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Ploppable RICO
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Dec 28, 2015 @ 1:12am
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Ploppable RICO

Updated for Industries DLC by Bloody Penguin.

This mod will allow you to plop buildings that function as:
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Commerical
  • Office

The Ploppable RICO mod will convert any compatible ploppable asset to a RICO building.
For example, parks can be converted to farms, and unique buildings to offices. RICO buildings will function identically to their growable counterparts. Mixed use buildings and unlimited footprint sizes are also possible with Sub-Buildings Enabler and Sub-Buildings Tabs.

Assets can be made to be compatible with the mod, but the mod won't be required.
Asset authors will just need to include a .xml file that contains the RICO settings. The assets will revert back to their original ploppable function if the mod is disabled, and non RICO mod subscribers can still use the asset for its original purpose.

For asset makers who want to make their assets RICO compatible, you can follow the
Asset Creation Guide. Check out the Advanced Guide if you want to experiment with mixed use assets.

The Settings Panel Guide can be found here.

To convert growable assets to RICO assets, follow the Growables with Ploppable RICO Guide.

To get started, you can sub to the RICO Workshop Settings mod. It adds RICO settings to 74 popular assets that don't have existing RICO settings. It also adds RICO settings to a few generic vanilla unique building assets.

The RICO mod is fully compatilble with the PropaneDragon's Rush Hour mod and WG's Realistic Population mod.

A huge thanks to Boformer, Tailgunner, and BloodyPenguin for all of the design input and code they've contributed. Also a huge thanks to cope for his detours library. And a final thanks to SamSamTS for his UI objects used in the settings panel.

This mod does not save data to the scene file. It can be safely activated and deactivated on your cities with no risk.
Source Code[]

You can see the mod in action in Keralis's and Strictoaster's popular YouTube series.
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Jun 22 @ 12:57pm
Report Issues Here
May 25 @ 12:47pm
problem in association with wg realistic pop mod
Mar 16 @ 10:29am
< >
Marxist Cutie Jun 24 @ 6:05am 
Doesn't seem to function with the Realistic Population mod. I'm getting a ridiculous amount of workers on certain buildings. Can this be looked at? Hate to have to chose between the two mods.
RedVelocity Jun 23 @ 12:28am 
Sucks to say that the custom Rico settings are incompatible with realistic population mod, the settings seem to be completely ignored and the actual population gets calculated by realistic pop mod instead. I've even modified local Rico xml to include ignore-realistic attribute manually but it didn't seem to work either :(
medicann Jun 21 @ 3:00pm 
assests wont shop in menu
leewalkermusic Jun 21 @ 1:08am 
I have a strange issue, I had my city working fine after a long time of failing to load and then removing reinstalling my mods. I then realised I didn't have Ploppable RICO so resubbed and activated and now my game crashes to desktop at the last portion of the loading bar.

Has anyone had this issue and do they know what it is? Sometimes I get an error I can't remember, something to do with allocation as it ends in Alloc.
JTLitch2 Jun 19 @ 7:14am 
The assets you enable wont show up in the ui unless you restart the game, which Is a pain
eagle8826 Jun 17 @ 3:34pm 
How about just a list of mods that it will work with. I've seen lots of you tube with this being used and have loaded just the mods that they are using but still have the same problem, so a list of good mods would help out a lot of people that are having this problem.
eagle8826 Jun 17 @ 3:23pm 
So if I turn off unlock all milestones then it should stop this error message???

Stealthy Jun 17 @ 4:08am 
Nullreference error is 99.9% of the times related to custom RICO settings done for zoned industry buildings (forestry especially) or unique buildings which unlock as milestones. Game checks the unlock status of those every few secs and if they are not where they are supposed to be but in RICO panel, nullreference error is thrown.
eagle8826 Jun 16 @ 5:15pm 
Have only gotten this to work on time. always get the same error message (Object reference not set to an instance of an object [System.NullReferenceException])
PerryWIE Jun 16 @ 3:44am 
Please update the mod. Having issues! ! !:steamsad: