Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Noob to Pro in 5 Easy Steps
By Twig
This guide aims to correct 5 common errors of noobs in Ro2/RS
1. Minimize Your Kill Zones
This game is 32 v. 32 you don't need to cover the entire map

This is an example of a good Kill Zone
What he does right:
  • His gun doesn't poke out
  • His field of view is big enough that He has enough time to led a target
  • His target will not be looking in his direction if he is running across the Kill Zone
  • He is covering a common area enemies run though
  • The only (likely) area he will be shot from is his Kill Zone
What you should never do:
  • Poke your head out in the middle of the f*cking window *boom headshoot*
  • Poke your head over the middle of the f*ucking sand bags *boom headshoot*
  • Look directly at your targets *boom headshoot*
  • Stay in one place for too long *boom headshoot*
  • Miss to many shots like a f*cking noob (we all do it) *boom headshoot*

In Case You Missed It:

Head in Window = Headshot
Head in Window = Headshot
Head in Window = Headshot
Head in Window = Headshot

More detail:
The maximum size kill zone I recommend is 45 degrees. The size varies on the number of enemys and the amount of cover in the kill zone. If you are shoting at an enemy and they dive behind cover immediately change postions. This could be as simple as moving to the window next to you. You will know where your enemy is, but he will not know where you are.This is the only way to have the advantage.
2. Cook Your Nades
Key Defaults;
Fire Button = Left Click
Alt-Fire Botton = Middle Mouse

Russian Grenades
Use: Hold fire button
Cooking: begins on hitting Hit Alt Fire button (while still holding fire button)
Fuse Length: ~3 seconds

German Grenades
Use: Hold fire button
Cooking: begins as soon as you hit the fire button
Fuse Length: ~5 seconds

American Grenades
Use: Hold fire button
Cooking: begins on hitting Hit Alt Fire button (while still holding fire button)
Fuse Length: ~5 seconds

Japanese Grenades
Use: Hold fire button, and booby traps (see below)
Cooking: begins on hitting Hit Alt Fire button (while still holding fire button)
Fuse Length: ~4 seconds

Planting booby traps
1. Look at ground with Grenade out
2. Prompt will apper
3. Follow prompt (defult, click right mouse)
4. Booby trap will be panted

Booby trap fun facts:
  • Booby traps will not go off if a teammate runs over them
  • Booby traps can be disarmed by shooting them
  • Booby traps can only be planted on some types of ground
  • Booby traps do not disappear after you die
  • You can only plant 2 booby traps at any time
  • Americans can plant booby traps if they aquire Japanese grenades

More Detail on nades in this guide:
3. Prioritize Your Targets
    Priority (in order):
  • tank crewmen (gotta get those achivements)
  • SLs
  • MGs
  • TL
  • SMGs
  • Hero skins (yes, people with hero skins are valueable targets)
  • Elite rifles
  • Rifles

Now of Corse....
This is a Very Flexable list. I use a kind of mental list like this when there are two targets running across a field and I know I only have time to kill one. When you are attacking a position the list becomes very blured and normally the goal is to just kill any player in the Objective or racking up massive numbers of kills on the kill feed. I find it fun to try and "bounty hunt" the high scoring players on the other team.
Whatever the situation, the key to successfully stay alive and take the Objectve is to prioritize targets to keep you and your team alive. The most important skill in this is game sence: Knowing where the skilled players are hiding, knowing were danger is, and most importantly, Prioritize dangers to you and your team.
4. Don't Rely on Your Teammates (they are all fools)
Don't expect your team to listen to you
Don't expect your team to follow you
Don't expect any cover fire
Don't expect any help

Expect to get TKed
Expect to be left alone
Expect your SLs to be level 11
Expect your TL to be level 10
Expect noobs to take the good roles (because they are bad)

Learn to use a Bolt Action Rifle
Learn to be a Lone Wolf
Learn to not rage at your team
Learn to be a game changer
5. Hipshoot
This is for more for players who already know the maps and have decent game sense with over 50 hrs. on the game.

Hip-shooting takes skill and there is no way to prefect it besides practice. Unlike hip-shooting with the AWP in CS, in Ro2 and RS hip-shooting is nearly 100% accurate, this is why the best players in the game are the best hip-shooters. There is no need to scope in, saving precious time in a face to face encounter.

For example:
Scope and shot a bullet,
Now unscope and shot another,
The shots will land in the exact same spot.

Here is an example of roughly where your shot will land.
The point of your muzzle ending determains where the bullet will land. If you form a square between were your mussle ends and roughly the end of your hand you will find the location the bullet will land. It is not always the exact center of your screeen.
More Indepth Guides for Noobs
Pte Maylam's Guide on General Ro2/RS Strats
(Probably the best, most detailed guide out there)
Jolly Jew's Guide on General Ro2/RS Tips:
(Just general tips and tricks that are good to know)
hurley210's Guide for if Your are a CoD F*ggot:
(In case you don't know anything about Realism)
My Detailed Guide on the Rifleman Class Guide:
(Rifleman: the class you should play until you are at least level 40)
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DreadPirateFury Apr 14, 2017 @ 6:33pm 
Booby traps can also be disarmed by proning towards them and pressing the USE key, default is Left CTRL.
paolo97 Apr 10, 2017 @ 2:38pm 
Point 4 deserve you a big like on this guide. Have elited my bolt-action few days ago. But I must achive again a game with a good full squad.:Trust:
Sir Panticus Removius Apr 7, 2017 @ 5:41pm 
Great great guide. Just a suggestion: on the prioritize your targets section you should add a note including that Japanese soldiers should have flamethrowers probably either above SLs or right below them.
Pants2tight Mar 31, 2017 @ 5:57am 
great guide not like other guides
[40-1] Eve Mar 30, 2017 @ 3:27am 
funny and helpful...:)
Lone Trooper Feb 17, 2017 @ 7:55am 
Great Guide.
Tram Feb 11, 2017 @ 7:04am 
Rifleman is best class. Rifleman is stronk class. There is good reason why all Russian Army is Rifleman
PrommySheep Dec 31, 2015 @ 10:15am 
"Rifleman: the class you should play until you are at least level 40"

At this point, no one would change classes because they are used to being a rifleman.
Dawn of the Douche Dec 30, 2015 @ 7:52pm 
It should be noted that Booby Traps can be disarmed by crouching over them and disarming them with the interact key. You will be prompted to do so, if you are in this situation.
Oberfeldwebel. Blitz Torchwall Dec 26, 2015 @ 6:47pm 
neat nice to knwo some ones got the rigth head on altho then again id support and do all this if some one needed back up