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Fallout 4 100% Achievement Guide
By Ponkberry
Achievements... achievements never change.
  • This guide will COMPLETELY ignore the fact of console commands, so do not ask me anything regarding those.
  • There are already other guides regarding settings that you should use such as disabling mouse acceleration, FOV, etc. Won't be covered here, though I do recommend that you do check it out to improve your gaming experience.
  • This will avoid spoilers as much as possible, but as it is a walkthrough, that will be difficult.

Traversing the Guide
  • The walkthrough will start from the beginning linearly while pointing out various things that SHOULD be done as you go about the game.
  • Then, once you get to the Institute, the guide will break-up into 3 parts due to the 3 major endings. I do not consider the Minuteman ending to be major due to the fact it only has 1 achievement which is shared with the Brotherhood of Steel ending.

Counters to Know
  • You need 20 magazines out of a total of 123 magazines.
  • You need 20 bobbleheads out of a total of 20 bobbleheads.
  • You need 50 terminals hacked.
  • You need 50 locks picked.
  • You need 10 side quests completed.
  • You need 50 miscellaneous objectives completed.
  • You need 300 people killed.
  • You need 300 creatures killed.
  • You need 100 items crafted.
  • You need 50 weapon mods crafted.
  • You need 100 workshop items crafted.
  • You need 1000 resources scavenged.

While most of these counters are obvious, as long as you do the tasks regarding them, you should meet these milestones with relative ease. If you see a lock, pick it. If you see a terminal, hack it. If you see an enemy, kill it. Side quests can be done whenever you wish.

Magazines and Bobbleheads are probably recommended to be done when you do specific quests and go through an area. Then having all your SPECIAL bobbleheads would help massively.

I recommend hoarding everything you see, UNLESS, you know it has no use. Such as folders. The more resources you have, the more successful your settlement will be. Especially keep an eye out for special component like circuitry or gears or screws.

Now the most important thing you have to worry about is the Miscellaneous Objective. EVERY city you go to, talk to all the NAMED NPCs to see if they have work to give. These jobs will directly result in a miscellaneous objective. IF you already completed the task, then you will only get caps and no counter to your miscellaneous objective. So it's best to receive all miscellaneous objectives before you ever get a chance to do them.
Character Creation
Character Creation
  • In the English version of Fallout 4, the name you pick for your character MAY be recognized by the game accompanied with verbal audio. See this link here[fallout.wikia.com].

  • While this decision is completely up to you, I would personally recommend putting intelligence at 9 or 10. The more intelligence you have, the more experience points you receive which will ultimately help you obtain level 50 at a much earlier rate (less grinding). Plus being a higher level generally equates to easier game-play. SPECIALs currently can exceed 10 with the use of perks and bobbleheads.
  • I will recommend as well as note perks that you're going to need to complete all achievements in Fallout 4.
  • Also perk tiers require a specific generic level as well as a perk requirement. (i.e. Tier 3 Hacker requires you to be level 21)

Early Game Stage
  • Whenever you can, always level up both Locksmith AND Hacker until Tier 3. This will severely improve your chances for maxing out two specific companions as well as complete the 50 locks picked and 50 terminals hacked.
  • Strong Back is an extremely valuable perk due to the increase in carry weight as the game is now more favorable to hoarders for components
  • Items are scarce, so leveling up Medic to max will also reduce the amount of healing consumables that you consume. If you wish to rely more on food/water, then pick up

Mid Game Stage
  • Local Leader is the 6 Charisma perk that allows you to establish supply routes as well as access important buildings invaluable to the 'Benevolent Leader' achievement. It's best to learn how settlements work in order to build more efficiently reserving components.

Late Game Stage
  • To get the 'Pranksters Return' achievement, you need to place a LIVE grenade/mine into ANYONE's inventory through pickpocketing. You will need the PER1 skill, Pickpocket at Tier 2
SPECIAL: Strength
  • Your default carry weight is 200 units. For each point in Strength, you gain 10 units of carry weight. So at 10 Strength, you will have a carry weight of 300.
  • Your default melee damage multiplier is 1. For each point in Strength, you gain 0.1 added to your damage multiplier. So at 10 Strength, you will have 2x melee damage (1+10*(0.1)).

Iron Fist
Increases punching attack damage (+20%/tier)
Big Leagues
Increases melee weapon damage (+20%/tier)
Grants access to armor mods
Grants access to melee weapon mods and armor mods
Heavy Gunner
Increases Heavy Guns damage (+20%/tier)
Strong Back
Tier 1-2: +25 Carry Weight (each); Tier 3-4: Overencumbered Bonuses
Steady Aim
Improves hip-fire accuracy
Increases gun bashing damage (+25%/tier)
Increased Damage Resistance and Melee Damage while not moving
Pain Train
Improves stagger and stuns when charging with Power Armor
SPECIAL: Perception
  • Perception no longer affect distance where enemies appear on compass
  • Perception will directly affect accuracy in V.A.T.S, lockpicking (actual difficulty as opposed to difficulty rankings), and stealing (success rate).

Increases success rate of pickpocketing (+25%/tier)
Increases damage and penetration of non-automatic rifles (+20%/tier)
Display enemy damage resistances in V.A.T.S.
Increase lockpicking rank (Advance, Expert, Master). Tier 4: Bobby pins don't break
Demolition Expert
Increases explosive damage (+25%/tier)
Night Person
Between 6PM-6AM: Tier 1: +2 INT/PER; Tier2: +3 INT/PER
Increases energy resistance (+10/tier)
Tier 1: Improved control/breath; Tier 2: Knock-down; Tier 3: +25% HS Accuracy in V.A.T.S.
V.A.T.S. Pentration
Concentrated Fire
V.A.T.S. Accuracy and Damage
SPECIAL: Endurance
  • Decreases AP depletion while sprinting
  • You have a default health bar of 80 hit points. You get 5 hit points per Endurance point. So at 10 endurance, you can get 130 hit points.
  • Hit Points gained per level is increased with a default of 2.5 and +0.5 per every endurance point. So at 10 endurance, you will earn 7.5 hit points per level.
  • In regards to Endurance, IF you get 10 endurance AND THEN pick up the Endurance bobblehead, you will in theory have 11 endurance AND will receive even more health than you already do get.
  • Also health is given retroactively, so you will end up with the same health no matter when you start increasing Endurance.

Increases Damage Resistance (+10/tier)
Lead Belly
Decreases radiation from consumables; Tier 3: No radiation from consumables
Increases max health (+20/tier); Tier 3: Health regen
Chem Resistant
Decreases rate of chem addiction (+50%/tier)
Tier 1: No radiation, can breathe underwater; Tier 2: Undetectable underwater
Rad Resistant
Increases radiation resistance (+10/tier)
Adamantium Skeleton
Decrease limb damage (+30%/tier); Tier 3: No limb damage
Can feed from corpses; Human, Ghouls, Super Mutants
Radiation causes health to regenerate; Tier 3: Possible friendly feral ghouls
Solar Powered
Between 6AM-6PM: Tier 1: +2 STR/END; Tier 2: Heal radiation damage; Tier 3: Health regen
SPECIAL: Charisma
  • Decreases chance of being addicted to alcohol or drugs
  • Improves bartering; buy at lower prices, sell at higher prices
  • Increasing Charisma to 11 will continue to affect barter prices
  • Increase maximum population per settlement at a 1:1 point to settler

Cap Collector
Improves bartering further; Tier 3: Invest in stores to improve buying capacity
Lady Killer / Black Widow
The opposite sex receives additional damage (+5%/tier)
Lone Wanderer
Tier 1: +50 Carry/85% Damage Received, Tier 2: +100 Carry/70% Damage Receive (total w/ Tier 1); Tier 3: +25% Damage
Attack Dog
Canine companion can immobilize enemies; Tier 1: Higher accuracy in V.A.T.S.; Tier 2: Chance of Limb Damage; Tier 3: Chance of Bleeding Effect
Animal Friend
Control animals after pacifying
Local Leader
Tier 1: Establish Supply Lines; Tier 2: Workshop access to more shops
Party Boy/Party Girl
Alcohol buffs; no addiction, double effects, +3 LUK while under the influence
Companion buffs; No team attack on both ends; More Damage Resistance; Carry more weight
Wasteland Whisperer
Control creatures after pacifying
Control people after pacifying
SPECIAL: Intelligence
  • Improves amount of experience earned. Base EXP modifier is 1. Gain a +0.03 modifier for each point in Intelligence. So at 10 Intelligence, you'll earn 1.3x EXP for tasks.
  • Retrieving the Intelligence Bobblehead after hitting 10 intelligence will set it to 11 for 1.33x EXP. Unsure if that actually makes a difference to be worth it though as EXP rounds down after the modifier.

V.A.T.S. gives the route to the closest quest target
Increases effectiveness of stimpaks and radaway; starts at +40% (+20%/tier); Tier 4: Rate of effect is increased
Gun Nut
Gain access to gun mods
Improve hacking tier (Advanced, Expert, Master); Tier 4: Cannot be locked out of a terminal
Tier 1: Salvage special components from weapons/armor; Tier 2: Salvage other specialc omponents from weapons/armor & can favorite components to be highlighted while hoarding
Gain access to high-tech mods
Increases duration of chems (+50%/tier)
Robotics Expert
Control robots after hacking them
Nuclear Physicist
Increase radiation weapon damage and fusion core duration; Tier 3: Fusion cores can be detonated from Power Armors.
Nerd Rage!
Effect occurs when you are under 20% Health; Increase DR, Damage; Tier 1: +20/20; Tier 2: +30/30; Tier 3: +40/40 and kills regenerate health
SPECIAL: Agility
  • Decreases rate of detection when sneaking
  • Increases amount of Action Points

Increase non-automatic pistol damage (+20%/tier)
Increase automatic rifle damage (+20%/tier)
Improves ability to stealth; +10% difficulty to detect per tier start at 20% to Tier 4; Tier 5: Distant enemies lose you
Mister Sandman
Improve sneak damage with silenced weapons (+15/30/50); Tier 1: Instantly kill sleeping enemies
Action Boy / Action Girl
Improve action rate regeneration speed (+50%/tier)
Moving Target
Increases damage and energy resistance when sprinting (+25/50/0); Tier 3: Sprinting uses 50% less Action Points
Improve Sneak Damage and Melee Sneak Damage (2.5x & 4x/3x & 5x/3.5x & 10x)
Quick Hands
Improve reloading speed; Tier 2: reloading doesn't consume AP in V.A.T.S.
Increases V.A.T.S. melee range
Gun Fu
Tier 1: +25% Dmg to 2nd V.A.T.S. target; Tier 2: +50% Dmg to 3rd V.A.T.S. target; Tier 3: Crit Hit to 4th V.A.T.S. target and after
  • Affects recharge rate of Criticals in V.A.T.S.

