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Pet Companions
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Pet Companions

In 1 collection by ̀͠͏̡FennecFox̖̲͕ ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
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(*Mod will not be updated anymore, it still works but expect bugs if used with online servers.
I feel this mod is not worth the time & difficulty it takes to maintain.*)

Blow this whistle to call a baby companion to assist you in taming, hunting, work or play.
Each one has a different set of abilities (Like Pet Healing and Torporing) with chance to inflict on your hitted foe every 3 sec. Only one usable at a time, auto follows you everywhere.
Clean and stackable with other mods.

Companions Description:
  1. DodoRexy: A master of Defense. 3 damage. Assists you with abilities n buffs for defense and does aoe damage.
    • Heal Pet Skill: Player standing on (not riding) his pet will auto recover the pet's hp every second and scales with it's max hp and level. Capped at a reasonable limit. This effect is prevented 6 seconds upon it taking damage, so as to prevent abuse.
    • Absorb Skill: Player will passively regenerate 75% of all incoming damage as hp and 30% chance to reduce equipped armor durability loss by 80% per hit.
    • Fire breath Skill: (AoE) - Burns enemies every 3 secs that does 3% hp Aoe damage.
  2. Dogeh : A master of Taming Support. 2 damage. Assists you with abilities n buffs for working and taming.
    • Take Down Skill: Chance every 3 secs to slow down and torpor enemies to sleep for 10% base torpor.
    • Howl Skill: Howling beside wakes you up much faster when you are unconscious.
  3. Wolfey: A master of Killing. 8 damage. An attack oriented pet focused on hurting enemies n battle buffs.
    • Bleed Skill: Chance every 3 secs to ignore armor and reduce hp & little stamina from tough enemies. 10% hp damage.
    • Howl Skill: Howling beside wakes you up much faster when you are unconscious.
    • Critical Hit Skill: Small chance to proc and do 100% bonus of your total damage.
    • Agility Passive: Not for the owner player. Wolfey attacks and moves slightly faster than other companions.
  4. Kittey: A master of Stealth. 3 damage. Assists with Stealth n Camouflage abilities and provides weak battle buffs.
    • Stealth Skill: Turns player invisible, escape detection from enemy dinos and pets for 1 min when player crouched or proned, any other mode breaks stealth. 30s cooldown. Clears all player aggro. Enemy players can still see you emit a cloud of smoke at your location and attack you. Turrets can still see you.
    • Scratch Skill: Chance every 3 secs to ignore armor and reduce a little hp and water and do 5% hp damage.
    • Lesser Critical Hit Skill: Small chance to proc and do 30% of your total damage.

Detailed Description
  • Can be carried on player shoulder now. Take them into battle quickly.
  • They only attack if master attacks. Quick responsiveness and pathfinding. Attacks once every 3 seconds, returns 15 secs after master's last hit.
  • Drops leftover items from destroyed dino corpses by master onto ground. (Disable this by ordering it to follow you)
  • Random food buffs from all companions every 10 default min. Lasts for 10 min. They also drop a small healing food item every 30 mins.
  • Auto-scales their run speed to keep up with master even while riding.
  • Companions immune to damage, will not block building. In event master dies or unsummoned, will die and deposit all inventory items onto ground. Can attack while swimming.
  • Whistle engrams requires lvl 5 and 1 point to learn. Blow once to summon, blow again to unsummon. Craft cost is 3 Cooked Meat Jerky and 30 Cooked Meat.
  • Companions now level up to a maximum of 50 levels for slight boost. Gains xp automatically over time. Points can be distributed to 10 weight, 0.5 damage, 0.1 speed. Unsummoning or master death will reset its level.

Optional Mod Settings
Paste this after end of your server's GameUserSettings.ini and edit default values:
  • SkillChance: Chance to successfully use special attack skill whenever pet attacks every 5 seconds (Default is 45% chance, can be any value between 1-100).
  • BuffInterval : Wait time in minutes before casting next random buff on player (Integer, Default minimum 10 mins). Buffs last 10 mins. You may turn off all buffs with BuffInterval=-1.
  • Change BlockCatStealth to true if you wish to disable Kittey's stealth ability.
  • RexyAbsorbPercent controls DodoRexy's Absorb amount: Default is 0.75, means 75% of damage taken by owner is rehealed. Accepts a value between 0.0 and 1.0, or -1.0
    (if you wish to Disable DodoRexy's absorb skill entirely, put RexyAbsorbPercent=-1.0)

ModID= 559651126

This mod is free, but Donations for the time and effort are welcome:
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Disclaimer: By using my works, you agree to be respectful and civilized. Thank you.
★ Server donation packages / anything is allowed. No restrictions of any kind.
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