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Traffic Manager: President Edition [STABLE]
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Dec 25, 2015 @ 3:48am
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Traffic Manager: President Edition [STABLE]

This is the STABLE version of Traffic Manager: President Edition (LABS)

You have to UNSUBSCRIBE from Traffic Manager: President Edition [LABS] to prevent unexpected problems from occurring.

This version will contain all bugfixes and stabilized features from LABS.

Traffic Manager: President Edition (STABLE / LABS)
helps you manage your city's traffic. This mod allows you to
  • toggle traffic lights at junctions,
  • add yield and stop signs to junctions,
  • define timed traffic lights that can adapt their behavior depending on live traffic measurements,
  • modify speed limits,
  • define vehicle restrictions (e.g. disallow vehicles on certain roads),
  • define junction restrictions (e.g. disallow pedestrians to cross the street),
  • define parking restrictions (e.g. prohibit cars from parking road-side),
  • change lane arrows and connect individual lanes with each other,
  • clear traffic and
  • toggle despawn on/off
It additionally includes
  • its own Advanced Vehicle AI that modifies the way your cims choose their lanes,
  • modified lane splitting/merging rules on highways (read the manual!),
  • a Parking AI which disallows "pocket cars" and improves the simulation regarding parking space usage, and
  • Dynamic Lane Selection (DLS), a lane selection algorithm that allows cims to switch to alternative lanes while en-route

This mod is based on the original Traffic Manager Mod by cbethax and Traffic Manager Plus by seiggy.

Current version: 10.20 Changelog, Source code[]
  • Updated for game version 1.12.0-f5
  • Updated Korean translation (thanks Twotoolus-FLY-LShst) (#294)
  • Updated French translation (thanks PierreTSE) (#311)
  • Bugfix: Mod options overlapping issue (#250, #266).
  • Added: Japanese language (thanks mashitaro) (#258).
  • Update: Chinese language (thanks Emphasia) (#285, #286).
  • Update: "Vanilla Trees Remover" as incompatible mod (it breaks mod options screen) (#271, #290).
  • Update: Moved "Delete" step button on timed traffic lights (#283, #285).
  • Update: Mod incompatibility checker can now be disabled, or skip disabled mods (#264, #284, #286).


Incompatible mods

Development progress

This mod offers support for internationalization and heavily depends on people willing to contribute. The language is automatically determined based on your settings in "Options" -> "Gameplay".
  • Please contact us via Discord[] if you would like to help translate this mod.
  • You can also open a pull request on our GitHub page[].
More information[]


If you like this mod:
Donate via PayPal[]

Github repository of this mod[]
Discord server[]
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Sep 16 @ 6:20am
Population Growth seems to be affacted by TM:PE
Sep 11 @ 9:10am
how does TMPE fing paths?
Sep 15 @ 9:19pm
Lane connector not working
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200%Migue Sep 15 @ 9:03am 
Really hepfull, it makes the game more realistic:steamhappy:
cieran84 Sep 13 @ 12:47pm 
If anyone is wondering why cars won't park in Parking Lot Road spaces even if the 'Enable More Realistic Parking' option is turned on in TM:PE, double check that you haven't hidden Parking Spaces using Hide It!
Lalettayn ♥ K Sep 10 @ 11:15am 
my all line connects are restart when i re-enter to save. how i fix this?
dragongal35 Sep 8 @ 2:19pm 
I'm having the same problem as Mallow. It also extends to switching off lane turning and pedestrian crossing.
Mallow, The Bunny 💗 Sep 7 @ 6:17am 
Hey! I noticed something: When I switch off traffic lights, save the game, qwuit to desktop and reload the game, all traffic lights are back to default.
All the work for nothing! D:
Is that known?
HansaEisenvogel Sep 6 @ 8:49am 


PS: Forgot to tell you, that delivery trucks etc. are coming just no cars and thus no inhabitants.
HansaEisenvogel Sep 6 @ 7:54am 
First of all thank you very much for this wonderful mod. I really like but unfortunately I might have found a bug or I just did something wrong, nevertheless I need your help ;). I started playing on a new map, the wonderful Confluentes map, already prepared electricity supply, water, highway connection, etc. Then I placed the first houses, I am using a lot of mods (already checked possible conflicts on your list) and assets from the workshop, and nobody came. My population was stuck at zero and only when I disable TM:PE Stable or LABS (already tried both of course separately) it works, the cims start flooding in. Is this already a known issue or is there anything, I may have done wrong. I really would like to use it again.
Filiboy Sep 6 @ 5:24am 
Crazy that over 1.2 million players have downloaded this mod!
Rox Sep 6 @ 3:55am 
Hi. I've this error while I'm building the university administrative building (campus dlc): Cannot cast from source type to destination type. [System.InvalidCastException]Details:No details.
Do you think it's related to this mod?
Thanks in advance for your reply.
frossty Sep 3 @ 9:51am 
I'm having an issue where yeilds or give ways are just operating like stop signs. Long time user, and haven't had added any mods recently. Is anyone else having this issue? I haven't sub'd to labs yet, waiting for it to become stable.