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The Full Life of Half Life
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Latest updates on the Half Life universe and upcoming/existing fan made levels/mods/games (both new and remade) set in and around the half life universe built on the source engine.
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Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative
Created by Motanum
Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Initiative is a mod for Portal 2. Inspired by Tag: The Power of Paint, Aperture Tag is just what it sounds like. A Paint Gun in Aperture Science. Featuring a new personality core, in a new story, covering many areas of Ap...
Black Mesa
Created by cman2k
Prepare for an experience that you will find Nostalgic, exciting and fresh. Black Mesa is a re-envisioning of Valve Software's seminal game Half-Life. You will re-visit the inaugural role of Gordon Freeman and his memorable journey through the Black Mesa...
Blue Portals: Anniversary Edition
Created by Rhetorical Games
Blue Portals is a unique Source Engine modification created for the original Portal, developed entirely by two people and released in November 2010 - five years ago! And in honor of its fifth anniversary, we've decided to bring it to Steam. Unlike most oth...
BrainBread 2
Created by Unknown
An unknown outbreak, a world in chaos. Few have survived, you'll have to stay strong. Based on the big hit BrainBread for Half-Life 1 comes its spiritual successor which will offer the old BrainBread feeling along with more neat features to immerse you in ...
Created by AASC

CUBE is a first-person, single-player puzzle adventure game based on Source Engine and set in a huge and constantly...
Cry of Fear
Created by ruMpel
***Vote this if you want it to be available on Steam! This is a free mod, and should stay free. We will not sell it, it will only make it easier for you to download if it appears on Steam***


Download Cry of Fear here:
Estranged: Act I
Created by Alan Edwardes
Estranged is a free Half-Life 2 mod built on the Source Engine, available to players running Windows, Linux and Mac. It doesn't require any games to play.


Estranged tells the story of a lone fisherman, whose ship is stran...
Estranged: Act I (Now on Greenlight!)
Created by Alan Edwardes
Estranged is now on Steam!

Estranged is an adventure game, taking the unsuspecting player right into the heart of a man-made zombie apocalypse.

This is a Half-Life 2 mod I've been work...
Created by Former
NOTE: FIREFIGHT RELOADED is a Half-Life 2 Mod that is COMPLETELY FREE and contains no microtransactions or any freemium features, if you wish to find more information or have a question unanswered, please check out our [url=http://steamcommun...
From Earth
Created by Cu-heppa
"From Earth" takes place close to the year 3,000 when one woman and one man, Zenaida and Anthony, are sent to a remote alien planet. After fifty years in cold sleep, they find themselves on a recently industrialised world being hunted by an alien governmen...
Gabe Newell Simulator
Created by Cloud
What is Gabe Newell Simulator?
Gabe Newell Simulator is an action adventure TPS game.
Gabe Newell announced at the G3 that finally will be released Half Life 3!
After this announcement, the largest software house, for not going bankrupt, have created so...
GabeN: The Final Decision
Created by Made In China: GTFD
A fun little game that I'm still working on about when Gaben releases his 3 trio, HL3, Portal 3, and TF3. It's an RPG game made in RPG Maker VX Ace with a funny storyline, filled with many various characters you may know that was related to Steam/Valve gam...
Half-Life 2 : Awakening
Created by Bluestrike
In this Free mod, released in 2007, you play as Adrian Shepard right before Gordon Freeman arrives in City 17.
Its also a bit of an Antlion origin story.
Note that future official releases in the Half-Life saga might contradict with this mod.

The mod ...
Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag
Created by MENthish
Half-Life 2 Capture the Flag brings the fast-paced, run and gun style of classic CTF to the graphics rich environment of the Source Engine like never before. The game mod is set in the post apocalyptic world of Half-Life 2™ where the Combine face the HEV s...
Half-Life: Before
Created by Gua
Download Half-Life: Before -

Official website:

***Vote this if you want it to be available on Steam! This is a free mod. We will not sell it, it will only make it easier for you to download ...
Half-Life: Blue Shift: Source
Created by KOLIAakaIL2
Developed and ported by Aulov Nikolay

Originally developed by VALVE and Gearbox Software
Originally published by Sierra Entertainment

The main purpose of this modification is to create a port version of Half-Life: Blue Shift. Which means that the wh...
Half-Life: Opposing Force: Source
Created by KOLIAakaIL2
Developed and ported by Aulov Nikolay

Originally developed by VALVE and Gearbox Software
Originally published by Sierra Entertainment

The main purpose of this modification is to create a port version of Half-Life: Opposing Force. Which means that th...
Half-Mind - this is an opportunity not to play, and just laugh and have fun. The developer of this mod decided to excel and do something he had not done that so far no one.

