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Workshop Wonderland 2015
All the submissions to the Workshop Wonderland Community Showcase and Charity Event! Gaze upon the works of the TF2 contributor community from late October 2015 to late December 2015, and support your favorites!
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"Naughty" Skin Collection: Black Ice
Created by Disco God
Is your heart as cold as ice? If it is, then grab this COOL weapon to keep your heart as cold as it is --and as dark.

Part of the "Naughty" Skins Collection.

*Designed off of the Civic Duty Shotgun Skin and the Reclaimed Reanimator Medi Gun Skin....
"Nice" Skin Collection: Smissmas Cheers
Created by Disco God
Now that the weather outside is so frightful, why not grab yourself a weapon that is so delightful? Guaranteed to not only warm your heart and hand, but to SPRAY Smissmas Cheers around the land.

Comes in two flavors! Part of the "Nice" Skins Collection.
(Unsual Effect) Ornate Orbit
Created by Zomgitsbacon [Void]
For all your holiday cheer, might as well put some ontop of your hat tier. Ornaments of all nine classes, of both Red and Blu. With a chance of the Team logo, on those seperate occasions.

Edit (11/12/2015):
- Slowed the Ornament Roll
- Updated Textur...
A Well Wrapped Hat
Created by Yikes
Give the gift of a warmer scalp this holiday season

paintable ribbon, style 2 gives it a paintable hat

get the mod here on

The Stimulus Package:
Air Head Delivery
Created by Bapaul
Neatly package your brain in this cap while you crash headfirst into enemy territory.

Note: You are not the bomb
Alpine Blades
Created by Fanotak
Who needs giant skis when you can have these fast, portable, tiny-baby-boards?

Tiny Snowblades for the Workshop Wonderland Showcase !

Paintable, comes for Medic, Pyro and Scout...
Antarctic Arsonist
Created by Alo
Alternative name(s): Empyror Penguin.

The snowcap is team-colored and paintable. Should be compatible with most other Pyro non-head-replacement cosmetic items.

You can download this as a mod from here: [url=
Badwater Snowy
Created by Blade x64
A snowy badwater at night.

To download, hit the subscribe button somewhere above this. Then in game, launch it via the 'Cre...
Bear Huger
Created by * ReznorsRage *
Secret best friend's get not-so-secret snuggly bear hats.

Paintable + Jigglebone + Heavy face flexes...
Beck snowy
Created by Bunz
Snowy version of arena_beck

To win, eliminate all enemies. Capturing the point respawns dead teammates.

-Respawned players are ubered for 3 seconds
-Players that capture the point risk being marked for death
-Point enables after 15...
Bee Cave Bomber
Created by boomsta
Metabolic: Concept
JPRAS: normals
Boomsta: texture, model...
Blizzard Beanie
Created by Gadget
Blizzard Beanie

o Paintable
o 2 LODs

Concept by Snippy and Kanta

Had to be re-uploaded because of one of the contributors using a new account.

Original style from last year:

Blizzard Britches
Created by Evan

100% Water & Blood Proof
Brain-warming Wear
VLEK - Concept / Texture / Jigglebones / Promo materiales
Golden - Model
[img] [/img]...
Brimmed Beanie
Created by Kowalo
Keeps your noggin nice and warm....
Created by Dewzie
Ve did not call ze capital Berlin for nussing!...
Bruin Beanie
Created by heinous
This submission is obsolete. The updated version is here:

It had to be resubmitted because my computer crashes upon editing the original submission.
VLEK - Concept / Texture / Jigglebones
.Estavos - Model / Promo materiales...
CP Amaranth Event
Created by Berry
A holiday reskin of the original CP Amaranth by Berry and TheoF114.


Gameplay: Berry (BMO's Little Helper)
Original Detail: TheoF114
Skybox: Owlyoop Cockatoo...
Dustbowl Winter
Created by Snowshoe
How to play the map
  1. Run this console command:
    map workshop/568587493
  2. Add bots with these console commands

Gameplay changes
Christmas Crackers
Created by Flat Penguin
For a more festive bang... Grenade replacement for Demoman, Pyro and Soldier

It's probably worth mentioning that there recently was a similar item on the workshop but we both had the same idea. I have spoken to the person and they are cool with it

Commonwealth Commando
Created by Sky
Paintable beret with a military headset for the scout.
Yes its a beret, no its not a bill's hat.

