Total War: SHOGUN 2

Total War: SHOGUN 2

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3 Skill Points per General Level
Created by The Mall of America
This gives you 3 skill points for each general level for a total of 15 instead of 12 at max level. In an un-modded game you receive 3 skill points at level 5 and 6 but only 2 skill points at levels 2, 3, and 4.

In fall of the samurai, due to skill tree...
Bigger Font for RotS/Sengoku/FotS
Created by ZeroX
For those who may prefer a bigger font that doesn't hurts your eyes and keeps the UI clean, making the words in the game larger. This mod has been tested and works perfectly in either RotS/Sengoku/FotS.
The text in the game will become bigger overall and...
Combat Skill Tree Buff For Generals
Created by The Mall of America
This mod buffs the combat skill tree (highlighted in the thumbnail image) for generals in the Shogun 2 vanilla campaign. Allocating skill points in this tree was previously a waste as even allocating all skill points of a rank 6 general into this skill tre...
Main Menu Replacer - Himeji Version
Created by Frodo45127
What is this mod?
This mod replace the main menu map with "Himeji castle" from better maps.

Is this mod incompatible with another mod?
Yes, with Sekigahara Campaing. I didn't see any other mod incompatible.

Some recomendations?
- The maps showed i...
12 turns per Year - For Shogun 2 and RotS
Created by Requies
This very simple mod change the number of turns per year for Shogun 2 and Rise of the Samurai DLC from 4 to 12 (3 turns for every season). Nothing more.

It work also on Multiplayer Campaign.

Total number of turns for Shogun 2 : 660
Total number of t...
Prestige Levels (Clan Fame) Nonlinear Tweak
Created by Charsi
This mod increases the prestige level required to achieve certain reputation milestones - including Realm Divide. The result is that realm divide is substantially delayed.

Acknowledgement: 40 (was 25)
Public Knowledge: 80 (was 50)
A Threat to the Sho...
Expanded Japan (97 new regions, 101 new factions)
Created by uanime5
This mod is not compatable with Rise of the samurai or Fall of the Samurai. It only works with the Shogun 2 Campaign.

The purpose of this mod is to make the map more accurate by adding some of the provinces and factions that existed during the Sengoku Jid...