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New Items and Augments
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New Items and Augments

In 1 collection by wodzu_93
Invisible Inc. Community Modpack
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Originally created by Nerava ( ), this mod adds a collection of items and augments, heavily overhauls current items as well, and changes starting gear of few agents. Mod is modular, user can enable/disable features at will.

Version 3.36

This mod is compatible with Nintendo Switch - if you have Invisible Inc there, it will work.
Perform manual installation steps described at the end of this page.


Module 1 - Augments:
New Augments:
Adds 16 new augments to the game.

Changed Augments:
Kinesiology Brain Chip - +3 AP when sprinting.
Cryptology Brain Chip - +2 PWR per Console hijack.
Physiology Brain Chip - Allows for breaking doors. KO unarmored guards on opposite side for 1 turn.
Legerdemain Brain Chip - Grants it's user an extra attack.
Distributed Processing - Gain 1 PWR every 2 turns.
Skeletal Suspension - Reduce AP cost of dragging. +3 AP when picking up a body (2 turrn cooldown).
Subdermal Cloak - 3 PWR cost.
Gel Injectors - +3 max AP, -0.5 AP per alarm level, capped at net 0.
Reactive Myomer - +0.5 AP per alarm level, capped at 3.
Pheromone Filter - +3 AP when guard wakes up, reveals his position.
Net Downlink: +1 AP per captured device
Network Siphon: does not provide PWR past maximum alarm level

Module 2 - Items:
New Items:
Adds 15 new items to the game.

Edited Items:
Stim 1 -> Burst Stim
Stim 2 -> Stim
Stim 3 -> Combat Stim
Stim 4 -> Marathon Stim
Paralyzer 1 -> Paralyzer
Paralyzer 2 -> Concentrated Paralyzer
Paralyzer 3 -> Cataratic Paralyzer
Paralyzer 4 -> Ototoxic Paralyzer
Portable Server 1 -> Portable Siphon Server
Portable Server 2 -> Portable Server
Portable Server 3 -> Portable Spike Server
Cloaking Rig 1 -> Flicker Cloak
Cloaking Rig 2 -> Cloaking Rig
Cloaking Rig 3 -> Chameleon Cloak
Buster Chip 1 -> Buster Chip
Buster Chip 2 -> Precise Buster Chip
Buster Chip 3 -> Brute Buster Chip
Buster Chip 4 -> AMP Buster Chip
Accelerator Chip 1 -> Accelerator Chip
Accelerator Chip 2 -> Boosted Accelerator Chip
Accelerator Chip 3 -> Brute Accelerator Chip
Shock Trap 1 -> Shock Trap
Shock Trap 2 -> Concussive Shock Trap
Shock Trap 3 -> Overloaded Shock Trap
EMP Pack 1 -> EMP Pack
EMP Pack 2 -> Overcharged EMP Pack
EMP Pack 3 -> Amplified EMP Pack
EMP Pack 4 -> Interference EMP Pack
Camera Canister
Smoke Grenade
Lock Decoder
Scan Chip
Cry Baby

Module 3 - Weapons:
New Weapons:
Adds 14 new weapons to the game.
Adds 2 more weapons is DLC is enabled.

Edited Weapons:
Neural, Thermal Disrupters - cooldown increases with tier
Neural, Volt, Thermal Disrupters 4, - removed charges
Neural D.A.R.T - added proximity KO bonus
K&O Pistol -> Corporate Sidearm
Biogenic D.A.R.T - removed armor piercing, reduced KO time to 2 turn.
Cooker - can blow up K&OTurrets in 1 shot.

Module 4 - Starting Agents Rebalance:
Decker: Neural Networking - generates 2 PWR in addition to normal functionality.
Decker: Modded Cloaking Rig - unique AOE cloak.
Shalem: Enchaned Optics - extra 1 ranged armor pierce.
Shalem: Desert Wind - uses charges instead of ammo. No armor piercing.
Shalem Archive - replaced Ventricular Lance with Custom Med-Gel, uses charges.
Banks: Custom Paralyzer -> Scorpion Paralyzer - only 1 extra KO time, but reduces guard's AP by 2 permanently.
Xu: Modded Shock Trap - AOE with lowest cooldown
Xu Archive: Modded EMP - very high EMP duration, tiny range
Nika: Adrenal Regulator - Unlimited attacks. Attack AP cost goes up by 1 each attack used, resets every turn.
Central: Antiviral Proxy - stores PWR when daemon installs, then use Console to cash in that PWR.
Monst3r: Fabricator Multithreading -> Multiplicative Network Routing - Duplicates and transfers PWR between Consoles when one is used, or gain Credits if it is the last Console used.

