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Group C Mod v1.1
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Dec 23, 2015 @ 11:37pm
Feb 7, 2019 @ 5:25pm
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Group C Mod v1.1

The 1991 Group C mod includes the Mazda 787B, Porsche 962C and the Sauber C11 in the latest version of the mod for rFactor 2. Featuring unique realistic physics for each vehicle as well as different tire compounds, this is your chance to get behind the wheel of the three most iconic racing cars in the history of Group C racing.


- 1991 Mazda 787B
- 1991 Porsche 962C
- 1991 Sauber C11
- Unique physics for each vehicle
- Unique engine sounds for each vehicle

Mod Resources

Templates: Download Click HERE[www.mak-corp.com.au]
MOD PDF MANUAL: Download Click HERE[www.mak-corp.com.au]


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MAK-Corp Group C Mod v1.1
- Removed inside double skin 3d mesh for all cars bonnet glass - with new shaders since last update, is no longer needed.
- Fixed dark side windows on 787b, now looks like other cars.
- Animated wipers added to 962c and C11.
- All wipers are fully operational and clean glass etc.
- All windows for all cars re-exported with new uv for rain.
- Rain on all car bodies/banner has been added and water direction movement configured as well.
- Re-exported all car liveries with removed wiper shadows inside them because they now move and look wrong.
- Edited and re-saved the Templates pack with all car changes if templates are wanted by you guys.
- All cars have new backfire instead of old backfire - thanks s397.
- RPM light added to 787b.
- Lods made and added for all cars.
- Improved mirror mapping on all cars

Rain racing - Please disable reflections in-game when racing in rain due to reflections in wet weather not working correctly on windscreen areas outside of the wiper clean area and because these windscreens have a lot of non wiper area compared to most due to windscreen shape, therefore making it more visible.

Apologies for another template change, it was un-avoidable and had to be done to accomodate rain support properly.

Manual Documentation updated to v1.1.

All Cars - Added aerodynamic upgrades to force AI run different setups on certain tracks

Mazda 787B
- Revised slick tyre's grip loss on rain
- Revised heating of wet tyres on dry condition
- Revised clutch torque on shifter to avoid abuse on downshifts
- Revised grip on AI front tyres
- Revised FFB options on upgrades
- Removed blip sound while using shifter (again)

Porsche 962
- Modified WSC turbo hitch for better handling
- Revised fuel consumption for each turbo step on both engines
- Revised slick tyre's grip loss on rain
- Revised heating of wet tyres on dry condition
- Revised clutch torque on shifter to avoid abuse on downshifts
- Revised FFB options on upgrades
- Rob Wollek added to car #86

Sauber C11
- Increased drag and fuel consumption
- Reduced engine life and increased damage when revving over 7000rpm
- Increased dry tyres grip in the wet to be balanced against the other cars
- Improved AI drivers suspension and performance on different track conditions
- Revised FFB options on upgrades

- Improved interior engine sound L/R balance
- Updated Porsche 962 turbo sounds
- There are 4 exterior engine sound variants for Porsche 962 (1 for WSC, 3 for IMSA)


- Mod Production Manager: Petros Mak
- Mazda 787B 3D Vehicle by: Ionut Nicolaescu
- Mazda 787B 3D Vehicle Updates by: Dmitriy Barishev
- Porsche 962C 3D Vehicle by: Dmitriy Barishev
- UV Mapping Mazda 787B by: 1st set by: Bernd Boehm. Re-Mapped by: Lukasz Kacprzykowski
- UV Mapping Porsche 962C by: Juandi Sanchez
- 2D Textures by: Doug Parker, Nigel Phelan
- New Skins from v0.95 by: Arturo Pereira, Damian Baldi, Daniel Gomez
- In-Game Specialist: Liquid4653
- rFactor 2 Physics 787B, 962C by: Damian Baldi
- rFactor 2 Physics C11 by: Alvaro Perez
- Sounds by: Alvaro Perez


All vehicle brands, series brands, team and driver logos, liveries and other replications placed in this mod from the real season are proprietary property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. MAK-Corp does not have nor claim to have any affiliation with any brands, teams or drivers that are represented within this mod unless stated otherwise.

All aspects of this mod are copyrighted material of MAK-Corp and should not be used in any way, shape or form without express prior written permission from MAK-Corp Management. If you wish to use this mod for any reason, please contact us at accounts@mak-corp.com.au
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Haris1977 Jul 11 @ 1:20pm 
Nice mod. Sauber degrees of rotation should be as the other 2 cars, thus 540 and not 360!
McLaren MCL35 May 31 @ 4:39am 
Any Knowledge if you guys will be adding the rest of the Group C Era cars to the mod? like the Jaguar XJR-9/12/14, Peugeot 905, Nissan R91CP, Spice /E88P/E89C/E90C, Lancia LC2, Toyota 88CV/TS010, Etc.
This mod great so far but the field is rather flat with the mostly being 1 of 3 cars, I'd love to see variety in the field
wanandvan7783 May 21 @ 4:36pm 
Awesome mod loving it great job
JoKeR_BR May 12 @ 6:27pm 
The AI in rF2 is well known for this behavior, specially if you don't do the practive/qual sessions.
Tip: do at least the qual session (even accelerated), let the AI do some laps to "know" the track before jumping on the race. Also, AI is very track dependant - you can't simply put it on 100% and expect that they drive the same among different tracks. On some tracks, you may need to lower their skill to 90 or even less sometimes - otherwise they simply "cheat" because running on simplified physics.

Dancegun May 12 @ 2:47am 
The AI is way too fast. I always have to turn the boost fully on to remotely hold their pace and I'm a decent driver. Their acceleration out of corners is unreal. They behave like a modern F1 car. Car Model 5/5
AI 1/5
juergen.alexy May 9 @ 7:33am 
For porsche and mazda have to reduce the ffb mult. from 1.0 to 0.65 otherwise clipping.
ManBearPig May 6 @ 3:12pm 
Love the mod...
For the Porsche... is there a way to disable traction control and abs? It is set to 1 in the car setup menu without a toggle option. As it is, get no traction loss with wing set to 0. Only time car looses traction is if tires are overheated.
Bimdan Apr 22 @ 4:15pm 
Many thanks for your hard work - don't let the negative comments put you off making this mod the best it can be. I love the C9 Sauber from PC2 which is what got me here.
Dan Mar 28 @ 11:19am 
Too easy to drive, leave ABS and traction control
Donat_Prodan Mar 21 @ 11:56am 
Terrible AI, waay to quick, too much grip (they brake waaay later, 100% brake pressure, they never lock up, unreal grip out of the corners, they just launch themselves out). Fix this, very, very poorly made and it seems like I'm not the only one complaining. 2/5.