Cranial Cookie V2
Created by Quin
"Moist and delicious" - The heavy
"I. Eat. Your. COOKIES! I ATE THEM ALL!... Oh... this ain't good" - Scout
"Mmmmmhhphhh!" - Pyro

The Cranial cookie is back in a totally fresh and new design! With an updated model and a new texture you can finally enj...
Der Arztwärmer
Created by Ludumberg
Keep yourself warm and your enemies cold, because dead bodies rot quickly.

Team Colored
Normal Map
3 LODs

Everything's done by Ludumberg
Doomsday Holiday
Created by Pheeee
Hey everyone, I made another Christmas styled map reskin! Your favourite map for launching Rockets at who-knows-what, now with 95% more snow! I hope you enjoy it.


Found any glitches? Feed...
Downtown Denim
Created by Bapaul
Stay warm while still being cool, rad.

Model by Colteh
Concept/Sculpt/Texture by Bapaul
Concept adaptions by Square
Edinburgh Fancypants
Created by vaultshadow
Tae donner oan th' causey in th' fashion style ay th' royalty....
Festive Gibus
Created by No Name
The Original Gibus, your first hat ever in Team Fortress 2 just got much more festive!

Model Includes
- Jigglebones
- Blinking Christmas Lights
- Team-based colors
- Paintable

See you on the snowy Battlefield!...
Fireworks - Unusual Weapon effect
Created by TacoVFX
Now with 100% more Knife and Wrench!

Celebrate this Smissmass with a bang... and the bang isnt coming from the fireworks

Simply put, these are Unusual weapon effects that are in the festive spirit.
These particles use texture/materials that are alre...
Five ringed fists
Created by vaultshadow
On the fifth day of Smissmass my saxton gave to me
Created by ])oo]v[
a wintery reskin of my map Former Cornfield with a less silly name, not enough icicles and hopefully properly built hdr lighting...
Created by Dewzie
Bitey. Ze air, it's bitey. It's vet and bitey....
French poulet
Created by vaultshadow
On the third day of Smissmass my saxton gave to me
Friend Freezer
VLEK - Concept / Texture / Jigglebones
DA.n.G21 - Model / Promo materiales...
Frost Crown ( Smissmas Unusual Effect )
Created by Nonhuman

Check the new additional taunt version!: "Frost Flames"

- Unusual Effect for Smissmas 2015...
Created by Quin
From the creator of Abandoned Upward comes the next version of one of the best maps the game has to offer : Frostward! Based on Abandoned upward's changes to the initial map Frostward was created for the Workshop Wonderland by Quin, Overpovered, Pybun, Hyp...
Pocket Penguin
Created by Harry
Q: What do you call a penguin in Texas?

A: Lost....
Booregard Caroler
Created by RetroMike
"I'm not affiliated with the other three."

-Paintable hat!
-Makes a good night light!
-Jiggles like a Smissmas pudding!
-Two styles, Smissmas and Halloween!
-All class!

See the Halloween style here
Created by Bill
Special thanks to =[P.F.F]= Dafuq? for making the first poster.
The Pyro decided to change his boring looking grenades with something interesting for Christmas

Gingerbread Mann
Created by Bill
Special thanks to =[P.F.F]= Dafuq? for making the first poster.
This tasty Gingerbread Mann will help the Engineer to fight like a mann.

Created by Sky
Glowing night vision visors for the engineer, spy and sniper.
Paintable, glowing lenses.

Goose a scoping
Created by vaultshadow
On the sixth day of Smissmass my saxton gave to me
Gorge Xmas
Created by Pheeee
Hey everyone! This map is called cp_Gorge_Xmas which is a retake of the original map cp_Gorge, this map was created by me and my co-creator DanMann. This map is the 3rd and last Smissmass map of DanMann map pack. I have tried to make it as Christmassy as p...
Hippocratic Overcoat
Created by SediSocks
Warning: reciting the Hypocratic Oath to cold weather will not prevent it from harming you.

Holly Buddy
Created by DeRosaJ
The pinnacle of elf-ism.

*Jiggle-boned feather

*Available for mod download[]...
Created by Sky
Pickelhaube with a cloth cover for the medic.
Paintable cloth.
Kitchen Essentials
Created by CyanPlastic
You can never have enough grease on ya!

