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Game Guide
Here is the game guide for newbie or someone who would like to know LoveBeat in detail.

edit list
- Session "3-1. STAMP" added on Jan 4, 2016.
- Session "8. Level-up Rewards" added on Jan 8, 2016. "Spoiler"
- Session "9. Channels" added on Jan 15, 2016.
- Session "10. Lala Magic & Magic wardrobe" added on Dec 4, 2016.
1. Character Creation
STEP 1: Select gender
1. Select gender between Female and Male
2. Complete to select gender
3. Confirm
※ The character is only 1 per 1 steam account
※ You cannot change gender after character creation.

STEP 2: Set basic items and nickname
1. Choose 1 basic item per each parts
2. Input your nickname
3. Complete character creation
※ LoveBeat support English and numbers. Other language or blank, special letters, etc cannot be used and it might make problems even if it's okay to use.
※ You can change the nickname by 'Name Change' Item

STEP 3: You're done with Character Creation!
2. GamePlay Controls
You press arrow keys or space bar as keynote. There are 2 kinds of keynote.

STEP 1: Arrow Keynote
* Arrow keynote depends on option(x4, x8).
In case of x4 option, there are 4 arrow keynote.
In case of x8 option, there are 8 arrow keynote using number pad.

STEP 2: Space bar Keynote

You can learn how to input keynote by Tutorial.
You can meet Tutorial at the first time of running LoveBeat or find it from Mission menu.
3. Lobby
Middle of Lobby
1. Game room list
2. Game room filtering as wait or all
3. Game room filtering as mode
4. Enter to game room as room number
5. Create a game room
6. Enter to game room as mode

Bottom of Lobby
1. Banner for notification
2. Music player on Lobby
3. Notification
4. Chat box
5. Character information
6. Detailed character information
7. Change character's outfit as saved
8. Charge cash

Top of Lobby
1. Mission: Tutorial
2. Stamp: Attendance and change rewards by stamps. Give to you gifts as attendance.
3. Store
4. Inventory
5. Community: Check all players, your friends, your block list.
6. Mail box: Check your mail or send it
7. Option: Set options incl. graphic, sound and Check Help.
8. Exit game
3-1. STAMP
What is stamp?
Stamp is reward for attendance or purchase. You can exchange stamps for in-game items.

Stamp Page information
There is stamp button at top menu in Lobby. At the stamp page, you can check your attendance status, attendance gifts and exchanges rewards.

1. Your attendance status
There is a calendar for this month. You can check when you checked and the number of total attendance in the month. To check attendance(increase the number of total attendance), you have to click "check attendance" button daily at this page.
The calendar depends on Pacific Standard Time and reset every month.

2. Attendance gifts
As the number of your total attendance in this month, there are attendance gifts named "Special Prize" and "Perfect Attendance Award". The gifts are automatically provided to your mail box when you clicked "check attendance" button and changed every quarter with notice.

3. Exchanges Rewards
You exchange stamps for rewards. There are rewards for 1 stamp, 3 stamps, 5 stamps, 10 stamps. You can get randomly 1 reward among the list when click "Redeem stamp by # piece(s)" button. The reward is automatically provided to your mail box and changed every quarter with notice.

How to get Stamps
1. Click "Check attendance" button daily
2. Buy or Gift Cash item
As the price of each Cash item which you buy or gift, the number of provided stamp is changed.
0 ~ 1000 Cash = 1 Stamp
1001 ~ 2000 Cash = 2 Stamps
2001 ~ 3000 Cash = 3 Stamps
3001 ~ 4000 Cash = 4 Stamps
4001 ~ 5000 Cash = 5 Stamps
5001 ~ 6000 Cash = 6 Stamps
6001 ~ 7000 Cash = 8 Stamps
7001 ~ 8000 Cash = 9 Stamps
8001 ~ 9999 Cash = 10 Stamps
more than 10000 Cash = 12 Stamps
4. Game Room
Top of Game room
1. Room Number
2. Room Title
3. Room's Password
4. Change room information(Title, Password)
5. Invite players to join the room

Middle of Game room
1. Slot of players who join to play
2. Show observer list or not
3. Slot of observers: There are special pose as slot and room
4. Pop-up: When you click character, pop-up is on.
- User info: Check information of you or other player
- View style: See item list that player is wearing
- Emotion 1: Basic emotions
- Emotion 2: Special emotions from shop
- Change Clothes: Change item that you are wearing
* You can check other menu when click other player

Bottom of Game room
1. Change angle to see player
2. Game option - Selected song
3. Game option - Selected stage
4. Game option - Selected mode
5. Game option - Selected arrow keynote option (x4, x8)
In case of x4 option, there are 4 arrow keynote.
In case of x8 option, there are 8 arrow keynote using number pad.
6. Game option - Selected keynote output option (Normal, Random)
In case of normal option, keynote output is in sequence.
In case of random option, keynote output is randomly.
7. Select team: It's shown in case of team game. Min 2 teams and Max 4 teams.
8. Ready to start
9. Change position between observe or join game

Game option
You can set detailed game option by clicking game option button at the lower left.
1. Select mode
2. Select stage: It's background during playing.
3. Select Song
4. Select Room: It's only shown when you have VIP room.
4-1. Game Option - Mode
There are 8 modes. More mode will be updated.