Cap Collector
Increases amount of caps in containers; Tier 4: Chance enemies explode into caps
Increases amount of ammunition in containers
Bloody Mess
Increases bonus damage in combat up to 15% (+5%/10%/15%/15%); Tier 4: Exploding enemies may trigger nearby enemies to explode
Mysterious Stranger
Using V.A.T.S. may cause the stranger to help with damage; tiers increase chance of appearance
Idiot Savant
Random receive heightened experience (3x/5x/5x); Tier 3: May trigger 3x EXP over a period of time for kills
Better Criticals
Increase critical damage; (+50%/tier)
Critical Banker
Can save additional critical shots in V.A.T.S (2/3/3); Tier 3: Chance that using a critical shot will not expend the critical
Grim Reaper's Sprint
V.A.T.S. kills have a chance to restore all AP (15%/25%/35%); Tier 3: Also can restore critical meter
Four Leaf Clover
Increases chance that ANY hit in V.A.T.S. increases Critical Meter
Chance that enemy projectiles will ricochet back to them and kill themself; Tier 3: Also recharges critical meter
Walkthrough - Act 1
Out of Time
  • Following the introduction, you find yourself with the task of escaping the vault.
  • MAGAZINE: RobCo Fun! Issue #1: On your way out, you'll reach a kitchen with a Recreational Terminal. In this Terminal is the holotape for the game 'Red Menace'. Simply eject the holotape, then load it back into the terminal to begin the game. Win/Lose the game and you will receive an achievement, 'Future Retro'.
    Future Retro - Play a holotape game

  • Now, once you get to the vault door, simply pick up the pip-boy on the corpse and plug it into the controls to escape. Upon escape, you'll get a final chance to edit your appearance and SPECIAL.
    War Never Changes - Enter the Wasteland

  • Head back home to Sanctuary and talk to your old friend.

Now that you've finished the first quest of the game, your next option is completely up to you. There are 4 factions to join: Minutemen, Brotherhood of Steel, Railroad, and Institute. The first three are available to you NOW with the Institute being available in Act 2 without losing any of the previous factions. Minutemen faction cannot be lost, but the other three can be. Each faction walkthrough will contain points where you eliminate other factions, so you know when you should stop to either save, or finish a different questline.

Things to note in Sanctuary Hill
  • MAGAZINE: Grognak the Barbarian Issue #1 is located on your kitchen counter. +1 to 'Print's Not Dead'
  • MAGAZINE: You're SPECIAL is located on the ground in Shaun's room. Increases ANY SPECIAL by 1 Point.

Next Step
While it's highly recommended that you proceed with the minutemen questline, it is possible to jump straight to the Brotherhood of Steel or the Railroad. So you may do as you wish. However doing faction questlines will only establish factions so you can progress the main story. Main story questline begins below.

Jewel of the Commonwealth
  • Quest has several starting points depending on who you talk to, or if you simply head to Diamond City directly. The most common point to receive this quest is from Mama Murphy of the Minutemen follow 'When Freedom Calls'
  • MAGAZINE: Live & Love Issue #2: On your way to Diamond City, you'll most likely cross over College Square, a metro station. Inside behind the counter contains a safe and the magazine.
  • MAGAZINE: Guns and Bullets Issue #7: Not recommended at this point in the game, but you'll also cross Fraternal Post 115 which contains this magazine. Very difficult area at this stage in the game.
  • MAGAZINE: Wasteland Survival Guide Issue #1: Under the bridge just north of Diamond City is the Wreck of the USS Riptide. Inside the ship on the table lies the magazine.
  • ACHIEVEMENT NOTE 'Lovable': When you arrive to Diamond City (Fenway Park), you'll notice a girl at the gates arguing. This is the 3rd available companion, Piper. It is HIGHLY recommended that you travel with her in order to begin increasing her affinity. She likes when you lockpick things and when you're nice to people in dialogue.
  • Very simple achievement, once you get to Diamond City, enter the city itself. When you walk down the catwalk, you should see a 5 sided white plate on the ground which is Home Plate. Follow the road to the right to go to 1st base. Take a left at 1st base, go down and hit 2nd base, turn left and hit 3rd base. Then return to home plate to unlock this achievement.
    Homerun! - Get a Homerun

  • ACHIEVEMENT NOTE 'Mercenary': See Miscellaneous Objectives regarding Diamond City.
  • This quest will lead you to Valentine's Detective Agency.
  • MAGAZINE: RobCo Fun! Issue #3: Inside Valentine's Detective Agency on his desk is the magazine along with the Zeta Invaders holotape game.

Unlikely Valentine
  • After receiving word that Valentine was taken to the Park Street station, make your way there. This turns out to actually be Vault 114.
  • SPEECH BOBBLEHEAD: At the end where you meet Nick Valentine, the desk behind him holds the bobblehead.
  • After saving Nick, you'll find that he is another companion that you can have. He's also a pretty good choice for the 'Lovable' as he prefers nice gestures and you hacking terminals.
    Unlikely Valentine - Complete "Unlikely Valentine"

Getting a Clue
  • Pretty straightforward quest, not gonna say too much about it. Kellogg's house can be entered using a key or with Master picklocking skills (Tier 3).

  • First portion is fairly straightforward, follow Dogmeat to every clue. You're looking for cigars, ale, and blood which are in areas you expect them to be. Simply show it to Dogmeat and let him track for you. There will be a broken assaultron that is near a cigar. Talk to it. Continue your search.
  • This leads you to Fort Hagen. Fairly simply straight forward zone that makes you run into a lovely circle. Then again, every area does that.
  • MAGAZINE: Guns and Bullets #1: On the top floor southeast region of the map, it's on an oval table in the kitchen.
  • ENERGY WEAPONS BOBBLEHEAD: After heading down the elevator, you'll find a kitchen area. The bobblehead is on the shelf between two refrigerators.
  • MAGAZINE: U.S. Covert Operations Manual #6: Located in a bedroom east of the armory underground.
  • MAGAZINE: RobCo Fun! #4: This sits next to Kellogg's Terminal at the very end. Contains the Pip Fall holotape game.
  • After the fight in Fort Hagen, loot the body, especially the brain enhancement and terminal password. Access the terminal password for clues and unlock the doors to exit.
    Reunions - Complete Reunions

QUESTLINE PROGRESSION NOTE: This is the end of Act 1. In order to progress the main storyline, you MUST begin the Railroad questline. The next main story quest is: Dangerous Minds, which leads to Hunter/Hunted.
Walkthrough - Act 2
Glowing Sea
  • After getting information about the Institute, you should head to the Glowing Sea to meet up with an Institute Scientist
  • MAGAZINE: Tesla Science #4: Inside Rocky Cave w/ Virgil
  • This leads up to a miscellaneous objective. See 'Glowing Sea' under Misc Obj section

Dangerous Minds
  • Nothing to explain here, just a ton of watching in this.
  • You do have to enter Goodneighbor, so I would recommend checking the Miscellaneous objectives here.
  • MAGAZINE: RobCo Fun! #5: Memory Den, on a desk in the basement w/ the holotape game Grognak and the Ruby Ruins
  • MAGAZINE: Live & Love #6: The Third Rail
  • MAGAZINE: Live & Love #8: Hotel Rexford
    Dangerous Minds - Complete "Dangerous Minds"

  • With information, you're off to hunt a Courser.
  • Head to CIT Ruins, change your pip-boy radio to Radio Freedom which is the frequency that's used.
  • Follow the signal until you reach Greenetech Genetics.
  • Do quest things.
  • MAGAZINE: Massachusetts Surgical Journal #7: Northside of the building between two red sofas
  • POSSIBLE MISC OBJ: At the end, you should see a synth named K1-98. Need confirmation.
  • If you have not already found the Railroad faction, Virgil will give you the quest Trail of Freedom if you don't already have it. See Railroad questline.
    Hunter/Hunted - Complete "Hunter/Hunted"

The Molecular Level
  • You can build this with either of the three non-Institute factions with little resistance.
  • Sturges at Sanctuary for the Minutemen
  • Deacon at Switchboard for the Railroad
  • Proctor Ingram at Boston Airport for the Brotherhood of Steel
  • With either factions, you'll be requested to hack into the Institute network and retrieve data. The data stick can be turned into ALL factions one after the other.
    The Molecular Level - Complete "The Molecular Level"

  • Don't forget to receive the serum for Virgil inside of the Bioscience division in the FEV lab (closed off, novice lockpicking or expert hacking)
  • It's highly recommended to accept the Institute initially so you don't get kicked out.
  • MAGAZINE: Astoundingly Awesome Tales #12: Living Quarters winding stairs, top floor on the balcony on a table
  • Do quest things.
    Institutionalized - Complete "Institutionalized"

Now that you've gotten passed Act 2 of Fallout 4, now you're thinking... where do I save my game in order to receive all three endings without restarting all over again. I'll put a very brief note here, but it'll be displayed in the endings section and in each faction section.
  • Saving at this point isn't bad either.
  • You cannot lose the Minutemen unless you flat out kill them if that is even possible.
  • The railroad requires you to deceive the institute so you must continue with institute quests.
  • At the Mass Fusion quest, that is the first breaking point. You must pick between the Brotherhood of Steel and the Institute/Railroad. I/R are bunched b/c they're synonymous for the time being.
  • At the End of the Line quest, you will have to pick between the Institute and Railroad endings there. To pick the railroad, you will need to have done the quests up to Powering Up to keep up.
  • Do not antagonize any faction via killing. The Battle of Bunker Hill is an exception, you can probably kill everyone if you wanted to.
Walkthrough - Minutemen Route
When Freedom Calls

