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Team Fortress 2 Lucky Number
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Apr 14, 2012 @ 1:39pm
Apr 15, 2012 @ 1:31am
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We have a couple of new ideas that would refresh TF2
One of them is Lucky Number lottery!
It includes three types of tickets (Red/Green/Blue), for different lottery draw each
They differ in price and prize
More about tickets:
Red ticket:
price = 50c
prize = 5 keys + all taunts
winners = 10 gamers
Green ticket
price = 2$
prize = 15 keys + all taunts + *("random bundle" receives one, whose ticket was purchased before other winners)
winners = 5 gamers and one of them who receives "random bundle"
Blue tickets
price = 5$
prize = 25 keys + all taunts + random bundle + *("Something special for someone special" receives one, whose ticket was purchased before other winners)
winners = 3 gamers and one of them who receives "Something special for someone special" _____________________________
About all tickets:
-How many tickets can you buy? -Only 12 tickets every two weeks
-About craft tickets. -You can craft tickets (three"fail" tickets same color = one ticket this color)
-How often are conducted lotteries? -Every two weeks.
-choice of the winner. -Computer will choose random winners of the every two weeks in one of three categories.

Every ticket has unique number in description, which will determine winners and special winner.
Winning tickets disappear.
The not winning tickets will stay at backpack for crafting, or just... taking a place.
Tickets are tradable.

Which style of tickets you like the most?

Русское описание тут --->
Какой стиль билета больше понравился вам?
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