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A Guide to Souvenir Collecting
By -Dutch- and 5 collaborators
This guide is meant to help people better understand the differences and history of souvenirs and give some insight into different categories of items that exist in the world of souvenir skins.
CS:GO souvenir drops were first introduced in 2013 at the Dreamhack SteelSeries Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Championship. Since then, souvenirs have continued to bring viewership to the Katowice, Cologne, and Dreamhack tournaments by giving viewers the chance to receive a digital item for simply watching the tournaments.

Souvenir packages are only dropped during Valve-sponsored CS:GO tournament matches. In order for a player to receive them, they must have their Twitch account linked to their Steam account, or by simply watching through GOTV. Many souvenirs can also be found on the Steam market.

What this guide is:
This guide gives a brief overview of the types of collectible souvenirs that are uncommon, rare, or just plain interesting. It is also meant to give some insight into the souvenir designs for each tournament. The guide will try to give the reasons behind the popularity of certain items, while providing a little bit of history behind what makes certain souvenirs collectible.

What this guide isn't:
This is not a price guide, nor is it meant as any type of way to predict trends in items. Keep in mind that due to the number of tournaments and changes made throughout, this guide is not a short read.

This guide was created by several contributors, if you have any questions, feel free to add them, they will help you :)
This Guide in Other Languages
This guide is also available in Portuguese and Russian. If you prefer to read it in these languages, then just click the links below. Please note that I can't guarantee that these guides will be as up-to-date as the English version.

Portuguese translation by Corvo:

Russian Translation by Cobra:

#1.) DreamHack Winter 2013 - The Beginning of Souvenirs
The Stickers
Being the very first tournament to offer souvenir skins, this was the only tournament where all of the souvenirs only came with one sticker. A total of 6 normal and 6 foil stickers were available (with foil obviously being more desirable):

Many skins of this era are considered very desirable if they are both factory new and include a foil sticker. One example of a foil sticker on a factory new AWP:

Maps Included
The souvenirs from this major came from the following map collections:
  • Dust II
  • Train
  • Mirage
  • Safehouse *
  • Lake *
  • Italy *
  • Bank **
* = there were a few map collections which only appeared in the Dreamhack 2013 and the Katowice 2014 tournament. These map collections included the Safehouse Collection, the Lake Collection, and the Italy Collection. After these 2 tournaments, the Safehouse, Lake, and Italy souvenirs were discontinued, and souvenirs would go one to only include skins from the active duty map pool. This can make certain weapons from these discontinued maps very collectible. These skins are listed in the section of the guide that is titled "Discontinued Souvenirs".

** = This is most likely a glitch, and currently only pertains to the R8 Revolver | Bone Mask from the Bank collection being available as a souvenir.

A souvenir from the Safehouse collection.
The only Factory New Souvenir M4A1-S | Nitro in existence:

The Group Stage
This layout of the Group Stage includes all of the teams who competed in the Dreamhack Winter 2013 tournament.

Tournament Stages
Some people prefer to collect skins from a specific stages of a tournament which their favorite teams played in, such as the Group Stage, The Quarterfinal, the Semifinal, or the Grand Final. Here is an example of a souvenir drop from the grand final between NIP and Fnatic:

Valve Pre-Event Tests
In order to make sure everything would run smoothly, Valve did a mock run of how the tournament would go through the use of pre-event tests. This was done by the Valve developers and ESL staff playing against each other, as well as another pre-event test done by pro players. The two tests were named Valve Squad Alpha vs Valve Squad Bravo and NiP Team A vs NiP Team B. As previously mentioned, the Valve squads were made up of Valve employees and ESL staff, and would take place on the map de_militia. The original test match was canceled due to technical difficulties, which meant that there were very few viewers for this test. There were most likely around 60 drops for this first pre-event test.

An example of a Valve Squad test drop and a Valve Squad souvenir package:

A second test was between members of Ninjas in Pyjamas on the map de_aztec. Since NiP was involved in the second test, this pre-event test had more viewers than the first and likely had around 100-150 drops. NiP team B would win 16-13. The teams consisted of the following players:

NiP Team A
  • SpawN
  • walle
  • Xizt
  • Fifflaren
  • GeT_RiGhT
NIP Team B
  • Friberg
  • zet
  • HeatoN
  • f0rest
  • Potti

An example of a NiP team test drop and an NiP team test souvenir package:

Exhibition Souvenirs
There was also an exhibition match that was between Team Duncan vs Team Tomi. Although this was only an exhibition match, there were just as many viewers as a group stage match, meaning that these drops were fairly plentiful. The team names are referring to the first names of the analysts of the event (Duncan "Thorin" Shields and Tomi "Lurppis" Kovanen). The teams were divided into the analyst's picks, and Team Tomi would go on to win both maps and end the showmatch with a score of 2-0. These two teams consisted of the following players:

Team Duncan
  • Dosia
  • kennyS
  • TaZ
  • starix
  • Delpan

Team Tomi
  • markeloff
  • Skadoodle
  • anger
  • pasha
  • KQLY

An example of an Exhibition souvenir and an Exhibition souvenir package:

Teamless Souvenirs
Certain souvenir drops did not list a specific team that they were associated with. One of the most likely suggestions as to why these skins exist is that these were the initial drops which were only given out to Valve/Dreamhack staff as either a kind of commemorative skin or on accident. Teamless souvenirs can be identified by the lack of yellow description text that deals with team matchups. Recently these teamless souvenirs have begun to flood the market, suggesting that these skins are more common than what was previously thought. A comparison of a teamless souvenir and a normal souvenir skin:

Blank Souvenirs:
Similar to teamless souvenirs, these skins do not mention any pro teams and there is currently no way to search for blank souvenirs. It is unknown how many of these exist, making it quite rare. Besides the name of the skin, these souvenirs completely lack any yellow description text. This suggests that this was perhaps a kind of prototype to the very first souvenirs or even some kind of error.

Currently the only example of a blank souvenir:

A Bank Collection Souvenir? The Souvenir R8 Revolver Bone Mask:
One of the strangest souvenirs to come out of the 2013 cases is the R8 Revolver | Bone Mask. What makes this skin so interesting is that the R8 Bone Mask is from the Bank Collection, which was never played or available for DreamHack 2013 souvenir packages. One theory as to why these skins exist is that the R8 Bone Mask is the only skin from the Bank collection that is available as a souvenir due to the December 8, 2015 update which added the R8 Revolver | Amber Fade to the Dust II collection. Possibly due to some kind of coding error, the R8 skins that only pertain to map collections may be available in the 2013 souvenir packages. By the same token, this may also apply to the Katowice 2014 souvenirs, but so far this has not been seen.
For any informations you can add Phazz

An example of a Souvenir R8 Revolver | Bone Mask.
This one also happens to be a teamless souvenir:

#2.) EMS One Katowice 2014
This tournament introduced the use of 3 souvenir stickers per skin, and also introduced team stickers. 2 of the stickers are made up of the two teams that are matched against each other and the third sticker was made up of either a gold skull or a gold wolf sticker.

The Gold EMS One Wolf sticker (Foil):

The Gold EMS One Skull sticker (Foil):

Maps Included
Souvenirs collections are available from the following maps:
  • Safehouse *
  • Lake *
  • Italy *
  • Dust II
  • Train
  • Mirage
* = this was the last tournament which had skins from these map collections.

The Group Stage
Skins that are desirable in this collection are dependent on what teams a person likes, as these are the oldest team stickers a person can find. Team stickers include the following teams:

Valve Pre-Event Test

Valve also did a Pre-Event test for Katowice 2014. However, this time there would only be one test, which would be between Valve Squad Alpha and Valve Squad Bravo. There were likely around 50-60 drops for this pre-event test. Unlike the other souvenirs from this major, these test drops would only include one sticker, which would either be the Gold ESL Wolf or the Gold ESL Skull sticker. Below is an example of each sticker on two drops from the Pre-Event Test:

Although this tournament became well known for its rare Titan Holo and iBUYPOWER Holo stickers, this tournament also introduced souvenirs of foil versions of these two stickers. Due to the controversy that surrounded each of these two teams due to match fixing/VAC bans and the fact that the two teams no longer exist, these souvenirs have risen in price.

An example of an iBUYPOWER Foil sticker:

An example of a Titan Foil Sticker:
#3.) ESL One: Cologne 2014
This was the first tournament which offered the Nuke Collection, Inferno Collection, Cobblestone Collection, Overpass Collection, and the Cache Collection. This tournament also removed the Safehouse, Lake, and Italy collections. All team stickers were given a circular shape, and the gold stickers were given the ESL One logo:

Maps Included
  • Dust II
  • Mirage
  • Inferno*
  • Nuke*
  • Cobblestone*
  • Overpass*
  • Cache*
* = these map collections were first added in this tournament.

The Group Stage

Later on, the Nuke collection was removed from the active duty map pool and replaced with train (only to be added back in 2016 to replace Inferno). This is one of the factors which led to a gradual rise in the price of souvenir Nuke skins, especially those in factory new condition.

A souvenir Tec-9 from the Nuke Collection:

The Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore
This tournament is noteworthy because of the introduction of the Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore, an item known for their low supply and high demand among collectors and players alike.

