Dota 2
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Sanshee Dota 2 Pack Number 1
Heroes: Pudge
Type: Shirt, Poster
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Jan 5, 2016 @ 12:17pm
A fresh new assortment of wares and curiosities for the heroes who seek them.

Come… have a look!

Dota 2 Illustrated Map
For those who seek to navigate the battlefield with deadly precision.

(Map can be available as a poster, high end canvas wall scroll, or premium mouse pad.)

Dota 2 Signet Ring
For those who desire a powerful artifact, this ring bears a hallowed sigil from an age of strife.

Pudge’s Chop Shop Apron and Premium T-Shirt
For those who with a fierce hunger for battle, but don’t want to get stains on their going out clothes.

Secret Shop Tote Bag and Premium Shirt
For those mighty heroes who seek a souvenir of their purchase and perhaps an extra inventory slot to take it all home in.