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This modlist is a WIP project. We are still testing out the mods and making sure they are ones we want to keep. There may be some changes over the time we are hosting our server. We want to only keep the most balanced, useful and none broken mods in our pack.

Server information is available here:
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Energy Shields
Created by Cython
All new models have been contributed by Shaostoul!


This mod adds fully functional shield generators to the game that protect the whole grid from incoming damage! You can also upgrade them with special mo...
(DX11) Blast Door
Created by Eikester
Large Blast/Hangar Door

12x7x1 Total size
10x5x1 opening

Construction Models


Have Fun :)

(DX11) Bunk Bed
Created by Bertin
This mod was made by Suge updated by kolt16 and ported/maintained by me.

Description: Bunk Beds
Current Function: Cosmetic, you can lay down on it.
Developers: Suge (Artist) & Curs0r (Programmer)
Animation: CJay
Available On: Large Ship, Station, Sm...
(DX11) Cockpit
Created by Eikester
Small Ship Cockpit

Same size and Recipe as the Fighter Cockpit (3x4x6) with a different Design

Survival Ready
Construction Models
Conveyor Ports for Oxygen System

Uses Textures of the existing Cockpits so Credits to Darth Biom...
Conveyor Air Vent - full sized block (and slope!)
Created by Digi
This mod adds 2 air vent blocks, one full-sized block with lots of conveyor ports and a sloped one with 2 conveyor ports.
Useful for in-wall air vents.

Has large/station and small ship variations too, all 1x1x1 sizes.

Survival ready (construction mo...
Conveyor Hinges - transfer items flexibly
Created by Digi
This mod adds 3 blocks that are basically advanced rotors with different mounting points.

- Models' tube animates when turning and ragdolls when top grid is missing.
- Models have construction models, LODs and are paintable.
- ...
(DX11) Doorpack
Created by Eikester
This Pack just adds a bunch of new Doors

2x1 Version opens 3.7 Meters (vanilla 1.2m + 2.5m)
3x1 Version opens 6.2 Meters (vanilla 1.2m + 5.0m)
2x1 Center
3x1 Center
Door Vertical
Door with Portholes
Numbered Doors (00-04, more to come)
Doors with...
(DX11) Kolt - Command Console Pack
Created by Eikester
Fully working remake of Kolts Command Console Pack

This is a Replacement for the original Ko
(DX11) Signs
Created by Eikester
This Mod adds a selection of useful Signs to guide you trough your Base/Ships:

-Medical Station
-Stairs Up
-Stairs Down
-Arrow Le...
(DX11) Small Ship Button Panel 4 Buttons
Created by Eikester
This Mod adds a new Button Panel for both Grids (Small & Large)

Survival Ready
Construction Model


(DX11) Solarpanels
Created by Eikester
This Mod adds 3 new sizes of the Solar Panel:

Large Ship/Station:

Tiny (1x1x1) - Max Power Output: 0,015 MW
Small (2x1x1) - Max Power Output: 0,03 MW
Medium (4x1x1) - Max Power Output: 0,06 MW
(DX11) Tiered Armor Thrusters
Created by nukeguard
DX11 Tiered Armor thrusters for both small and large ship.

Tiered Superpack

Thanks to Darth Biome...
(DX11) Tiered Atmospheric Engines
Created by nukeguard
Get MORE out of those turbine atmospheric engines with the Nuke Productions Superconducting turbine upgrades!

Tiered Superpack

Mod info: Power usage and lift capacity per engi...
(DX11)AI Core
Created by Darth Biomech
Description: Powerful computer mainframe for your space stations and capital ships that is capable to advanced decision making. Loves to sing "daisy bell" from time to time for no apparent reason. Can be stacked into computing net with multiple inst...
(DX11)Armor Thrusters
Created by Darth Biomech
Description: Armor thrusters are mostly cosmetic mod, that add two thrusters that can be inserted into ship's armor without breaking it's outlines. No more horrible gaps! Besides that, they are identical to normal thrusters, except for slightly incr...
(DX11)Conveyor Expansion [ModPack]
Created by Killer96
Brought to you by: KillerCorp

Here at Killercorp, we strive to supply all the engineers out there with everything they will possibly need for their creations and for their Production and transfer systems. the Conveyor Expansion [ModPack] contains all th...
Created by Darth Biomech
Description: 1x1x2 algae hydroponic plant equipped with 9 daylight lamps+ventilation cap for more active oxygen distribution

How to use: place plant, put some ice in it, cap one or two ends with the ventilator cap. If ice is depleted, remove cap,...
Created by Darth Biomech
Description: Big brother of the JumpDrive, hyperdrive is a more powerful (and thus larger) version, designed for mothership use.