Red Rocket Truck Stop
  • You meet your second companion, Dogmeat here who will unconditionally love you. Awww
  • To the south of the truck stop is a Mole Rat Den containing a Fusion Core (used to power Power Armor)

Concord/Museum of Freedom
  • MAGAZINE: Taboo Tattoos Issue #10: If you reach the Concord Civic Access, in the sewers on the west end, you'll find a room with a mattress and a corpse.
  • Upon arriving here, you'll meet the first faction of the game: The Minutemen who request your help. Do the quest and help out.
  • PERCEPTION BOBBLEHEAD: On the top floor of the Museum of Freedom where all the Minutemen are holding out, the bobblehead is on a desk. (1/20)
  • MAGAZINE: RobCo Fun! Issue #2: Atomic Command - Holotape Game is on the terminal in the same room as the bobblehead.
  • Now you'll have to get the power armor working for the quest, you can either hack the terminal down below for the quickest method, or if you pick up the fusion core in the mole rat den you can use that, or do as the quest suggests.
  • After you complete the quest, you'll return to Sanctuary and being the next quest: Sanctuary
    When Freedom Calls - Complete "When Freedom Calls"

  • MISC. OBJ: Upon returning to Sanctuary, you'll get the next quest by talking to Sturges. This will actually complete a miscellaneous objective as well. The quest will have you setup your settlement with the proper living requirements. Build beds, water pumps, plant crops, and defenses. Upon this quest tutorial on how to build, you will have completed the quest.
    Sanctuary - Complete "Sanctuary"

  • MISC OBJ: After doing all that good stuff, talk to Mama Murphy. She has a miscellaneous objective to build her special chair.
  • Now onto the next minutemen quest: The First Step.

The First Step
Tenpines Bluff
  • This is the first of many "assist the settlement" missions given by the Minutemen faction. In order for a settlement to establish itself, the raiding enemies must be dealt with in order to thrive and survive.
  • The quest calls to eliminate raiders at Corvega Assembly Plant.

Corvega Assembly Plant
  • REPAIR BOBBLEHEAD: On the rooftop of Corvega Assembly Plant on the metal catwalks, you will find the bobblehead on the southeast corner.
  • MAGAZINE: Grognak the Barbarian Issue #5 is located on the top floor inside next to Jared's terminal.
  • Clear out all the enemies INSIDE of the plant. The outside is not required, but recommended. Return to Sanctuary.

  • Talk to Preston to turn in the quest. However, you must continue the dialogue to join the Minutemen and unlock the achievement 'The First Step'.
    The First Step - Join the Minutemen

MISC OBJ: From time to time, you will receive warnings that a settlement is under attack. Do not make the mistake that I made and ignore these. These are miscellaneous objectives and should be done IMMEDIATELY. Getting 50 miscellaneous objectives in general is very difficult due to missable objectives or failed objectives.

After assisting Tenpine Bluffs with the raiders at Corvega Assembly Plant, you will have to assist two more settlements and ally with them in order to progress in the Minutemen route.

Allying with Settlements
  • Talk to Preston Garvey
  • He sends you on a quest to help a settlement at X location
  • Eliminate group of hostiles designated by said settlement
  • Report back to settlement
  • Report back to Preston Garvey

Community Organizer - Ally with 3 Settlements

Upon allying with 3 settlements, you will have satisfied the requirements for this achievement.

Taking Independence
  • Once you've allied with at least 3 settlements, talking to Preston Garvey will initiate this quest.
  • The quest will consist of retaking The Castle located on the southeast region of the commonwealth. To avoid much spoiler, at most I will say this: You will fight a giant monster. You may want to do some major exploration and hoarding before you actually attempt this.
  • If you do end up doing this quest, try to force yourself to land the killing blow on the giant monster. It counts towards the '... The Harder They Fall' achievement, but not required. See Misc Achievements for more detail.

Taking Independence - Complete "Taking Independence"

Old Guns
  • Note: Following the Taking of Independence, it'll take a few days before Ronnie Shaw arrives at The Castle in order to progress with this questline (roughly 3 days).
  • When finding an alternate route to the armory, you'll hit a hallway that's blocked by rubble, use the workshop to scrap the rubble and gain access.
  • After building the Artillery, you cannot assign the default settler on the radio nor Ronnie Shaw. So if you don't have another settler, build some resources: water, food, bedding so someone moves in. To assign: in workshop menu hit on Command [E] on the settler and then go to the artillery and hit Assign [E].

Old Guns - Complete "Old Guns"

See Walkthrough Endings from here.
Walkthrough - Brotherhood of Steel Route
Joining the Brotherhood of Steel

If you did "The First Step", there's a good chance that you picked up Military Frequency AF95 around the Super Duper Mart where you hear some Brotherhood of Steel being held up at a nearby Police Station. This is the introduction to the Brotherhood of Steel and you receive the quest 'Fire Support'.

Fire Support asks you to assist the people at Cambridge Police Station. Following that, you'll meet Paladin Danse in a nice power armor. You can express your desire to join the Brotherhood of Steel, but with many skeptics, you're asked to assist to prove yourself to the rest of the crew. This leads up to 'Call to Arms' where you must retrieve the Deep Range Transmitter at Arcjet Systems.
MAGAZINE: Tesla Science Issue #1 is next to the CEO Terminal at Arcjet systems.

After returning from the quest, you'll end up getting the quest Semper Invicta where you return back to the Police Station. Completing this quest will induct you into the Brotherhood of Steel as well as give you access to two radiant quests: Quartermasterly and Cleansing the Commonwealth.

Semper Invicta - Join the Brotherhood of Steel

Shadow of Steel
  • Not much to say here. Unless you haven't looted the Cambridge Police Station

Tour of Duty
  • Not much to say here.

Fort Strong
  • Achievement Note '...The Harder They Fall': Behemoth here. Land final hit for 1 counter against giant creatures.
  • MAGAZINE: US Covert Operations Manual #8: General Brock's desk first floor

From Within
  • If you want to succeed this mission, save before talking to Li. You need to pass the persuasion check in order to get her to leave.

Outside the Wire
  • Not much to say here.

Liberty Reprimed
  • Head of Development depends if you convinced Doctor Li back.
  • If not, you'll have to retrieve Doctor Scara from the General Atomics galleria.
  • MAGAZINE: Astoundingly Awesome Tales #10: Sentinel Site near the big stockpile room that you have to get to in a metal hut at the end of a tunnel.

Blind Betrayal
  • Unfortunate events occur. Head to Listening Post Bravo.
    Blind Betrayal - Complete "Blind Betrayal"

Tactical Thinking
  • This is ultimately the end of the Railroad route prior to Mass Fusion if you progress the Brotherhood of Steel quests this quickly. So if you haven't done Mass Fusion, then this is the first chance to fail the Railroad ending.

Spoils of War/Mass Fusion
  • They're grouped together because Mass Fusion is required for Spoils of War.
  • This is where you pick between the Institute and the Brotherhood of Steel
  • MAGAZINE: Tesla Science #7: Computer bank in the mezzannine room
  • STRENGTH BOBBLEHEAD: While going down the elevator, you'll be stopped and have to reactivate the elevator. Head all the way in this area to the 6th floor, look over the middle area and you should see a statue. The bobblehead is on the head of the statue.

Ad Victoriam
  • At one point you will have to go over a river. May be difficult with power armor. Just a note.
    Ad Victoriam - Complete "Ad Victoriam"

The Nuclear Option
  • Do quest things. Last trip to the Institute.
    The Nuclear Option - Complete "The Nuclear Option"

A New Dawn
  • You are promoted to Sentinel
  • Proctor Teagan should have a weapon for you.
Walkthrough - Railroad Route
Road to Freedom
  • Follows real world Freedom Trail.
  • Boston Commons: A7
  • Massachusetts State House: L4
  • Old Granary Burying Grounds: A2
  • Old State House: O6
  • Old Corner Bookstore: 3I
  • Faneuil Hall: 5R
  • Paul Revere's House: 8D
  • Old North Church: 1R
  • 1R A2 3I L4 5R O6 A7 8D spells RAILROAD
  • Or skip to Old North Church, enter the basement. Follow until you find the dial puzzle / Freedom Trail Ring. Spin to letters of RAILROAD, hitting the center button after each letter. Can be any of the available letters.

  • To prove your loyalty to Desdemona, you'll have to help with the loss of the old Railroad HQ at Switchboard
  • MAGAZINE: US Covert Operations #2 at Switchboard: in the executive office in the office area
  • Tradecraft - Join the Railroad

Underground Undercover
  • Requires you to complete 'The Molecular Level'
  • Meet up with Patriot in the Institute by hacking into a terminal. When at ANY terminal, load the Network Scanner holotape then return to the main menu of the terminal to send a message
  • Do quests up until Pinned for Institute quests in order to finish this quest
  • Underground Undercover - Complete "Underground Undercover"

Precipice of War
  • Begins after Underground Undercover; may require Operation Ticonderoga
  • The escape tunnel will not be accessible after this so you must use the main entrance from now on to leave

Rockets' Red Glare
  • Nothing missable on the Prydwen
  • Elder Maxson has 'The Final Judgement' if you want to specifically loot him
  • Rockets' Red Glare - Complete "Rockets' Red Glare"

The Nuclear Option
  • The End

Burning Cover
  • Aftermath
Walkthrough - Institute Route
Synth Retention
  • There's a chance that your synth contact is fighting a Brotherhood of Steel vertibird when you arrive
  • The decision at the end, it's best to get rid of Gabriel in any way you wish.
  • MAGAZINE: US Covert Operations Manual #7: On a red chair on the main ship

The Battle of Bunker Hill
  • You can inform whichever faction you're with when this occurs if it occurs.
  • You can kill your accompanying synth at the end and still get the Institute ending.
  • Running through the place with good relations with both railroad and brotherhood of steel will result no one attacking you except for the turrets. Ignore turrets anyways.
  • Institute: Code Phrase the Synths
  • BoS: Kill Synths & Courser
  • Railroad: Free Synths & Kill Courser

  • Events occur. Avoiding spoilers.
  • Mankind-Redefined - Complete "Mankind-Redefined"

Mass Fusion
  • ENDINGS NOTE: Doing this quest for the Institute will make BoS your enemy and their ending impossible.
  • MAGAZINE: Tesla Science #7: Computer bank in the mezzanine room

  • Encounter with the Minutemen, you can handle it yourself and convince everything to ceasefire.
  • A fight with a Brotherhood of Steel vertibird may occur here.

