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Random Tree Rotation
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Nov 16, 2015 @ 7:53pm
Mar 12 @ 10:31am
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Random Tree Rotation

Tested to be working with Industries.

All instances of a tree in Cities: Skyline are rotated in the same way, which looks very unnatural. This mod rotates the detailed tree models which you will see when you zoom in.

This mod applies a random rotation to all trees placed on a map. It applies the rotation just before the rendering, and can safely be enabled or disabled at any time. It also affects trees which were placed before the mod was installed. Your game saves are not touched.

Recommended Mods

You may notice the switch between the (unrotated) LOD models and the (rotated) detailed tree models. That is a technical limitation[] which is caused by the technology that is used the render distant trees (LODs).

Now it can be fixed! Get Ultimate Level Of Detail to increase the render distance of the (rotated) detailed tree models. This won't affect the performance very much!


Note: I'm not taking donations, but others do ;)
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boformer  [author] Mar 27 @ 12:09am 
that's right, it just increases the tree detail render distance so this mod produces better results ;)
Frank Mar 26 @ 7:02pm 
the mod does not need Ultimate Level Of Detail (ULOD) to work, in my case I do not subscribe to ULOD because it affects my performance
boformer  [author] Mar 23 @ 5:40pm 
Very strange. The mod does not change the vertical position of the trees in any way.

Do you have Unlimited Trees and Tree Snapping, as Avanya explained a few comments back? Because those mods are incompatible.

There are also a few other mods that have their own version of Random Tree Rotation integrated because they are incompatible with this mod. I think "Shisho" and "Tree Movement Control".
apollothaprophet Mar 23 @ 4:00pm 
I had problems with floating trees as well. When I deleted the mod the problem disappeared (with new trees, the old ones were still floating). Maybe it's caused by an incompatibility with another mod or something. I'll probably download it again at a later point and try to figure it out because it is a very great mod (I don't know why it isn't built into the game itself to be honest). Hopefully I can figure it out in the near future; either way you are an awesome modder boformer, keep up the good work!
boformer  [author] Mar 12 @ 8:43am 
I recommend you to also get Ultimate Level Of Detail, my new mod:

With that mod, randomly rotated trees will be visible from a further distance.
davemax83 Mar 10 @ 12:41pm 
A favourite mod, need to turn it off now and again when the blinkies get the better of me, but ultimately that’s a purely cosmetic foible that’s nothing to be worrying about in the long run. City looks so much better in bo-forming mode! Cheers
TheOneRiley Feb 11 @ 11:50am 
@avanya ILYSM
Avanya Feb 11 @ 8:17am 
@TheOneRiley: That's because Unlimited Trees and Tree Snapping are incompatible, as is stated in the description of Tree Snapping. ;)
boformer  [author] Feb 11 @ 8:08am 
all of what? the trees?

This mod does not modify tree positions, it's only a visual mod that can be disabled at any time.
TheOneRiley Feb 11 @ 7:47am 
i saved my game last night and come back this morning with all of them floating in air and no fix in sight