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Full Spy Guide
By MystMan
This is a detailed walkthrough for all spy rooms, showing all possible routes to solve them.
- NOTE: This guide is meant for beginners and those who are absolutely bad at spy runs -
If you're very capable at spy runs and are already familiar with the rooms, you don't have to read this.
All done with Oberon. That's right, Oberon with a Braton and Skana.

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If you want to view all the videos in fullscreen, here is the youtube playlist
1. Oberon!!???
I am using Oberon with a basic Braton and Skana to show that spy runs don't necessarily need stealth frames with powerful weapons to finish them. It's all about basic movement and patience that can get the job done.

Sure, a Loki does it a lot faster and easier, yet there are countless players out there that still can't do spy runs right with them; hence this guide is for showing the basics for spy runs using the bare minimum and no Warframe abilities since clearly many people can't do perfect spy runs with stealth frames.

So once you can do spy runs without relying on warframe abilities, then you have truly mastered Spy missions without getting frustrated and without getting yelled at by fellow Tenno by tripping the alarms.

I did all the runs on Ceres for Grineer (Lex & Hapke) and Pluto for Corpus (Oceanum).
These are the highest default spy levels in the game, with maximum security enabled about 90% of the time.

Earth and Uranus have their own unique Spy tilesets, these are also included.

My Braton was modded using basic mods that are easily obtainable by new players and Serration is only at rank 4.

Hush is the most important mod here. Too many loud nosies will alert guards in spy rooms that have them, this makes them activate the alarm if they hear two or more shots being fired.

This is why I highly recommend to have one silent weapon equipped when doing spy missions: (cross)bows and throwing stars/daggers are inherently silent and don't need a silencing mod. Glaives are also a nice alternative.

Once you master Spy missions, you can bring loud weapons and still easily clear them. But since you are reading this guide for help, you better bring something silent along.
2. What to do.....
Be patient

Do not rush spy runs. Start slow and take it easy. Over time you will automatically get better at it and you will speed through them with ease.

Know your enemy

The obvious obstacles are the Corpus lasers and the Grineer sensor fields and patrolling guards.
No explanation is needed here other than not to touch them or the let guards see you.

The Corpus cameras have very little health and almost everything kills them with 1 hit. Only unranked weapons with very low base damage can damage them (i.e. Soma, Grakata, Amprex, Ignis), triggering the alarm. Bullet-jumping into them has the risk to damage them too.
They can be destroyed through floors and walls if struck with melee weapons that have a big ground slam radius.

Killing guards should be done only when absolutely necessary, like when they block your path. If they're far away, ignore them.

CARRY CIPHERS! If the alarm is tripped, you don't have time to go hack the consoles wasting valuable seconds. Just press the shortcut key 'Y' to quickhack your way through doors and consoles. Nobody cares about how awesome you are by manually hacking, people depend on you to not mess it up any more than it already is, since the alarm has been tripped.
You can't use ciphers on Sorties and Nightmare missions but for that, I will have to refer you elsewhere.

Prios has a Steam guide for Corpus hacking.

EvilMath has a Steam guide for Grineer hacking.

Important: The Intruder Mod gives more time for Corpus hacking AND also slows down the Grineer hacking spinner!

Very useful if you struggle with hacking!!!!

The Grineer Sensor Regulators however, need a special warning.
If they get damaged and not killed with a single attack, they sound the alarm. We don't want that.

The standard Sensor Regulator is orange in color and can be killed by most powerful weapons with 1 hit. All the spy rooms can be navigated without having to destroy them though. If you're not sure if your weapons are powerful enough to destroy them, practice this in a solo run or scan them and try this in the Simulacrum[warframe.wikia.com].
Most of this guide will cover the spy runs without destroying them.

The Eximus variants you really need to look out for. Their yellow color and glowing aura make them easy to recognize from the normal ones. They have higher health and armor. Trying to destroy them with 1 shot is extremely risky. Very few weapons can do this. On sortie spy runs, they have a VERY high level, meaning quite a lot of health/armor. Don't even bother attacking these versions. Eximus Regulators are best avoided completely.
3. What NOT to do .....
Be impatient

If you're in a hurry, upset or just tired, it's best to not do Spy missions because you will likely make a mistake. Do these missions with a clear mind.

Don't alert the Sensor Regulator by:
- riftwalking in front of them with Limbo. They can see him (so can Corpus cameras).
- use Trinity's energy Vampire. It damages them and alerts them. Or any Warframe ability for that matter that does mass-damage or proc across a large area.
- bullet jumping next to them since this jump is also an attack.
- shooting them with rapid-firing sustained weapons like assault rifles. They can NEVER 1-shot them.

