Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition

Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition

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The Caldecott Caper
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Oct 8, 2019 @ 8:27pm
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The Caldecott Caper

The lowest form of life in the Sixth World is that of the corporate rent-a-cop. You are paid a paltry wage for the privilege of defending the megacorps' ostentatious wealth from the desperate gangers of the Orkland Sprawl. Enter a world of turmoil, greed, and violence, as you struggle for survival with the help of a few hand-picked allies.

Return to the San Francisco Bay Area in this campaign for Shadowrun: Hong Kong, set between the events of Antumbra Saga and CalFree in Chains. Features include:

  • Story-driven gameplay. Your character’s personal tale will develop as the plot advances.
  • Recruit a small core of talented mercenaries and gain their loyalty. They will pay attention to your words and actions, and won’t always agree with you.
  • Make meaningful choices throughout the course of the campaign. The story is semi-linear, but you’ll find sometimes-surprising consequences to the decisions you make.

Ganbatte kudasai, and enjoy your return to CalFree!


This campaign is complete and running smoothly for most players. If you run across any bugs, please report them to the bug thread so I can squash 'em!

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I can't believe that [spoiler]Hans Brackhaus was Lofwyr all along[/spoiler]!

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Cmrd. Deathcall
Jun 21, 2019 @ 2:45pm
Sable's Seven
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Rockanhe Sep 6 @ 12:26pm 
Subscribe = download
Proud Nerd Narcissist Sep 4 @ 12:16pm 
Where is the download button?
종이 잭 Aug 31 @ 6:10pm 
Excellent content, today I finished all mods from the author Cirion and have only words of praise. Thank you for enriching the awesome world of Shadowrun with your stories!
Obama Sin Laden Aug 27 @ 10:13pm 
Absolutely brilliant, 10/10. The beginning is a bit sluggish, but the heist and its aftermath are some of the best damn Shadowrun content I've seen. The companions were excellently written, romancing was a blast (especially since I played as a highly meaty human rigger, the flirting with Perci had me lovingly cringing). The mod is I would say the most Shadowrun-feeling of Shadowrun computer games I've played.

If CalFree in Chains and the Antumbra Saga are as good as this (haven't played them yet), I'll be bloody well impressed.
OwenVSH Jul 1 @ 12:44pm 
If you are the kind of gamer that enjoys doing the same mission set over and over until you get just the way the GM intended this is the game for you.
Not so much for me though.
TW-Luna Jun 13 @ 10:44pm 
Been replaying through the whole series again recently and it continues to be just.. such a joy, with such great set pieces, writing, and characters. One of your Dev Comments got me thinking, I'm sure it would have been really awesome to get some proper player metrics, what paths and choices were picked by people. Rereading the 'Boss Room' I am one of those players who just can't go into that final fight and not pull out the guns right away. I know how you put all that work into so many different outcomes for the finale, but after what they tried to do to Perci... "Hallo.. my name is Inigo Montoya. You tried to kill Percy. Prepare to die."
Entaris Jun 12 @ 6:47pm 
Hey OP, I don't know if you're still lurking this page, but if Ravik is "Downed" when combat ends into a cinematic, you end up gaining a duplicate of all of his gear in your Stash.
Entaris Jun 9 @ 7:01am 
Thanks for the pro tips
Starbuck Jun 9 @ 12:27am 

that's also what I do
she's got serious firepower

you need to use walls to try to force your enemies to spend their AP running towards you, and pick them one by one
the real difficulty starts underground :
you have limited cover against the 1st group, but Rafik spells are very useful and you should bait the dwarfs come at you (shoot at them or aim at an explosive barrel
next, you can avoid the extra nuyen if you don't want to fight the critters.
but you can use the middle wall section to make them run, or better summon the eart elemental to strike hard and be used to soak up damage
Starbuck Jun 9 @ 12:27am 

the 2nd dwarf group can be picked up by using walls and the water elemental to heal/buff you.
be careful when you meet Dorbu, you MC will likely by in the open and will receive a barrage of fire at the start of the battle, then hunker down and use Dorbi magical powers from a major leyline
to neutralize the enemy sniper, simply have a member of your team run towards it (while in cover), to force it to reposition