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Created by FiveEyes
Part of the Arms Race 2 contest!

"We were sent to hell, but went down even deeper. Emerging from the flames we've unchained hell itself. A demon with a thirst for revenge."

Created by Seeaitch
"Will ya look at that!.."

Contains 6 textures of 1024x1024 pixels
2 textures of the original concept, 2 of the new blue and 2 of the new red

MOD ---->
Also contains a README with a nice little tutorial on how to...
Created by Svdl
A shotgun just for the Pyro, with a head similar to the backburner on it.

3 lods, 2 textures.
Created by DatGmann @ Bellevue
2 LoDs

Sometimes the dead just don't stay dead

Part of the Halloween 2013 community "update"
Chemical Warfare
Created by crazy-g
A gas mask, useful for preventing eye and lung damage, unless you get shot in the eyes or lungs.

Face flexes
Works with many hats...
Cosmetic - Rusty Reactor
Created by Flat Penguin
Introducing the new, completely safe, nuclear reactor backpack to help charge the medigun.

- Paintable, transparent, Jiggleboned coolant
- Glowing screen
- Team colours
- 3 LODs

Concept/Model/Textures - Flat Penguin
SFM - ToxicWeasel

Special ...
Defender of the freedom
Created by IJCT
Defender of the freedom

Soldier Rocket launcher skin, why using words when you can use ROCKETS to defend what is sacred!...
Demo's Smissmas Gifts
Created by multitrip
Nothing beats the classics....
Der Schmerzschild
Created by Bapaul
Save yourself.
Click for my workshop page!

Vote here on the Arms Race competition!
Fashionable Fire-Arm
Created by Mooses Suuri 100
"You always need some extra ammo on the battlefield"

Misc for scout
Not paintable

I also have a steam group wich you can join here: [url] []...
Created by Constructor
When a handgun just won't do the trick, an armgun is what you need. (Firing this beaut for twelve seconds costs an arm and a leg.)

Barrel spins, bandolier has jigglebones.

Fool's Australium - Weapon Skin
Created by void~
All that glitters is not gold....
Fruit Shop Fiend
Created by DannyBoi
The day the fruitshop owners and the sniper battled was indeed, "a piece of pee"
Download the Mod

Huge thanks to Stiffy360!
Name b...
Hazard Warning
Created by Jukebox
75% of workplace deaths are caused by people thinking guns aren't actually dangerous. Remind them that the giant minigun you're wielding can kill them by painting all your guns with hazard stripes.

Includes Hazard Stripes and flecked metal patterns....
Iron Impactor
Created by Wrench N Rockets
Arm-mounted high-powered metal delivery device....
Lua Tool Buster
Created by Rotzlöffel
A sober person would run away from it!

I think im gonna make more robot weapons in the next time!!! This is somehow funyy =D...
Maniac's Maschinenpistole
Does it heal, or does it hurt?
Who knows what kind of gruesome liquid the Medic decided to stuff into his dad's old submachine gun?
Whatever it is, it's probably bad news for anyone on the opposing team.

- Unique MP40-inspired design!
- 4 ...
Meteor Shower
Created by Svdl
Powerful enough to wipe out the dinosaurs. Feeling lucky, punk?

See also the rest of the set!...
MVM Square Hip Flask
Created by Gigazelle
A square flask that replaces each power-up canteen ability with its own unique model and texture.

The item importer unfortunately does not support this many models and textures, so it cannot be gold-starred. You can however download it as a mod and use it...
Created by Svdl
Fill it with any of your favorite infectious diseases and start up a good old fashioned epidemic, or just fill it with bad intentions and poke holes into things.

Modified caulk gun.
Single texture. 3 LODs....
Created by Orko
"When the cannons fall silent, it's just because you can't hear them over the sound of this baby!"

Demonstration video made by:
(Many thanks for the upload!)...
Created by Rotzlöffel
Well this time, I realy had no idea what I should gonna write here.


- 3 LOD
- 2 Jinglebones

Because of an error, the axe wont jiggle in the movie. This is only happens in the movie, ingame in TF2 it does jiggle!

Pocket Flamethrower
Created by Evil_Knevil
Stats suggestion:
On hit: + knocks back enemy at a distance equal to the stock flamethrower
+ Sets enemy on fire

Feel free to add your own stats suggestions in the comments below!

The video is meant to show off t...
Portable Anti-infantry Energy Shield
Created by Quin

A chargeable shield is not enough to stop those pesky enemies from killing you? Here comes a more permanent solution!

Concept and model : Quin
Textures : Py-bun...
Created by Arsonist
I have finally sorted the DMCA issue, and been given the name of the culprit. I wont name and shame here, but it was indeed a stupid troll.

The completely redesigned, completely upgradable, completely gunned and flying Radio Controlled Aerial Turret!
Reclaimed Glory
"There can be only one!!!"


