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Traffic Manager: President Edition
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Traffic Manager: President Edition

Traffic Manager: President Edition
helps you manage your city's traffic. This mod allows you to
  • toggle traffic lights at junctions,
  • add yield and stop signs to junctions,
  • define timed traffic lights that can adapt their behavior depending on live traffic measurements,
  • modify speed limits,
  • define vehicle restrictions (e.g. disallow vehicles on certain roads),
  • define junction restrictions (e.g. disallow pedestrians to cross the street),
  • define parking restrictions (e.g. prohibit cars from parking road-side),
  • change lane arrows and connect individual lanes with each other,
  • clear traffic and
  • toggle despawn on/off
It additionally includes
  • its own Advanced Vehicle AI that modifies the way your cims choose their lanes,
  • modified lane splitting/merging rules on highways (read the manual!),
  • a Parking AI which disallows "pocket cars" and improves the simulation regarding parking space usage, and
  • Dynamic Lane Selection (DLS), a lane selection algorithm that allows cims to switch to alternative lanes while en-route

This mod is based on the original Traffic Manager Mod by cbethax and Traffic Manager Plus by seiggy. If you have subscribed to another Traffic Manager mod, please first deactivate it in your Content Manager (in-game) before trying this one out.

Current version: 1.10.15-stable Changelog, Source code[]
  • Improved compatibility with labs version
  • Updated russian translation (thanks to @vitalii201 for translating)

User Manual

This mod offers support for internationalization and heavily depends on people willing to contribute. The language is automatically determined based on your settings in "Options" -> "Gameplay".
  • Please contact us via Discord[] if you would like to help translate this mod.
  • You can also open a pull request on our GitHub page[].
More information[]

Incompatible with:

If you see an error message or something is going wrong, please send us your "output_log.txt" (Windows), "Player.log" (Linux, Mac) and "TMPE.log" files immediately after you encountered the bug. You can find the log files in your ...\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Cities_Data\ (Windows) or ~/.config/unity3d/Colossal Order/Cities: Skylines/Player.log (Linux) or Users/<username>/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log (Mac OS) folder.
Please describe the problem, attach the files and
Please tell us what you did when the error occurred so that we can reproduce the situation. Some screenshots or a savegame could be helpful, too. Visit this page to find out where your savegames and screenshots are located:

If you like this mod:
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Angelhearth 2 hours ago 
@Dubbledee I really love this mod, but I have to warn you: Do NOT subscribe to this mod because you want to do one, or a couple, of small things, where there are other ways to do the same. This mod eats your CPU alive, if you don’t watch what you’re doing and/or the CPU isn’t of the faster type.
ItsDam0n 3 hours ago 
@DubbeIdee Yes you can but you can remove traffic lights in the vanilla game too. But with this mod you can make traffic lights effective and usefull instead of being a issue like in the vanilla game
Dubbeldee 5 hours ago 
can you remove traffic lights with this one ??
Yacer 11 hours ago 
I love this really, it is the most handy mod in CS, but I have the problem that TM doesn't remember the traffic changes I make when I save, quit and than coming back to that save game. Do you maybe have a explanation?
titty boy 15 hours ago 
The most important mod in Cities
aubergine18  [author] 20 hours ago 
It depends on mod load order, which is somewhat random based on my own testing, as to which mod modifies the game code first. Sometimes the problems will show up in TMPE (such as weird pathfinding issues, service building problems, and so on) and other times the problems will show up in City Drive (see comments on City Drive description page for some examples). It might look like its working ok, but if two mods modify the same game code one of them is going to lose and malfunction as a result. You can follow progress on the conversion work to Harmony library in our issue tracker []
Angelhearth 20 hours ago 
@aubergine18 But what kind of problem does that give? As I stated, I don't seem to have had any problems using it, which I do all the time, it's one of my main reasons for playing CS, to drive around in the city and surrounding area.
aubergine18  [author] 20 hours ago 
@Angelhearth The CityDrive mod updates some of the same game code as TMPE. There's plans to make TMPE use Harmony instead of detours so hopefully that will fix incompatibilities in the future.
slicknick924 Mar 22 @ 8:26am 
Is it weird that this fixed the simulation speed and all of my cims just standing in the street infinitely in my save? Thx! :steamhappy:
sk8erboy Mar 22 @ 6:19am 
perfect's really nice....