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Created by Powerhoof
Crawl is the competitive multiplayer dungeon crawler where your friends control the monsters!
Created by Santa Ragione
FOTONICA is a first person game about jumping, sense of speed and discovery.
The key is timing, the goal is exploring and traveling flawlessly through the environment. The setting is an abstract - mainly duotone - outlined world, with a look refer...
Created by ND
Play through Greek mythology on a black-figure vase.

Hellas is a platform/action game about Greek mythology that takes place on the surface of a black-figure vase. Explore the ancient myths and fight legendary monsters, or each other, with the he...
Created by ProspectGames

The ultimate postal service has arrived... self-delivering cardboard boxes!

Unbox is a physics based platformer about rolling cardboard boxes; take part in an epic single player adventure and grab your ...
Project NEX
Created by Yashua
Greetings fellow Arena FPS fans! Welcome to the Steam Greenlight page for Project Nex. The Arena FPS genre has been stagnant for some time, and we are just as excited to play a new Arena FPS game as you are. Please read the information below about our game...
Created by nodoxi
Can you outlast your enemies? Antagonistic amphibians, fighting frogs, bad bees, wicked wasps and impossible odds. Are you ready for tons of fiery foes? Crimsonwood is a insanely bloody top-down cooperative shooter. Find new weapons, unlock unexpected powe...
Creepy Road
Created by Groovy Milk
The game tells a story of an eccentric driver Flint Trucker.
Heading to his native town, where his
girlfriend lives, he has a road accident and then finds himself in a forest, amongst mad animals and people.
Flint is to find out what goes on and let hi...
Super Oath Breakers
Created by Super Stone Legacy
Super Oath Breakers is retro multi-player hack n' slasher about vows of honour, the end of the world, and your friends being jerks to you. Players work together to beat a series of generated dungeons and bosses, which hold powerful gemstones that are causi...
Cally's Caves 3
Created by jordanfwc
It’s time for the epic battle to save your parents!
Cally's parents have been abducted, as her arch-enemy Herbert has taken control of the Caves to perform his evil experiments. Join Cally and her friends in this action-packed run and gun plat...
Super Arcade Football
Created by OutOfTheBit
Super Arcade Football is a fast action, modern revival of the classic football genre.

Play with up to 4 friends locally, with intense scorelines, dynamic gameplay and crazy fun.
No real-life simulation, no micro transactions, just pure arcade football ...
Created by Petite Games
In this golf-like game your task is to guide a little square shaped fairy, Midnight.
Use your mouse to launch Midnight, but watch out this world is full of danger.
Avoid the spikes, circular saws and other dangerous objects.

This game is now availa...
Created by Sos Sosowski

McPixel is a save-the-day guy that you guide through short challenges in an oldschool point'n'click fashion. The goal in each challenge is to prevent stuff from blowing up using available tools! You have only 20 seconds to save th...
Created by Silk Games
NEStalgia is already online and playable! Find it on our homepage:

NEStalgia[//] is an original MORPG inspired by the glory days of traditional console RPGs. Essentially "Dragon Warri...
Created by Fly'n
FLY’N is a PC platformer in which you control four original characters with their own complementary abilities. They are the guardians of the World-Trees: the Buds


Originally posted by Kotaku:
People keep talking about making the video game equivalent of The about somebody make a Hollywood version of this? Because this is how I remember 80s action movie heroes to be.
Originally posted by RockPaperShotgun:
No Emotions, J
Created by Maks
Oniken is a 2D platform action indie game that make use of 8-bit graphic style. We are putting a great effort to guarantee that this game feels really like an 8 bit classic. Everything on Oniken, from the character design to the music, is a tribute to the ...
Newell: 333 Days
Created by nelisovskiy
В Newell: 333 Days вы сможете побывать в шкуре легендарного Гейба Ньюэлла!

Ваша главная задача - выжить на протяжении 333 дней, ведя за собой компанию.
Каждый день вы будете выбирать, в каком р...
Created by Compulsion
Experience a surreal 1920s dreamscape in which you can shift freely in and out of shadow. Tasked with helping a young girl named Didi, you will unravel the mysteries behind her troubled family and the dark secrets that must be exposed to re-shape her futur...
Vendetta Online
Created by Guild Software
Vendetta Online is a long-running, first & third-person 3D space combat MMORPG for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, WinRT and Android (including OUYA!). This MMO permits thousands of players to interact as the pilots of spaceships in a vast univers...
Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils
Created by Rockin' Android
From the creator of the Gundemonium Collection comes a thrilling new 2D action-platformer!
Help Bunny escape the Devils’ Labyrinth and defeat the 7 Devils in this hilariously over-the-top action-platformer game. Battle through a large, connected ma...
Created by Convenientbox
Shwip is the only twin-stick shooter with a WHIP!
Satisfy your daily pixel-induced fix by blowing up your enemies with an arsenal of weapons the US Army would be jealous of. Set traps, disable, and boost your way to safety with tight controls tha...
RIOT - Civil Unrest
Created by The Leonard
As the economical crisis advances, the discontent of an entire population cannot help but outburst in Riots, where the sounds of many voices get heard at once. The Director Leonard Menchiari has been experiencing this form of protest in person, and ...
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mohamed amine dghim Apr 29, 2017 @ 4:29pm 
Hey bro :steamhappy: A fresh indie title in a fresh list !
It will be an honor for me if you attach mine indie game into your amazing fresh collection and
any support or help is appreciated and thanks in advance :steamhappy:
KeySam Mar 2, 2017 @ 3:03am 
Maybe you would like to take a look at my game on Greenlight
Will Glow the Wisp - A Platformer without platforms
FingolfiN Dec 25, 2016 @ 5:29am 
How to survive in unreality? Roots of Insanity need your support! Game will be released in Q1 2017 :)
rainy123 Sep 6, 2016 @ 3:08pm 
Please checkout my game maybe it is interesting for you as well:
dragmacom Sep 3, 2016 @ 2:53pm 
yield Jan 25, 2016 @ 5:24am 
Hi everyone, pls take a moment to check out our game. 1337 Studio introduces Asteroid Bounty Hunter, a space shooter, that on the first resembles old arcade games, but give it some time to experience the full dept of the game. Your primary mission is to blow things up, but as the game progresses you will find that numerous upgrades and new ships will spice the feel, dozens of unique boss fights, new enemies every level and more. So spare a moment and check it out.

If you find anything good or bad about the game, pls do let us know, it's in our best interest to fulfill the users expectations.
Z3RORAM Jan 22, 2016 @ 5:56pm 
Hello Kannon, Just a note that The Amazing Adventures of Ash - Afterparty has been Greenlit and is now available to play through steam! Anyone interested in this journey can see more by clicking here:
But Labrynthos is coming soon... If you have not heard of us we are an indie team and I hope you check us out!
HastingsCNGOD Jan 9, 2016 @ 10:16am 
crawl and project nex are good