1. Individual Classic
Players compete each other for the 1st place.

2. Two out of three Fam Battle
Players compete as Fam for the 1st Fam.
Game can only start when every player is in Fam and a team is made of same Fam members.
Minimum 4 players needed.

3. Meeting Party Propose
Guys and girls find their mate.
Game can start when the male/female rate(2:2~4:4) of the room is same.
Minimum 4 players needed.

4. Nonstop Crazy
There is no rest time. Challenge your skills to be the best!

5. Team Survival
Players make one team. Hit WOW to get the opponents out! If you're out, you put on funny mask.
Minimum 2 players needed.

6. Beat PangPang
It's for you who want to earn more Beat.

7. Couple PangPang
Show off your love gauge and earn more Beat!
Game gender can play this mode.
Minimum 2 players needed.

8. Bomb Bomb
A bomb will be passed around. There is a penalty when you didn't collect WOW.
Minimum 2 players needed.

9. Friend Zone
2~4 team in pairs dance together and check their friendship index.
Minimum 2 players needed.

10. WOW Holic
Are you a WOW master? Test your skill here!
This mode gives you extra Fam point when you play with your Fam member.
Minimum 2 players needed.
4-2. Game Option - Song
Clicking the song, you can hear in advance.

1. New songs: Recently updated song
2. Hot songs: Most played song
3. All songs
4. Search bar: Search keyword in total, title, artist
5. Filtering as BPM
6. Filtering as Difficulty: Song has difficulty from 1 to 10.
7. Song list
※ Filtering as Genre updated on April 21, 2016.
5. Store
Basic functions at store
1. character preview
2. Chatting box shown or not
3. See other gender's item
4. Save your current style. (Path: Documents\CrazyDiamond\LoveBeat\MyOutfit)
5. Purchase items: Purchase items which you're wearing at store
6. Default: Reset item in preview which you try to put on at store

How to buy each item
1. Click purchase button
2. Purchase info pop-up
3. Check period of use: If item doesn't have period, it's not shown.
4. Discount coupon
5. Item's price
6. Check balance
7. Confirm to buy
8. Cancel to buy

Buy by Shopping cart
1. Click cart icon of the item which you want to buy
2. Pop-up
3. Go to shopping cart
4. Buy all item in your shopping cart
5. Check item information purchased
6. Confirm to buy
7. Cancel to buy

How to gift
1. Click gift button
2. Present a Gift info pop-up
3. Input receiver
4. Write an message to receiver
5. Check gift information
6. Send a gift
7. Cancel to gift
6. Couple System
You can be a couple with your mate. Same gender can be a couple.

How to be a couple

STEP 1: Prepare CoupleCard Item
To be a couple, you need CoupleCard item.
You can buy at store or change by stamps, get it as event.

STEP 2: Request to be a couple
1. Click the character who you want to be a couple in waiting room.
2. Click request to be a couple button(You can find it whenever you got CoupleCard item).
If both players are okay, wedding animation is going and they become a couple

Couple Information
If you're a couple, couple info page is shown.
1. Nickname of the couple
2. Character of you and your mate
3. Couple introduction
4. Farewell: Some period for farewell is needed. Using Farewell Card item, you break up immediately.
5. Detailed guide about couple system
6. Dating period: There are special gifts as dating period
7. Love grade(Couple level): There are special gifts as couple level.
You can gather couple exp (couple point) by playing with your mate.
8. Couple nickname: It's emblem above head for the couple.
9. Couple jewelry: Couple jewelry has bonus effects.
7. Fam System
Fam is a guild of LoveBeat.
You can join the Fam or make your own Fam.
If you want to join certain FAM, just go to its FAM page and click Apply.

How to make Fam

STEP 1: Buy Create Fam Card item
* Some item for Fam is shown when you're in Fam or Fam master.

STEP 2: Use the item
1. Click the item in your inventory
2. Create Fam pop-up
3. Input your Fam name
4. Input your Fam URL
5. Select your Fam mark
6. Confirm to create

STEP 3: Finish to create your Fam!