Recharge speed: 120Mwh
Jump energy: 30Mwh
Jump Distance: 512 000 km
Max mass: 25 600 000 kg
Powerup: ~20 ...
(DX11)Letters Mod
Created by Darth Biomech
Description: 41 blocks of letters for you to write signs and names on hulls of the ships

DISCLAMER: I cannot be held responsible for words people write through this mod.

Check my thread[]

(DX11)Rover Cockpit
Created by Darth Biomech
Description: As of Update 01.128, mod is not perfect. Fix is temporary but switching to custom animation with new animation system will mean that this mod become incompatible with any other cockpit or animation-changing mod.

This 5x5x3 cockpit i...
(DX11)Titan Engine
Created by Darth Biomech
Description: "Titan" engine designed for capital ships thrust, it's over 20 blocks in length, 5 blocks wide and tall. Engine provides 40 MN thrust and requires 6 big reactors to operate. Have 9 slots for upgrades to further overclock of this beast ...
1x1x1 Piston Mod Pack~(DX-11 Ready)
Created by SEModder4
1x1x1 Piston Mod
=>All Credit goes to Nilat.

I just did the code updating and DX-11 upgrades.
Access Door (Sage)
Created by EctoSage
(Has DX11)
(Has DX9)

Small Access door, for large ships, to give access to crawlspaces, & vertical entrances to ships/structures.

This mod is survival ready, with build stages and requirements, can be colored, & is fully functional.

See this mod...
Aerodynamics - wing blocks for planet atmosphere
Created by Digi
This mod currently adds 3 blocks for small ships.
They're all slightly different wing variations, a straight, a slightly angled and a more angled one, all of which are 5 blocks wide, 1 block tall and 1 to 3 blocks in length.
These blocks resist sideways ...
Arc Reactor Pack [DX-11 Ready]
Created by SEModder4
Arc Reactor Mod Pack

An Arc Reactor© Mod Pack containing all the Arc Reactors you could ever need for running your ships with many different power variations for your everyday needs!

The Arc Reactors are now:

=>Arc Reactors Run on their
Atmospheric Drag & Re-Entry Effects
Created by comfyfutons
Tested and working: 1.137 6/4/2016

Seem's to work in multiplayer now... At least on hosted games have not tested a DS

This mod implements drag when within a planet's atmosphere and compression heating/re-entry effects when you...
Atmospheric Lander+
Created by ivanchaos
(This mod is created for my speed unlimited server, but you are welcome to use if it suits your need)

Added 2 more Large Atmospheric thrusters to the default lander, as the secret changes to respawn height in 1.109 (from 6000+ to 15000+ meters) is not e...
Attachable Connectors
Created by Harag
These are very low profile connectors. Attach them to other blocks that use the conveyor system to make those blocks look like they have an integrated connector.

This mod contains two variants of connectors
  • a connector ring that's mounted on a
Concrete Armor Blocks (DX11/PBR)
Created by aerosabe
A mod for using stone. Armor for Stations and heavy large ships.

I also uploaded Concrete Tile Blocks for smaller texture/non-deforming blocks as a replacement mod.

If you sud...
Corner Lights
Created by Arindel
Notice: This mod has been integrated into vanilla game and remodelled by developers with the update 01.165 (8 Dec 2016).

This mod is still usable if you wish for the older simpler models as they're preserved here.

Available for Sma...
DK Cargo Overhaul (DX11)
Created by duncankong
This mod adds 3 new sizes of cargo containers and also modifies the capacity and build requirements of existing containers.I know that there are a couple mods like this already on the workshop but none of them really did what I wanted so I made my own.
DK Slim Connectors (DX11)
Created by duncankong
This mod adds a new connector for large and small ships. They are much slimmer than the normal connectors.

The large ship version is 1x1x1 but is physically slightly wider than one block and is significantly slimmer than a full block. I made it extend f...
DK Thrusters (DX11)
Created by duncankong
This mod adds three new thruster types for large and small ships. They are all survival ready and should be relatively balanced.

The three types are flat (1x1x1), small slope (1x1x2), and large slope (2x1x2). The small slope thrusters are slightly more...
Exterior Hatch
Created by Harag
A man-sized exterior hatch.

