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ACM V2.7.1294
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ACM V2.7.1294

ACM V2.7.1294
ID: 558079412

Server Admins - Follow my twitter to be warned about updates. This is not a means of contacting me.

ACM Beta Branch:
Available here!

What is ACM?

ACM is originally short-hand for Admin Command Menu, but it has recently, and will only from now further become, Advanced Command Menu, as it serves as a more streamlined, accessible and enhanced replacement to ARK's built-in administration mechanism attached to the ShowMyAdminManager console command.

Currently, it cannot reproduce every command or function from the built-in tool as many aspects of Admin commands and management is handled exclusively by commands and inaccessible classes/code.

Due to ACM' nature, it inadvertently serves a dual-purpose as acting as a "cheat" or "creative mode" tool for singleplayer due to the massive simplification of spawning items or creatures into the world and instant-taming.

Note: The shown screenshots of ACM' UI's likely will not appear exactly as they do in-game for you, my resolution is 3440x1440 so things get stretched a little by default.

→ → → → → → → → → → → → READ THE CHANGE NOTES. ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ←

ACM is not 100% functional, it is expected you will encounter issues using it as I bring everything online again.

How to use ACM?

The process is incredibly simple.

If you are either a whitelisted Admin on a server - that means your SteamID has been added to the AllowedCheaterSteamIDs.txt, playing Single Player or in a non-dedicated session, authorisation is entirely automated.

Password Required:
You must authenticate yourself normally, then use the appropriate command from the list below to have ACM verify your permission status for its use.

Permissions Authorised:
As an "advanced" feature of ACM, the commands and features that are either hand-built by myself as custom or are replicated to produce the same results as if a native command was used may be made available to a player by means of the Permission system still currently in progress but was implemented as of V2.7.0287.

This system allows the assigning of permissions to players without giving them the Admin password. It is still very much in progress and is alpha-level, and as such many checks and balances have not been completely implemented yet so caution must be exercised.

Once you are "authorised" via ACM, the keybindings that appear below are how ACM can be interacted with.

Current Default Keybindings:

Toggle ACM: Shift + F1

Open UI: Shift + Right Mouse

Use Target Command: Shift + Left Mouse

Open Target Command Menu: Shift + Middle Mouse

Command Structure:

IMPORTANT: All commands begin with the following:
cheat scriptcommand acm

To use a command, enter the above, then choose from below plus and further arguments.

  • me - checks for permission and spawns ACM, overrides temporary block.
  • toggle - removes ACM if present and temporarily blocks ACM from spawning until desired again.
  • all - see "me"; extended to all players in the world. RCON accepted.
Eg. "cheat scriptcommand acm scan me". - This is the primary activation command for ACM


  • bindings - restores bindings to default.
  • colours/colors - restores custom colours to default.
  • scalars - restores screen scaling options(and eventually tracking map scaling) to default.
  • all - resets all to default.
NOTE: If reset is not the secondary argument, bypasses binding events and directly opens My Settings UI. Eg. "cheat scriptcommand acm mysettings". If reset is the main argument, a listed option is also required. Eg. "cheat scriptcommand acm mysettings reset bindings".

  • reset - will remove AutoGen data and recommence data generation.
  • remove - will remove AutoGen data.
  • debug - will process AutoGen data and return basic debug level data regarding internal structure and saved information.
NOTE 1: All arguments have a secondary data point. all & null(eg: empty) are effectively the same, if the class name of a specific mod is specified, then AutoGen will only target that specific class and relevant data else if allmods is passed as the argument then all mod data is targeted. This name can be found in the mod folder in your ARK install. Eg. "cheat scriptcommand acm autogen reset PrimalGameData_ACM".

NOTE 2: The autogen sub-command is only available to whitelisted/authorised admins and RCON.

- ACM is nowhere near 100% operational. Not everything is working as expected.
- Any bindings you set within ACM will concurrently trigger with whatever actions have been bound in your key-bind settings for ARK.
- Target Commands will not fire with a weapon equipped, this requires further work and due to not consuming input I chose to prevent using it with weapons equipped.
- If ACM is acting up, you can use the command cheat scriptcommand acm scan toggle which will remove ACM from you, and followed up with the activation command, ACM will be re-spawned on you.

See the ACM Development board[] for all finalised, in-progress and planned changes for ACM.

ACM Live Files:

Download the clean live-version files from here[]. Extract them to your ARK install "\Mods" folder, replacing all files.


V1.0 > V2.7.1294: Changelog.

Issues & Bugs:
Please see the Bug Reports Discussion.

If you're a non-native-English speaker and prefer speaking in your own language, please use the International discussion thread where others may be able to assist you more easily.

Issues reported in the comments will be deleted.
Do not add me on Steam. I will block you.
Do not advertise your server here.

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

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< >
[T-G-H]lays36 20 hours ago 
#KeeGz Jul 21 @ 4:36am 
[FR-EU] 21/07 SmallTribe 5PP [x30] AntiRaidOffline

We are pleased to introduce our new PvP server with 70 Slot.

Regarding the server settings:

The taming is currently at x30

The experience gained in the game is currently at x35

The resource rate currently collected is at x30

Character levels go up to 170 and wild dinos go up to level 210

The difficulty is set to 7.0.

Dedicated server hosted at OVH on Linux (ping: 20 ms) 70 slots.

name of their tribe with a little password.

Server name: [FR-EU] 21/07 SmallTribe 5PP [x30] AntiRaidOffline (please put "unofficial" in the filters :)
Server IP to add to Steam: 7777 or

If the server does not appear in your list, write ": [FR-EU] 21/07 SmallTribe 5PP [x30] AntiRaidOffline"

KeeGz, server administrator

Thanks in advance for your reading and see you soon :)!
PS: Any advice and criticism are welcome!
Mason Jul 21 @ 3:39am 
hey guys i just wanna say is there a way to fix the fact when you have tek armor and commands the commands dont come up and work
is there a way to fix that and keep the tek armor?
neo101ai Jul 19 @ 9:10pm 
Dear @Woeful Macbre, You have created and an awesome tool to help nearly all the players in ARK and the number of players that are using your mod is massive. We are so sad that you are not working on your creation and it is a wish of more than 20,000 people that you come back and work on it and make it up to date. There are many of us that struggle with the mod as it is not working but we have used and we know how precious it is. Please add a donation system and we will support your work. I am a 30+ years old gamer and on behalf of the community that is linked to you and your work, I do implore you to please make a return and update and fix the mod that is loved by so many many people.
Thank you for all the time and the passion you have put on this work and we all hope and wish that you return and update it.
With kind Regards
nickmansell Jul 18 @ 4:39pm 
would be nice to add more skins possibly
VENOM Jul 17 @ 10:29pm 
сломалось отображение
Tycothepug Jul 16 @ 4:19pm 
I Would recommend checking the developers twitter, it states that the mod will stay broken in the foreseeable future and that work on the mod has ceased.
sjon2004 Jul 15 @ 11:53am 
i have no problems at al
Malthael_ZA Jul 15 @ 12:32am 
@DeathSavior Same issue, removed and reinstalled mod. Stil crashing server, going to remove completely for now til its fixed.