Powering Up
  • Speech has no effect, pick whatever you want.
  • Replace transmitter. The lights on the machine tell you if you got a piece right at Diamond City Radio Station. 3 = 1 right, 4 = 2 right, 5 = all right.
  • After the meeting, IF you are doing Railroad ending, make sure to have Underground Undercover progressed to "Keep helping Father". After the meeting, you will finally be able to progress the situation.
  • Powering Up - Complete "Powering Up"

End of the Line
  • If you're on the side of the Institute, you will effectively destroy the Railroad.
  • If you're on the side of the Railroad, then you inform Desdemona and proceed with the Railroad questline. Because you don't kill the core members of the Railroad, you will no longer continue Institute quests. Move to Railroad ending starting after Underground Undercover.

Airship Down
  • If you succeeded to this point, then you're already enemies of the Brotherhood of Steel. Eliminate them.
  • Elder Maxson has 'The Final Judgement' weapon.

Nuclear Family
  • After the events at the airport, return to the Institute for the ending.
  • Nuclear Family - Complete "Nuclear Family"

Walkthrough - Endings
Below is a brief description on getting all the endings. Save notes are placed in each faction run-through.

This is by far the least rewarding ending for achievements, and the only ending achievement is also available in the Brotherhood of Steel ending. This is also most likely the only true good ending.
  • Inside Job
  • Form Ranks: In order to get this quest, you MUST be banished from the Institute. Which means you can no longer do Institute missions. If you can't do Institute missions, then you also cannot complete the Railroad missions. Note: If you already have all settlements prior to this quest, kill off two settlements that you keep getting quests for then do them again. LOSE INSTITUTE ENDING AND THUS RAILROAD ENDING
  • Defend the Castle: Requires 8+ settlements
  • The Nuclear Option: FIN: NO MORE ENDINGS
  • With Our Powers Combined: Brotherhood of Steel attacks

Brotherhood of Steel
Depending on which ending you do first between Brotherhood of Steel or Railroad (assuming you don't do minutemen), Nuclear Option is a quest shared by all 3 non-Institute factions.
  • From Within
  • Outside the Wire
  • Liberty Reprimed
  • Blind Betrayal
  • Tactical Thinking: LOSE RAILROAD ENDING
  • Spoils of War: Contains 'Mass Fusion' quest: LOSE INSTITUTE ENDING
  • Ad Victoriam
  • The Nuclear Option: FIN: NO MORE ENDINGS
  • A New Dawn

Depending on which ending you do first between Brotherhood of Steel or Railroad (assuming you don't do minutemen), Nuclear Option is a quest shared by all 3 non-Institute factions.
  • Underground Undercover: See Institute up til End of the Line to complete this.
  • Operation Ticonderoga
  • Precipice of War: War against Brotherhood of Steel
  • Rockets' Red Glare
  • The Nuclear Option: FIN: NO MORE ENDINGS
  • Burning Cover

  • Synth Retention
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill: This quest involves the Institute, the BoS, and the RR. Depending which ending you're doing, you can pick any of the 3 sides to assist within this battle. Choosing the other options will not eliminate any faction endings. Just angry leaders.
  • Mankind-Redefined
  • Mass-Fusion: This is the end point between picking Institute/Railroad or Brotherhood of Steel. Before this quest is the latest possible master save for all endings.
  • Pinned
  • Powering Up
  • End of the Line: LOSE RAILROAD ENDING
  • Airship Down
  • Nuclear Family: FIN: NO MORE ENDINGS

Prepare for the Future - Decide the Fate of the Commonwealth

Doing ANY of the four endings would net this achievement.
Benevolent Leader
Benevolent Leader - Reach Maximum Happiness in a Large Settlement

  • You will need Cap Collector at Tier 2.
  • You will need Local Leader at Tier 2.
  • Must reach 100% Happiness
  • You must have 20 Settlers which means 10 Charisma at minimum.
  • Power does not directly affect happiness, although making sure everything is powered, especially indoor lounges leads to an increase in happiness.
  • Must have Food, Water, and Bedding at 20 or higher. This way you can fully support EACH settler.
  • Then have a defense of at least 100. 150+ to be on the safe side as more and more people get this.

  • Each settler can handle 6 entities of food. Mutfruit Plant is worth 1 food a piece so one settler can produce 6 food.
  • You need 1 food for every settler, so you need at least 20 food. Since you'll have to put 4 settlers towards food, I'd build up to 24 Mutfruit Plants for 24 food.
  • You MUST assign a settler to the food in order for it to produce food. To assign a settler, you can enter workshop mode, target a settler, hit the default "Command" key [E], then go over a plant and you should see the command turn to "Assign" for [E]. Assign it to any and they'll touch the 5 others as well.

  • Doesn't matter how you get the water, in any way you wish, but make sure you get at least 20 water to support your settlement.

  • Not sure if types of bed matter, but having at least 20 beds is required.
  • I used any of the beds w/ a metal frame

  • You can increase happiness by building living rooms with rugs, furniture, lighting and television.
  • The MAIN increase in happiness will come as a result of building Tier 3 Shops which will require Tier 2 Cap Collector perk and Tier 2 Local Leader perk from the Charisma tree.
  • You may also need the Medic Perk for the Surgeon Center (Tier 3 Clinic).
  • Only Bars, Clothing, General, and Clinics apply to happiness. Weapons and Armor do not.
  • Now remember to assign settlers to these shops so they take effect.
  • You can build a bunch of decoration items, such as paintings, to slowly increase happiness if you get really close to 100 happiness.

  • Move any companions you left in your settlement out.
Benevolent Leader - Possible Shortcut
There might be a very quick and easy way to do Benevolent Leader shared by SteeL:

Use the Red Rocket Settlement near the Sanctuary
Do the following:
  • Tier 3 Bar
  • 1 Settler as Bartender
  • 3 Water
  • 30-40 Mutefruits in the Workbench
  • Defenses
  • 1 Bed

You can expedite the progress by sleeping.
They're Not Dolls... - Collect 10 bobbleheads

...They're Action Figures - Collect 20 bobbleheads

Bobbleheard listing order is: SPECIAL then skills appear alphabetically.
Notes regarding area
Mass Fusion
On the head of the statue in the main lobby; head to 6th floor then crouch down and over to get it
+1 Strength Point
Area is visited during Mass Fusion main quest
Museum of Freedom
On the desk where the Minutemen are hanging out
+1 Perception Point
Holotape game/magazine on terminal nearby
Poseidon Energy
In the main room inside of a hut after the mini-boss/legendary raider
+1 Endurance Point
Magazine next to the bobblehead
Parsons State Insane Asylum
On Jack's Desk before the Elevator
+1 Charisma Point
Go to Parsons, kill mercenaries. Go to Bunker Hill, talk to Edward Deegan. Do that side questline til you enter Parsons. Magazine at the very end in the cell. Basement.
Boston Public Library
Northeast corner of the library on a computer bank
+1 Intelligence Point
This is a side quest if you talk to Daisy in goodneighbor first; the magazine here is tedious to get
Wreck of the FMS Northern Star
After navigating through the ship and up top, get to the bow of the ship where the bobblehead will be sitting on the edge on some wood.
+1 Agility Point
Magazine is on the ship; north side
Spectacle Island
Southend of the island on a green ship in a locker
+1 Luck Point
Beware of Mirelurks (Legendaries)
Longneck Lukowski's Cannery
Inside the cannery area, in a control room at the top on a desk
5% Better Barter Prices
Magazine next to bobblehead
Big Guns
Vault 95
From entering, head downstairs then living room area and it'll be near a radio
+25% Critical Damage with Big Guns
Energy Weapons
Fort Hagen
Basement area in the kitchen room
+25% Critical Damage with Energy Weapons
Reunions Questline
Saugus Ironworks
At the end with Slag next to a steamer trunk; Blast Furnace map
+15% Damage to Explosives
Magazine nearby
Pickman's Gallery
At the end of the area where you find Pickman
Lockpicking is permanently easier.
Talk to Hancock in Goodneighbor before clearing this place out
Vault 81
Next to Curie in the hidden/other Vault 81
Stimpaks heal 10% more
Give 3 fusion cores to enter; misc objective: Austin's tour; talk to Erin Combes for quest, do questline, Austin gets a disease, help Austin to access hidden Vault 81
Trinity Tower
Top of the tower where Strong/Rex are locked up
+25% Critical Damage with Melee Weapons
Super mutants
Corvega Assembly Plant
Ontop of the catwalk on the roof towards the southwest
Fusion Cores last 10% longer
The First Step Quest
Vault 75/Malden Middle School
Inside the vault on a desk looking over the cafeteria
Extra guess on hacking terminals
Completing quest opens opportunity for Alien Blaster
Small Guns
Gunners Plaza
On the desk of the broadcoast room; west side ground floor
+25% Critical Damage with Ballastic Weapons
Requires master level lockpicking to enter Broadcast room without key
Dunwich Borer
Next to the 4th terminal in the quarry; giant metal poles are labeled, there's a fork later on, go straight not left for 4
Become 10% harder to detect when sneaking
Magazine at the 3rd Terminal
Vault 114/Park Street Station
On the desk in Nick Valentine's "cell"
All vendors carry 100 more caps when bartering
Unlikely Valentine Quest
Atom Cats Garage
On the hood of the car in the larger building
+25 Critical Damage with Unarmed Attacks
Magazine nearby and see Miscellaneous Objectives
Map Courtesy of Fallout4map.com: Link[www.fallout4map.com]
Never Go It Alone - Recruit 5 Separate Companions

List of companions as well as affinity preferences below. The only thing that needs to be noted about this achievement is that you must actually invite them to go with you at least once to be considered as 'recruited' and thus be able to alter affinity levels.

