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Devotion Shrines
By Luzzifus
An overview of all devotion shrines scattered around the world of Grim Dawn and everything you need to know about them.
Devotion shrines are scattered around the world of Cairn. Each shrine requires items or combat to activate and grants a Devotion point to unlock a single star in Grim Dawns Devotion system. Many shrines can hardly be missed by following the storyline of the game, but some are a bit more hidden.

You can see a bigger version of each map picture by clicking on it. In each picture, the map is rotated to default view for easy comparison (north = straight up).

There are 28 shrines (+5 with the Ashes of Malmouth expansion) to find in the first difficulty playthrough (Normal/Veteran). 17 (+3) of these are again available in Elite difficulty and 13 (+5) in Ultimate. Each shrine in this guide is tagged with , and accordingly.

There are two additional shrines (no. 29 and 35) which are only available in Ultimate and only by doing a secret quest each.

This makes a total of 59 shrines (73 with the Ashes of Malmouth expansion) available through all three difficulties. However, you can only get 50 (55) Devotion points, and after that, shrines will stop granting points. Since the item requirements in Ultimate are rather high (e.g. relics), you can skip some based on what items are available to you.

Thank all of you for and all your nice comments!

If you find this guide not helpful for any reason, please let me know why (write a comment) and give me a chance to improve before giving it a thumbs down. Thanks. ;)
Act 1
1. Burial Hill

Location: Burial Cave in Lower Crossing
- Normal: Aether Crystal
- Elite: 3x Aether Crystal

2. Devils Aquifier

Entrance: Use the trapdoor in Devils Crossing through Convicts Tunnels and Prison Dungeons.
Requires: Aether Crystal

3. Foggy Bank

Location: Cavern in Foggy Bank
Requires: Combat

4. Flooded Passage

Entrance: Foggy Bank
Requires: Combat

5. Burrwitch Outskirts

Location: Burial Cave in Burrwitch Outskirts
Requires: Aether Crystal

6. East Marsh

Location: At the end of Craigs Crags. Go to the eastern part of Mud Row, bring 1 Dynamite, 10 Scrap and 8000 Iron to rebuild the bridge. From there all the way through East Marsh.
- Normal: Chipped Claw
- Elite: Tainted Brain Matter + Vitriolic Gallstone
- Ultimate: Tainted Brain Matter + Mistborn Talisman (Relic)

7. Burrwitch Estates

Requires: Combat

8. Warden's Lab

Location: In the Underground Transit. Go from Burrwitch Estates through Wardens Cellar.
- Normal: 2x Aether Crystal
- Elite: Aether Shard + Purified Salt
- Ultimate: Aether Shard + Calamity (Relic)
Act 2
9. Arkovian Foothills

Location: Spined Cove in the Arkovian Foothills
Requires: Combat

10. Rocky Coast

- Normal: Frozen Heart
- Elite: Vengeful Wraith

11. Cronley's Hideout

Entrance: Four Hills
Detailed shrine location: at the bottom of that large pit right after the rift portal
- Normal: Scrap + Scavenged Plating
- Elite: 2x Scrap + 1x Silk Swatch
- Ultimate: Gunslingers Talisman (Relic)

12. Old Arkovia

Location: In the ruins of Old Arkovia, if you didn't discover the Twin Falls rift yet, you have to travel through Cronley's Hideout to reach it.
Requires: Combat

13. Arkovian Undercity

Entrance: Old Arkovia or Broken Hills
Detailed shrine location: Last floor in the boss room.
- Normal: Chilled Steel
- Elite: Coldstone + Serrated Spike
- Ultimate: Coldstone + Hollowed Fang

14. Steps of Torment

Entrance: Broken Hills
Detailed shrine location: Floor 3 "Misery"
Requires: Combat

15. Barren Highlands

Location: In the Barren Highlands, near the passage to Broken Hills.
Requires: Polished Emerald
Act 3
16. Mountain Deeps

Entrance: Deadmans Gulch or Prospectors Trail
Requires: Combat

17. Forgotten Depths

Entrance: Shaded Basin
Requires: Serrated Spike

18. Tyrant's Hold

- Normal: Searing Ember + Scavenged Plating
- Elite: Searing Ember + Resilient Plating
- Ultimate: Rampage (Relic)

