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The Mega Troubleshooting FAQ
By rojimboo
Frequently Asked Questions mega thread.
The Mega Troubleshooting FAQ

  1. Why does the game not launch?
    • Right-click game executable (ffxiiiimg.exe) and ensure DEP is turned off.
    • Right-click game executable (ffxiiiimg.exe) and 'Run as administrator'.
    • Allow game through antivirus/firewall.
    • Re-install everything from the _common_redistributables folders in the game directory.
    • Verify integrity of the game cache files in Steam.

  2. How to prevent periodic stuttering every 6 seconds?
    • Plug in a wired controller.
    • Disable all HID Compliant devices in Device Manager.
    • If you have a dualcore i7 Intel laptop CPU, then disable Hyperthreading.

  3. How to maximise performance and/or image quality?
    • Get Nvidia Inspector. Click spanner icon and scroll to Final Fantasy XIII profile.
    • Set 'Triple buffering' On, 'Vertical Sync' Force on, 'Anisotropic filtering mode' Userdefined/off, 'Anisotropic filtering setting' 16x, 'Texture filtering - Quality' High Quality, 'Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration' Single display performance mode, 'Power management mode' Prefer Maximum performance
    • Apply changes
      AMD/ATI GPU:
    • Get RadeonPro. Drag the game executable to the application window and make a new profile for FFXIII.
    • In 'Tweaks', set 'Vsync Control' Always On, 'Triple Buffering' On.
    • In 'Visual' set 'Anisotropic filtering' 16x.
    • In Control Panel Power Options, Change Advanced plan settings, set 'Processor Power Management' 'Minimum processor state' Setting 100%.
      AMD CPUs
    • Disable Cool 'n Quiet in BIOS.
    • Use NucleoProtein's AMD GPU tweak
      The executable where the fix is applied is found in
      \steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY XIII\white_data\prog\win\bin\

  4. I am one of the few people who is affected by the microstuttering. What can I do?
      Framelimit to 30fps or desired fps to prevent quick jumps between 30fps and 60fps.NVIDIA:
    • In Nvidia Inspector for FFXIII, set 'Frame limiter' 30fps.
    • In RadeonPro for FFXIII in 'Tweaks', set 'Dynamic Frame Control' On and 'Keep up to' 30fps.

  5. How I can get more FPS?
    • Overclock CPU and/or GPU.
    • Upgrade.

  6. I have non-Microsoft controller issues?
    • Emulate xbox360 controller with 3rd party software like x360ce or another xinput emulator.

  7. I have XBONE controller issues?
    • Get the fix. Edit: DON'T it has a Trojan apparently! Emulate with x360ce instead.

  8. How can I avoid the Libra/No Enemy Intel bug?
    • Run in 720p.
    • Use Gedosato to downsample from desired resolution to native resolution WHILST keeping launcher settings at 720p.
    • Note: There is some discussion whether or not true downsampling occurs or not with this workaround.

  9. How can I stop the buzzing sound?
    • Set to 2 or 6 channels in 'Control Panel' 'Sound' 'Playback devices' 'Configure'.
    • Set to 2 or 6 channels in your sound card driver software.
    • Run game executable in Compatibility mode for Windows Vista Service pack 2.

  10. How can I enable SLI?
    • Set 'SLI compatibility bit' in Nvidia Inspector for FFXIII to '0x02402005 (Sanctum, ...)', the same one as FFXIV ARR.

  11. I have an issue not mentioned so far, what do I do?
    • Mention it in this thread, maybe someone can help and if it works, I will add the solution to the FAQ.

Credits go to dB for XBONE controller fix.
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Tamaster Jan 8 @ 10:23am 
Hi, you may want to add this to the guide:

I found this fix while reading forums. With this i get stable 60 FPS at all times in 3840x2160 (4K). You simply have to drag the 2 files in the .zip archive in the folder where FFXIII executable is, so \steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY XIII\white_data\prog\win\bin.

Then everything is automatic. Since i did this no more FPS drops.

I Also followed every other step in your guide but that only fixed performance partially. I think this fix is the missing piece to finally get this game run properly.
Tyrsky Nov 14, 2019 @ 3:49pm 
Game apparently has 'support' for 16x MSAA. Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing. Does it even go that high, thought 8xMSAA was the ultimate maximum?
spoonyrogdrumps Sep 19, 2019 @ 6:09pm 
It will run in windowed mode but not fullscreen.
spoonyrogdrumps Sep 18, 2019 @ 10:38pm 
I just built a new rig and I can't get this game to start. rtx2080s, ryzen 7 3800x
I've done everything suggested and I even disabled full screen optimizations
I'm running the latest windows 10 and I have no overlay enabled. I cannot get this game to run. Help
Zell Jun 7, 2019 @ 12:21am 
how can i get 60 fps ?
gedosato doesn't exist anymore and even if you find it, will not work it.
rojimboo  [author] Mar 15, 2019 @ 10:01am 
ofc :) bit busy today, but later should be fine
Sleeping Knights Mar 15, 2019 @ 9:17am 
@rojimboo can i add you so we can message and i can talk to you more easily?
rojimboo  [author] Mar 15, 2019 @ 7:25am 
@Sleeping Knights - hi mate. Sorry, it's been so long since I wrote this guide and played the game, but I can try to help. What seems to be the problem?
Sleeping Knights Mar 15, 2019 @ 6:31am 
@rojimboo hi i need some help with my game setting
Simply Jan 25, 2019 @ 10:50am 
any 1 have an issue with "cannot secure enough system memory" its drove me crazy for months, right after clicking start game on launcher i get this apparent fatal error