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Grand Theft Auto III - Enhanced Edition
By Django
There are some missing features from Grand Theft Auto III PS2 version in the PC port of the game, here Im gonna show you how to recover them.
PC version of Grand Theft Auto III misses some features of the PS2 original game, but has improved things like better graphics, or extra things. Here I´m gonna explain you how to get the best of each version.
Diferences between PS2 and PC versions

Ultimate ASI Loader
Adds better ASI plugin loading functionality to the game since ingame ASI loader is too slow sometimes. Download:
The scripts are .asi files that allow you to add or modify the way the game works without touching any game files. The ones we are going to use are:

Open Limit Adjuster: Turns whatever previously was limited into unlimited, being only limited by the machine/application capacity. Download:

SilentPatch: Brings back many of the PS2 features, and fixes many ingamebugs. Download:

SkyGfx: Brings back most of the PS2 effects missing and also fixes some graphic bugs. Download:

PS2 Loadscreens: With this mod VC now selects from 13 different loadscreens. Download:

Widescreen Fix: Makes the HUD more friendly for HD/4K screens. Download:

III GInput: This modification completely rewrites GTA controls handling and ditches DirectInput in favour of XInput. This way, your PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 pads will be handled by the game just perfectly, taking advantage of all their features, including analog triggers. Download:

Sharptrails: Allows you to use trails effect, but without the blur if you dont like it. Download:
The Leftovers Fix
This mod restores the missing stuff and also fixes some bugs from PS2/PC game.


You have to download both files.
rwd3d9 is a library to get access to d3d9 features, namely vertex- and pixel-shaders. Download:
Setting up Grand Theft Auto III
First of all use a clean install of Grand Theft Auto III before starting so, unistall the game and delete the Grand Theft Auto 3 folder from steam if you already had it installed with mods.

After you have installed againg make a backup of your Grand Theft Auto III so you dont have to download the whole game againg if you do something wrong, by default the steam Vice City folder is located at:

X:\Y\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto 3 Where X: reprecents your drive name, and Y your folder structure.

Unzip into this folder the dinput8.dll and the scripts folder from Dont worry it wont overwrite any files.

Rename gta3 into gta3.bak and copy this one:

Its a patched one to allow use of more than 2GB of RAM.
Installing rwd3d9
Just unzip both .dll from into Grand Theft Auto III main folder
Installing Scripts
Unzip .asi file from into scrits folder.

Unzip .asi, .ini and the neo folder from into scripts folder.

Unzip .asi and .ini files from into scrits folder.

For unzip dinput8.dll and scripts folder into Vice City root folder too.

With unzip models folder and .asi and .ini files into Vice City root folder, when its done move GInputIII.asi and GInputIII.ini into scripts folder.

Unzip .asi from PS2_loadscreens_1.2.rar into scripts folder.

If you want to use sharptrails unzip the .asi from into the scripts folder.
Installing The Leftovers Fix
Just unzip the files from into Grand Theft Auto III root folder.

For unzip it into anyfolder you want.

Copy your gta3.img, gta3.dir, txd.img and txd.dir fron Grand Theft Auto III models folder to the folder where you unzipted the files from

Run the LClf.bat and wait the program do its work. After the program ends copy both gta3 files and both txd files back into its original folder.

Congratulations, now youhave most of the missing features of original PS2 version of Vice City plus xinput gamepad support and propper widescreens hud
Silentpatch addons:

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Agustin Mar 7 @ 8:31am 
Works great but the intro movies don't work (before the main menu). I can hear the sounds but no images. Any way to fix this?
Aurrai Feb 19 @ 8:55pm 
Works like a charm! Thank you very much!
TbodyBAG Apr 9, 2017 @ 10:12pm 
does anyone read this anymore? every time i get into a vehical the camera looks left and only left. i have to hold right trigger on my 360 controller just to look forward. and e if i use a keyboard. i have no idea why please help.
uglyskin Apr 4, 2017 @ 12:28pm 
how did you get xbox mod to work with steam?
LogOutGames Feb 27, 2017 @ 7:04am 
I have a small issue, which I don't know how to fix. For some reason, every time I start a rampage the timer does not appear on the screen. How can I fix that?
Necroheadbanger Feb 24, 2017 @ 1:51pm 
Is this for Steam "raw" version? Because I have in mind downgrading to 1.0 retail.
Django  [author] Feb 8, 2017 @ 9:37pm 
Just tried and working fine, try jdownloader2 to get them.
Artaxeus Feb 8, 2017 @ 3:33pm 
Hello, I can't download files from google drive, it keeps syncing and nothing happens, can you test if links are working? Thanks.
Batata (Potato) Feb 8, 2017 @ 10:38am 
its just the controller settings xD
Batata (Potato) Feb 8, 2017 @ 10:36am 
Like i cant make him move in the game but changing weapons and hitting its alrigth