- Paintable
- Jiggleboned spatula...
Lady tapping
Created by vaultshadow
On the ninth day of smissmass my saxton gave to me
Leaper Topper
Created by vaultshadow
On the tenth day of smissmass my saxton gave to me
Loaf Lifters
Created by ToxicWeasel
*Heat resistant: yes
*Fire proof: nope
*Bread lifting: Indeed!...
Lukewarm cap
Created by Mopo
A lukewarm cap for your sniping needs.

-2 LOD's
-Team coloured...
MVM Isolation
Created by E-Arkham

TF2 Custom Mann vs Machine Map, Isolation. - Lost somewhere in the north, the team struggles to defend one of MannCo's lonesome coal factories from the robotic ons...
Major Misfit
Created by BLACKENED
This is my pickaxe. This is my gun. One is for mining, the other is for fun!...
Mann a milking
Created by vaultshadow
On the eighth day of smissmass my saxton gave to me
Merry 'Splosions!
Created by Zoarkenz
Boom! Bang! Pow! I hate this sound!
Now you dont have to hear all the fireworks going off and breaking the insides of your ear! Now you can even wear them on your head!

(This is a submission to the TF2 Workshop Wonderland.)
Merry Smisshat
Created by perrryz
It's christmas and you got a gift-wrapped hat.

- All-Class
- Paintable!
click on image for mod:
Created by s3ndhelp
It's time to go climbing boy.

Hope you like it!...
Nightwatch Snowy
Created by undo15
I was feeling festive, so I added some snow to Nightwatch. Merry christmas!...
Nighty Night
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO

Workshop Wonderland 2[]
Nightmare Before Smissmas[]

Oh Tannenboom!
Created by Jay
Get your holiday spirits up with this pine-scented weapon skin!

EDIT: Updated the grass-looking pine texture to a more satin-like look.

EDIT 2: Added BLU variant of the pinstripes...
Ol' McBessie Tubbs
Created by vaultshadow
Designed to extract the best cow juice in the dallas tri-county...
Open Heart Luxury
Created by Arizona Penis Man
"What's the difference between a poorly dressed man on a tricycle and a well dressed man on a bicycle?"


- Paintable tie
- 2 LoDs...
Peace On Earth
Created by vaultshadow
This is the best time of the year to think in the forgotten and unlucky, and this tool is a way to prove it, don't be a scrooge

scout----children foundations
soldier---war victims
pyro----natural disasters
Peppermint Peepers
Created by FiveEyes
"Gaze not into the into the minty fresh forest of pepermint! The cool blast of FRESHNESS will BLIND you with Holiday spirit! Wait, what? Pyro no!"

- Team Colored
- Paintable
- Minty Fresh
Physician's Peacoat
Created by Kowalo
A warm winter coat for the medic....
Physician's Winter Warmer
Created by Kata-san
A remake of an older submission of mine from several years ago.
Has a completely new model and rigging.
Still retains paintability.
A bit less broken with shirts....
Created by vaultshadow
On the second day of smissmass my saxton gave to me
Prized Possession
Created by DownAndUnder
Pyro's Giant cookie jar.

Been working on it for a week, been fun actually learning more stuff about making tf2 items, it still misses a few.

Mostly uploading because of the deadline. I will try and update it later on with extra detail.

Also i don'...
Created by vaultshadow
On the first day of Smissmas my saxton gave to me
Pyro's tree
Created by vaultshadow
Reinie Beanie
Created by Con
Festive, comfy and cute. What's not to like? Grandma loves it.

Royal Robes
Created by NeoDement
Fit for a king. Or a Demoknight.

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
Created by vaultshadow
Come they told me
Pa rum pum pum bonk
A new born King to see
Pa rum pum pum bonk...
Rustical Restacker
Created by Litronom
Basically a snow shovel

-stacks snow
-stacks mud
-stacks dead bodies to a pile

-cannot stack by itself...
Scarf Face
Created by Jukebox
Every day above freezing is a good day.

Facial flexes

Concept - Old_gus
Item - Jukebox
SFM - Dilly Dong

Mod on
Seveth Cycle Friend
VLEK - Concept / Texture / Jigglebones
DA.n.G21 - Model / Promo materiales
[img] [/img]...
Siberian Sweater
Created by Bapaul
Slight remake of the old submission, ready to keep you warm for Smissmass 2015!
Slope Skier
Ski Jacket for Scout

* Paintable zipper/neck

Sneaky Blinder
Created by Sky
Fancy leather flatcap for the spy. Contains no razorblades in the brim.