Module 5 - Guard Loot Rebalance
Changes loot obtained from guards to contain mostly disposable items, and occasionally something better. Safes can have new disposables and vanilla low-value items (like Scan Chip) as loot. Supports Advanced Guard Protocol mod. New Items/Augments/Weapons options are required for this setting to work.

Module 6 - Skill Costs
Changes pricing of skills to better match progression curve of endless, slowing player empowerment relative to the corps, which makes this mode more challenging. Can be used outside of endless modes too.

Module 7 - Cleanup Costs
Allows to adjust cleanup costs for killing guards.

Module 8 - Console Events
Adds 3 events that might happen when interacting with a Console. Requires "Interactive Events" mod by Cyberboy2000.

Discord Link:

Non-Steam download:

Backup your save files, or at least finish all in-progress missions, otherwise errors might occur.

Steam: After subscribing, launch the game, go to OPTIONS -> GAMEPLAY and click REFRESH MODS. After process is done, restart the game.

Non-Steam: extract archive and copy the folder to "InvisibleInc/Mods" folder.

This mod requires following mods:
- "Sim Constructor + Sequential Mod Loader"
- "Function Library"

To manually install, go to your Invisible Inc installation directory (by default Steam/steamapps/common/InvisibleInc).
If there is no "mods" folder, create it. Download this mod via dropbox link and extract it inside "mods" folder.

Workshop folder name: workshop-575758597
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P0rtal Gunn3r
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Ironmonk Sep 4 @ 3:48pm 
I found the culprit... it was the " ITEMS New and Editted " by Steelcrow (again)

IIRC he did manage to add a option to his mod to make it compatible with your mod years ago... but it seems its no longer working, even with the second option left unchecked (disabling his edits), the items stats are still getting mixed.

Its a pity, I liked a few items there, like the "hunter chip" (kill daemons)

So, anyone that is replaying the game from this date foward and see this post, should avoid "ITEMS New and Editted" by Steelcrow.
Ironmonk Aug 29 @ 4:45pm 
Yeah, could be one of those.

I'm starting a new playthrough and if I see both items, I will put feedback again (although I changed some mod options, I don't think any of the changes affects disrupters)

Anyway, thanks for the mod and for your time :steamthumbsup:
wodzu_93  [author] Aug 29 @ 7:59am 
Then you either have a bug or a mod conflict somewhere.
Ironmonk Aug 29 @ 5:43am 
I have both III and IV here, and both KO damage is 3 and PWR cost is 1:1

perhaps, III should be PWR cost 2:1 (instead of current 1:1)
wodzu_93  [author] Aug 29 @ 5:24am 
With each tier of Thermal Disrupter, following stats change:
KO damage increases by 1
Starting charges decrease by 1
PWR cost per Armor decreases by 1

Tier IV additionally requires Strength 2

Thermal IV should have:
KO Damage of 4
Charges: 1/5
Armor Piercing: 4
PWR cost per Armor: 1
Ironmonk Aug 28 @ 2:52pm 
I think I found some incorrect values

all values for Thermal Disrupter III and IV is the same except:

Thermal Disrupter III
- starts undercharged (2 charges)

Thermal Disruptor IV
- starts undercharged (1 charge)
- requires strength 2

why the IV version is worse if its supposed to be better?
Timbermaw May 18 @ 9:02am 
Just noticed a small bug: when you have the charged actuators (the aug that increases KO damage when charging at a console) and physiology brain chip (lets you kick people in melee for 4 KO damage), the actuators don't lose charge when you kick someone down but you still get the extra KO damage.
Mysh42 Apr 23 @ 1:12pm 
Is it this mode the one what changes on-file Nika's augment? If so, I think my doesn't work properly.
pauloel7 Mar 12 @ 12:13pm 
What are "Cleanup Costs"? Like, you kill guards, then proceed to rip off corporations, then you come back to indemnify them? I do not understand that piece of the game story telling. Please help?
cyberboy2000 Feb 26 @ 10:24am 
And also Decker's Modded Cloak in this mod has the added bonus of being area of effect, which helps balance out the extra cooldown.