Loud blazing guns
Don't fire your weapons all over the place alerting rooms that have guards. Either use silenced weapons or use your melee weapon. Noise is not your friend.

Bringing your Kubrow along
Their attack-happy aggressive AI behaviour will often alert the guards. Don't risk the mission by bringing them along.

Bringing Syndicate NPCs and specters along
They can sometimes trip alarms and attract attention with their clumsy selves. Let them "hold position" outside the room. Do NOT bring them inside, they are no help at all.

Enter a spy room already occupied by another player
If a fellow Tenno is already far ahead in a room, entering with an attempt to follow will increase the chance of you getting caught and tripping the alarm. Spy rooms don't need 2 people. But do stay near the door in case the player messes up so you can rush in there with guns blazing and salvage the mission.

Have syndicate weapons / weapon mods equipped
At any moment due to actions you did or by other players (i.e. when they hack another spy room), your equipped syndicate weapon will do its proc explosion hitting everything around you. This is a disaster if you are in a Grineer spy room because it will hit the Sensor Regulators, damaging them resulting in the alarm being tripped. Switch to your non-syndicate weapon or go to melee mode to avoid this from happening.
The spy vaults have not been given official names so I decided to be creative and do just that.
Each section will have videos and if applicable, some extra explanations and pics on the ways to pass the obstacles in an easy way.

4-1. The Oubliette

Easiest. spy. run.
The first route is the one everybody should take. Ignore the other routes, I put them there just for the sake of completion.
Note: an Oubliette is a dungeon with its only entrance being a hatch through a high ceiling. :)

Route 1: The only one necessary

The roof is open the whole time!

Route 2: The standard way

Route 3: A (draw)bridge too far

Both right and left routes shown to reach the same location.

4-2. The Waste Disposal Plant

A network of several conveyor belts dispose barrels, containers and strange black globes into fiery furnaces. The parts that have triple red lasers are randomized each time. Sometimes easily passable, other times more difficult.

There are two ventilators as shown to the left in this room. They can be destroyed by explosions. Either wait until a barrel passes in front of it and shoot/hit it to blow it up and the ventilator is removed.

Weapons that cause explosions can directly destroy the ventilator as well. I prefer the Glaive's detonation attack or throwing stars with the Concealed Explosives mod since these weapons are silent. Castanas will not work since their explosions are electric type instead of blast type.
Bullet-jumping into them also works, because that jump type has innate blast properties.

Route 1: Ceiling Cat

The part where you crawl under the lasers at 0:18, beware that some weapons will give your frame a different crouching animation that will NOT let them lower themselves enough to avoid the lasers. For example, try ducking with Staticor or Castanas. You will still be almost standing and touch the lasers, triggering the alarm. Switch to a weapon which clearly makes you crouch very low before advancing, otherwise you will have to slide.

Route 2: Donkey Kong Barrels

Route 3: The hard way

I call this route hard because the lasers you jump over / slide under are random each time. If you need to jump between the high and low laser, you can very easily touch them.
Sometimes I have encountered all 3 lasers activated, forcing me to take a different path by jumping down and fighting the sensor and guards below me. This is why at 0:30 you see me shooting the barrel below, offering the same entrance as the video of route 2.
4-3. The Glass Ceiling

The first thing you see are usually the 2 sensor regulators. On lower difficulty levels you may instead see only one or a grineer guard. If it's a guard, stealth-kill it.

Route 1: The standard way

At the last part, the location of the guard is random. They can be in the console room or the other side, patrolling between both. To not get caught like in the above video, you can see their location by looking up through the floor grate before you jump out of it.
But since this is the last guard alive, you may kill them as loudly as possible, nobody else left to sound the alarm.

Route 2: The long way

The right video shows an alternate route to the same spot.
4-4. The Missing Lynk(s)

Route 1: Gotta go faster!

If you are fast at running, shooting and hacking (or use a cipher) you can do this very quickly before the Sensor Regulator catches you.

Routes 2 & 3 & 4: Gotta go slower!

Slower and safer alternatives.
4-5. On A Rail

The arc trap to your left as you enter, do NOT shoot it as soon as you can. There is always a Sensor Regulator that spawns next to it. If the trap explodes, it will do electric damage on the regulator, tripping the alarm.
Also, there is a small random chance that this Regulator will quickly look in the direcion of the main entrance you're about to step through before it starts to move. This very rarely happens and I consider it a glitch, but don't forget about it.

Route 1: The floor is lava

You're pretty much not touching the floor here. Wallrun followed by riding the rails and through the air duct.