Sneaky Skier
Created by Gadget
Sneaky Skier

o Paintable
o 3 LODs

Mod download:

More winter items:
Created by Mimas Torres
A festive remake of sawmill! Now with player destruction gameplay! Kill players, collect gifts and load them up for delivery....
Created by borb (no sound)
Set in a remote alpine location, high away from any snooping eyes, the RED team is setting up a discreet plan to build mysterious machines in the facade of an old renovated ski lodge. BLU, having gathered anonymous intel on RED, sets off to raid this seemi...
Snowstorm Stetson
Created by Gigazelle
When you run or jump, little snow particles rustle around the globe.

Mod download here![]...
Snug Shako
Created by Mopo
Wrap your head around something snuggly this season!


Team coloured!

Warm & cozy!...
Snug Sweater
Created by Jukebox
Invading Russia in the winter? You're gonna need a sweater.


Concept - Multitrip
Item - Jukebox
SFM - Dilly Dong

Mod on
Stimulus Package
Created by DeRosaJ
The gift that keeps on giving!

*Paintable ribbon
*Jiggle-boned box lid

*Available for mod download[]...
Created by UEAKCrash
Snow themed, two point, attack/defend map (like cp_gorge) - beware of what is watching over the second point!
Strumming runner
Created by vaultshadow
On the twelfth day of smissmass my saxton gave to me
Created by Dewzie
Strut your stuff viv zese German felt boots....
Swan a stabbing
Created by vaultshadow
On the seventh day of Smissmass my saxton gave to me
Tanker's Top
Created by Sky
Jacket with undershirt for the scout.
Paintable collar and cuffs.

Created by Anreol
This is in beta, not finished.

Yo nerds.
This is a snowy CP A/D map.
Like Gorge, its a map with long cap times and in the middle there is some fighting.
Created in 2014, now its back. thread

Please le...
The Argyle Style
Created by CoBalt
Have the warmest torso and coldest arms of all your friends.

- Team colored!
- Paintable!
- Comfy!
The Big Boss
Created by juniper
Hopefully it will have been worth the wait....
The Big Burger Boy
Created by CyanPlastic
Best Burgers in the Badlands!

- Paintable...
The Bitter Beanie
Created by K_Factor
Keep your bald head and eagle eyes away and out of the snow!...
The Blizzard Blend-In
Created by Jay
A winter camo coating to stay fashionable in the coldest season....
The Christmas Spirit
Mother's Christmas gifts get a little weird in a house of drunken hereditary mercenary careers.

Mod Coming Soon:
The Clean Cut
Created by Bapaul
Guarantee that your scalp will be the finest trophy on the walls of your conquerors.
Click for my work...
The Cool Collegiate
Created by CoBalt
You're a smart guy. Wear a smart tie.
And sweater.

- Paintable!
- Warm!
- Remake of an old item of mine
Check out my other items and Follow to ...
The Cozy Justice
Created by Ludumberg
Even thought I can't see anything, atleast I've hit something!

Team Colored
Normal Map

Everything's done by Ludu...
The Cryo Coat
Created by K_Factor
You better stay warm this Smissmas if you want to survive....
The Czargo Pants
Created by CoBalt
Fit for a king.

- Team Colored!
- Paintable!
- Comfy!
- Remake of an old item
The Dumb Bell
Created by Rozzy
Bell with bonus dinging and Tinnitus....
The Ear Warmers
Created by ToxicWeasel
Got cold ears? ... well not if you have these.

All class
The Fatcap
Created by CoBalt
*Big boned cap

- 2 LODs!
- Paintable!
- Shiny shades!
Check out...
The French Horn-Rims
Created by CoBalt
Near-Sighted? More like Cool-Sighted.

- Cool
- Not nerdy
- Shiny
- Paintable
- 3 LODs
- Remake of an old item of mine
Check out my ot...
The Gear Head
Created by Rozzy
You can run boy but you can't drive.

Poster by Sasha Dotterkletch <-- Mod Version...
The Generic Jeans
Created by CoBalt
Nothing special here.

- Pants
Check out my other items and Follow to see when new ones are posted!...
The Giant Gentleman
Created by perrryz

-Paintable suspenders!
-Team Colored!...
The Gift Bringer
Created by Rozzy
If you are good, you get gifts. If you are maggot scum, you do not get gifts.