Warhammer 40k inspired because I have a friend who's into that and he's been commissioning me to draw WH40K characters and so t...
Rocket Wrist
Created by ZoraKirby
Sometimes ya just need a whole lotta rocket in your punch!

This thing was a lot of work and I'm happy to finally be uploading this. This is planned to be part of an item set but there might not be enough time to finish those.

Edit: I dont want this to eq...
Star Soviet
Created by FiveEyes
Be strong, be strong for Mother Russia

Super Syringe Gun
Created by Svdl
Medic primary.
Barrels rotate when firing.
Team colors.

Be sure to check out the rest of the set!
Portable Fort
Created by Svdl
Bring your own.
A medigun....
Created by Svdl
A syringe gun....
Thoracic Support
Created by Svdl
Stay safe!
A metal armor for the Medic.
Sterile Chamber
Created by Svdl
Keep it fresh.
A glass dome for the Medic.
The Arctic Assassin
Created by Evil_Knevil
Be stealthful as the night...

-LOD0, 1 & 2

Model/Texture: Evil_Knevil
Flexes: Multitrip
Concept: Noizeblaze & Square...
The Battering Cannon
Created by crazy-g
A medieval battering ram and cannon combined and repurposed into a shoulder-mounted launcher.

Part of Arms Race 2
The Blaze Blast
Created by perrryz
The kind of heat your enemies don't expect you to be packing.

-team colored
-custom projectile!
-projectile glows in the dark!
The Conventional
Created by Svdl
This thing is sometimes known as a "gun", you might have heard of one before.
See also the silenced version for a little extra fancy!

Compatible with the new weapon ski...
The Defensive Engie Pack
Created by Jal
The concept is to have a building that generates shield similar to the one around the sentries when you are using Wrangler. There should be a special effect applied to the generator ring similar to the rotating light ring above the center control point in ...
The Didgeri-PEW!
Created by Merczy
The scope may be there, but it doesn't seem to help your horrible aim.

-Team colors! (Ooooh Aaaah)
-Custom Sounds!
-Custom particle effects!
-3 LODs!

Model and Sounds by Merczy
Texture by SedimentarySocks
Concept by Norville "Bourbon"...
The Doomstick
Created by AsG_Alligator
Its exactly what it says on the tin: a Super Shotgun from Doom 2 for pyro.

Original version had a wooden stock(just like the original doom version), but due to clipping problems with player model it was removed.

It is meant as a secondary weapon for ...
The Efficient Eliminator
Created by Colteh
For when snipin' just ain't good enough.

Reuploaded because of some issues, please do revote if you voted for the old one!

Check out the other items!
The Giger Counter
Created by Jukebox
Analyzes and slightly irradiates your enemies!

Engineer Wrangler replacement.

Big thanks to KarmaChanger for the demonstration video!

-Animated Radar
-4 lods

Jukebox: Model
Constructor: Textures
Metabolic: Concept help

The Gutbuster
Created by
The first item in my Engineer pack which I created for a Gamebanana skinning contest. It got me 3rd place.

Like my NOTLU stuff, I based it off the HHHH.

Download link:
The Hardshot
Created by boomsta
Kill stuff with it... plz.

View the model here!

Mod Link for Reserver Shooter:
The Hardware
Created by Mark
Part of the Trailblazer's Toolkit pack.

The Hardware is a Wrench replacement for the Engineer....
Urine Trouble
Created by Sparkwire
Douse your enemies with recycled coffee with this oversize coffee carafe and part-time catheter

Watch the video to see the exclusive animated texture and jigglebones! (keep in mind the video features an old version of the texture and model.

Make sure to ...
Created by Mnemo
Can you name the misc mostly red, partly gold,
Tastes like lead and fills the bad guy with holes...
Bandoliero! Bandoliero!

Well, it fits just right and it looks right sleek,
It's the country-fried misc endorsed by a freak!
Bandoliero! (Yah!) Bandol...
Battle Boonie
Created by donhonk
Wicks away rain and keeps the sun out while doing field work!...
MVM Meltdown
Created by signalmax

Australium Fusion, though highly illegal, is one of the safest and cleanest forms of energy available - Though the occasional Meltdown is c...
MVM Power Up Console
Created by Gigazelle
Digitizes power ups in Fortran.

Reflective and illuminated screen, stylish both inside and outside MVM. Designed to be an alternative to the power up canteen....
The Data Plan
Created by Ryugen_Night
You are the one... I'm gonna kill.


4 unique textures, 3 of which have "rare" parts of the textures ranging from an errored number in the binary, the start up switch on the gun, and the Mann-co logo on the cuirci...
Crit Couture
Created by Gigazelle
An iridescent MVM bottle with a scent fit for an Australian.

This is designed to be an alternative to the power up canteen....
MVM Lava Lamp
Created by Gigazelle
Store your power up liquids in a lava lamp. Complete with its own moving blobs, and even lights up in the dark!

This is designed to be an alternative to the MVM power up canteen....