Route 2: The standard way

Parkour 2.0 has made the trams redundant. You can now easily bullet jump over the chasm as shown in the video on the right.

Route 3: Gotta go faster 2: The fastening

You HAVE to run this as quickly as you can and as soon as you finish hacking the entrance door. Ignore the Arc Trap and let it damage you. If you do this right, you will outrun the vision of the Sensor Regulator. Don't do this if on a no-shield nightmare mission.
4-6. Cables, Cables Everywhere!

For both routes here, I skipped having to hack the door into the console room to save you the time. You can enter through the roof faster.

Route 1: The practical route

Going in this order is the safest, you can never be seen. Only at 0:48 do you need to be careful to not miss the jump upwards. Also be aware that sometimes a soldier from outside may come through the main door into the spy room.

Route 2: Fast, faster, fastest

ONLY do this if you have ciphers. You have such little time to hack 8 pins before the energy field reaches you that it can't be done on high difficulty levels. On low levels with 3-5 pins you can pull it off but you're much better off using a cipher. (Press Y !! ). If you are taking this route, it's because you are in a hurry anyway! You can NOT do this in sortie spy missions! Ciphers are not allowed there, they don't work.
You can do this route without ciphers on a high level hack (all 8 pins) but only the best flawless hackers can do this since you will literally have one second to spare allowing you one mistake only. Otherwise it has to be a perfect hack as soon as the laser barriers move away from the console.
With the release of Update 28: The Deadlock Protocol, all Corpus tile sets that happen on spaceships have been aesthetically upgraded. Corpus spy missions that happen on planet surfaces have remained the same so the old videos still apply.

For the most part, the differences between the old and new versions of these rooms are minor. The pathing and shortcuts remain the same. Some shortcuts that use breakable grates however, are only possible in low level tier 1 spy mission (Shklovsky on Phobos). On other missions several grates are solid and cannot be broken, severely limiting your options on how to reach the console.
5-1. Walled In

I know there is a grate in the ceiling that sometimes can be broken through to reach the console but I haven't seen it like that for months. It's always solid. Maybe this is permanent or only shows up on low level planets. Either way I didn't include it in this guide since it's a risky path where you can easily mess up.

Route 1: The standard way

Route 2: The unnecessary way

This path is longer, stick with route 1. The other video shows how to handle it if ice is present blocking the switch.

Upgraded version:

If entering the console room through the door, be careful and NOT run inside immediately. You might step right in front of the security camera.

This ceiling grate is open only in tier 1 spy missions.

5-2. The Roundabout

Route 1: The standard way

Route 2: A slightly faster way

At 0:13 you can see how I pass through both laser gates in one run & roll motion. This saves you the time to not having to pause between them. The roll boosts your warframe quickly enough that not even the ice eximus slowed me down enough.

Destroy the camera of the hallway you choose to use. By changing the shoulder camera (default key, press H), you will be able to take a clear shot at each of them around the corner without them seeing you.

Upgraded version:

The cameras are hidden behind a wall segment this time so you can't destroy them before passing the laser grid like before. Use that wall segment to hide behind for cover. The grates under the cameras are only breakable on tier 1 spy levels.

5-3. Hypercube

Do NOT forget to turn off the switch in front of you as you enter!

Route infinity: All roads lead to Rome

The randomness of this spy vault creates many possible ways to reach the console.

I'm sure there are more possible combinations but these videos are enough. Just be VERY careful with cameras. It is possible for one to see you from 2 rooms away, so look past the room you are facing and if there is an opening at the other side and a camera in there facing you, it can detect you.

The unlikely route

This path is many times not possible since one or both doors cannot be hacked. Having both doors hackable occurs mostly on lower level planets.

Upgraded version:

From what I have seen even on tier 1 level, every run I made in this version it never happened that I could just use the doors to reach the console. There was always one locked door that could not be hacked open. So always take the upper routes available.
The switch to turn off the laser grid in the center room is now located in that same room. There is a camera in that room on the ceiling which looks directly at the console so always take care of it before jumping down or it will always see you.

When jumping down, it is possible to just ignore the switch and just instead land on the stairs in front of the console. Hacking it will turn off the lasers afterwards too.
5-4. The U-Turn

When making the jumps in the hallways, aim for the corner pillars on the side. That way you cannot overshoot your jump and land in the lasers, the pillars will stop you. It's better to aim far and hit the pillar than too close and fall in the laserpit. If you feel like you are not going to make a jump and fall on the lasers, use bullet glide to extend your airtime and land a bit farther.

Route 1: The standard way

The extra videos show other methods to cross the gap, bulletjump or wallrun. Pick the one you feel more comfortable with.

Route 2: Tunnel rat

Route 3: The high road

This path is challenging. Mash the jump button to prevent falling on the lasers.

Upgraded version:

It's the same for the most part, one camera added at the end. The last hallway has no lasers in the floor so it's actually easier. Unless it's tier 1 spy mission, the grates will be closed and no alternate routes will be accessible.

5-5. The Courtyard

When entering this room, one of the two doors is randomly locked. If the right door is unlocked, you can reach the console directly without needing to hack its door.

Route 1: Don't look up, stage right

When entering the air ducts, it has three vents and only one is always open. In the video it is the first one, but other times it can also be the 2nd or 3rd.
The containers above the courtyard have many possible combinations. One, two or three containers, open or closed. It is always easy to make the jump though.

Route 2: Don't look up, stage left

Upgraded version:

5-6. The Tower

Route 1: Sabotage

When descending the elevator, face the wall. One of the two vents is ALWAYS open. Keep running towards the wall to enter it as the elevator is going down.

When jumping to the very top, one of the vents up there may or may not be open or breakable. If both are solid, jump on the tower follow route 2 at 0:50.

Upgraded version:

This path is only possible doing tier 1 difficulty level on Phobos. The grates in this video are breakable here. On higher levels they are always closed.

Route 2: That Mission Impossible scene you're thinking of right now

If you're having trouble jumping successfully through the 3rd laser set, use wall latch and drop when it's clear below you, as shown in the right video.

Upgraded version:

It's pretty much the same as before. Midway down at 0:40, on the right side of the wall you can see some lasers that do not move at all. Pick the other side to safely jump down when you see an opening.

6-1. Hysteric Hydraulics

I can't really say which route is easier. They are equally time-efficient in terms of challenge.

Route 1: Eastward bound

At 0:25 you will get pushed back a bit by the waterflow, continue to boost forward here and do not stop.

Route 2: Westward bound

Route 3: Fish out of water

Just like in route 1, at 0:25 continue boosting forward and up when the waterflow starts to push you back. Do not hesitate.
6-2. The Flood

This one is definitely the hardest of the three Uranus spy runs. You can mess up so easily with a sensor regulator on each floor, the guards aren't always in the same location and there is a Rampart on top that can kill you very easily.
The randomly-located guards seemed to be on alert on all my runs, easily noticing me from far away for some reason. Sneaking through this undetected didn't appear to be possible forcing me to engage in combat everytime.

To flood the room, you need to destroy these 3 pairs of glass sight windows in order from bottom to top. All while avoiding the Sensor Regulators. The rising water automatically kills the Sensor Regulators and whatever Grineer guards that may be present.

Route 1: Not a drop spilled

This run is done without flooding the room. At 0:40 I run through an energy gate that turns on-and-off. Only during the Second Dream quest did I encounter this gate permanently on, forcing the room to be flooded. But in regular spy missions, it always does the on-and-off cycle.

Route 2: "I speel my drink!"

Optional: you can skip having to flood the room by going straight to the bottom entrance you see at 1:22. The way up is very heavy on the parkour and beginner-unfriendly hence why I don't recommend this approach for new players. If you're confident you can wallrun it without water to help, be my guest and watch the 2nd video below.

Here is the short approach to this room. It pretty much is the only way to make it in time if you triggered the alarms too soon.

You have to walljump left, right and then the middle.
As you can notice, you the third barrier where you have to go through the middle, they are barely visible. Maybe it's my video settings but unless they are submerged (see first video), I can never see them. I avoid them because I know they're there but they might as well be invisible.

Route 3: *Blub blub blub*

Almost the same as route 2 except the elevator shaft part is skipped.

6-3. The Factory

Route 1: Water you doing?

Route 2: Many grates, yet no Grate Prime

Route 3: Ready...Steady...Go!

After passing the barriers, you could hack the door to your left to enter the console room. But by just taking the air vents you skip the hacking.

This obstacle requires specific speed control. You pass it by just walking under the first barrier and as you reach the second barrier, start sprinting. No need to roll or slide, you will make it.

If you trip the alarm, the floor opens up and you fall in the water at the exact location as 0:42 of route 1 so you can still make it to the console in time.
Earth has a day & night cycle of 4 real-time hours. The spy rooms have small differences depending if it's day or night.
In two of the rooms, Grineer guards are replaced by Sensors Regulators when it is night and in one room lasers are turned on between some paths. Basically, night is relatively harder than day.
But Earth is the starter planet, so it's really quite easy compared to the other spy vaults. All enemies are very low levels and easily killed. (Unless it becomes a daily Spy Sortie, that's a different matter.)
7-1. The Reservoir

To enter the room, the water needs to be lowered. This is done by hacking 3 console.

