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Standalone Scenario Missions
By Cinders
*Spoiler Warning!*

This guide gives steps to how to complete the standalone scenario missions in Maia. To get the full experience playthrough them without the guide first.

This guide just gives you directions on which objects and conditions are needed to succeed in a mission. It doesn't feature the narrative or short stories experienced by playing.
An orbital habitation module has taken a direct hit from a cloud of micrometeroids. Build a sustainable colony to house the influx of survivors.

Throughout this mission you will gain new colonists leading to quite a large amount of colonists. Make sure you maintain your atmosphere and dig out enough space for living areas, medical rooms and hydroponics.

The Mission:
Build a Microwave Communication Tower
2 capsules will arrive at the base.
Build 3 Medical Room Beds
1 capsule will arrive.
Have 60000kj of Ration Packs
Place 3 Living Area Beds
A 4th capsule will arive.
After a few moments you will get a mission success.

The Twilight Zone
Your aim for this mission is to survive the winter. As long as you mantain the colonists and their requests you will succeed in this mission after the winter has ended.

You have only 6 people for this mission and if one of them dies you will not get any more.
A main part of collecting data for research perks is building objects that gain research, allowing colonists to sleep and building a microwave communication tower.

The Mission:
Build a Weather Station
Print 3 IMP Robots
Have 90000kj in ration packs
Research 4 new technologies. (Get 4 new research perks)
Study the complex local ecosystem of a rapidly encroaching equatorial jungle.

The hardest part of this mission is gaining all the research. The best way I have found to do this is to click the trees outside for research and then let your colonists input the data into the computer. Letting colonists sleep(dream) will also increase their data production. For more information check out the research guide.

The Mission:
Send down more colonists
Build 2 solar arrays
Build a flywheel energy storage system
Build a computer terminal
Build a seismic station
Place a turret
Gain 256mb of ecological data