In principle, in front of you all the same cards story Half-Life 2, but heavily ...
Headcrab Frenzy!
Created by XaeroX
Headcrab Frenzy is a free dynamic action Half-Life mod which allows you to quench a desire to destroy these little bouncy critters to your heart's content, hold records and try your hand at cooperative gameplay, competing in public statistics...
Created by Mephasto

Half-life 2: Episode Two modification

Enter the mind of Filip Valkas, who lost his parents in the Seven Hour War, and take your revenge on your Combine captors in a new story centred on the Half-Life Universe. Pick up your own cro...
Lambda Wars
Created by Vortal Storm
Lambda Wars is a free multiplayer Source Engine modification for Alien Swarm set in the Half-Life 2 universe that brings the war between mankind and their brutal Combine overlords to a traditional real-time strategy (RTS) setting. Lead the uprising...
Lost Squad
Created by DmitRex
EN - Lost Squad - is Source Engine based game about what happened to Barney Calhoun after Half-Life 2: Episode One events and why he was not in Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Cause it is an unofficial mod and we have our own plot it is not called Blue Shift 2....
Lost Story: The Last Days of Earth
Created by Source CatE
Game Overview

Lost Story: The Last Days of Earth - is a sci-fi action adventure first person shooter set in the Half-Life universe, which allows you to witness the events between Half-Life and Half-Life 2.

You will be strugglin...
Missing Information
Created by #gbn.scart
You think you know the world of Half Life 2? Experience content that was deleted or changed in the course of Half Life 2's development in Missing Information, a single-player Source modification. Not only does this mod restore old models, levels, weapons, ...
Modular Combat
Created by •Aluminum Ken
Modular Combat is a role-playing shooter based in the Half-Life universe, that has been out since 2008.

The Resistance, Combine, and Aperture Science are testing the HEV Mark VI Combat System. Combatants face off against each other, and monsters,...
Never Surrender
Created by ellie
Buenas, somos un grupo de amigos que pensamos en crear y sacar adelante nuestro proyecto. Se trata de una modificación de Half Life 2 llamada "Never Surrender". Trata de un mundo post apocalíptico, arrasado por catástrofes naturales, aire into...
OTHER-LIFE: Бункер 18
Created by Е-40
Earlier, our studio didn’t intend participating in Green Light, as we had many doubts about reasonability of this venture. But recently more and more Half-Life 2 modifications appear and get approval in Green Light, so finally we decided to tempt our fate....
Operation Black Mesa
Created by Mc.Sug4r
Operation Black Mesa (Opposing force: Source)

Operation Black Mesa is a total remake of Half-Life: Opposing Force. Utilizing the Source engine, Tripmine Studios plans to recreate the Black Mesa Research Facility from the grou...
Portal 2: Abyss
What is Abyss?
Abyss is a free Custom modification for the multiple Award winning game: Portal 2 created by Team Abyss. Abyss aims to give a new game experience to the players by introducing a custom story based on multiple choices with a ...
Portal Remake Mod
Created by CLagaris
Portal Remake Mod is a revamped version of Portal. Portal Remake is a mod for Portal 2, that includes many new innovative features!

Portal Remake also has brand new models, such as the improved GLaDOS and four different cores - all of whic...
Portal Stories: Mel
Created by Anna
Portal Stories: Mel is an upcoming free to play mod based in the Portal universe.
It tells an entirely new story about a new protagonist called Mel who travels with a new personality core and faces a new, still unknown threat.

In the early years of Ap...
Portal: Alive & Kicking
Created by Rhetorical Games
"I'm often nit-picky, but even with my intimate familiarity of Portal I can see that nothing has been overlooked. Every tile on every panel has been revisited with loving detail. Not only have the visuals been updated to match Portal 2, but the weake...
Portal: Outside Influence
Created by Elite Treacle
The war is over. Mankind lost. Scattered and spread across the planet, the survivors search for refuge in the ruins of the old world. One of these stragglers stumbled across something that hasn't been seen by outside eyes for a long time...

Created by Rich
Prospekt begins in the Nova Prospekt prison in the Half-Life universe. Gordon Freeman is slowly being overrun by soldiers in the prison, however unknown to him, his Vortigaunt allies manage to find some help from a forgotten hero.

