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koth_depot strategy and competitive guide! (outdated)
By ArrowFlint22
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This is the official guide on my first map koth_depot! It talks strategy and a commentary on the history of the map! I spent a lot of time going rage mode over hammer crashes and screwups just to make you this pretty decent map! ENJOY :D
Hello and welcome to the official guide on koth_depot! My latest project! I spent a whole weekend making this. It may be a short amount of time in your eyes, but believe me it was tough! I had to deal with numerous hammer crashes as well as the spawnrooms screwing up and a whole lot more! I was inspired to start mapmaking by a veteran mapmaker named UeakCrash. He is my favorite mapmaker and I loved his works. I thought maybe I should make a map myself. I started out with koth because it is the easiest gamemode to make. I had the gamemode in mind, but what was the layout gonna look like? I made numerous hand drawn blueprints for how the map was going to be made, and I came up with an easy idea one day! An isolated, 2fort style map. EXCEPT IT WAS A KOTH MAP. It went through many prototypes which I tested with bots untill I finnally came out with the final version! I decided to make it like 2fort except with the bridge pushed to the side and the control point in the center of the map. Then... I gave it to you guys to enjoy, because I appriciate all the advice from people online, ideas from familly, and inspiration and help from UeakCrash... Thank you...
Overview of the map
Now we start disecting strategy from the map...
This map is recommended for advanced players. It is very easy to run out of ammo (which is why I eventually became more generous with pickups), it is hard to play engi and takes a pro engi to conquer it, and it is a playground to some classes. We are going to go over strategy and tactics for the map.
The Control Point
Everyone knows the heart of a koth map is the control point! In most koth maps (koth_depot included) the control point is in the dead center of the map. I was generous enough to throw cover around the point. Feel free to use it, HOWEVER please note that it does not completely cover the point so that no one gets an advantage and so that people can still get a clear shot at the enemies rushing out of their base. BEWARE!!! There is a lot of places for snipers to perch on so watch your head and rear! I also was generous to put some pickups next to the point (due to heavies running out of minigun ammo).
The bridge
THIS IS A MAJOR CHOKE POINT!!! Who ever has the bridge has control of the map! Engineers, it is always a good idea to stick a sentry at the entrance of the bridge to stop enemies from comming across.
There is also a hallway in the building next to it which contains pickups and is also a safe haven for engineers.
The bridge is also a good ambush spot for pyros as they can just silently perch atop the bridge and wait for their vic- I mean enemies to step on the point, then they boldly leap of the bridge and on the point only to burn everyone to death!
The bases
Reds base interior:
Blus base interior:

The bases do not house much other than protection and ramps to the bridge. The two balconies outside are great for snipers to perch on. This is another element that relates the map to 2fort, however I split the balconies to keep pyros from puppy guarding. The balconies are Engi friendly too. The uper levels of the map are great playgrounds for spies and scouts too.
Notice the ledge on to the left of the heavy in this photo? This is a shortcut for scouts (although I think almost all classes can duck jump it), however you must be quick here as you are completely exposed to enemy fire! BONK is a recommendation not just for this area, but the whole map!
The breather building.
Ah yes the breather building! Why is it called that, because its a nice spot to take a breather from all the intense fighting outside. There are some pickups in there in case you need them... My original intention for the room was just a break spot, but then some grim ideas sprung up in my mind... I decided to add that balcony so that spies can pull off some epic trickstabs on the unsuspecting scout who came in to take a breather! I also put that land rover there to give demos something to hide behind when they make sticky traps at the entrance! Want to know where the building is? Yet again look to the left of the heavy:
No pics... soz.

The prototype version did not have the bridge originally. That idea came to mind later on in developement. The building behind it was there and had the words "Capture Zone" writen on the front. The spawns were originally one story, but are now two due to spawn screw ups.
Thanks for all your inspiration guys! Hope this guide helped and I hope you enjoy my map. Tell me any interesting tactics and strategies you find in the comments and report any problems you find! Who knows... I might... even make an... Event version...


P.S. Drink more Root Beer
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n8five484 Sep 1, 2019 @ 8:08am 
when will there be an updated version?
iVoltaire :> Nov 23, 2015 @ 4:19am 
Seems like a good 3/5cp map instead. For a koth map it seems quite big
ArrowFlint22  [author] Nov 22, 2015 @ 6:35pm