Lovable - Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion

Personally early game, it's safest to do either Piper or Nick. But late game, there's a way to farm Danse's affinity by entering two power armors, resting for an hour, then entering two power armors, etc which can be done infinitely.

If there is an asterisk next to it, then see here.
* Cait likes this prior to completing her companion quest. Afterwards, no effects.
** Cait likes this prior to completing her companion quest. Afterwards, she DISLIKES it.

Combat Zone
Alcohol Consumption*, Naked, Lockpicking both Owned and Unowned, Pickpocketing, Chems**
Eating Corpse, Murdering Non-Hostiles, Chems**
Sanctuary Hills
Giving Items, Healing Dogmeat, Modifying Armor/Weapon
Chem Usage, Chem Addiction, Murdering Non-Hostiles, Lockpicking Owned, Pickpocketing, Passing Speeches, Theft
Vault 81
Giving Items, Healing Dogmeat
Chem Usage, Murdering Non-Hostiles, Pickpocketing, Theft
Cambridge Police Station
No Effect
Modifying Armor/Weapon, Entering Power Armor, Entering Vertibird, Assisting Brotherhood of Steel quests
Chem Addiction, Murdering Non-Hostiles, Lockpicking Owned, Pickpocketing, Theft
Railroad HQ
Giving Items, Hacking Terminals, Healing Dogmeat, Lockpicking Owned and Unowned, Passing Speeches
Chem Addiction, Chem Usage, Eating Corpses, Murdering Non-Hostiles
Chem Addiction, Naked, Giving Items
Murdering Non-Hostiles, Theft
Lockpicking Owned, Passing Speeches, Theft
Chem Addiction, Giving Items, Murdering Non-Hostiles
Diamond City
Giving Items, Healing Dogmeat, Lockpicking Unowned
Eating Corpses, Murdering Non-Hostiles, Lockpicking Owned, Pickpocketing, Theft
Museum of Freedom / Sanctuary
Giving Items, Modifying Weapons
Chem Addiction, Eating Corpses, Murdering Non-Hostiles, Lockpicking Unowned, Pickpocketing, Theft
Trinity Tower
Eating Corpses, Murdering Non-Hostiles
Healing Dogmeat, Lockpicking Owned and Unowned, Passing Speeches, Entering Power Armor, Entering Vertibird
Long Time Coming Quest
Giving Items, Hacking Terminals, Healing Dogmeat, Supporting Synths/Railroad Quests
Eating Corpses, Murdering Non-Hostiles, Lockpicking Owned, Pickpocketing, Theft
The Institute
Hacking Terminals, Modifying Weapon/Armor, Passing Speeches, Using Power Armor
Chem Addiction, Chem Usage, Giving Items, Healing Dogmeat, Naked, Entering Vertibird
Fix-Er-Upper - Build 100 Workshop Items

  • Must have finished 'When Freedom Calls' to gain access to a workshop (Might be wrong, but this is the earliest one for sure).
  • If you want to save resources and get this achievement, simply scrap all the useless things in Sanctuary and build 100 signs ontop of each other then load an earlier save.
  • Else, you can build 100 things you actually need and keep it like that because building things actually results in experience points. Choice is yours!

Scavver - Gather 1000 Resources Used For Crafting

  • Overall, as long as you keep hording everything you see and turning them to scrap, you shouldn't have any issues obtaining 1000 resources.
  • From my own experience, I don't think resources gained from scrapping directly from the building interface counts towards this, so those bundle of tires, or broken houses probably do not count towards the 1000.

Armed and Dangerous - Craft 50 Weapon Mods

  • If you craft mods often, you should get this with no issues.
  • You can craft cheap mods, such as baseball bat upgrades for a very small amount of resource.
  • There's word that you can find any gun that supports a muzzle and can create the muzzle for FREE. Remove the muzzle, and craft the muzzle again for free (repeatedly).

Wasteland D.I.Y. - Craft 100 Items

  • Does not include weapon mods
  • Does not include settlement objects
  • Half of my craft was from drugs, combining jet and psycho and what not.
  • The other half of my craft was from cooking creature meats which is extremely cheap to do.
  • Both are done at a Cooking Station (there's one in Sanctuary near the bridge by default)
Miscellaneous Achievements
M@sshole - Kill 300 People

Fairly straight forward achievement due to the amount of raiders you generally run into, plus three of the major factions are strictly made up of humans only.

Animal Control - Kill 300 Creatures

There are endless amounts of creatures that you'll run into: Mole Rats, Bloodbugs, Radroaches, Deathclaws, Radscorpions, Mirelurks, Yao Guai, Mutated Hounds, and Super Mutants..

... The Harder They Fall - Kill 5 Giant Creatures

  • This achievement is actually a continuation of Fallout 3's super behemoth achievement 'The Bigger They Are'
  • You MUST land the killing blow to the behemoth for the kill to count.
  • Super Mutant Behemoths and Mirelurk Queens are giant creatures
  • 1. Mirelurk Queen encountered at The Castle in the Minutemen quest 'Taking Independence'
  • 2. Super Mutant Behemoth encountered at Fort Strong in the Brotherhood of Steel quest 'Shadow of Steel'
  • 3. Mirelurk Queen encountered at Murkwater Construction Site (very south center of the map)
  • 4. Swan, a Super Mutant Behemoth, encountered at Swan's Pond (northeast of Diamond City)
  • 5. Behemoth southwest of Walden's Pond (You should see a stonehedge of cars)
  • 6. Ancient Behemoth south of Greentop Nursery (east of Vault 75). The spawn requires you to pickup the janky moon monkey inside the red car.
  • 7. Ancient Behemoth east of Gunner's Plaza
  • 8. Mirelurk Queen on Spectacle Island after switching the circuit breaker on the ship
  • 9. Mirelurk Queen in the basement of Massachusetts State House.

If you complete the main questline at minimum, you'll definitely be across the level 25 threshold as well as breaking into the 30s. Every point in intelligence increases your exp modifier by 0.03, so 10 int is 1.3x exp, or 11 int is 1.33x exp. There's also a luck perk named 'Idiot Savage' that can reward 3x-5x exp for ANY action so you could save then keep trying to turn in quests for higher experience. The main source of experience points will be given through quests, so doing quests should be made a priority. There are radiant quests that have an ENDLESS number of tasks available with each faction.
  • Minutemen: Taking Point, Kidnapping, Clearing the Way, Ghoul Problem... etc
  • Brotherhood of Steel: Quartermasterly, Cleansing the Commonwealth, Leading by Example, Learning Curve, Feeding the Troops
  • Railroad: Safehouse quests, High Ground, Jackpot, Concierge, etc.
  • Institute: Pest Control, Appropriation, Reclimation, Political Leanings

Born Survivor - Reach Level 5

Commonwealth Citizen - Reach Level 10

Unstoppable Wanderer - Reach Level 25

Legend Of The Wastes - Reach Level 50

Perk Related
Prankster's Return - Placed A Grenade Or Mine While Pickpocketing

Requires a grenade/mine, a pickpocketing perk tier of 2. Simply crouch, pickpocket anyone, insert the explosive and exit the menu. Target will explode.

What's Yours Is Mine - Pick 50 Locks

Overall, this achievement is self-explanatory. It's recommended to have the Locksmith perk at tier 3 so you can pick any lock that comes your way.

RobCo's Worst Nightmare - Hack 50 Terminals

Like the lockpicking achievement, it's recommended to have the Hacker perk at tier 3 so you can hack any terminal that shows up.

Gun-For-Hire - Complete 10 Side Quests

  • Side Quests do not include main quests, nor faction related quests.
  • Three required side quests include the Secret of Cabot house questline, so if you haven't done them yet, see Charisma Bobblehead for details.

Ranger Corps - Discover 100 Locations

  • Self-Explanatory.
  • If you want a ton of easy locations, simply walk around the Boston Commons, and a bit south. Check your compass for outlines of areas and simply go towards them to 'discover'. Should be completed without even trying.
  • Check out this map[www.fallout4map.com]

Print's Not Dead - Read 20 Magazines

  • There are 123 Magazines.
  • Many magazines that you encounter in the main questline are designated in the walkthrough.
  • Check out this map[www.fallout4map.com]

Touchdown - Get a Touchdown

In short, you have to die to a mini-nuke. It can be shot from a fat man or be triggered by a super mutant suicider. Some possible places you can venture for this below, but not limited to:

  • Fat man on top of Gunner's Plaza
  • Suicide mutant at Revere Satellite Array
  • Suicide mutant is either in College Square or Park Street Square
  • Fat Man at Libertalia
Miscellaneous Objectives
Mercenary - Complete 50 Misc. Objectives

Miscellaneous objectives are single tasks without a quest. You cannot see a list of miscellaneous objectives, nor do I believe there is a list of miscellaneous objectives available. And since they're so short, it's also hard for me to really list 50 concrete objectives. As time passes, more and more objectives will be confirmed. If you're certain of some that aren't on this list, feel free to comment.

For a generic method of locating miscellaneous jobs so you don't have to keep referencing the guide, the jobs ALWAYS appeared as the LEFT choice. Up was talk, right was never mind, and down was barter with most traders. Though you will have to exhaust some dialogue for various characters to get to this point.

Another note: if you already completed a task and you try to accept the objective, you'll only receive the reward and not the objective completion.

Each number is separate miscellaneous objective. Astericks denotes possible repetition of miscellaneous objective.

Fastest Method
  • Using Vertibird Signal Grenades are the easiest way to reach 50 miscellaneous objectives. There are two ways for you to do this.
  • BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL: When you join the Brotherhood of Steel, you are given 'Vertibird Signal Grenades' by Elder Maxson. Using one will create a miscellaneous objective to 'Board to Vertibird'. Occurs everytime you throw one. More can be bought from Proctor Teagan on the Prydwen.
  • After the Railroad Ending, Desdemona will grant the players vertibird signal grenades as well with Tinkerer Tom providing additional grenades.

  • 1*. Mama Murphy will request a drug that you must retrieve for her.
  • 2*. All 'Defend' random objectives for settlements are considered to be miscellaneous objectives, so do them while you can. It seems the later in the game you are, the less defend missions you are given. So do them while they're hot.

Brotherhood of Steel
  • 1. When you join the Brotherhood of Steel, you are given 'Vertibird Signal Grenades' by Elder Maxson. Using one will create a miscellaneous objective to 'Board to Vertibird'. Occurs everytime you throw one. More can be bought from Proctor Teagan on the Prydwen.
  • 2. Proctor Quinlan accepts 'Technical Documents'. You must retrieve the misc. quest prior to technical documents showing up. Also, I have no idea how to actually complete this miscellaneous quest.
  • 3. Upon ranking up to Knight, talking with Elder Maxson will result in a miscellaneous objective to check out your personal storage on the Prydwen.

Diamond City
  • Possible Misc: When arriving at Diamond City, you're asked to get a copy of the Public Occurrences from Piper.
  • 1. Up in the mayor's office, talk to the secretary and you can buy the Home Plate house for 2,000 caps and receive a miscellaneous objective to visit your house.
  • 2. Up in the mayor's office, talk to the secretary and ask about any job listings. You will receive a miscellaneous objective to find the wanted board.
  • 3*. The wanted board described in 2 will occasionally generate miscellaneous objectives for you to do. (Need more information on time)
  • 4. Running around the guards will trigger a miscellaneous objective to see Abbot at the wall (or Green Monster). This leads to the side-quest 'Painting the Town'. But seeing him counts as a miscellaneous objective.
  • 5. Near the farm in Diamond City, look for a homeless guy named Sheffield. Give him a Nuka-Cola to complete his misc. objective.
  • 6. Eventually, guards will tell you that the Bobrov brothers who run the Dugout Inn need some help. Completing this misc. objective will lead to the 'Confidence Man' side-quest.
  • 7. At the very back of Diamond City, you should see a lake/pond. The small kid who runs the water purification plant will ask you to clean the lake by picking up 5 items. This is worth 2 miscellaneous objectives. 1 for picking up 5 items. 1 for returning to him.
  • 8. A guard will randomly approach you informing you about "The Combat Zone". Enter the "The Combat Zone"
  • 9. Nick Valentine will task you with the misc. objective to 'Investigate the Museum of Witchcraft'
  • 10. Doctor Duff inside Science! Center will ask you to retrieve a Bloatfly Gland after you asking for a biology lesson.

  • 1. Talk to Fahrenheit to talk to Bobbi; Missable if you talk to Bobbi first
  • 2. Fred Allen asks you to retrieve a HalluciGen Canister
  • 3. Hancock asks you to traverse through Pickman's Gallery
  • 4. Upon entering the Third Rail, you get an objective to Talk to MacCready
  • 5. After buying a beer in the Third Rail from Whitechapel Charlie, you get an objective to clear out Goodneighbor Warehouses
  • 6. Return to Whitechapel Charlie after clearing warehouses
  • 7. Upon completing the side quest "The Dig", talking with Fahrenheit will trigger another objective to 'Talk to Hancock'
  • 8. After the above objective, Hancock has a speech. After the speech, you'll get another miscellaneous objective to 'Talk to Hancock'.
  • Goodneighbor guards may have a few miscellaneous objectives. Will not number until the objective is defined.
  • Missing more of goodneighbor misc objectives.

The Slogs
  • 1. Arlen Glass requests that you go to AtomicToy Factory Plant and retrieve toy parts.
  • 2. Return to Arlen Glass

Bunker Hill
  • 1. Joe at the bar will ask you to find his grandpa. Find his grandpa.
  • 2. Return to Joe
  • 3. Deb wants you to clear out the National Guard Training Yard.
  • 4. Must be done after Deb's; Kessler wants you to save surviving caravan traders.
  • 5. Kessler wants you to kill Zeller.
  • 6. Return to Kessler

Vault 81
  • 1. Taking the tour with Austin. Can be failed if you don't follow him.

University Point
  • 1. Around University Point, there will be a refrigerator standing out near a house and you get a miscellaneous objective to 'Investigate the Sound'. Leads to the 'Kid in the Fridge' side-quest. Note: Side-quest runs through an area with power-armor enemy, legendary super mutant, and missile launcher equipped enemy.

Atom Cats Garage
  • 1. When talking to Zeke, he will tell you to talk to Rowdy.
  • 2. Rowdy will tell you to go install the pump at Warwick Homestead.
  • 3. Report that you installed the pump to June Warwick.
  • 4. Return to Rowdy
  • 5. Eliminate Gunners
  • 6. Talk to Zeke after defeating gunners; Join Atom Cats

Glowing Sea
  • 1. Give Virgil the Serum: You'll receive this miscellaneous objective when asking Virgil for help on reaching the Institute. The Serum is located inside the FEV lab of the Institute's Bioscience division at the very end of the lab. When you return to Virgil, REMOVE YOUR POWER ARMOR. If you enter his cave with power armor equipped AFTER visiting the Institute, they're hostile and you'll immediately fail the objective.

Railroad HQ
  • 1. One of the workers will state that PAM requests your assistance. Talk to PAM

Parsons Insane Asylum
  • 1. Following the completion of the side quest: The Secret of Cabot House, roughly a week after the aftermath you'll receive a miscellaneous objective to return to Jack at Parsons Insane Asylum regarding the artifact. See Charisma Bobblehead for more about the side quest.

Greenetech Genetics
  • During the Act 2 quest 'Hunter/Hunted', you'll find a synth named K1-98. She asks for you to free her. Need confirmation if this is a miscellaneous objective, a side quest, or neither.
Automatron DLC

Quick Note: Loot every robot you kill. See 'Robot Hunter' for why.

Quest Related
Mechanical Menace
Complete "Mechanical Menace"

Upon loading the game with the DLC installed, this is the very first quest you encounter:
  • Listen to the Caravan Distress Signal in your Radio. It will tell you that the caravan was hit just east of the Watts Consumer Electronics
  • Go there, eliminate the two hostile robots.
  • Speak with the robot, Ada, after the battle. I would assume that killing the robot would fail the mission. You're rewarded with a Robot Workbench Blueprint to build at any settlement through the workbench.
  • Next Quest: A New Threat

A New Threat
  • Head to General Atomics Factory.
  • Eliminate the Quantum Robobrain and loot the Mechanist Brain/Device then talk to Ada.
  • Build the Robot Workbench if you haven't already through a Settlement Workbench
  • Install the Robobrain at a Robot Workbench
  • Next Quest: Headhunting

Complete "Headhunting"

This is part of the main questline for the Automatron DLC.
  • You'll be following a RoboBrain signal that's located just southwest of the General Atomics Factory where you just received the first RoboBrain. Head there and dispatch the enemy for the second.
  • You'll find another Quantum Robobrain. Now the unnamed device is now identified as Radar Beacon. Get the Beacon.
  • After talking to Ada again, the next Radio Beacon is located at Fort Hagen Satellite Array. Head there. After clearing out the enemies, you'll need to get inside the hangar. The terminal to open the door is above the checkpoint.
  • Inside, you'll be in for quite of a fight. The final radio beacon is on the machine. You'll have to escape and go through a few more battles. Escape is near the top, if you get lost (like I did).
  • Now, once you exit the Hangar, talk to Ada.
  • Head back to the Robot Workbench and create a new Automatron. Do whatever you wish, but make sure to use Jezebel's head.
  • Talk to Jezebel.
  • Next Quest: Restoring Order

Restoring Order
Complete "Restoring Order"

  • Install the M-Sat on a robot.
  • Visit the Robco Service Facility marked on your map. Examine the Strange Device and have your robot companion scan the it to unlock a door.
  • Inside, you'll find lots more things to activate using the M-Sat, but for the most part, it's very straightforward. Up until you get to the clinic.
  • If you've pressed the button in the big room with the rails, you may assume that the button inside the clinic has the same simple function of closing the door, but it's actually an elevator. Go inside and press the button next to the stretcher.
  • When you descend, make sure to pick up the Medical Facility Password from the Integrated Tankbot to access the terminal to proceed.
  • The last area will have a LONG series of robots to fight, so be prepared.
  • After all that, talk to Ada.

Robot Hunter
Unlock 10 Robot Mods

Mods are unlocked by looting various robot parts from enemy robots. Specific robots will generally drop specific parts pertaining to their makeup. As you will encounter SEVERAL robots in the final area, this should be no trouble to unlock provided you're looting the robots as you go.

The Most Toys
Build 10 Robot Mods

Simply build any 10 mods at the Robot Workbench. Try not to build the same parts over and over as you simply reuse the parts that you removed if you're on a singular robot.
Wasteland Workshop DLC

If you only care about the achievements, I would suggest building anything related to this DLC in a non-crowded area. The Capital or The Drive-in are good places. These cages you have to build are big, and massive in number.

Build One of Every Cage Type

There a total of 4 Small Cages, 6 Medium Cages, and 6 Large Cages. You must build all 16 of them:
Mutant Hound
6x Steel, 1x Copper, 2x Brahmin Meat
Mole Rat
6x Steel, 1x Copper, 4x Radroach Meat
6x Steel, 1x Copper, 3x Canned Dog Food
6x Steel, 1x Copper, 2x Softshell Mirelurk Meat
Feral Ghoul
10x Steel, 2x Copper, 4x Mongrel Dog Meat
16x Steel, 4x Gear, 4x Copper, 5x Mutfruit
10x Steel, 2x Copper, 500x Bottlecaps
10x Steel, 2x Copper, 4x Mole Rat Meat
10x Steel, 2x Copper, 6x Jet
Super Mutant
10x Steel, 2x Copper, 5x Brahmin Meat
16x Steel, 4x Copper, 4x Gear, 4x Razorgrain
16x Steel, 4x Copper, 4x Gear, 4x Yao Guai Meat
16x Steel, 4x Copper, 4x Gear, 4x Mirelurk Egg
16x Steel, 4x Copper, 4x Gear, 4x Stingwing Meat
16x Steel, 4x Copper, 4x Gear, 4x Carrot
Yao Guai
16x Steel, 4x Copper, 4x Gear, 4x Radstag Meat
*Gorilla Cage not required due to events leading to the cage being unavailable.

Regarding meats, simply kill the animal and harvest them for meat. Alternatively, capture these animals using the cages, and then kill the animal caught and harvest it that way.

After your cage catches a wasteland wildlife, cut the power from the cage to release the animal. This can be done by either temporarily removing the wire connected to it, or by hooking it up to a terminal. IN ORDER TO CATCH ANOTHER WILDLIFE, YOU MUST REPAIR THE CAGE TO REPLENISH ITS FOOD BAIT.

Have 5 Tamed Creatures in a Settlement

This achievement seems to have a random trigger method, so my suggestion is to build several Beta Wave Emitters which will keep your captured wildlife tamed and stop them from attacking the settlement.

The more creatures you have, the better chance you have at getting this achievement, so make sure not to kill them off, or build multiple cages of the easier creatures. The cat seems to always produce a House Cat which is nice.

Start a Spectated Arena Fight in a Settlement

First off, you'll want to build three things: Build both arena platform colors. Each platform consumes 4 wood, and 10 steel.

Next, you'll need the Quitting Time Siren. This tower is the MOST important part of the achievement as it requires a SPECTATED fight. When you're ready, throw a settler onto any of the platforms. Then sound the siren. Next, get another settler and throw them onto the opposite arena.

This should trigger your achievement.
Far Harbor DLC

Quest Line

Far From Home
  • This quest is automatically started once you start the game. If you're on a new game, you'll probably have to reach Diamond City as this involves Valentine's Detective Agency.
  • After getting the quest, you will be tasked with listening to the radio: Valentine's Detective Agency Radio
  • Make your way to Diamond City and the detective agency and talk to Ellie. After that, head to the marker on the map at the far north-east section.
  • Talk to the parents some more if you want. You'll ask the same three questions about their missing daughter.
  • Head into her room. It's the room with all the machines. On her desk is a tape regarding the radio, play it. Next to her bed is another tape labeled dreams. There's also a tape in the hallway next to the lamp regarding the lamp. Now on her dresser behind the toolbox is a journal, read it to find out about a key to a safe.
  • Head to the boathouse now. Read Grandfather's Note ontop of the safe near the waterside. You can either picklock the safe, or get the key from the picture frame.
  • Talk to the parents, then take the boat to Far Harbor.
    Far From Home
    Complete the quest "Far From Home"

Walk in the Park
  • Talk to the welcoming party, then help them defend the hull. I recommend taking some Angler meat for some cooking. Talk to Avery after that.
  • She'll direct you to the Last Blank for Longfellow. Head there. Go to Longfellow.
  • Islander's Almanac #1: On the table next to Longfellow
  • Talk to Longfellow. Then follow him off to Acadia.
  • Keep following him until you get to Acadia. After you arrive, you will unlock the first workshop for Longfellow's Cabin.

Where You Belong
  • Talk to the leader of Acadia. Then make your way to Chase. She's blocking the path downstairs. Upon talking to her, you may receive the Arrival quest. After that, make your way down to Kasumi for some information.
  • Islander's Almanac #2: On the mid floor where most of the Synths are, there should be a bar-like area with a round counter. The issue is on the counter.
  • You'll get a few tasks. If you have Master Terminal Hacking, you'll be able to hack Faraday's Terminal. If you do hack it, make sure to download Faraday's Program for Kasumi. Then talk to Kasumi and you'll finish the quest that way.
    Where You Belong
    Complete the quest "Where You Belong"

Best Left Forgotten
  • Simply make your way to the Nucleus and talk to Grand Zealot Richter. You can either bust your way in, or befriend the Children of Atom. If you befriend them, the password of the terminal in the shrine is to the left on the side of a shelf.
  • After that, make your way inside then into the locked off area of the Nucleus. Here you'll face several robots guarding DiMa's memories. At the end when you get to the computer, turn on the power then access the computer.
  • When accessing the memory bank, you'll get a small puzzle game. Easy, but tedious.
  • After that, you can finally leave that dreaded puzzle. Now you'll have to do a few tasks. The far west object is the way to get start the Cleansing the Land questline.
  • Now you can find the medical facility to finish the quest. This will trigger the quest: The Way Life Should Be

The Way Life Should Be
  • Make your way through the facility then you'll get a terminal to hack. It's novice, so you won't have any issues. Take the elevator up.
  • Dig the unmarked grave.
  • Play the holotape, take Avery's Locket, and take Avery's Skull. Now you can confront several people including the High Confessor and DiMa. DiMa is the important one for this quest. Upon your decision, you will complete the quest. Make sure to keep the Key.
  • Should you decide to help DiMa, you will begin Reformation.
    The Way Life Should Be
    Complete the quest "The Way Life Should Be"

Cleansing the Land
  • First task is getting the nuclear key in the Harbor Grand Hotel. Find the keypad to unlock the secret room then use the terminal inside. Listen to the tape, take it if you want. There's a holotape next to Frany's body on the ground. You'll get a marker towards Fringe Cove Docks to the southwest. The key will be underwater near the docks.
  • The wind turbine kill switch is located to the northwest. It can be used to turn off the turbines.
  • Ultimately, disabling the Far Harbor's defenses is the ultimate goal of this mission. That also makes it missable should you advance too far into the questline. But destroying Far Harbor may also not be in your preferences, so save.
  • Alternatively, finish Reformation and you this quest will also complete itself.
    Cleansing the Land
    Complete the quest "Cleansing the Land"

  • Head to the designated pump. Get the two holotapes, read the notes if you'd like. Give the tapes to DiMa.
  • Head to the Nucleus. Talk to Tektus then show him the holotape. After you kill him off and hide him, return to DiMa.

Close to Home
  • Talk to Kasumi. Return back to the Commonwealth. Talk to Kenji.
    Close To Home
    Complete the quest "Close to Home"

The Islander's Almanac
Collect all issues of "The Islander's Almanac" magazine

It's been noted that if you put a copy of the magazine down on a bookshelf and pick it back up, you can get this achievement without having to find all 5 editions.
1. The Long Plank: Next to where you met Longfellow
2. Acadia: Second floor at the bar on the counter
3. National Park's Visitor Center (Northeast): On the counter inside the building near the workshop
4. Brooke's Head Lighthouse (South): At the top of the lighthouse on a shelf
5. Northwood Ridge Quarry (South): Just north of the Lighthouse is the Quarry. Enter the quarry itself and you'll find another fort of trappers. It's on a table next to a bed

Defeat 30 Far Harbor Sea Creatures

Naturally obtained. If not, try a defend objective at a settlement.

New England Vacationer
Discover 20 Far Harbor Locations

Self-explanatory. You should get this naturally, if not, run around the map towards areas you haven't unlocked.

Push Back The Fog
Unlock 3 Far Harbor Workshop Locations

1. Complete Walk in the Park Questline to unlock Longfellow's Workshop
2. Help Cassie Dalton with killing the Feral Ghouls then she'll ask you to defeat the Legendary Fog Crawler at Dalton Farm (Northwest) to unlock the Dalton Farm's Workshop
3. During The Hold Out, talk to Uncle Ken at National Park Visitor Center to unlock the Workshop. This requires you to complete Living on the Edge and Rite of Passage before talking to Mitch for this quest.

Just Add Saltwater
Cook One of the New Far Harbor Recipes

Easiest method is to loot an angler for its meat then cook it into a poached angler.
Contraptions DLC

Show Off
Display a weapon on a weapon rack, armor on an armor rack, and power armor in a power armor display

I won't hassle too much about items this time around. But a quick run down. Go to any settlement with materials and build yourself at least 1 armor rack, 1 weapon rack, and 1 power armor display. All three are listed under Decorations > Display.

Weapon Rack - Simply put any 1 item that fits the description of the rack. I threw a random lead pipe on mine.
Power Armor Display - I did hook up power to it prior to doing this, so if you're having issue, try giving it power. Similar to the Power Armor repairs, put a power frame near the display, then exit. Interact with the display and the power armor will move itself into the display.
Armor Rack - Probably the most ambiguous for me. After building your armor rack, place any piece of armor into the rack. Then select that item and select Equip. The keyboard hotkey is T.

Time Out
Assign a settler to a pillory

In the workshop, go to resources then to miscellaneous. The pillory should be one of the last items to the right (Subject to change when Vault-Tec Workshop arrives). After you build it, simply assign one of the settlers to it.

Mass Production
Produce 100 objects from your builders

This is probably the most complicated, but not too difficult. You will need two things. The first is ANY type of builder all of which are located in the power section. There's a Builder, Weapon Producer, Ammo Producer, etc. Pick whichever one you intend to build with. Most players should have 500 Steel, so producing 100 steel balls for 5 steel a piece should suffice for this achievement. Steel Balls are built using the first Builder.

Now that you've got your builder, you'll a power source and a terminal. A terminal is located in the power section under Miscellaneous. Build the terminal and wire it to a building unit. Now use the terminal and check what you want to build. When you pick an item, it'll give you ALL the ingredients required to build the item. Click any of the ingredients and the terminal will build that item should the materials be available.

Now lastly, the materials. If you inspect the builder, you can take/transfer items. Simply transfer the materials required into the builder and it'll periodically build the items should it have enough.

Build 100 items like this, and the achievement should pop. If you don't want to count, simply build a Conveyer Storage and it'll act as a collection unit and count for you. If this goes too slow, build more builders and hook them up to more terminals.

Note: If your builder no longer builds and simply reproduces the materials, rebuild the builder and it should fix itself.
Vault-Tec Workshop DLC

Vault-Tec Calling
  • First quest of the DLC questline. Tune in to Vault 88's Radio. Then head to Vault 88 to investigate on the south side of the map.
  • Approach the vault, clear out the raiders, and interact with the gates.

Better Living Underground
  • Access the security terminal in the gate control room. Lift the security lockdown.
  • Head to the Reactor room. You will find a legendary mutant: Security Chief Anderson. Kill him and loot the 'Vault-Tec' control board from his body.
  • Access the Vault-Tec workshop nearby (it's red). Head towards the marker to the rubble while having the workshop active and scrap the debris.
  • Once you clear the debris, talk to Overseer Barstow.