Below is an example of a very rare souvenir AWP Dragon Lore. It was dropped in the Group Stage between iBUYPOWER and dAT team. This souvenir is also desirable simply because it has an iBUYPOWER foil sticker. Unfortunately, this awp would later have the team stickers scraped off by one of the owners. This was one of the first souvenir Dragon Lores that were unboxed in CS:GO.

Epsilon E-Sports
Although not considered as collectible or controversial as teams such as iBUYPOWER and Titan, Epsilon E-sports souvenirs would only be available at Cologne 2014. The following major, Epsilon E-Sports would be one of the teams cut as one of their players (Sf) would be handed a VAC ban and Epsilon would not be allowed to attend the tournament.

Other teams which would not make another appearance at a major would include the Indian team MTS GameGod Wolf, as well as dAT team. The majority of the members from dAT team would later go on to play as FlipSid3 Tactics.
#4.) DreamHack Winter 2014
Arguably the most interesting tournament to date, this major was the first to deal with the possibility that cheating could occur at the highest levels of Counter-Strike play. Dreamhack 2014 changed souvenirs to have stickers that had a square shape and took the non-team sticker and made it into the DreamHack Winter 2014 logo.

An example of a gold team sticker:

The DreamHack Winter 2014 foil sticker:

Maps Included
  • Dust II
  • Train
  • Mirage
  • Inferno*
  • Nuke*
  • Cobblestone
  • Overpass
  • Cache

The VAC Scandal
The most notable event of this tournament was that it was the first major tournament in CS:GO where teams were disqualified for having teammates who had been given recent VAC bans for cheating. Two of the teams (Titan and Epsilon Esports) were disqualified from the tournament. Although these two teams did not have stickers for Dreamhack 2014, the four teams that fought for these two open spots in the tournament had souvenirs of their team stickers. Not only are these skins interesting because of the story behind them, but some of these skins were dropped in the qualifier, and not the tournament. The four teams that competed for the LAN qualifier included London Conspiracy, FlipSid3 Tactics, 3DMAX, and Copenhagen Wolves.

Last Call LAN Qualifier
As mentioned above, since there were four teams and only two open slots, two of the teams would not get to participate in the actual tournament, making their souvenirs more unique. The two teams that did not continue on were London Conspiracy and 3DMAX. London Conspiracy faced FlipSid3 Tactics and lost 0-2 and 3DMAX faced Copenhagen Wolves and lost 1-2, yet they both have gold stickers on their drops because this qualifier was broadcast along with the tournament. This makes London Conspiracy and 3DMAX the only teams that would have no other stickers (such as holos or foils) except these gold stickers for DreamHack Winter 2014.

The two losing teams:

The two winning teams:

One last rare souvenir set that came from this is that the winners both wanted to be placed in Group B for the tournament, so a match in the "best of 1" format was used to decide who would get to go into Group B. This match was on Cobblestone and resulted in Copenhagen Wolves winning against FlipSid3 Tactics.

The only restricted souvenir from this Group B decider match:

The Group Stage:

Fnatic's Overpass Boost
In the Quarterfinal matches between Fnatic and LDLC, both teams won a single match in a "best of 3" matchup and would enter into the 3rd map. Halfway through the game, Fnatic would end up boosting Olofmeister into a position where he could see over most of the map. This would end up winning Fnatic the match with a final score of 16-13. Team LDLC disagreed with this boost and filed a complaint that accused Fnatic of pixel walking, which was considered an illegal move under DreamHack rules. DreamHack would finally decide that the second half of Overpass (which Fnatic had won) would be replayed. DreamHack stated that this was because the boosted player was able to see through transparent textures of the map. Fnatic disagreed with this action, and filed a complaint against a boost that LDLC had performed, which had also allowed LDLC to see through transparent textures on Overpass. After considering these arguments, DreamHack announced that they had found that both of these positions allowed for an "immortal bug". In the end, Fnatic would decide to forfeit, which would knock them out of the tournament. This controversial round makes the dropped souvenirs from this match an interesting collectible.

The SSG08 | Detour souvenirs from this match are especially rare since this was one of the guns that Olofmeister used for the boost on Overpass:

Valve Typo: The iBUYPOWER Sticker Misspelling
Another notable collectible from this major is due to the fact that the iBUYPOWER souvenir stickers were put into the game with a typo in their name. Instead of saying “iBUYPOWER (GOLD)” the sticker says “iBUYPOWER 9GOLD)”. With the controversy surrounding iBUYPOWER, the 9GOLD typo makes the iBUYPOWER souvenirs even more unique.
UPDATE: For some players, this typo is shown as corrected. For others it's still shown as a typo.

