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Devotion Shrines
By Luzzifus
An overview of all devotion shrines scattered around the world of Grim Dawn and everything you need to know about them.
Devotion shrines are scattered around the world of Cairn. Each shrine requires items or combat to activate and grants a Devotion point to unlock a single star in Grim Dawns Devotion system. Many shrines can hardly be missed by following the storyline of the game, but some are a bit more hidden.

You can see a bigger version of each map picture by clicking on it. In each picture, the map is rotated to default view for easy comparison (north = straight up).

Each shrine in this guide is tagged with , and to show in which difficulties it is available. Number of available shrines throughout the whole game:

Base Game
Ashes of Malmouth Expansion (AoM)
Forgotten Gods Expansion (FG)

Even though there are more shrines, you can only get 55 Devotion points (50 in the base game), and after that, shrines will stop granting points.

Thank all of you for and all your nice comments!

If you find this guide not helpful for any reason, please let me know why (write a comment) and give me a chance to improve before giving it a thumbs down. Thanks. ;)
Act 1
1. Burial Hill

N: Aether Crystal
E: 2x Aether Shard
U: Tainted Brain Matter
2. Devils Aquifer

N: Aether Crystal
E: Tainted Brain Matter + Mutagenic Ichor
U: Tainted Brain Matter + Soul Shard
3. Foggy Bank

4. Flooded Passage

5. Burrwitch Outskirts

N: 2x Aether Crystal
E: 2x Aether Shard
U: Ancient Heart
6. East Marsh

Bring Dynamite, Scrap and Iron to repair the bridge!

N: Chipped Claw
E: Tainted Brain Matter + Vitriolic Gallstone
U: Tainted Brain Matter + Mistborn Talisman (Relic)
7. Burrwitch Estates

8. Hallowed Hill

E: Tainted Brain Matter + Roiling Blood
U: Tainted Brain Matter + Hollowed Fang
9. Warden's Lab

N: 2x Aether Crystal
E: Aether Shard + Purified Salt
U: Aether Shard + Calamity (Relic)
10. The Hidden Path

Bring dynamites to remove blockade!

U: Riftstone + Blood of Ch'thon
11. Temple of the Three

Path will only open after collecting all three Hidden Path Runstones.

Act 2
12. Arkovian Foothills

13. Rocky Coast

N: Frozen Heart
E: Vengeful Wraith
U: Vengeful Wraith + Rotten Heart
14. Cronley's Hideout

N: Scrap + Scavenged Plating
E: 2x Scrap + Silk Swatch
U: Gunslingers Talisman (Relic)
15. Old Arkovia

16. Arkovian Undercity

N: Chilled Steel
E: Coldstone + Serrated Spike
U: Coldstone + Hollowed Fang
17. Steps of Torment

18. Barren Highlands

N: Polished Emerald
E: Imbued Silver
U: Imbued Silver + Purified Salt
Act 3
19. Mountain Deeps

20. Forgotten Depths

N: Serrated Spike
E: Vicious Jawbone
U: Vicious Jawbone + Ancient Heart
21. Tyrant's Hold

N: Searing Ember + Scavenged Plating
E: Searing Ember + Resilient Plating
U: Rampage (Relic)
22. The Conflagration

23. Port Valbury

24. Infested Farms

N: Mutagenic Ichor
E: Mutated Scales
U: Aetherial Mutagen
25. Den of the Lost

26. Blood Grove

N: Chtonic Seal + Consecrated Wrappings
E: Chtonic Seal + 2x Consecrated Wrappings
U: Chtonic Seal + Blood of Ch'thon
27. Stonerend Quarry

28. Darkvale Village

Act 4
29. Asterkarn Valley

N: Cracked Lodestone
E: Amber
U: Amber + 2x Royal Jelly
30. Tomb of the Damned

N: Ancient Heart
E: Ancient Heart + Blood of Ch'thon
U: Ancient Heart + Blood of Ch'thon + Tainted Brain Matter
31. Mogdrogen's Shrine

Part of the quest "Rhowari Legacy" from the Rover camp in Old Arkovia (requires honored reputation with the Rovers). In order to complete it, you will have to go into two Chtonic Rifts (Ashen Wastes in Blood Grove and Forsaken Wastes in Plains of Strife) and aquire an item in each one. With these two items and an Ancient Heart you can then finally activate the shrine. The devotion point will be granted on quest completion.

N: Ancient Heart + Combat
E: Ancient Heart + Combat
U: Ancient Heart + Combat
32. Necropolis

33. The Black Sepulcher

N: Roiling Blood
E: Frozen Heart + Blood of Ch'thon
U: Rotten Heart + Blood of Ch'thon
34. Tomb of the Watchers

35. Bastion of Chaos

36. Sanctum of the Immortal

You have to do the Daila & Dravis secret quest to be able to open the portal to the Sanctum of the Immortal. See the guide linked below for a detailed walkthrough.