Created by Jack ♥
Resurgence deploys you in shoes of a young resistance member, who have escaped from Nova Prospekt thanks to one free man, and is willing to find his old friends in order to reunite and fight together for the future of the human race. Arrive at City 37 to h...
Created by Mevious
Rexaura is a mod for Portal. It is a story campaign with 20 chambers teaching and testing your ability to use some interesting new mechanics involving High Energy Pellets.

"It’s utterly delightful, probably the best chunk of non-Valve Portal modding ...
Silent Escape
Created by Pro-Bones

Silent Escape is a first person shooter game, which events are unfolding parallel to the Half-Life 2 story. When situation in Сity-17 started to get out of control, the scientists had organized the plan of "Silent Escape". It was designed...
Spherical Nightmares
Created by WizardExt
About the mod
Spherical Nightmares is a free Half-Life 2: Episode Two single-player modification.

The story takes place in the Half-Life universe and you take the role as Gordon Freeman. Your journey begins in an unknown location.

The Forgotten Ones
Created by Pretador
You will experience a story like no other from the protagonist Grobuskna Vladinov's eyes, his family was murdered during the war, Grobuskna and his family was taken captive by Schienzel. Schienzel is a fiction of Josef Mengele, a strong similarity.
The Revenge
Created by levan
The Revenge is a first person game based on Half-Life universe. The main character is Anton Logov.
He has to get out of the city in order to deliver something important for the Resistance Forces.
It would seem like easy task - to come round Alliance road...
Thinking with Time-Machine
Created by Owlahk
Deep within the facilities at Aperture Science lies a secret research laboratory that was locked and closed off... until it was found by robots.

Thinking with Time Machine is a Portal 2 mod in which you will find and use a Time Machine to create...
Transmissions: Element 120
Created by shokunin000
Transmissions: Element 120 is a short, free, single player experience set in the Half-Life Universe featuring a unique gravity defying weapon that allows you to jump buildings and sustain large falls.

The story takes place at a mysterious date & ...
Created by Mxthe
Underhell is a Source Engine Game that will be distributed in Episodic releases.
Prologue has been released on March 3rd, 2011.
Chapter 1 has been released on September 1st, 2013.
Created by Eriko
Vanishing is a high quality Half-Life 2 Mod.
It has many things to discover and a lot of self-made content.

Also,Vanishing has much game content, including:
- The Story Mode,
- 20 Achievements,
- Extra Missions,
- New Weapons And Textures.
Wilson Chronicles
Created by Frere D'λrme
English :

Wilson Chronicles is a total Source conversion of Half-Life : Wilson Chronicles using the Source Engine by Valve.

Once you have voted, visit to download and play our latest Demo ! On
Portal 2: Timex
Created by RedSkittleFoxy c:
“Time is just another obstacle in the way of science.
Some people might try to get rid of that obstacle.
We decided to use it instead.”

In Aperture, a core named Alex wakes you up for testing a new device. This device is called the ASTEQTP,
Half-Life: A Place in the West
Created by Yorick
What is A Place in the West
Half-Life: A Place in the West is a fan-made comic book set within Valve's acclaimed Half-Life universe. A Place in the West follows three characters who are each in their own way drawn to a...
Hunt Down The Freeman
Created by Frank The Duke

"Mitchell was a marine tasked on a mission in Black Mesa. During the mission, his squad was wiped out by Gordon Freeman. Mit...
Aperture Science Laboratories: A Portal 2 Mod
Created by Chris "Fred"
Aperture Science is a mod for Portal 2. It is about an office worker named Harold who finds himself in the future. Not knowing anyone there, he finds on of his old robot prototypes by the name of CHRIS and turns him on. They then go on an adventure through...
Half-Rats: Parasomnia (FREE Half-Life Mod)
Created by Half-Rats
HL1 Required to play! It's Free, which means you won't be paying for it. And in case you didn't understand that you're getting hours of total conversion, original content for no charge - we mean to say that you needn't purchase it. Costs Nothing. Zilch. Th...
Halfquake Trilogy
Created by muddasheep
In Halfquake you are fated to die in most ridiculous ways for the sole purpose of entertaining your spectators.

Halfquake Trilogy combines the Half-Life modifications Halfquake (2001), Halfquake Amen (2002) and Halfquake Sunrise (2010).

The free[/...
Base Defense
Created by Cypher
What is Base Defense?
It is a co-op modification for Half-Life based on horde-style and RPG systems. You need to choose one of three classes, then join the fight against most dangerous monsters which are hunting you. Every class has it's own abil...
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