  • large ship version, 1x1x1
  • small ship version, 5x5x1
  • both sizes have variants that open to the outside or to the inside
  • for large ships there's also a centered variant
  • t
Extreme Lights (Now with Corner Lights)
Created by [LP] Shadow®
Have you ever wanted to see something in your giant base or ship, but all the interior lights just kill your computer?
Here is the solution: An interior light with a maximum range of 200 meters on large grids and 50 meters on small grids.
It won't kill y...
Cockpit LCD & HUD Modules
Created by IshyDaFishy
Lancaster Inc.
Cockpit LCD & HUD Modules

We at Lancaster Inc. have developed 9 new LCD and HUD attachment modules for the Fighter Cockpit and Worker Cockpit to enhance its capabilities. These modules provid...
Gyroscope +250%
Created by Prof.Liebstrumpf

This adds a new Gyroscope with 250% more POWER!
If your ship is too big and you have too much gyroscopes in, this is your help to reduce "space" in your ship. ;)

Balanced Ressource, Buildtime and Power.
Hi-Tech Camera Overlay
Created by EctoSage
- Way hey! This mod now works! Enjoy! -

This is a simple texture replacement mod, that replaces the rather busy, and hard to see through standard Camera Overlay. This one is relatively simple in design, so that your screen shouldn't feel too cluttered....
Hover Engines
Created by EctoSage
These hover engines are designed to work best on planets, but will actually function out of atmosphere, at a greatly reduced power, to find out more, watch this video:

-Increased thr...
Hydrogen_Oxygen Pack
Created by Rider
Keep in mind this mod replaces the original.

This mod includes

Other Tank types and the thruster uses now the RS-25D (Space Shuttle main engine) as scale factor.

The Oxygen tanks have the same volume as the Hydrogen tanks.

>>>H2/O2 Gene...
Industrial Thruster (Sage)
Created by EctoSage
No longer work in atmosphere, & their auto stopping power is now as strong as manual control.

(Has DX11)
(Has DX9) (Again)

Be warned, this apparently doesn't work with a Dedicated server, I have no idea why, but allot of people are reporting server...
Landing Gear Small DX11 (Deprecated)
Created by FreddyKrug
This block is a new smaller and cooler Landing Gear for both large and small ship and also a reskin of the vanilla Landing Gear. The model fits within a 1x2x2 block size but the collision is slightly smaller so it can be use in stuff like retractable landi...
MWI - Weapon Collection (DX11)
Created by Mexpex
-Large mod size-
[Stable Branch]

This is a collection of my MWI weapons
- Telion Defense System
- Telion Heavy Defense Turret
- MK1
- MK2
- MK3
- Static Battery Cannons

Survival Ready!

Maglock Surface MkII
Created by Harag
Low profile magnetic pads that can be used instead of landing gear to lock to a surface.

Basically this is PhantomX' Maglock Surface with different models. Thi...
Midspace's Ship Speed 500 mod (skybox friendly)
Created by Screaming Angels
A max ship speed mod with a difference. It is custom skybox friendly.
You can use it with any Skybox.
It does not modify the Environment.sbc file, so any custom environment settings are safe.

Maximum Small and Large ship speed are set to 500 ...
OKI Grand Weapons Bundle (DX11)
Created by Okim

Gauge - original scrip for deformation removal.
Seff and many other reuploaders - for keeping the mod alive and maintaining its renown and popularity.

Work in Progress!

This current mod is being restor...
Passenger Seat - Smaller Placement Box (2x2x3 instead of 3x3x3)
Created by plaYer2k
This tiny mod adds a new small block passenger seat with reduced placement box from 3x3x3 to 2x2x3 and thus makes it easier to place them in heaps.

It does not alter already present passenger seats to not break any previous build made with 3x3x3 version...
Power Plants [Reactor,Solar,Battery] (DX 11)
Created by Rider
Power Plants, what should i say.......


>>> Hyperion 1 <<< 1x1x1
MaxPowerOutput: 60 MW / 2 MW(smallShip)

>>> Hyperion 3 <<< 3x3x3
MaxPowerOutput: 1.6 GW / 56 MW(smallShip)

>>> Hyperion 5 <<< 5x5x5
MaxPowerOutput: 8 GW

>>> Hy...
RB Compact Battery
Created by Ravenbolt
I have updated the batteries with new modified models for the blocks and construction stages

Please let me know what you think about the new models!

Version with no scrap:
Created by tyrsis
The Radar block is a block that allows you to scan objects in space, at range. The block itself resembles a real world radar. When an object is detected it will show up briefly on your HUD. The radar scans once every 15 seconds, and when detecting an objec...
Reworked Armor Panels Mod~(DX-11 Ready)
Created by SEModder4
Reworked Armor Panels Mod~(DX-11 Ready)~(WIP)
'From the developers of the Small Ship Mega Mod Pack'
Reworked Armor Ramps Mod~(DX-11 Ready)
Created by SEModder4
Reworked Armor Ramps Mega Mod Pack~(DX-11 Ready)
'From the developers of the Small Ship Mega Mod Pack, Reworked Armor...
Reworked Custom Doors Mod Pack~(DX-11 Ready)
Created by SEModder4
Reworked Custom Doors Mod Pack~(DX-11 Ready)

Reworked Custom Doors Mod Pack
~From the developers that brought ...
S - AV Atmospheric Thruster - DX11
Created by Sektan
S - AV Atmospheric Thruster - DX11

Atmospheric Thrusters - only large but for Large also Small ships

Little stronger then vanila

DX11 - DX9

Survival ready

My works...
S - Airtight Door - DX11
Created by Sektan
S - Airtight Door

DX11 - DX9

New Airtight Door - 5x3, 1x1, 3x3, 3x2..............................

