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[SP/MP]Dynamic Universal War System - Escalation [USMC/WD]
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Scenario Type: Air, Infantry, Vehicles, Water
Scenario Map: Altis
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Dec 21, 2015 @ 4:54am
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[SP/MP]Dynamic Universal War System - Escalation [USMC/WD]

Dynamic Universal War System - Escalation

United States Marine Corps, woodland variant

DUWS - E is a work modified from the original DUWS made by kibot.
Credits applied as necessary.

Special message for the ones who have played Phantom_Wolf's release of DUWS Escalation last year, or Ceitho's DUWS Modified: RHS Escalation, or just have been waiting for a DUWS update, or a DUWS update with RHS Escalation

"Kept you waiting, huh?"

A reference to the Metal Gear series, written [Mostly.] by Hideo Kojima and owned by Konami.

Dynamic Universal War System

DUWS is a highly adaptive, modular and literally dynamic warfare mission allowing the player to experience many forms of combat at will on many different maps.

A key feature of DUWS is the ability to play it however the player wants. For example, instead of capturing zones, the player may simply do side objectives to gain more army power, which results in more AI reinforcements.

DUWS is built to be highly adaptive to terrain, meaning this mission can [And is encouraged to.] be forced into a different map by changing the map prefix, and it will work just fine. Details on how to do so are available in-game as a briefing topic, however it is rather more complicated via Steam Workshop. For anyone who requires assistance in this matter, feel free to contact the mission creator [Phantom_Wolf, not kibot as he is no longer active in updating DUWS.].

In multiplayer, DUWS is also a great mission to experience coordinated combined assaults. With Dynamic Group Management, High Command, AI units or groups requisition, vehicle requests and finally gear modifications, players can experience a wide variety of ways to complete their objectives, alone or together.

DUWS - Escalation

DUWS - E is a modified variant of DUWS to utilize assets from Red Hammer Studio's mod, RHS: Escalation and/or a combination of RHS: AFRF and RHS: USF [Also known as RHS: USAF.]. On the other hand, many bugs have been fixed and features have been added too.

In this variant in particular, the United States Marine Corps are put up against Russian Airborne Troops [VDV.], supported by the Russian Armored Forces [TV.] and the Russian Air Force [VVS.]. The allied forces also have access to vehicles from civilians and other branches of the United States Department Of Defense.

The USMC will be using woodland MARPAT camouflage uniforms, and use a lot of woodland equipment. The Russian VDV will be using a camouflage known as EMR, while other forces such as the TV and VVS may be using other kinds of camouflage.


- Custom warfare size. Can go bigger if system supports, or go lower for a short mission.
- Side missions. Awards CP and AP, effectively moving closer to victory while being done.
- AI, AI groups and vehicle requisition. All that Arma 3 [And RHS: Escalation.] has to offer.
- WARCOM. Friendly and enemy forces with constant tasking.
- Map adaptability. Can run pretty much any map, provided settings are right and map is not too unearthly.

New Features

The following are changes made into DUWS - E that are absent from the original DUWS.

- Virtual Arsenal by BI, still works along side Virtual Ammobox System. Both systems allow for gear modifications.
- Infinite stamina, also known as no fatigue option.
- Higher CP options, for either reckless play, large combined operations, or any other reasons.
- Mission starts at 1st of January, 2015, instead of somewhere in 2035 [Purely aesthetic though.].
- New side mission. 'Sling', which involves cargo slinging.
- Updated scripts, especially VAS and TAW View Distance.

The following are changes made into DUWS - E in 0.98 and beyond, as 0.97 is available in another release last year.

- Dynamic Group Management by BI, along with a new custom system that ensures AIs get deleted if there is no available group or high command leader.
- Re-spawn system refined. Now you can re-spawn at FOBs and portable backpack re-spawns.
- BI's revive system.
- More realistic dialog, as advised from a certain ex US Army soldier.
- Better text for a lot of things.
- Actual SFs unit based on MARSOC, however some roles are replaced as there is no relevant MARSOC class available for the replaced roles.
- Optional FOB vehicle refits.
- More realistic player group names.
- Players are now using universal soldier classes, meaning everyone can be an engineer, EOD specialist or medic on demand.
- Proper re-spawn with actions.
- Ability to disband AIs at HQ.
- Multiplayer notifications syncing. All players will now get notified of things, instead of just the host. Example of said things are WARCOM announcements, zone captures and persistent supports.
- More.

Known Issues

- Some errors at the startup, particularly about a BIS function taking wrong input, and GUI. Should only be noticeable if you run A3 in a development-like environment [Reports error at the bottom of the screen.].
- Some messages are still not MP sync, such as side missions.
- TAW VD GUI modified to avoid conflict. Save and close button does not work.

Future Plans

These plans can change or be ignored at any time under the author's discretion.

- Fix bugs.
- Tomahawk missile support.
- Realistic fire support, instead of 80mm rockets and grenades, if that's even possible.
- Options for limited gear selection in VAS and VA, to prevent people from making incredibly hideous loadouts and in turn ruining realism.
- Female soldiers, either spawned naturally or SF only. Personally prefer the latter, as there is only one female voice protocol currently available in RHS: Escalation.
- Better promo pictures.
- A trailer video or someting similar.


Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)


Pictures are not of actual DUWS Escalation gameplay, and instead are random pictures taken with the Splendid Camera while placing units in the editor as promo. They are also not arranged in order of date of capture or upload.


Dynamic Universal War System[]

Dynamic Universal War System - Escalation by Phantom_Wolf [Old.]

Red Hammer Studios: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation[]
Red Hammer Studios: United States Armed Forces[]


Bohemia Interactive - Arma 3

Red Hammer Studios - RHS: Escalation

kibot - Dynamic Universal War System

Virtual Ammobox System - Tonic
Mapsize script - Kempco
Correcting the typos - FrankHH
Help and some time - FunkDooBiesT
Help - WolfFlight[TZW]
Help - Amarak[TZW]
Repetitive cleanup and SET/GET loadout scripts - aeroson
Special thanks - timsk

Phantom_Wolf - DUWS Escalation

BigShot - DUWS Modified, DUWS M provided a lot of insight for scripting

Ceitho - Config help a long time ago, and introduction to the config viewer
Reaper - Ex US Army soldier, provided military advice
Tr4wnet - Testing, input and being a total F***ING PIECE OF S***

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