A Model Citizen
  • Follow the Overseer while she talks about the past. Her friend, Julian, will attack you. After some time, you'll be tasked with killing the feral ghouls. Do so. Talk to the Overseer after you're done.
  • Head back to the Vault-Tec Workshop and build the Overseer's Desk. For speed purposes, build it near the Overseer for now. You can move it later. Then use the terminal built in with the desk (exit power armor if you have one). Then return to the Overseer.
  • She'll go to the overseer desk. I picked not to find perfect test subjects and went with not hurting people. This will result in you having to find interview subjects. Now once she's done talking, go turn on the Vault-Tec Beacon.
  • Explore the vault around. Then eventually outsiders will approach the Vault. Interview them near the gate.
  • Clem is the important one. Be nice to him, although I'm sure he can receive verbal abuse.

Explore Vault 88
  • Get the Vault-Tec Workshop and then go clear out all the rubble and trains that are blocking your path to other parts of the vault.
  • The sectors are labeled.
  • East Sector is filled with mirelurks and a mirelurk queen. The control board is before the workshop in the room with ghouls on a shelf at the end of the first train tunnel.
  • North-east Sector is much longer. Keep going through it until you go through a very small rocky tunnel. You'll go up some concrete stairs, keep going. Then you'll be in a larger room. The workshop is to your left. The control board you already passed right where the concrete stairs were.
  • North Sector workshop is near the North-East Sector workshop. Take the only path you can and you'll get there in no time. Follow the marker through a tunnel and into train platform for the control board.
    Better Living Underground
    Unlock all build areas of Vault 88

Power to the People
  • The Vault 88 Suit on the trunk is probably yours. The trunk itself holds 10 Pip-Boys and 10 Vault Suits. After retrieving these, give 1 Suit and 1 Pip-Boy to Clem. The Pip-Boy is listed under Miscellaneous. The pip-boy will equip automatically, but the suit needs to be equipped manually when you give it to him. (T is default key on keyboard)
    Vault Dweller
    Equip Vault 88 suit and Pip-boy on a settler

Become Overseer

There's two ways to become the Overseer.
  1. The natural way is to complete all of the experiments and when given the chance, ask the Overseer to leave.
  2. Save. Kill the Overseer. This will fail the quests and make the new inhabitants hostile. So saving is recommended. This purely the fast way for it.

Quick-Note: In order to access vault-tec workshop items outside of the vault, you must complete all of the experiments.
Nuka-World DLC

Quest Line

Small note: You may want to keep your eyes peeled for Nuka-Cade Tokens, Tickets, and Pre-War Money.

All Aboard
  • DLC requirement is level 15 and not being inside of Vault 111.
  • The quest should start automatically. First step is to tune into Nuka-Cola Family Radio. Now after the radio transmission, you'll get a marker to the far west to the Transit Center. Make your way there. Head into the Transit Center.
  • Talk to Harvey. He'll give you the control terminal access password. Use the terminal behind the reception and power up the railway generators. Take the Nuka-Express to Nuka-World. Exit the express to finish the quest.

Taken for a Ride
  • Originally I wrote a walkthrough for this quest, but it's pretty linear. You just have to be wary of traps essentially everywhere. Ground, air, wall.
  • Get to the end of the gauntlet.
    Taken for a Ride
    Complete "Taken for a Ride"

An Ambitious Plan
  • Take the exit to Nuka-World. Now follow the marker that leads you to Gage. You'll pass quite a few places inside of Nuka-World before exiting. Once at the marker, hit the button to lower the elevator, and go up. Talk to Gage.
  • Head east to Fizztop Mountain and meet up with Nisha, Dixie, and Savoy. (Disciples)
  • Head south to the Parlor and meet up with Mags and Williams Black (Operators)
  • Head southwest to Bradberton Amphitheater and meet up with Mason (Pack)
  • Return to Gage

The Grand Tour
  • Head west from the Fizztop Grille where you talked to Gage. This will exit the civil area and into the feral zone of Nuka-World.
  • Head to each of the area, do the quest and assign the flag. There's a total of four areas.
    The Grand Tour
  • Return to Gage after all that.
    Complete "The Grand Tour"

Home Sweet Home
  • A bit dragged out, but you'll have to setup three raider outposts in the commonwealth.
    Home Sweet Home
    Complete "Home Sweet Home"

Power Play
  • Talk to Shank. After that, head to the power plant of Nuka World.
  • You'll eventually be tasked with taking out the third leader and end up activating the reactor
    Power Play
    Complete "Power Play"


Eyes on the Prize
Redeem 100,000 tickets at the Nuka-Cade

First off, you'll need to get 100,000 Nuka-Cade Tickets. To do that, go play Bandit Roundup using an explosive automatic weapon. Shoot the targets (with explosive weapons, you don't have to aim). If you get a perfect score, you get 1,000 tickets. Repeat until you're at 100,000 tickets. Then spend them all for this achievement.

All Sugared Up
Defeat 40 Nuka-World Creatures while under the effect of any Nuka-Mix flavor

See all the Nuka-Mix combinations below. Rest is self-explanatory.

Create 20 different flavors of Nuka-Cola

First off you'll need a Nuka-mixer Station. There's several around Nuka World or you can create one using the workshop for a low price of 4 steel, 1 rubber.

Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Cherry
Nuka-Cherry, Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Grape
Bourbon, Nuka-Cola-Dark, Nuka-Cola, Rum, Vodka
Nuka-Cola Wild x2
Nuka-Cola Dark, Nuka-Grape, Nuka-Cola Orange, Nuka-Cola Quartz, Nuka-Cola Victory, Nuka-Cola Wild, Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Cherry, Nuka-Cola Quantum
Nuka-Cola Quartz, Nuka-Cola Victory, Nuka-Cola Quantum
Nuka-Cola Wild, Nuka Cherry
Nuka-Cola, Dirty Water
Nuka-Grape, Nuka-Cola Orange, Nuka-Cola,Nuka-Cherry
Carrot Flower, Tato, Nuka-Cola Dark, Nuka-Cola
Med-X, Nuka-Cola Orange, Nuka-Cola
Nuka-Cherry, Nuka-Cola Quartz
Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Cola Dark x2
Nuka-Grape, Nuka-Cola Orange, Nuka-Cola Quartz, Nuka-Cherry
Nuka-Cola Orange, Nuka-Cola Victory
Nuka-Cola Victory, Nuka-Cola Wild
Nuka-Cola Orange, Nuka-Cherry
Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Cola Wild
Nuka-Cola Dark, Nuka-Cola Quantum
Nuka Grape, Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Cola Quantum

Collect every issue of Scav! Magazine

  1. Galactic Zone: To the left of the Star Control, go up the stairs and jump off the ledge into a courtyard. It's on a wooden crate.
  2. Junkyard: Inside the hangar, go up top and back towards the entrance so you're above it. It's on the desk next to the safe.
  3. Funhouse: Take the mirror maze, pass the rotating rockets, then over the pool and into the psychedelic corridor. Go right, left, then straight. It'll be next to a corpse.
  4. Grandchester Mystery Mansion: Go inside and head upstairs to the attic. It's on a crate.
  5. Dry Rock Gulch: On the roof of the middle building. You'll have to climb red containers along the edge of the park to get there. Requires entering the employee area.

Hostile Takeover
Establish 8 Raider Camps in the Commonwealth

Once you unlock Home Sweet Home, this is pretty straightforward. Shank will continually let you take on jobs that revolve around bolstering raider camps in the commonwealth. Simply keep picking Claim Raider Outpost until you end up with 8.

Raiding for a Living
Complete 12 quests for any Nuka-World Raider Gangs

Once you've completed 'An Ambitious Plan', each of the leaders will extend an offer for you to do quests for them. Simply do 12 total quests for the three Nuka-World Raider Gangs: Disciples, Operators, and Pack.
< >
Jeffery Nov 15, 2019 @ 11:38am 
Another way to get the Misc objectives which is even faster than the Vertibird is with the Far Harbour DLC. Go to the Barkeep in Far Harbour and rent a room for 10 caps. Each time you do this it gives you a misc objective to go to sleep upstairs. Sleep for 1 hour. Rinse and repeat. Just thought I'd put it out there in case no one has brought it up before.
Ponkberry  [author] Jul 12, 2019 @ 8:08pm 
Yeah, there's a total of 20 recipes with 5 being defaulted in a mixer. So you'll need to find the other 15.
I like breathing Jul 11, 2019 @ 10:14pm 
Do we need to find every single recipe for the Nuke-World "Beverageer"?
Ponkberry  [author] Jul 5, 2019 @ 10:35am 
The Docile achievement is 5 at a single given time and not collectively over time. I don't think Brahmin works very well since they are not generally aggressive. I would try Mole Rats instead.

Update: Fixed the 'Touchdown' achievement name
Lil C]-[ew C]-[ew is ಥ﹏ಥ Jul 4, 2019 @ 12:51pm 
By the way but is there any problem if I slaughtering these animals would that made me lose the progress to conclude this achievement?
Lil C]-[ew C]-[ew is ಥ﹏ಥ Jul 4, 2019 @ 12:43pm 
Hi. I'm trying to do Docile using one brahmin cage and by today I have tammed the 5th brahmin and yet the achievement didn't pop up after opening the cage. Is there someway where I can keep tracked the progress for creatured tammed? I only see for friended animals and whispered creatures .
Lil C]-[ew C]-[ew is ಥ﹏ಥ Mar 23, 2019 @ 8:49am 
As long you don't leave the commentaries hanging for too long and respond your fellow players to clarify what we are confused or on what did go wrong. At least as I can see you are still active to respond which I feel is the right thing to do. :tgrin:
Ponkberry  [author] Mar 23, 2019 @ 4:52am 
Except that line says one thing and only one thing. In fact, each quest is literally in a HEADER, since you know, I list all of the quests by themselves. Bold won't help in this guide format, it barely stands out.
Lil C]-[ew C]-[ew is ಥ﹏ಥ Mar 22, 2019 @ 7:08am 
Okay, I have done both final Railroad achievement I only had trouble to understand and catch up wih the following sentence in guide as you described: Do quests up until Pinned for Institute quests in order to finish this quest . I couldn't remember there was a quest called Pinned . Don't be offended but adding bold letters in quest titles could help a lot even you have started with a capital at the beginning but still made me confused about what it was.
Ponkberry  [author] Mar 21, 2019 @ 9:54pm 
@SteeL: added your method for a quick and easy method for Benevolent Leader.