Another Error: The Team Dignitas Sticker Title
For all of the skins from the Team Dignitas matches during Dreamhack 2014 (Nuke, Cobblestone, and Mirage) the title for the Team Dignitas sticker is not displayed. Instead of saying Team Dignitas (Gold) | DreamHack 2014, the title for the sticker is blank. Below is an example of a missing sticker title. Notice that there is a space between the two commas where the Team Dignitas sticker should be mentioned:

A Tec-9 with the missing sticker title:

Teams Who Only Made One Appearance at a Major
Although these teams aren't currently considered highly collectible, they're interesting in the fact that they only made one appearance at a major. These teams include Bravado Gaming, Planetkey Dynamics, ESC Gaming, and myXMG.

#5.) ESL One: Katowice 2015
The very first major for the start of 2015, Katowice 2015 was the last tournament to offer souvenir drops from the Nuke collection until Nuke was remade in 2016 for MLG Columbus. After this tournament, Nuke would be removed from the active duty map pool and be replaced with Train. Once again, stickers were given a new design, with team logos being merged onto a parallelogram:

The third sticker (which shows the event logo) was given less of a gold tint, and became more of a yellow and blue color:

Maps Included

  • Dust II
  • Mirage
  • Inferno
  • Nuke *
  • Cobblestone
  • Overpass
  • Cache
* = this would be the last time Nuke would be available as a souvenir drop until MLG Columbus 2016.

The Group Stage

Keyd Stars
Katowice 2015 was the only time in which Keyd Stars would attend a major. Although the team would make it out of groups, they would end up being defeated by Virtus.Pro in the Quarterfinals. The majority of the roster would go on to play as Luminosity Gaming.

A rare factory new M4A4 Radiation Hazard with a gold Keyd Stars sticker:

#6.) ESL One: Cologne 2015
ESL One: Cologne 2015 introduced the first souvenirs with 4 different stickers. The 4 stickers included a circular event logo, 2 triangular shaped team logos, and a rectangular MVP signature sticker. This new twist on souvenirs through adding MVPs to each drop meant that the average player could now collect souvenirs of their favorite pro players. On top of this, the MVP sticker was a digital version of the pro player's signature which added some personality to the stickers. Some sticker examples:

An example of all 4 gold stickers on a Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore in factory new condition. The MVP signature of JW (who is obviously known as an AWPer) adds to the value of this Dragon Lore.

Maps Included:
For this major, Valve removed Nuke from the active duty map pool and changed it into a reserve map. As a replacement, Train was taken out of the reserve map pool and added as the newest active duty map. The current map collections for this tournament are as follows:

  • Dust II
  • Mirage
  • Inferno
  • Train *
  • Cobblestone
  • Overpass
  • Cache
* = newly added map

The Group Stage

MVP Souvenirs In Demand

Although prices will usually favor factory new skins, certain MVP souvenirs of high profile players can sometimes generate a similar demand in the souvenir market. Some examples of commonly wanted MVPs include kennyS, ScreaM, shox, GeT_RiGhT, and olofmeister.

Teams Who Only Made One Appearance at a Major
Once again, this tournament brought in teams which would only compete in this major. Although not currently rare, these souvenirs can still add a bit of uniqueness to some of the souvenirs. The four teams that this pertains to are Team King.uin (I spelled it this way because Valve feels the need to sensor this name), Team Immunity, Team eBettle, and Renegades. Team King.uin would get out of the group stage, but would later be eliminated after a score of 0-2 against TSM. Team Immunity and Team Ebettle would be eliminated from the Group Stage with a score of 0-2. Renegades would be able to defeat Titan but took losses to TSM and Ninjas in Pyjamas, leading them to be knocked out of the group stage with a score of 1-2.
#7.) DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015
This was the second tournament that had 4 stickers on souvenir guns. Although Cologne 2015 had square MVP stickers, triangular team stickers, and a circular event logo, Cluj-Napoca 2015 would change this design by adding an arrow-like design to the MVP stickers, and change both the team stickers and the event logo to a star-shaped design. Some sticker examples:

An example of all 4 gold stickers on a Souvenir M4A1-S Knight:

Maps Included:

  • Dust II
  • Mirage
  • Inferno
  • Train
  • Cobblestone
  • Overpass
  • Cache

The Group Stage

Missing MVP Souvenirs
During the semifinal match between G2 Esports and Team EnVyUs, a few of the drops did not have an MVP listed on them. This was on accident, and was caused when 118 drops were unintentionally given out during the warm up round. Since there was no MVP sticker, these guns only came with a total of 3 stickers. On first glance it looks like the MVP sticker has been scraped off, but upon further inspection it can be seen that there is no MVP listed in the yellow description text.