Fam Information
You can check Fam info such as Fam name, URL, mark, total number of Fam member etc.
1. Fam introduction
2. Player list who want to join the Fam
3. Fam attendance: Fam member attend daily.
4. Fam score on Fam battle
5. Detailed score: Check opponent, fight date, score
6. Fam option: Decide make possible apply to join this Fam. Set member's title as Fam grade.
7. The number of users who login game now
8. Fam member list
9. Showing offline member list or not


Fam benefit
1. Create a Fam Page
2. Bonus Exp +5%
3. Bonus Beat +10%
4. Bonus Exp +10%
5. Increase max number of Fam member (110)
6. Increase max number of Fam member (120) & Bonus Beat +20%
7. Increase max number of Fam member (130) & Bonus Exp +20%
8. Increase max number of Fam member (140) & Bonus Beat +30%
9. Increase max number of Fam member (150) & Bonus Exp +30%
10. Change Fam name color

Chat commands of Fam
1. Fam invitation: /faminvite Charcter name
2. Quit Fam: /leavefam
3. Fam breakup: /famdisband

How to increase FAM grade (How to gather FAM Point)
1. More than 3 member of same FAM play together, 1 FAM Point (FP) added per 1 member
2. 5 FP added whenever FAM member do FAM attendance
3. When they play FAM battle mode with other FAM,
Get 20 FP per FAM member in case of win
Get 15 FP per FAM member in case of draw
Get 10 FP per FAM member in case of lose
8. Level-up Rewards
The list of Level-up rewards will be renewed soon.
Please wait for the renewal :D
9. Channels
When you login LoveBeat, you go automatically in the channel which has most players.

How to check my position

How to go in other channel
1. Click the drop box
2. Click other channel

3. Go in the channel

How to play with my friend
1. Click your friend in community
2. Then, you and your friend are together
10. Lala Magic & Magic wardrobe
Clean out your inventory, Get RARE item! Clean out all permanent Cash items by using Magic Wardrobe, Get many valuable rewards: Hearts, Discount Coupon, Items and maybe permanent RARE item.

How to use
1. Buy Magic Wardrobe and Lala magic (Lala Magic is optional)
2. Go to your inventory and Click Magic Wardrobe
3. Select items which you want to remove and Confirm it
 1) Select 2+ permanent items (Cash item only)
 2) Click this Lalabit button if you want to use Lala Magic (It's optional): you can use it from 0 to 5 at once. If you use Lala Magic, you can get 1 more item and may receive more valuable things. also, it makes more higher probability that you get rare item.
 3) Check the items removed: More expensive items removed, Higher probability that you get more valuable things.
 4) Confirm it
4. Check all rewards (Rewards will be sent to your mailbox)
 a) 1 discount coupon: This discount ratio is from 5% OFF to 100% OFF.
 b) Hearts
 c) 1 item (Random)
 d) 1 item (Optional, Random): You can get it if you use Lala Magic.
 e) Rare (Random)

You get a chance to get rare via Magic Wardrobe.
All rare item is permanent one but you can get a chance to take it during certain period.
Rare item are 2 types, Fairy and Ring. Each rare item has their own bonus and special entering motion or effect. Some effect isn't shown depending on your settings (Fever Light).

1st Rare item - Angel Series
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Requesting non hideous wings for past lvl 80, I am a guy:steamfacepalm:
CRAZYDIAMOND  [author] Jun 16, 2017 @ 1:46am 
Hi, you cannot upload your own Fam mark, but you can make one with the backgrounds, symbols, and decorations provided in game, using Fam Mark Change item.
blackrose Apr 8, 2017 @ 8:43pm 
For Fam. Can you upload your own Fam mark?
CRAZYDIAMOND  [author] Oct 16, 2016 @ 9:59pm 
If you have any problems, please email me for troubleshooting.

email address:
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I would like to know what to do also my computer is Toshiba so please help me CRAZYDIAMOND
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Um yesterday my game was working but now it says something is an error which now i cant get on
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Ever since youre newest update my game would only go to the game guard loading point then it would crash. Wtf am I supposed to do
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Game I like it all perfectly. Only she hangs on some songs, or there is a lag. When all the keys you type it can show appreciation bad, normal. This is not good. Fix please :)
Sola` May 2, 2016 @ 8:10am 
how buy a cash ?? and after you bought it what you should do? does it automatically direct in your LB account? I purchased a $4.99 cash bundle but i don't know what to do next ..?
Rabman Mar 16, 2016 @ 3:05pm 
how do i give another family member master status?