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A Land Fit For Heroes
Jan 6, 2016 @ 7:22am
May 3, 2016 @ 11:20pm

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Release date: Spring, 2016

A Land Fit for Heroes is a profound story of three distinct characters falling into a sequence of bloodthirsty events full of gore and mystery. It is not your average story-based RPG; A Land Fit for Heroes is darker, deeper and very explicit, primarily it’s narrative is targeted towards a mature audience. The main characters are not traditional heroes but outcasts with marred souls and questionable pasts. This is a story and character design with a truly dark twist; readers may be shocked but they will still be enthralled by Morgan’s rich and mysterious dark fantasy presented in an entirely unique format for the book series.

Based on Richard Morgan’s trilogy of dark fantasy novels, A Land Fit For Heroes is the new story-based RPG telling the story of three unlikely heroes with three interlocking storylines. Kirellin of House Caith is a skilled war veteran, a man with a death wish who suffers the mental trauma from years of combat, Calnar is a young Majak warrior, repeatedly abused by his father during his childhood, he channels his inner rage as one of the fiercest fighters in bloody combat. Ilaria is an accomplished thief with a tortured past filled with violence and personal anguish. Each of their paths will cross in this adventure where they are tested to the extreme – but wherein the reader decides upon their fates.

Children go missing in the marshes. Ancient spirits awaken. Powerful machine-demons manipulate the fate of mankind. But all of this is just a game for even darker forces. In the first of its kind, bestselling bestselling author Richard Morgan brings his trilogy of novels to life as a three-player RPG set in the world of Land Fit For Heroes.

Three intertwined stories, three dark characters - one ending. A unique story-driven RPG with tactical, grid-based combat element.

Play in Multi-player or Single-player mode, controlling a single character and cooperating with the other two, or controlling all three at the same time. Cooperate across devices: play on mobile or PC.

Enjoy the dark and gritty narrative about personal horror. It’s time to a tell a different story. A mature story. This is a story-driven RPG unlike any other.

Fight turn- and grid-based tactical combats against the dwenda. Enjoy old-fashioned dice rolling and moving figures. Use rune-based mosaic magic to defeat your enemies.

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S.T.A.R.S Leon S. K. May 27, 2016 @ 8:23am 
Dan what is with 5 Trading Cards and many easy Steam Achievements?
dan  [author] May 4, 2016 @ 9:51pm 
The Groupee keys are in Alie's mailbox over there. :)
ppincon May 4, 2016 @ 12:42pm 
Hi congrats on the release! Just wondering when Groupee buyers will be getting our Steam keys?
ppincon Apr 28, 2016 @ 7:48am 
Sweet! Thanks for confirming! :D
dan  [author] Apr 27, 2016 @ 2:14am 
Hi, we're uploading soon! Thank you for your interest! :)
ppincon Apr 24, 2016 @ 3:14am 
Any idea what the Steam Early Access release date will be?
Aleeke88 Mar 12, 2016 @ 10:29am 
Bought on Groupees!!! ;-)))
dan  [author] Mar 12, 2016 @ 12:40am 
Thank you all! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We'll do everything in our power to live up to the expectations! And I quote Richard Morgan when I told him about the news yesterday: "Yaaaaaasssss!!!!!!!!!" :)
Antoine Mar 11, 2016 @ 1:38pm 
congratulations on greenlit ;)
elfskull Mar 10, 2016 @ 7:04pm 
I love this type of game so i voted yes. add steam trading cards plz, gl