U: Skeleton Key
Act 5 (AoM)
37. Gloomwald

38. Ancient Grove

39. Den of the Ancient

U: 3x Ugdenbloom
40. Ugdenbog

N: Ectoplasm + Chilled Steel
E: Vengeful Wraith + Polished Emerald
U: Vengeful Wraith + Radiant Gem
41. Barrowholm Mine

42. Void's Edge

Act 6 (AoM)
43. Malmouth

N: Aethersteel Bolts
E: Aethersteel Bolts + Mutagenic Ichor
U: Aethersteel Bolts + Soul Shard
44. Ransacked Lighthouse

45. Crown Hill

46. The Infestation

47. Sanctum of the Chosen

You have to do the Lokarr secret quest to be able to open the portal to the Sanctum of the Chosen. See the guide linked below for a detailed walkthrough.

U: Skeleton Key
Act 7 (FG)
48. Temple of Osyr

49. Korvan Oasis

N: Battered Shell
E: Rigid Shell
U: Rigid Shell + Serrated Shell
50. Cairan Docks

51. Sandblown Ruins

52. Sanctuary of Horran

53. Ruins of Abyd

N: Chilled Steel + Cracked Lodestone + Searing Ember
E: Radiant Gem
U: Eldritch Essence
54. Valley of the Chosen

55. Sunward Spire

56. Tomb of the Eldritch Sun

57. Splendors of the Shattered Realm

After doing the first few quests in the FG expansion and after choosing one of the cults to side with, speak to Mazaan, Keeper of Portals in the Conclave of the Three. Clear the first shard of the Shattered Realm (or go as deep as you like) and cash out to enter the reward room with the shrine.

N: Aether Crystal
E: 3x Aether Crystal
U: Celestial Lotus
58. Sanctum of the Chosen

You have to do the Crate of Entertainment secret quest to be able to open the portal to the Sanctum of the Chosen. See the guide linked below for a detailed walkthrough.

U: Skeleton Key
I created a printable checklist for those who would like to track their progress on multiple characters (print once per character) or just want a quick overview. I made two versions of it, each one in its own tab in the document:

  1. All shrines in the order of progression through the game. Names and order as they are here in the guide.
  2. Alphabetical order to compare to the ingame list. Uses ingame names and also has reference numbers to the shrines here in the guide.

And here is the link:
Grim Dawn Devotion Shrine Checklist (Google Docs)[]
Not updated for FG yet!

I also assembled a full world map with all shrines unlocked. The numbers on the map correspond to the numbers in the guide. Also there are difficulty markers to show which guides are available in Elite (yellow) and Ultimate (orange).

The map is rather big and Steam doesn't allow to zoom embedded pictures. That's why I uploaded it elsewhere. If the link doesn't already open in your webbrowser, right-click it and copy the link address.

Worldmap with all Shrines[]
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MedeaFleecestealer Jul 23, 2020 @ 1:11am 
Your numbers are incorrect.

Base game has 59 shrines across all difficulties: 28 in Normal, 17 Elite, 14 Ultimate
With AoM this increased to 73 shrines across all difficulties: 33 Normal and 20 each in Eilte and Ultimate.

With FG there are a massive 157 shrines across all difficulties: 59 in Ultimate, 51 Elite and 47 in Normal.

There are lists for both base/AoM and FG shrines here
Oblivion Jun 26, 2020 @ 12:36pm 
'Extra Helpful'.
FairMind Jun 12, 2020 @ 10:17am 
Thank you very much for your hard work!
Frenne Dilley Jun 9, 2020 @ 6:44am 
So this means, when on normal you can only get 46 devotion points. Time to change my character plan then, ugh!!
Dudegamer May 7, 2020 @ 10:36pm 
I thank you for the guide that you have presented to us, it has helped me a ton, but I want to mention that there is a Shrine in the Tomb of the Heretic that can be cleansed in any difficulty, making in a total of 47 shrines in normal mode
Krighton May 2, 2020 @ 5:04pm 
Nice guide and thanks for taking the time to do this. Thumbs up!
AngryStudent Mar 10, 2020 @ 5:17am 
Thanks for an awesome guide! :steamhappy: Could you add a "FG" tag in the description for shrines located in Act 1 to 4 that are only there for the DLC owners. Would make it so much better for us base game plebs. :steamhappy:
Luzzifus  [author] Feb 24, 2020 @ 9:49am 
@Yarusenai: You probably don't have both expansion.
Yarusenai Feb 23, 2020 @ 9:34pm 
Is there a reason why some shrines are just straight up missing for me? In Ultimate so far Ive only found one shrine and I am up to the Warden area...
[IHRB] (P)(R)oland Jan 23, 2020 @ 11:08pm 
very nice guide but something is off. I just finished my first normal/veteran run and I have 47 shrines unlocked, also, there is achievement in game to unlock 60 shrines, and this guide says 58 is max?