My workshop

If you like my mods, join to my group for easy checking of n...
S - Guns - All at once - DX11
Created by Sektan
S Guns - All at once

All guns at once. I will add more.

DX9 - DX11

My workshop

If you like my mods, join to my group for easy ch...
S - HangarDoor - DX11
Created by Sektan
S - HangarDoor - DX11

These blocks I made on request

Airtight HangarDoor 3x - 32x blocks

DX11 - DX9

Survival ready

My workshop

!!!!!! AND AGAIN !!!!!!...
S - Interior Walls - DX11
Created by Sektan
S - Interior Walls - DX11

DX11 - DX9

Interior walls for large ship and base (Alien movie style)

Survival ready

Actual blocks - 67x :

Medical room
Conveyor tube
Text panel
Stairs tunnel...
S - Lights - DX11
Created by Sektan
S Lights

DX11 - DX9

Several new lights, I will add more.

My workshop

If you like my mods, join to my group for easy checking of...
S - Retractable Ramps - DX11
Created by Sektan
S - Retractable Ramps

DX11 - DX9

1 - 10 blocks

This mod is based on my mod - Retractable Stairs.

My workshop

If you like my mods, join to my group for easy checking of...
S - Retractable Tunnel - DX11
Created by Sektan
S - Retractable Tunnel

DX11 - DX9

Survival ready

Retractable Tunnel 1 - 10 blocks

+ Docking block ( function as landing gear )

My workshop

If you like my mods, join ...
Small Oxygen Tanks (DX11)
Created by aerosabe
Simple Small O2 tanks.

I don't think they can hold/refill bottles from lack of large conveyor port. Try for yourself, since I still haven't tried :)

Rate if you like it! :)

Capacity: 4400 (m^3) and 1800 (m^3)

** Made with blender and Harag's [u...
Small Ship Mega Mod Pack [100% DX-11 Ready]
Created by SEModder4
Small Ship Mega Mod Pack

A Small Ship Mega Mod Pack for everything that you could possibly need for all of your Small Ships.
[Old Version] Stargate (working teleport)
Created by Quegga

For maintenance reasons, the Stargate mod is moving here.
We sincerely apologiz...
TVSI-Tech Buttons [DX11]
Created by Tristavius
TVSI-Tech Buttons
Revision: 6
Direct X: 9 + 11
Date: 09/12/2015
Version: 01.111
Model Sizes: 700 kb
Texture Sizes: 86 kb


A much requested item on the workshop and s...
Uranium Centrifuge (more efficient uranium refining)
Created by Hex
A simple block for getting a bit more out of your uranium ore.

The block basically functions like the arc furnace, except for uranium ore. It processes uranium ore considerably slower than refinery, gives quite a bit more uranium ingots, and uses 150kW ...
XPAR Elegant Solar
Created by Craig P
(Sounds like Keen changed something again and the mod is broken again.)

Solar panels both larger and smaller than vanilla. Balanced, survival-ready. Lighter than vanilla panels because vanilla panels are oddly heavy.

Use a variety of 1x1x3 panels for...
[Mexpex] Heavy Mining Drill [stable/dev]
Created by Mexpex
Heavy Mining Drill

This heavy industrial mining drill is made to be used on larger mining ships.
Its designed with great durability and deep space mining expeditions in mind.

Weight: ~400 000kg
High Durability

HoverBike FIXED
Created by Doctor Octoganapus
This is not my original work!
I just updated it!

All models & textures belong to and are the work of: sanchindachi666

Original Mod:

It was sad to see the hoverbike mod abandoned and...
(DX11) Tiered Armor Atmospheric Engines
Created by nukeguard
Get MORE out of those Armored Atmospheric Engines with NTech solutions!

Tiered Superpack

Mod info: Power usage and lift capacity per engine.

Large Grid

Large Atmo...
Ladder - climbable!
Created by Digi
This mod adds some ladder blocks. Players can climb these ladders and can mostly hold onto them while the ship is flying.

By default the use/interact key or X on the gamepad can be used to grab on to ladders. You can change the bind in the config (see b...