Poster by Sasha Dotterkletch...
The Heavy Thinker
Created by ToxicWeasel
'Da, this will work! *sniff* Maybe'

Everyone WAIT!... Heavy is thinking!
..... We could be here for some time ....

Loopable 'thinking' part of the animation

Concept/Prop/backpack icon: Robot Agent
Promo Video: Daesdemona
Animation: ToxicW...
The Mannish Boy
Here by the sea and sand, nothin' ever goes as planned.

A simple greaser style leather jacket for Scout. Growing up in the 60's, starting and finishing street fights, and hanging around with his bruiser brothers, there weren't many other fashion choices...
The Master Chef
Created by CyanPlastic
- Paintable...
The Mic Drop
Created by Codenator
For when your opponent drops dead, drop a diss then drop a mic

Codenator - Animation, Concept, Video
FiveEyes - Modelling, texturing, promo imagery (team colors)
DonHonk - Promo imagery (Poster, thumbnail), backpack icon, Video

Special thanks to those wh...
The Mild Muffler
Created by CoBalt
Only you can prevent your ears freezing off.

- Paintable!
- 2 LODs!
- Warm!
Check out my other items and Follow to see when new ones are...
The Not-Naughty Knot
Created by CoBalt
Perfect for all your festivi-TIEs.

- All Class!
- Paintable!
- Shiny!
- Remake of an old item of mine
The Oculus Gift
Created by Kowalo
Hopefully it's the gift of sight....
The Old Glory
Created by JPRAS
"I am a soldier, I fight where I am told, and I win where I fight."
The Running Mann
Created by Rozzy
New Year's revelation: Be more active and drink less beer.

Chest and shoulder stripes paintable.

Poster by Sasha Dotterkletch <-- Mod Version...
The Scrooge Sleeper
Created by incinerated
Floppy sleeping cap for grumpy old misers who hate Smissmas.

- 2 LODs
- paintable
- jiggle bones...
The Shocking Stocking
Created by Kaymon95
Need a canteen with a bit more of that holiday spirit?

Wire this stocking on to your belt and you'll never be without Christmas cheer!

Stocking canteen with Christmas lights that light up when you have a power-up

The Slick-Fix
Created by Arizona Penis Man
"Honestly, if this hair piece I've just bought is possessed by the Devil, there's going to be hell toupée."

- Paintable hair
- 2 LoDs...
The Snow Buddy
Created by Skyplayer
Do you ever feel alone on the battlefield, but have grown tired of the usual low-poly characters to adorn your hemmings? Bummed that the adorable kittens or seal are too expensive for your gibus-tastes? Need an alternative pocket pal?
The Stovetop Barrel
Created by WavyGravy
When you gotta bring the heat.

Produced for the Workshop Wonderland Showcase....
The Suave Spectacles
Created by Arizona Penis Man
"What did the bra say to the hat?"

"You go on ahead, I'll give these two a lift."

- Paintable lenses & moustache...
The Surgeon General
Created by Sky
19th century military bicorne for the medic, paintable hat and cockade.

The Warm Visitor
Created by riñon
Nothing better than the company of an arsonist on christmas night!
Item by
Cosa8888 (Marraquetoide Hiperbolico)
The Winter Spirit
Created by Alaskan Thunderfucc
Winterthemed Gun Mettle pattern

Uploaded for the "Workshop Wonderland 2015" on Facepunch...
The Wrap-Up
Created by Jay
Gift wrap your beloved weapons!...
The Zip-Up
Created by CoBalt
Be seen.

- Paintable!
- Flashy!
Check out my other items and Follow to see when new ones are posted!...
Toasty Telecom 3.0 - Style 1
Created by 2brostudio
Feel warm and informed with the brand new Toasty Telecom! Now featuring updated textures, cleaner geometry, and improved mapping!
Technical Info
-LOD 0, 1, and 2

2bros - Model/Main Text...
Toasty Telecom 3.0 - Style 2
Created by 2brostudio
Feel warm and informed with the brand new Toasty Telecom! Now featuring updated textures, cleaner geometry, and improved mapping!
Technical Info
-LOD 0, 1, and 2

2bros - Model/Main Text...
Track Trousers
Can't do Mannrobics with your current outfit? Look no more!, grab these pants and sneakers and do Mannrobics in a comfortable and fashionable outfit!

