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Bro Plate
Created by Svdl
An extremely flared steel helmet with an attached brow-plate....
Heavy Defender
Created by Svdl
A metal body armor for the Medic, somewhat based on trench armors seen during the first world war.

Misc item, though could be used as a syringe gun replacement to get some passive defense thing going....
The Crossed Stitch
Created by Sparkwire
I have no mouth and I must scream.

Thanks to Trey for the fabulously frightful facial flexes, and BANG! for the prodigiously pretty Source Filmmaker promos!

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The Ragdoll's Rags...
The Scotch Guardian
Created by _Kilburn
With four times more barrels, you can shove four times more deadly explosives up your enemies' respective bottoms!

This is my first real model ever. It is a grenade launcher designed with the special ability to shoot all four barrels at once in mind....
Robo Quant-een
Created by Napy Da Wise
Updated to add Hideous on the list of contributors...
Voodoo Pin
Created by GG_Underscore
A giant Voodoo pin knife replacement so you can be an absolute prick as a spy. Stab stab stab....
The Quackenbirdt
Created by SquareEnix
Uploaded to the Steam Workshop at Valve's request...
Created by Weta Workshop
Pomson 6000 from the Dr Grordbort's Brainiac Pack for Engineer...
The Freedom Staff
Created by SEGA
Uploaded to the Steam Workshop at Valve's request...
Created by Weta Workshop
Manmelter from the Dr Grordbort's Moonman Pack for Pyro....
Nostromo Napalmer
Created by Svdl
Alien: Isolation...
The 3lb Trigger
Created by Sparkwire
My gun, without me, and without finger strengthening exercises, is useless....
Created by Mnemo
Part of the 'Scout Cadet' set, featuring the following items:

Cadet Visor -
Cadet Boots -
The C.A.P.P.E.R
Created by Svdl
It's the Captain's Advanced Pulsetron Particle Electromagnetic Raygun!
As seen in the movie, and only slightly altered with alien power sources!

Not for children under 3 years.
Batteries not included.

Customized raygun toy for Engineer, Scout or both.

Feather Duster
Created by Svdl
Fairly compact and hopefully silenced....
War Drum
Created by Zoey
Cloud Crasher
Created by Zoey
This is my helmet, i wear it on my head.

256x256 Diffuse
256x256 Normal
LODs 0-1-2
The Hallowed Headcase
Created by P®OOf on the ®OOf
Halloween is coming for us.
I decided to remake my old work.
Thanks for the name to [xG:B] Ezmar =)....
Fortunate Son
Created by GetGrenade
And when you ask 'em, "How much should we give?"
Oh, they only answer "More! More! More!"

2 LoD's

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The Face of Mercy
Created by Constructor
The last time this mask was worn by a crazed psychopath, there were no survivors.

Who's saying this time it will be different?...
Created by Ruskeydoo
Neo is a Legend....
Horned Honcho
Created by Vonwilbur
Ground to perfection

Model by Vonwilbur
Textured by Primrose!~
Promo by Voltey

Paintable, 1 LOD...
The Hood of Sorrows
Created by Constructor
Keep your soul pure and your body drunk.

Entry for the Arkham Knight Contest.

-concept art: Square
-model,texture: Constructor...