A bunch of routes.

7-2. The Aqueduct

Guards during the day, Sensor Regulators during the night.
The possible paths to the console room the game offers you is very random. One path is always available (top left video), the accessibilty of the other three are randomized. You can get all three, two or only one available.
When you are inside the room in front of the console, the Grineer guard or Sensor Regulator outside the window CAN see you and sound the alarm. If you want the run to be flawless (and get more affinity this way) without the alarm being tripped, be aware of them. Otherwise, by the time they sound the alarm, you are already hacking at that point and have plenty of time left.

The four routes.

7-3. The Water Distiller

Guards during the day, Sensor Regulators during the night.
At night moving lasers appear between some gates.

The last routes

The spy vaults on the moon can be considered as "Advanced Spy mode". They are more complex and demand more effort and skill from the player to complete compared to the other spy missions. Don't get upset if you fail them the first times, it takes training to master these rooms.
There are only 3 Moon Spy Vaults present; small, medium and large. You can't easily rush through them with Loki and such. It requires patience and precision control.

What makes the Moon Spy missions unique is that there are space-time anomalies present which have torn open portals that take you back to the past from before the Fall of the Orokin era.

By entering them, instead of the broken ruins you see now, everything will be still functioning looking brand new. To go back through the same portal you just entered, attack the anomaly and it will open again. To the right you see an open and a closed portal.

Traps in the Moon Spy missions: LASERS! SO. MANY. LASERS!
They are just like the Death Orb lasers in the Void doing radiation damage except getting hit by them also triggers the alarm. Avoid them at all cost. Some of the laser plates can be destroyed, some cannot.

Orokin Spectator. They work exactly the same as the Grineer Sensor Regulators. Same rules apply to them as well. (See chapter 2.)
Avoid detection and if you want to destroy them, do so with powerful one-shot weapons.

The spy consoles in the present are all destroyed, so you have to hack them in the past when they were still functional. You have to make your way to them altering from present & past routes while avoiding traps. If you trigger a trap, it does not matter in which time you are, you have to get to the console in the past as fast as possible.

Lastly, I am now using Dex Sybaris[warframe.wikia.com] as my main weapon for the remainder of the guide since Warframe's 3rd anniversary just recently occured after Moon Spy missions were introduced. I doubt anybody is still running around with a Braton starter weapon by the time they unlock the Moon.

The following Spy Moon videos will include a map showing the routes taken. Due to the past-present anomalies, I colored the time the path happens by color.
The past has everything looking nice and clean as they were in the Orokin era.
The present is now in ruins, dirty and broken.

8-1. Trial of the Disciple

After hacking the door you are presented two possible paths.

Route 1: Gazing Eyes

At 0:10, be careful of the lasers that move on the left stairs you are about to take. They quickly swing by in groups of 3 with a pause between them. Use that pause to rush to the portal.

When you are close to the Orokin Spectators, feel free to destroy them if you are 100% CERTAIN that your weapon is powerful enough to destroy them with one shot. Otherwise, stay out of sight.
At 0:49, the rock outcropping is safe to stand on. You will be out of visible range of both Spectators. Use this spot as a place to rest and safely plan your next jump.

Route 2: Ride the lightning tunnel

When you're in the electric hallway, take your time to destroy all the moving horizontal laserplates. That will make your jumps a bit safer. A tidbit about this room: if you look straight up you will see identical platforms with more lasers. Up there is another portal that will take you back to the present where you came from, should there ever be a need for you to do so.

This is an alternate lower path to get to the past.
8-2. Trial of the Hunter

Route 1: Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee

The first puzzle part requires you to wall-latch constantly from panel to panel without touching the floor while shooting the floating orb to make the next panel appear. If you fall off, you will have to start over but at least the orb remains where it is and the panels that have already appeared will stay as well.
A tip I can give you is to double jump while you are descending from the first jump, this gives you better height control. If you mash the jump button too soon at the peak of the first jump, you will likely miss.

For the second puzzle you have to be fast here. You have to wall-latch on 4 panels in one go without touching the floor or letting the lasers touch you. You can pause the laser by shooting the glowing part of the lower orb to pause it a bit. Do this when it is just past the 2nd panel, by the time you latch on the 1st panel and are about to jump to the 2nd panel, the lasers will start to move again. This puts you right behind it giving you more time to latch on them all.
Do NOT glide from panel to panel, this slows you down too much. It has to be in one quick jump. Hold forward when you press jump, you will launch yourself further.

The third puzzle has a spinning pillar that drains your shields to awaken some Corrupted enemies. The order is always the same: Fusion MOA, Infested, Nullifier, Bombard. Use this to your advantage to attack them immediately as they start to move.

Route 2: Pitfall

By opening the left door in the past, it will also open in the present. This route is more hazardous than the first but it can be done faster since it is not as parkour-heavy. As long as you can ignore the fact that there are way more lasers and two annoyingly positioned Orokin Spectators.
The last part (0:57) where I bulletjump over the many lasers requires precision aiming. Look at where I am standing and where I am aiming.

Route 3: Days of Present Past

If you choose to start in the past but want to skip the 2nd and 3rd puzzles, you are given the option to enter a portal to your left after finishing the first puzzle. There is no advantage that I can see in this route, it seems to be just a combination of the previous two.
8-3. Trial of the Master

The biggest Spy room in the whole game. Get ready.

Because it is so long, I split it in separate sections using checkpoints.


In the entrance hall, there is only one possible route to take. Go into the room on your right by shooting the button above the door and go to the past. After leaving the room, you will notice a large fixture hanging loosely on the ceiling. If you shoot it down, this opens up a new optional route to start Checkpoint B.


Route B1: Vandalism

By destroying the ceiling fixture at the start, you open up this path which is quite safe since there are no laser traps here at all.

Route B2: Preservation

If you don't destroy the ceiling fixture, you will have to take this route.
The dotted line is a shortcut which will take just as long to cross as the regular route but it is safer.
If you take the long route and get trapped in the room between the laser rooms, there is a rising floor panel you can use to open the second door to continue.


Route C1: Of ice and fire

Make sure that at 0:24 you enter the moving anomaly at the right side of the destroyed door so you end up in the correct room.

Route C2: Look Up

This is a very safe path with no laser traps.

Route C3: Damn lasers! You scary!

This one is for masochists only. It's incredibly hard to run past two closing doors as fast as possible without touching the lasers or being slowed down too much by ice floors.


Depending on what path you took during Checkpoint C, you will end up in this room in either the past or the present. There is an anomaly portal in here so you can choose to proceed in whichever time you wish.

Route D1: Simon Says

This room is a memory puzzle that can only be done in the past.. In the present it is completely broken down. Solving it will lead you directly to the console room saving you a lot of time. But make an error and a laser will appear from the center column.

The upper panel on the wall represents the six giant buttons in the room. Shoot the center button on the panel and the six circles will each light up once in a random order. You have to step on the big buttons in the same order. Make a mistake and the center column will generate a laser that moves erratically. Each consecutive mistake will add an extra laser until the max of 8 lasers is reached.

You can make as many mistakes as you want, this will NOT trigger the alarm. Only touching the lasers will do this. Just stand on the center column if you need to try again, do not stand on one of the buttons or else it will automatically count as the first one being pressed and this will likely be the wrong one.

So either have a good memory or grab a piece of pen & paper to quickly write down the lights as they appear or choose another path.

NOTE: in co-op mode, there is a chance that the button does not work at all when shot due to host lag. When this happened, I had to choose another path. I haven't checked if the host player shooting the button will work.

Route D2: The home stretch

Quite a lot of lasers and walking involved in this path. This is why I highly recommend taking route D1.
When you enter the full laser room at 0:16, there is still an open door further ahead (at 0:48) closing; it opened when you shot the switch at the beginning. Running to make it past that door in the middle of all those lasers is epic crazy. if you can do that, why are you reading this guide? :)

Route D3: Alternate take to The home stretch

This route is practically the same as D2 except you start in the present. You will reach the same location as 0:53 from route D2.


Bonus: Rocking on Heaven's Door

This is completely optional. No matter which path you took, you will end up in the Checkpoint E room, where there is an anomaly portal. If you are in the past, go through it. When you are in the present, there is a volatile container behind some rubble. Shoot it and a big rock will fly into the anomaly portal and it will be transported to the past, where it will destroy a locked door. Follow that rock through the portal.

Behind the now-broken door is a secret room filled with lockers and containers. These containers have a chance of dropping uncommon and rare mods.

Bonus 2: To the speedy go the spoils

The moment you enter Trial of the Master in the past, two panels open up in the console room. Then they will slowly start to descend before closing permanently. There are 6 containers behind them that may drop some nice goodies. If you go through the entire vault quickly, you will reach them before the panels close. If they are already closed, you took too long. And punch through weapons or syndicate weapon proc do NOT destroy the containers from behind the glass or through the panels.

