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Official Guide: Mountpoints
By George.Mamakos and 1 collaborators
This is the official guide for creating mount-points in Space Engineers. Mount-points determine areas where each block can be attached to another.
  • What are mountpoints
  • Preparation of mountpoints in a text editor for later editation
  • Setting debug draw to view mountpoints
  • Using axis helpers to read mount-point's coordinates
  • Visual examples
What are mount-points?
Mount-points determine areas where each block can be attached to another block. In the game, areas without mount-points will be red. If you try to place a block there, it won't work and the block will be red. Block without mount-points won’t be attachable to anything.
  1. First we will prepare definition of a block in our notepad/VS so we can edit it later
  2. Go to data folder (C:\KeenSWH\Sandbox\Sources\SpaceEngineers\Content\Data)
  3. Open Cubeblocks.sbc (notepad suffices, visual studio is better)
  4. You will see a section in every block’s definition called <Mountpoints>. See an example picture of hydrogen tank mount-points below:
  5. The picture shows mount-points of a hydrogen tank. When you are making mount-points for a new block, it is good to copy existing one from a different block and just change the values.
  6. Mount-points are set for sides of a block. Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Front and back.
  7. Keep the .sbc with the definition opened for later editing. We are going to return to it.
Setting Debug draw to view mount-points and axis helpers

  1. Start a game (preferably in Empty world scenario) and place your block there
  2. You will need to see mount-points and axis helpers (shown on picture 2) to create new correct mount-points for a block. In order to view the block’s mount-points and axis helpers follow these steps:
    • Press F12 to view Developer screen (start game in debug in order to enable developer screen)
    • Check debug draw (A on picture 1)
    • Click on blue “Game” button
    • Check Cube blocks checkbox (C on the picture)
    • Hold alt and check "Debug draw all mount points" (D on picture 1)
    • When you have mount-points enabled in Debug draw, we can uncheck cube blocks (C on picture 1) so that it does not obstruct our screen.
    • Switch developers screen off with F12

Now you will see block’s mount-points and axis helpers highlighted as long as you’re close to it. In the next part, we will see how to use axis helpers to read coordinates for mount-points:

Using axis helpers to read mount-points coordinates
  1. We are looking at the block we want to make mount-points for. You can start with any side. In this guide we will setup back side
  2. Fly around the block so that you are looking directly at back side. You know which side it is by searching for axis helper called “back”. If you are uncertain which side the axis helper belongs to, look at its axis arrows, both of them are parallel with edges of the side they belong to.(picture 2)
  3. Look at picture 3. It shows both axis of its back side, there are numbers added too to demonstrate coordinates. Axis units are blocks. (for small grid, chunks of 50 cm, for large grid chunks of 2.5m)
  4. Making coordinates for Y axis: In case of this block, we want the mount-point only on flat surface (not on curved parts of the hydrogen tank)
    • There is supposed to be 1 mount-point on “back” side of hydrogen tank, and we want it to go from left to right in the middle
    • If you look at Y axis you can see that on this axis, mount-point starts at 0 and goes all the way to 3
    • For definition that means StartY="0", EndY="3"
    • Let’s put these coordinates to <Mount-points> like this:
      <Mount-Point Side="Back" StartX="1" StartY="0" EndX="2" EndY="3" />
  5. Making coordinates for X axis
    • Look where mount-point starts on Hydrogen tank (picture 3) on X axis
    • This time, mount point starts at 1 (one block far from 0) and ends at 2
    • For definition that means StartX="1", EndX="2"
      <Mount-Point Side="Back" StartX="1" StartY="0" EndX="2" EndY="3" />
  6. Open the .sbc document with <Mount-points> section we prepared in the first part of this guide.
  7. Copy paste an existing line and change Side to “Back
    <Mount-Point Side="Back" StartX="1" StartY="0" EndX="2" EndY="3" />
  8. Now with correct coordinates and correct name of the side, we created a mount-point. Copy paste it in <Mount-points> section.
  9. Repeat the process for every side of the block
  10. Each side can have one or more mount-points. More complex blocks have multiple mount-points on each side.
  11. Stack new mount-points underneath each other in the <MountPoints> section. Their order does not matter.
  12. When you created the whole mount-points sections, save modified Cubeblocks.sbc and reload the game to check your work.
Simple example of a thruster:

More complex side. Every side can have multiple mountpoints... as many as you need:

Mount-points can be defined smaller than 1 block. Units are in blocks (2.5m for large, 0.5m for small):

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Tilleen Aug 15, 2016 @ 6:35pm 
Also needs information on how the excludemask and propertiesmask work. I think it works like this:

If the bitwise and of the propertiesmask and the excludemask return a non-zero result, then the are not able to be mounted to each other, so if a side that has a propertiesmask of 2 (0b10) is connected to a side of another block that has an exclusionmask of 2 (0b10) will not be able to be mounted together, but if they have 2 (0b10) and 1 (0b01) respectively which the bitwase and is 0, then they will be able to mount.

This will need some confirmation that this is how it supposed to work, and if it has actually been implemented yet.
Pharap May 20, 2016 @ 9:30am 
I second Darth Biomech, but otherwise this guide is very helpful. I probably would have forgot to check the debug screen if it weren't for this.
flichtshooter Feb 11, 2016 @ 9:39am 
happy to see there is somme clear info on mount points. turns out i totaly misunderstood them (tought you had to create a layer with planes indicating where the mount points where suposed to be (which is true for poeple using the blender plugin but not for 3DS max)).
Jason Jan 22, 2016 @ 3:41am 
yer a video tutorial would be aweseome! but cool feature
AGoodPeople Jan 14, 2016 @ 2:41pm 
A video maybe..
Darth Biomech Jan 14, 2016 @ 11:19am 
Much need clarification about relationship between mountpoints and airtightness, please.