A missing MVP souvenir skin & souvenir package:

The Introduction of Vexed Gaming

This major was the first time that souvenirs would have drops from Vexed Gaming. Unfortunately, the team did not have a good showing, and would be knocked out of the tournament with a score of 0-2.
#8.) MLG Columbus 2016
MLG Columbus followed suit by putting a new design on the gold stickers by adding a kind of diamond pattern to the sticker background. Some examples of team, MLG, and MVP sticker logos:

Maps Included:

  • Dust II
  • Mirage
  • Inferno
  • Train
  • Cobblestone
  • Overpass
  • Cache
  • Nuke *
* = This was the first major to add back in Nuke, which was newly redesigned to make the map less CT sided. However, the only time Nuke was played in the major was during the All Star game, which is covered later in this section.

The Group Stage

THREAT Souvenirs
A few of the Ninjas in Pyjamas drops did not have an MVP sticker on them. This was due to Pyth having visa issues, so NiP's coach (THREAT) played in Pyth's place. Since there was no MVP sticker made for THREAT, these guns only came with a total of 3 gold stickers.

Autographed & Non-autographed Versions
For some odd reason, there are a mix of autographed and non-autographed THREAT souvenirs. Both are THREAT MVP souvenirs, but the autographed souvenirs actually list Björn Pers as the MVP, and can be searched for by simply using the players list from the advanced search settings on the Steam market. The non-autographed versions DO NOT show up using the players list search feature, making searching for them a bit more difficult.
UPDATE: Some players can see Björn Pers as MVP written on all souvenirs, while some player's still cannot see it. Most likely all the non-autographed versions will be updated to autographed in time.

An example of Autographed & Non-autographed packages:

Some THREAT souvenirs have less drops than others. Here is the number of MVPs that THREAT received in each match he played:
  • vs Flipsid3 on Cache - 2 MVPs
  • vs Luminosity on Mirage - 1 MVP
  • vs Mousesports on Overpass - 2 MVPs
  • vs Mousesports on Cache - 1 MVP
  • vs Mousesports on Cobbletone - 1 MVP
  • vs Navi on Mirage - 0 MVPs
  • vs Navi on Inferno - 3 MVPs

A missing MVP souvenir skin & souvenir package (non-autographed version):

All-Star Team Europe vs. All-Star Team America
As a way of adding something new to the major, the All Star game was added in before the Grand Finals, and included the most voted players from Europe and the United States. The match would be in a "best of 1" format and was not originally planned to be played on Nuke. After both teams had vetoed a certain number of maps, the map to be played was chosen at random from the remaining maps, and just so happened to be Nuke. This game was unique in that the guns came with new All-Star holo stickers as a replacement for the actual team stickers. The All-Star teams were made up of the following players:

All-Star Team Europe
  • KennyS
  • Maikelele
  • NiKo
  • GeT_RiGhT
  • rain
All-Star Team America
  • Skadoodle
  • tarik
  • Hiko
  • shroud
  • S1mple

The All-Star Orange (Holo) sticker and All-Star Blue (Holo) sticker which were available exclusively from the All-Star Game:

An All-Star souvenir M4 with NiKo as the MVP:

Teams Who Only Made One Appearance at a Major
This tournament would see the introduction of 4 new teams: Astralis, Faze Clan, Gambit Gaming, and Splyce. Although Astralis, Faze Clan, and Gambit returned for another major, Splyce did not make another appearance.

#9.) ESL One: Cologne 2016
ESL One: Cologne 2016 changed the sticker design to a kind of triangular shaped crystal formation, while keeping the 4 sticker design of two teams, the ESL One Logo, and the MVP. Some examples of the sticker:

Maps Included:
  • Dust II
  • Mirage
  • Train
  • Cobblestone
  • Overpass
  • Cache
  • Nuke

The Group Stage

Dupreeh & Zonic Souvenirs
During the major, Astralis' Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen was unable to play after the start of the group stage due to a potential appendix infection. Since the Major rules allowed a replacement if a player is ill or injured, Astralis' coach, Danny "zonic" Sørensen stood in for dupreeh and played in the rest of the tournament. Since there was no MVP sticker made for zonic, these guns only came with a total of 3 gold stickers which make the zonic souvenirs an interesting collectible. By the same token, the dupree souvenirs are also a very neat collectible for this tournament (even though the dupreeh skins have the MVP sticker). The yellow description text for the zonic guns currently doesn't list zonic as an MVP, but this could possibly be updated as was the case for THREAT after the MLG Columbus major.