I have noticed that the animation of the wall panels only happen when you are in the past with them. So by taking a route that keeps you longer in the present, you have a better chance of reaching the containers in time. When you destroy at least one container, the panels will open up again enabling you to break them all.

  • For these spy vaults, I recommend you equip any mod that enables you to see the enemy on your radar. Enemy Sense, Animal Instinct and/or Enemy Radar aura. The number of guards and their pathing here is more unpredictable than the other spy Vaults. You can easily be caught by surprise.

  • As for the red sensor lights, touching them doesn't activate the alarm right away. They need to see you for about a second. So you can still get away if you dash/bulletjump through them quick enough. How quick? Less than a second.

  • In contrary to previous Spy vaults, punch-through weapons/mods do NOT work on these glass windows vaults.

  • Using a non-stealth frame, it wasn't always possible to stay undetected every time. I had to engage in battle due to the randomized enemy placing/pathing. So silent weapons are highly adviced here. Or if you are going loud, do it quick.
9-1. The Power Couplers

Route 1: Hard Reset

This is the short easy path that has you avoiding all the guards. Use a silent weapon to shoot the fuse boxes for absolute stealth. Innate elemental weapons can't destroy them* and too many unnecessary loud shots will alert the guards enough to start the alarm, so do it quick if you don't have silent weapons.
*subject to change as I believe this to be a bug.

At 0:56 to make the bulletjump easier, aim exactly in the middle of this square so you don't overshoot or fall short. You will always land directly on the tube.

Route 2: Bridge the gaps

This is the longer bloody path. If one of the fuse boxes (see route 1) is destroyed, this route becomes inaccessible because all the buttons to open the bridges are disabled. You then have to take this route to complete the room. This is very likely to happen if you are using a syndicate weapon and its explosion proc destroys one of the fuse boxes.

At 1:36 you have to stand center and hug the console panel as close as possible. The scanners will not reach you. Take your time to hack.
9-2. The Dynamo Installation

There is no guarantee that you will always avoid the guards if using a non-stealth frame. Their pathing here is so random.
Expect engaging combat for this vault depending on what route you choose.

Route 1: Crawlspacing

An alternate slightly longer route with pretty much the same result.

Route 2: Sideways

This route is only possible if the ventilator shaft on the left of the entrance is open. This happens randomly so don't count on it being open many times.
At 0:46 you will hear the sensor detecting me but like I mentioned earlier this was for less than a second so it didn't activate the alarm. As long as you keep moving fast you'll be fine.

9-3. The Manifest Facility

Route 1: Sneaky Beaky Like

Route 2: Spelunking

This route is obviously the shortest, and if using a stealth frame the easiest.
But taking this route with a non-stealth frame without destroying the Sensor Regulators is very difficult and unpredictable. The Regulators have a random pathing; sometimes one can even glitch and stay stuck in the same location looking at the door.

There are more patrols in the Jupiter spy rooms compared to the other planets. It is highly recommended to have at least one of these mods on you that shows their location on your radar:
  • Enemy Radar
  • Enemy Sense
  • (Primed) Animal Instinct
  • Stealth drift
  • Vigilante Pursuit
You can get spotted by them very easily and they will make a run to the nearest panel to activate the alarm. As usual, don't go in with guns blazing for too long or the rest will go hostile even without seeing you.
10-1. The Glass Cage

As soon as you enter, the console is directly in front of you but a glass cage quickly traps it.
There are 4 doors in the room, which ones will be already unlocked is random every time so each run will be unpredictable. You have to access these two yellow lit panels below to raise the glass cage.

The room has a symmetrical design. Most routes can be mirrored on the opposite side, depending on which doors are open and which grates are breakable. In the videos I am turning off all the lasers, not only does this make it safer preventing accidental alarms but it also allows easy access back up to the glass cage in the entrance room.

Route 1: What's in the glass box?

Using the console at 0:20 causes the lasers to glitch in a random pattern. Time it correctly to quickly run or jump past it.

Route 2: What's in the baaaaax!!?

At 0:21 you can see two grates. At random, one will be breakable. Each will lead directly to one of the two yellow lit consoles you are required to hack. Be careful when dropping down so you won't get surprised by a passing Corpus guard.

Route 3: Seriously, what's in the box?

This approach is pretty much a mirrored route 1, entering through the right door instead. I just jumped through the glitched laser fence instead of running and avoided having to shoot at the guards.

10-2. The Carousel

Route 1: Go with the flow

This one is self-explanatory. Go clockwise up the stairs taking cover to avoid lasers and the occasional guard.

Route 2: Take cover!

Important!: at 0:23 I shot the camera. If you plan on taking the lower left path, you must shoot it. It can see you all across the room on the lower floor. All the switches on this corridor will raise blocks to make it easy to hide from the lasers.