* Paintable sneakers

Turn Down Treads
Created by Bapaul
Fluffy on the inside, tough on the outside, just like you

Model/Texture by Bapaul
Colteh and Square are cool lads
Tweet a Twitters
Created by vaultshadow
On the forth day of smissmass my saxton gave to me
Unusual Effect: Silent Night
Created by Bonk Nickeltoon
"Maybe, just maybe you will hear sleigh bells ring...
Are you listening?"

2nd Unusual Effect I ever made! Hope you enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

(12/9/15) Update: Updated to Version 2!
-Added Moon from effects file.
-New Sparkle Effect added.
-New Sleigh T...
Unusual Effect: Sparkling Lights
Created by S3pirion
PLEASE SEE IMAGES BELOW FOR PARTICLE EFFECT EXAMPLE (Sorry for low quality, for HD please see youtube videos above)


Show your Smissmas spirit with this festive softg...
Unusual Taunt Permanent Snows
Created by Kenzzer
Unusual effect for Workshop Wonderland....
Urban Undercut
Created by Bapaul
Your ears are freezing, but your haircut is slick.

Model/texture by Colteh
Concept by Square
Promos by Bapaul...
Vanguard's Ventilator
Created by Sky
Pyro mask, loosley based on WW1 gas masks.
Paintable mask and bag cloth.

Warzone Wingman
Created by FiveEyes
"When the cold bites, bite back with this stylish coat!"

- Team Colored
- Paintable
- 3 LODs
Model, Texture, Promos: FiveEyes
Rigging, UVs, Other: JZeeba
Normals, Other: Rozzy
Winter's Brute
Created by Andicraft
Primary weapon for Heavy!

Get that extra edge you need in your neighbourhood snowball fight, without putting rocks in your snow like that little cheating Timmy. Launch your snowballs rapidly with the power of pressurised air instead!...
Wintertide Wonderwear
Created by perrryz
Wearing a bag over a t-shirt over a hooded jacket is perfectly normal.


-Model/Texture by perrryz
-Rigging/LODs by JZeeba...
Wintery war combo
Created by s3ndhelp
A great combo if you happen to be fighting in cold climates and want to look stylish.

Hope you like it!...
Wool Warmer
Created by Jukebox
Fresh off the sheep!


Item - Jukebox
SFM - Dilly Dong

Mod on
Workmans winter cap
Created by A_Guardian
Do you want to wear a wool cap, but also look cool instead of like a huge nerd like those guys that wear those weird beanies that are like 3 feet tall?
Well then do I have the hat for you!
This magical hat will keep you warm, block the sun from your eyes...
Created by Jusa
Ramjam is now Jinglejam.
-Booby trapped gifts

Thanks to:

Tyler for the modified gift models.
TF2maps and Facepunch for hosting the Workshop Wonderland.
UEAKCrash for tf_generic_bomb stuff.
Evil Knevil and NassimO for the de...
[Unusual Effect] Magic Mistle & Ladies Mann
Created by Chaofanatic
Show how desperate you are for Christmas kisses by having mistletoe orbit your head! Nobody will be able to resist you!

Also comes with a non-christmas themed variant.

Big thanks to Void and Retro for the original ideas and their amazing work on the ...
[Unusual effect] Frost twister
Created by Ethosaur
Also works as portable icecream dispenser (Do not eat the yellow snowflakes)

For smissmas 2015 community workshop event....
Flippered Friend
Created by incinerated
An all class penguin to bring the Smissmas cheer to the battlefield. It's paintable too!

-Update Dec. 7: Improved the model a lot (hopefully)...
Created by ICS
New more competitive evolved version of this map is available here:

This is a winter themed payload map. Basic payload with longer track and more points to cap than any single stage ...
[Unusual] Friendly Flake
Six community created Unusual effects.
Special Christmas Unusual effect created for Workshop Wonderland 2015.
  • A combination of "Circling TF logo", "It's mystery to everyone" / "It's puzzle to everyone" and of course - Christmas theme.

Festive PDA
Created by prime
Make your buildings festive with this reskin of the stock PDA!
The sentry gets lights, bells and a Christmas Hat!
The dispenser gets a fireplace with stockings and a Chimney!
The Teleporter turns into a toy train track!
The Mini Sentry gets a cute scarf!