Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

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моя колекция уникальна тем......
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Coffin Nail
Created by Karma^Pt
Coffin Nail.... (Sorry, had a minor problem, and had to upload it again guys! apart from the texture comment the things U dont like, to change it! Thank U...
The Maggot Warmer
Created by Matt VEAGEE [FR]
a combination between crit-a-cola and dalokhos bar for soldier...
The Basted Boxers
Created by Sargent_Jode
"In Soviet Russia, TURKEY STUFFS YOU!!!!"

- The Heavy

What do you do when your festive feast is rudely interupted by the other team? You punch them with it!!

Red and blue animated lights
2 lods
512 texture...
Hockey stick and hockey puck
Created by chelovek(MAPAT)
Hockey stick and hockey puck
Hockey stick 576 polygons
Hockey puck 142 polygons...
Couteau de Cuisine
Created by wyndham
A simple knife used in the preparation of food which becomes quite deadly in the hands of a skilled assassin... or madman.

Added kill icon
Minor texture change

The Holomobber
Created by Orko
based on a concept by Commissar K...