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OSP Map Pack
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13 дек. 2015 в 18:48
27 фев. 2016 в 2:40
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OSP Map Pack

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The official map selection for Orange Smoothie Productions' OSP Tourney modification for
Quake III: Arena, including bonus maps that never quite made it.

>>> This workshop item is available on all HAMMER servers across the UK and DE.

- full bot support
- high-res level shots
- preview level shots
- no known entity issues
- no known shader issues
- no known missing sounds
- nopicmip applied to appropriate shaders (jumppads/teles/etc)
- added 1F/HAR gametype support to ospctf1 and ospctf2
- included mappool file (mappool_osp.txt) for various gametypes
- included original readme files
- included full .arena file for auto-completion and long map name retieval by game
- neatened up map names and added author tags

- added items to ospca1 for FFA/TDM support

ospca1: American Can-CO
ospctf1: White Noise
ospctf2: Crossed Paths
ospdm1: The New Edge
ospdm2: Batcula
ospdm3: Scrap Metal II
ospdm4: Bitter Embrace
ospdm5: Deep Inside
ospdm6: Suicide
ospdm7: The Dancehall
ospdm8: The Chastity Belt
ospdm9: Anticipating Oblivion
ospdm10: Apologie
ospdm11: The Olden Domain
ospdm12: Deschutes

* Bonus maps:
ospdm13: Bullet Ride
ospdm14: Epilogue
ospdm15: Deeper Blue

Christian 'SHoD' Farcy - ospdm1/2/3
Nicolas 'Nunuk' Bouvier - ospdm2
Benoit 'Bal' Stordeur - ospdm3
Todd 'Mr.CleaN' Rose - ospdm4
Scotty 'Teddy' Drader - ospdm5, ospdm13, ospdm14, ospdm15
Ágúst 'DruZli' Atlason - ospdm6
Jerry 'clem' Dent - ospdm7
German 'JaLisK0' Garcia - ospdm8
'Charon' - ospdm9
Paul 'Polo' de Rosanbo - ospdm10
Roeland 'Geit' Scheepens - ospdm11
Jeremy 'random' Eaton - ospdm12
David 'SgtGhost' Levesque - ospca1
Rich 'Publius' Tollerton - ospctf1
Daniel 'Drunken Boxer' Lanicek - ospctf2
Viagraa & Blemish - ospdm15
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Комментариев: 27
ShiN0 17 июл. 2017 в 22:00 
There might be a problem with bal3scrap.shader in the scripts directory which has mixed newlines (Windows- and Unix-style). I suspect this to lead to shader errors in other maps.
People = shit 14 мая. 2017 в 23:21 
Вот уж не знаю у всех ли или нет было так как у меня! В общем подписался на пак. В игре карты появились, но ни одна карта не загружалась. На днях снова попытался загрузить карту из данного пака - не получилось, только теперь я прочитал, что написано в консоли. Там было написано, что не может открыть данный зип фаил. Скопировать пак в папку BASEQ3 (кто не в курсе - работы с workshop качаются не в папку с игрой, а в отдельную папку). Теперь все работает. Я счастлив))) :steamhappy: Всем добра!
zurn 4 мар. 2016 в 10:55 
ospdm9 still makes the clients crash.
Karlo 27 фев. 2016 в 11:35 
Thanks for maintaining it!
HAMMERTIME!  [автор] 27 фев. 2016 в 2:41 
Updated workshop item with the reworked ospdm9.
HAMMERTIME!  [автор] 10 фев. 2016 в 8:28 
That's just the tip of the iceberg my friend... you won't believe the problems we've experienced with a few other maps. Thankfully the QL dev team's trail of destruction is coming to an end before they break anything else.
x⊕rnn 3 фев. 2016 в 13:32 
But why did it work for some and not others? Weird, and thanks for the explanation and fix.
HAMMERTIME!  [автор] 3 фев. 2016 в 11:44 
It seems charon3dm8 has the same issue.
HAMMERTIME!  [автор] 3 фев. 2016 в 11:41 
Well the map was made long before map makers started to realize the importance of good level design principles. Specifically the map was compiled entirely structural without any portalling or anything of the sort. I suspect there was also a fair amount of CSG subtract usage which is bad, bad, bad! The geometry and details in the map were complex enough to really necessitate proper construction techniques, despite the size.

Long story short: The map was poorly built... probably a bit of a rushed job on Charon's part... that made it far more complicated for the engine to render than it needed to be. Combine that with the fact that a couple of clueless numpties with close to zero programming finesse happened to modify an otherwise rock-solid Q3 source code in to the mess we call QL, and the result is that QL goes belly-up if everything isn't 100% right.
x⊕rnn 3 фев. 2016 в 1:22 
Yeah, it works now, thanks. What was causing this?