19. Infested Farms

Requires: Mutagenic Ichor

20. Den of the Lost

Entrance: Rotting Croplands (north) -> Royal Hive (unmarked cave) -> Skittering Den -> smash a wall to get to the entrance.
Requires: Combat

21. Blood Grove

Requires: Chtonic Seal + Consecrated Wrappings

22. Darkvale Village

Requires: Combat
Act 4
23. Asterkarn Valley

Requires: Cracked Lodestone

24. Tomb of the Damned

Entrance: Fort Ikon -> Tomb of Archon Barthollem, floor 2 -> In the room before the gate to the boss room, activate the loose torch and smash the wall behind the hidden door.
- Normal: Ancient Heart
- Elite: Ancient Heart + Blood of Ch'thon
- Ultimate: Ancient Heart + Blood of Ch'thon + Tainted Brain Matter

25. Mogdrogen's Shrine

Location: Asterkarn Valley
Requires: Ancient Heart, Combat
Prerequisite: You need the quest "Rhowari Legacy" to activate the shrine. You can get the quest from the Rover camp in Old Arkovia. You need to be honored with the Rovers to unlock it, also you might have to do their other quests first. In order to complete it, you will have to go into two Chtonic Rifts (Ashen Wastes in Blood Grove and Forsaken Wastes in Plains of Strife) and aquire an item in each one. With these two items and an Ancient Heart you can then finally activate the shrine. The devotion point will be granted on quest completion.

26. Necropolis

Location: Gates of Necropolis
Requires: Combat

27. The Black Sepulcher

Entrance: Gates of Necropolis
- Normal: Roiling Blood
- Elite: Frozen Heart + Blood of Ch'thon
- Ultimate: Rotten Heart + Blood of Ch'thon

28. Bastion of Chaos

Entrance: Necropolis Interior: In the north, repair broken bridge for 40 Scrap and 10k Iron.
Requires: Combat

29. Sanctum of the Immortal

Entrance: Gates of Necropolis, behind a narrow aether pathway in the east
Requires: Skeleton Key
Prerequisite: Only available on Ultimate. You have to do the Daila & Dravis secret quest to be able to open the portal to the Sanctum of the Immortal. See the following guide for a detailed walkthrough:
Acts 5 & 6
30. Gloomwald

Requires: Combat

31. Ancient Grove

Note: This shrine was previously located in the Undergrowth (pre v1.0.5.0). If you've already restored it before, you will not be able to restore it again with the same character.
Requires: Combat

32. Ugdenbog

Location: Tomb of Ugdall
- Normal: Ectoplasm + Chilled Steel
- Elite: Vengeful Wraith + Polished Emerald
- Ultimate: Vengeful Wraith + Radiant Gem

33. Malmouth

Location: Malmouth Outskirts
- Normal: Aethersteel Bolts
- Ultimate: Aethersteel Bolts + Soul Shard

34. Crown Hill

Requires: Combat

35. Sanctum of the Chosen

Entrance: Malmouth Outskirts secret area, accessible via the portal opened by Flameond Bleu
Requires: Skeleton Key
Prerequisite: Only available on Ultimate. You have to do the Lokarr secret quest to be able to open the portal to the Sanctum of the Chosen. See the following guide for a detailed walkthrough:
I created a printable checklist for those who would like to track their progress on multiple characters (print once per character) or just want a quick overview. I made two versions of it, each one in its own tab in the document:

  1. All shrines in the order of progression through the game. Names and order as they are here in the guide.
  2. Alphabetical order to compare to the ingame list. Uses ingame names and also has reference numbers to the shrines here in the guide.

And here is the link:
Grim Dawn Devotion Shrine Checklist (Google Docs)[]
(Print as auto fit in upright format to have it on a single page.)
I also assembled a full world map with all shrines unlocked. The numbers on the map correspond to the numbers in the guide. Also there are difficulty markers to show which guides are available in Elite (yellow) and Ultimate (orange).

The map is rather big and Steam doesn't allow to zoom embedded pictures. That's why I uploaded it elsewhere. If the link doesn't already open in your webbrowser, right-click it and copy the link address.

Worldmap with all Shrines[]
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