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Garry's Mod

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FPS Booster!
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Dec 3, 2015 @ 8:24am
May 1, 2019 @ 12:15pm
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FPS Booster!

Boost your FPS with this simple script!

[New update notes]
There are a lot more commands now. They allow you to create your own fps boosting configs and execute them when the script launches etc..

Console commands

Allows users to save, load and execute config files.
  • run <filename.txt>
  • save <filename.txt>
  • delete <filename.txt>
  • refresh
  • forcerun <filename.txt>
  • help

Allows users to add commands and values to a list which can then be saved.
  • add <command> <arg>
  • remove <command>
  • print
  • forceadd <command> <arg>
  • help

Enables files to execute automatically when the script starts.
  • enable <filename.txt>
  • disable <filename.txt>
  • status
  • help

Allows the user to revert back to previous settings they had before loading a config file.

Prints all the help for every command.

May not increase fps, it depends on which settings you have and which config/file you execute. The ones provided may be sub optimal. But feel free to create your own!

The scripts needs to be running for the settings to take effect. However, some settings will stay the same when launching multiplayer even if the script isn't running. So it's possible to get some benefit by launching single player first!

Basic usage
If you just want to get up and running. Type 'fpsbooster_file run fpsboost.txt' to get the basic settings downgrade.

It is explained in a little more detail in 'fpsbooster_help', although with a little messing around it should be quick to get the hand of.

Server Owners
This script should work on your servers so if you put it on your server and someone is getting terrible FPS you can just tell them to type "fpsbooster_file run fpsboost.txt" into console and it may help their FPS!!! Additionally, if they have the script themselves, then if they have the autorun feature enabled, their settings will be set when they join.

Finding the txt files
If you want to share the config text files with friends etc. Head over to where GMod is installed 'garrysmod/data/fpsbooster'. The settings are in plain text and can be transferred over to different games no problem. You may need to run 'fpsbooster_file refresh' if you are adding them whilst the game is running, if you want them to appear in the autocomplete.

Please let me know if there are any bugs or if I should add anything!
If this addon has helped you out, please consider giving it a thumbs up!

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