Kumoon : Ballistic Physics Puzzle

Kumoon : Ballistic Physics Puzzle

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VR Mode Guide
By karmington
Care and Handling of the Kumoon robotic VR droid.
With Some Tips to Combat Motion Distress.
Prerequisite : SteamVR
Install and run SteamVR from Tools if you do not already have it.

Launching the game
The game can be launched from Big Picture.
The game can be launched while SteamVR is active.
The game can be launched without SteamVR active.

The game will automatically start in VR mode if SteamVR is running.
If SteamVR is not running, choosing the goggles in main menu will start it.

Freedom of Movement
Kumoon is a very dynamic game with artificial movement.

For those of you with sturdy VR legs, please enjoy the game, you will notice that you can move quite aggressively at will, and enjoy the feelings of vertigo as you scale the higher rooms. We have intentionally left the game controls at normal levels, because we believe in freedom of movement, and not restricting the player to a snails pace in the name of comfort for all.

This means some people will be susceptible to motion sickness.
If this occurs to you, please try the following things to help ease the experience.

1) Use the speed toggle. This halves both movement and turning speed.

2) Use the analog sticks gently. You can use very gentle movements to keep your pace nice and slow.

3) Avoid strafing sideways and backwards movement.

4) Move in straight lines, facing front. When you want to turn, first decide where you want to turn. then, while keeping your head still, perform the turn. Try a very slow turn, try a fast turn, Do not move your head around while turning. See which one works better for you. 'Blink' turning option is coming in an update.

5) Stop playing if you feel woozy, break a sweat or exhibit other signs of discomfort.

With these tricks, you should be able to move around in a slow and controlled fashion, enjoying the game at your own pace. Skip levels that you are not comfortable with.
Tips for handling your HMD
on the Proper Procedure of Donning and Removing a Headmounted Display

Scenario : You are handed a clean, functioning HMD with a game running.

) Remove stray hair from face if needed, and if you have glasses check your spectacles can fit inside the hmd frame.
) Hold the mask in one hand and the back of the strap in the other.
) Place the mask on your face as you would a snorkeling mask.
) Pull the strap behind your head. This way your forehead avoids contact with the lenses.
) Once the mask is placed, the skin around your eyes will be stretched out a little. Squint hard to loosen the fit.
) When removing the mask, take care to remove optional headphones first.
) Take the strap from the back of your head up and forwards, releasing the tension.
) Then remove the mask directly away from your face, again : to avoid touching your sweaty forehead to the lenses.
) Have an authorized person clean the lenses if necessary

Always follow Proper Maintenance Procedure to keep your Robot Happy!

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karmington  [author] Apr 23, 2016 @ 5:07pm 
Good evening Buff Orpington. Warping is possible, we are doing some tests with it. It pretty much works on most levels, but when there's some serious platforming to be done, does a teleport system work always? For example there are a couple of levels which demand jump + zigzag movement.
Buff Orpington Apr 23, 2016 @ 10:21am 
is warping from location to location a possibility for VR at some point?