Some zonic and dupreeh souvenirs have less drops than others. Here is the number of MVPs for these players received in each match they played:

Dupreeh's MVPs:
  • vs Team Dignitas on Overpass - 3 MVPs
  • vs Gambit on Dust II - 0 MVPs

Zonic's MVPs:
  • vs Team Dignitas on Cobblestone - 2 MVPs
  • vs Team Dignitas on Mirage - 2 MVP
  • vs Team Dignitas on Cache - 1 MVPs
  • vs Virtus.Pro on Overpass - 3 MVP
  • vs Virtus.Pro on Train - 1 MVPs

An example of a zonic FAMAS Styx:

MVP-less Souvenirs
For some unknown reason, there were some drops which only had 3 stickers. These stickers also did not list an MVP. Some of the games which had these MVP-less souvenirs include EnvyUs vs Mousesports on Train, as well as G2 vs SK Gaming on Cobblestone. This may have been due to one of the tactical timeouts that were taken during the match and the drop system was not paused in time, but this is just speculation.

An example of a Factory New G3SG1 MVP-less souvenir from Cologne 2016:
#10.) ELEAGUE Major Atlanta 2017
The ELEAGUE Major 2017 used a custom design for the tournament sticker as well as the "E" symbol of ELEAGUE in back of the team stickers and player stickers. The major followed the previous format of the 4 sticker design with two teams, the tournament logo, and the MVP. Some examples of the stickers:

Maps Included:
  • Dust II
  • Mirage
  • Train
  • Cobblestone
  • Overpass
  • Cache
  • Nuke

The Competing Teams:

The Dog Turned Lion
One interesting looking skin that came about from the Virtus.Pro vs North match on Cache was that some Of the Galil | Cerberus skins have the North logo (the lion) on top of one of the three heads of Cerberus (specifically the one located on the foregrip of the Galil). This kind of sticker cover-up is similar to the early AK-47 Jaguar designs, where players would cover the jaguar's head using a Katowice 2014 iBUYPOWER sticker.

An example of the "Lion Galil" with a TaZ signature:

Unique Error Skins
No error skins have been found as of yet.

Teams Who Only Made One Appearance at a Major
This tournament would see the introduction of one new team. This team was North, who was made up of the Danish ex-Dignitas roster from the last major.
#11.) PGL Major Krakow 2017
PGL Krakow 2017 used a shield design for the tournament and player stickers, with the exception being for the team stickers. The major followed the standard format of the 4 sticker design with two teams, the tournament logo, and the MVP. Some examples of the stickers:

Maps Included:
  • Inferno
  • Mirage
  • Train
  • Cobblestone
  • Overpass
  • Cache
  • Nuke

The Competing Teams:
This major would see a few new teams, including Vega Squadron, BIG, and Immortals. The rest of the teams have been seen in the previous majors.

Souvenirs With Missing MVPs
Some of the souvenirs for this major did not list MVPs and therefore came with 3 stickers. As previously stated: it may look like the MVP sticker has been scraped off, but upon further inspection it can be seen that there is no MVP listed in the yellow description text. Examples of this include the following matches:
  • Gambit Gaming and mousesports on Inferno.
  • Astralis and Immortals on Overpass.
  • Virtus.Pro and Fnatic on Cache.
  • Natus Vincere and Immortals on Overpass.
  • Astralis and SK Gaming on Inferno.
  • Gambit Gaming and Fnatic on Train.
  • Cloud9 and BIG on Inferno

An example of a missing MVP souvenir from Krakow 2017:

The Double Sharks
One interesting gun that has come from the Krakow Group Stage are the MVP skins of Sergey "keshandr" Nikishin of Vega Squadron. Keshandr added a shark to his signature which makes any of his MVP guns have 2 sharks on the side of the gun. These skins are interesting since Vega Squadron was quickly eliminated with a final score of 0-3.

An example of the shark stickers with the other two stickers scraped off:

#12.) ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018
The very first major for the start of 2018, the Boston ELEAGUE major used a diamond-style design for the two team stickers and the MVP sticker, while the tournament sticker used a kind of shield-like design:

Maps Included:
  • Inferno
  • Mirage
  • Train
  • Cobblestone
  • Overpass
  • Cache
  • Nuke

The Competing Teams:

This major would see a significant number of new teams, including Space Soldiers, Quantum Bellator Fire, AVANGAR, Sprout, Misfits, and Flash Gaming. Two teams (Tyloo and 100 Thieves) would forfeit their spot at the major due in part to immigration and visa issues.

Souvenirs With Missing MVPs

Team Liquid

Due to steel of Team Liquid not being able to compete, zews will be playing in his place for the tournament. Since zews did not have a signature sticker made for himself, Team Liquid has the majority of all MVP-less souvenirs for this tournament.

  • Team Liquid and Vega Squadron on Inferno
  • Team Liquid and BIG on Inferno
  • Team Liquid and G2 Esports on Inferno
  • Team Liquid and Vega Squadron on Mirage
  • Team Liquid and Avengar on Mirage
  • Team Liquid and Natus Vincere on Overpass
  • Team Liquid and Natus Vincere on Inferno
  • Team Liquid and FaZe Clan on Overpass
  • Team Liquid and Renegades on Cobblestone
  • Team Liquid and Flipsid3 Tactics on Cobblestone

Other Souvenirs With Missing MVPs
  • Fnatic and Astralis on Mirage
  • Astralis and Cloud9 on Train
  • Cloud 9 and G2 Esports on Mirage
  • SK Gaming and Fnatic on Overpass
  • FaZe Clan and Cloud 9 on Mirage (Grand Final)

Special Package
During the match between SK Gaming and FaZe Clan (16-12 for FaZe), the warmup was extended due to technical issues. After 10 minutes, the match admin and players voted for beginning the match, but they accidentally put FaZe Clan as winner of this "Warmup round", with Rain receiving the MVP due to most eliminations. The thing is, during the whole match Rain was the only player to have no MVP. So we end up with a "special package", because if this bug had not happened, Rain would have had no packages with his signature for the match!

Here is an example of that "bug package" :

#13.) FACEIT Major London 2018
Teams playing:



Maps played :
This Major feature the two new collections : The 2018 Inferno and the 2018 Nuke Collections.
Other maps : Dust 2 / Mirage / Train / Cache / Overpass
Cobblestone is removed but will be back in 2019. (maybe hehe)

MVP-Less Packages :
As for previous majors, you can get MVP-Less packages, due to technicals issues or players replacements.

  • Space Soldiers VS Rogue (Coach replacement)
  • Space Soldiers VS Renegades (Coach replacement)
  • Tyloo VS Renagades
  • Tyloo VS Team Spirit
  • Astralis VS Rogue
  • G2 Esports VS Cloud 9
  • Vega Squadron VS Team Spirit
  • FaZe Clan VS Mousesports (239 drops)
  • FaZe Clan VS G2 Esports
  • HellRaisers VS North
  • FaZe Clan VS Na'Vi
  • G2 Esports VS CompLexity Gaming
  • HellRaisers VS BIG (Tech issue : restart due to wrong buy)
  • FaZe Clan VS Astralis
#14.) IEM Katowice 2019
Teams attending the Major :

Maps played :

Dust 2 / Mirage / Inferno / Cache / Train / Overpass / Nuke

MVP-Less Packages

There are no MVP-Less Packages/Souvenir Skins.
#15.) Starladder Berlin 2019
Teams attending the Major :

The new Vertigo Souvenir Collection :

We hoped for a brand new collection for Vertigo, like Nuke 2018 and Inferno 2018, but unfortunately Valve decided to put the Souvenir Condition to the old Vertigo Colelction. That mean that you can have a Souvenir AK Black Laminate FN or Souvenir Duals Demolition !! Still pretty dope :p

Starladder Berlin 2019 Major Souvenir Packages :

You can redeem Souvenir Packages for the seven officials played maps at the Major, including Vertigo. You have to buy Token on the Viewer Pass menu, each is 3$ or 2.65€, and you will be able to redeem a package for the game you want. The MVP on the package will be random.

I) The Wild West: The R8 Revolver
With the introduction of the controversial R8 Revolver on December 8th 2015, one of the revolver skins (the R8 Revolver | Amber Fade) was placed in the Dust II Collection. This meant that from now on, all previous souvenir packages that could drop the Dust II map skins would now include the Amber Fade revolver. The interesting thing about these souvenirs is that they have 5 sticker slots (similar to a G3SG1), and one sticker can be on the backside of the gun.

2018 Faceit Major Update : We can now have a R8 Revolver | Nitro in Souvenir Condition.
It is in the 2018 Inferno Collection, and it's an Industrial Grade Pistol.

The first R8 Revolver to be unboxed.
It has the autograph sticker of NiP player Xizt and is from the Cologne 2015 major:

The Souvenir R8 Revolver Bone Mask

For more informations about this Souvenir R8 Revolver from the Bank Collection, please go to the very bottom of the #1 section : 2013 Dreamhack Winter
For any informations you can add Phazz

II) Back to CS:S : The MP5-SD
The 15 August of 2018, Valve added the MP5-SD to the game, a SMG which have the same statistics as the MP7, with the same cost of 1500$. This MP5 have a silencer, and its the first and only silenced SMG in the game.
The 1st September, Valve added 2 new skins for the MP5-SD, the Consumer grade "Dirt Drop", and the Mil-Spec grade "Co-Processor", respectively in the Inferno 2018 and the Nuke 2018 Collections.

III) The Danger Zone Update
The Danger Zone update was introduced December 6, 2018, with a new Battle Royale mode, using CSGO's mechanics and gameplay. With this update, a new "promotional" skin was added, the Souvenir MP5-SD | Lab Rats. You can obtain it in FN, MW or FT conditions, and it only came in Souvenir.

To obtain it, you have to earn 250xp points in the new game mode. The skin distribution was ended January 9, 2019.

Here is MP5-SD | Lab Rats :

H1) What Can Make a Souvenir Rare???
Lots of different factors! There are so many different aspects that can affect the price of a souvenir, which is why it would be nearly impossible to put a price on these items. With so many factors to consider, the price of each souvenir can be very subjective. Besides supply and demand, here are some of the main factors that affect the value of a skin:
  • Exterior wear (battle scarred - factory new)
  • Skin quality (consumer grade – covert)
  • The map collection of the skin
  • The tournament stage that the skin was dropped
  • The stickers on the gun
  • The MVP / team associated with it
  • Certain errors that have occurred with souvenirs
H2) Advanced Search & Using Boolean Logic
The Advanced Search
Although most advanced traders and collectors know how to use the advanced search feature effectively, there are many people who still don't use this feature. By using the advanced search feature, you can narrow down the kind of souvenir that you are looking for.

Some of the important fields in the advanced search include:
  • The Collection
  • The Professional Player
  • The Team
  • The Sticker Collection
  • The Exterior
  • The Container
  • The Tournament

So, What Is Boolean Logic?
I admit that computer science isn't my specialty, but what Boolean Logic does is reduce all values to either TRUE or FALSE. By typing in certain phrases, you can narrow down your search even more than you could with the normal advanced search fields.

When you combine the advanced search fields with boolean logic phrases, you have a powerful search tool for finding souvenirs and normal skins as well. You can even use boolean logic to find specific rare stickers on guns. Boolean logic can be a little tricky to use when you're first starting out. Since there are so many examples of how to use boolean logic, I will only provide an example that pertains to souvenirs. If you are truely interested in using boolean logic further, you will have to do some Google searches in order to read up on how to use it. Here is one example down below to help you get started:

If you want to find all Teamless souvenirs, type the following into the advanced search box: commemorates NOT dropped
Make sure that the word NOT is capitalized. The computer understands this capitalization and will discriminate out everything after the word NOT. This narrows down the yellow description text of souvenirs to only allow souvenirs that weren't dropped (teamless souvenirs) to show up in your results. Also make sure that the "Include descriptions in search" box is checked, and that you also check "souvenir" in the Category field. Boolean logic eliminates having to search for hours on end for a very specific item on the Steam Market. See the picture down below to check your work:

H3) Collecting Souvenir Packages
Although this kind of collecting isn't for everyone, some collectors don't open the souvenir packages that they get. This is because older souvenir cases are a diminishing resource, and will eventually disappear, leading some collectors to start holding on to these unopened souvenirs. Since they are unopened, it still means that there is a possibility of getting a rare skin from these boxes, which allows the souvenir packages to hold their value quite well.

An example of an iBUYPOWER souvenir package from Katowice 2014 (only 1 in existence):

A souvenir package from the Dreamhack 2014 Group B qualifier between Copenhagen Wolves and FlipSid3 Tactics that was mentioned earlier in this guide (only 2 in existence):

H4) Discontinued Souvenirs
In late 2013 and early 2014, the souvenir packages contained a random map drop instead of a souvenir package that was map-specific for the match being played. This led to 3 of the reserve map collections (Safehouse, Lake, and Italy) being discontinued from majors. Other active duty maps have been discontinued at one point or another, but have always come back into competitive play after about a year.

The Safehouse Collection
Discontinued on March 16, 2014

Weapon tier list:

The Lake Collection
Discontinued on March 16, 2014

Weapon tier list:

The Italy Collection
Discontinued on March 16, 2014

Weapon Tier List:

There are so many different details to souvenirs and so many one-of-a-kind examples of rare and unique skins, that it makes it impossible to cover them all. This guide should be able to help players understand the different types of tournament souvenirs, the history, and some of the interesting and high demand souvenir items which exist within the game. Ultimately, players should collect the souvenirs that they find enjoyable, as you're the one who will be using them.

If this guide helped you, please do us a favor and rate/favorite!

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at ELEAGUE 2017, north did not have 1 appearance to major.
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