Route 3: Race against the clock

The reverse of route 1, go counterclockwise up the stairs taking cover to avoid lasers and the occasional guard.

Route 4: Take cover encore!

The reverse of route 2, this time there is no camera to worry about, it is pointing away from you.

Route 5: Race against the cover!

A combination of routes 3 and 4 by using a vent shortcut.

10-3. A room of Ice and Fire and Lasers

This room is divided in 3 distinct paths with their own feature.
The left path has ice covering the floor, while on it you will walk, attack and reload much slower. Keep jumping or wall latching to avoid this.
The right path has pipes spewing fire which will cause fire procs doing heavy damage over time.
The central hidden path has giant energy lasers which turn on in intervals. You have to hide in pits to avoid them while advancing towards the switch.

Route 1: Lasers

The tunnel at 0:15 can be accessed on the other side of the room as well, its grate will be located at the same mirrored location beneath the stairs. The keypad at 0:55, activate it to turn off the lasers.

Route 2: Ice

This is an alternate route to avoid some of the guards.

Route 3: Fire

These are alternate routes to avoid some of the guards.

Bonus: Sortie Edition

This one took me by surprise. The hallway at the end is much harder when doing this as a sortie mission. Three sets of moving diagonal lasers will be added. (Only for sortie, not Kuva Floods).
This is clearly meant for diehard machosists. Amazing. :D

Some Warframes will have abilities to negate the lasers or teleport past them but if you happen to not have them, I highly advice to take Route 1.

.... that was intense. ^___^
11. Shout-outs
  • Thanks to DE for making such a great game with diverse modes and having a great F2P system.
  • Crescent Moon Prime, a great Moon clan that is always active and gets research done in record time.
  • Aila & Astrogunk, Grundbulten, you made running the Warframe contests a lot of fun.

All the videos were recorded using Open Broadcaster Software (it's free!)
12. Director's Cut Shenanigans
Because I can!

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pensiveowl Oct 16, 2020 @ 12:20pm 
when i was figuring out the lua spy vaults i didn't notice half the things you showed me thank you
MystMan  [author] Jun 20, 2020 @ 7:50am 
In the new space ship tile sets, certain grates are now only open on low level tier 1 spy missions. For now that includes only Shklovsky on Phobos (lvl 11-13) . You will notice in some of the rooms that some grates are breakable while on medium and high levels tier 2-3 they will always be solid.
antz Jun 17, 2020 @ 10:25am 
The new corpus tilesets are a bit different now. Like, you knowthe 3-storey laser-grid vault you drop from the top into? So, when you enter the area, The Elevator had two airduct grates - both lead to the same duct, but one of them was usually welded shut, so you had to pick the right one. Now there's only one entrence to that duct, and if it's welded shut, you're shit out of luck. You need to ride the elevator all the way down and avoid the camera(s?).
Warrior Within Feb 25, 2020 @ 4:08am 
lua spy: they fixed it, if u fail 3 times combination mission becomes FAILED (not only alarm)
CruisnGrrl Aug 25, 2019 @ 5:53am 
Nice work, your cipher solving is amazing.
the way you do 6-1 requires no hesitation and precise timing. Another way to do it is go left (west), shoot out the fan boxes in each corner and then proceed at your leisure. Splash damage arc guns like the Grattler and Larkspur (charge mode) help (though they can kill you), or the wall hacking Fluctus help but they can still be shot out with the standard Imperator.

Having a Moa with the Security Override precept will sometimes be helpful or hilarious (as your Moa hacks every Moa cabinet in sight). When you get to 10-3 if you stand looking at the vault the Moa will run through the fire side passing through everything. In the sortie it will trip the bonus lasers sounding alarms but then 2 seconds later it will hack the vault. Spacemom will then tell you "Good job, no one knows we were here" so I don't know if the lasers were really tripped or not.
Sam-bam! Aug 20, 2019 @ 11:04am 
croquemorttime Jun 3, 2019 @ 1:49am 
Glad to see you are working on the new gas city ! :Corpus:
jeffthekiller628 May 4, 2019 @ 1:18pm 
Thank you very much this was incredibly helpful for kuva spy
makel1 Nov 25, 2018 @ 10:27am 
for all those still having troubles for some of them and are far enough storywise... remember your operator can go into voidmode-> stealth, Stealth hack consoles, dash long distances without falling down (just dont forget dashing/voidmode walking through sensors will trigger alarms.... )
不是陆任佳 Nov 24, 2018 @ 8:26pm 
thank u very much:swimmieko: