it's radius
  • Hypotonia: Makes other cells unable to approche you for a short time
  • Fecalorexia: Invisible droppings explode and deal damage on contact
  • Photonics: Your cell lights up and blinds others
  • Spitter: Fires 3 projectiles in front of you
  • Chromatophoric: Makes you invisible for a moment
  • Aquaporin: Makes you invincible for a moment
  • Charge: Propels you forward at lightning speed
  • Teleport: You instantly reapear in a random location
  • Sericigenous: Fires a web at your foe and immobilizes him for a short period of time
  • Salivary: Fires ooze at your target, slowing it down for a while
  • Bioshock: Discharge directional static electricity, damaging everything it touches
  • Hydrophobia: Increases you movement speed by 10%
  • Cellulophage: Your bite attack inflicts more damage
  • Hyperactivity: Reduces cooldown durations by 25%
  • Emmetropia: Enables you to see what others can not

About 20 more planned!

SkullBunch is an independent studio filled with only two aaaaaaaaaawesome people, from Québec, Canada, North America, Earth...
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iphone now oOooo just saw this today on the app store. Mika you can play with me now !
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agario but looks fun
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