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CUP Terrains - Maps
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Dec 25, 2015 @ 7:29am
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CUP Terrains - Maps

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Community Upgrade Project - CUP
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The Community Upgrade Project is a cooperative effort to bring the content of Bohemia Interactive's
earlier games (Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and DLC's in particular) into Arma 3, updated
to the functionality and standards of the next generation game.

For more information on the project, check our webpage at

This is the TERRAINS pack, the successor of "A3MP" and "All in ArmA - Terrain Pack (AiA TP)". It contains 16 maps from Arma: Arma: Armed Assault and the expansion, Arma 2 and the expansion and DLC's:

- Rahmadi
- Sahrani
- Southern Sahrani
- United Sahrani
- Porto
- Utes
- Chernarus
- Chernarus Summer
- Desert
- Takistan
- Zargabad
- Shapur
- Proving Grounds
- Bukovina
- Bystrica
- Takistan Mountains

For credits and other information, see our web page.

Please post bugs at

CORE DATA pack is required!
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Farmer Janos Jun 21 @ 7:34am 
use the editor!.
Prata Gamer Jun 21 @ 7:28am 
The maps is fine, but no scenario, no campangne, no nothing! Is best install Arma 2, how to play in this maps?
Prata Gamer Jun 21 @ 7:17am 
how to play in cup maps?
cameronjunk84 Jun 18 @ 10:44pm 
Is this version 1.4.2?
Farmer Janos Jun 13 @ 7:08am 
@govannon we have the same issue as you, we have one guy in my group who can't even play any of the desert terrain maps, he looses connection, and drops out of discord and teamspeak, and he has to restart his pc.. but all the other maps, hes fine on joining, its really strange.
Farmer Janos Jun 13 @ 6:55am 
when i place down cup ruined buildings, they display on editor but they're invisible or quite literally the ruined object i placed down this is including vannila, doesn't exist when i preview the game
14:42 - Farmer Janos:
Andrew James Jun 7 @ 6:47pm 
Does anyone notice that if you use any modded vehicles on takistan your handling sucks and you slide all over the place?
ICEMAN Jun 2 @ 8:22pm 
Anyone else having trouble entering buildings on Takistan?
Govannon Jun 1 @ 1:25pm 
We have a multiplayer map set up for Takistan but one of us has had to format their PC and they have reinstalled steam, arma 3 and all add ons and takistan map and dependant mods but when he goes to join the map his pc crashes and he has to restart it. Any ideas on a solution as others dont have any issues.

Thank you in advance of your replies.
Phoenix Rose May 4 @ 3:24pm 
would be interesting to know if the Chernarus map allows you to enter ALL the buildings, but i will understand if you are trying to keep it as close to the original as possible :D