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Weapon and Armor Modifications, Power Armor Mechanics
By [CFC-CO] DeltaNutmeg
Explaining weapon and armor modifications, as well as going in-depth into how power armor works.
This is Chapter Two of the Wasteland Survival Guide.

I will cover which weapons are suitable, as well as their pros and cons. I will also cover the modifications can give, and what power armor gives benefits wise. This will be a short, and concise guide that covers basics, but people have still asked me questions on this which is the only reason why this exists.
Around your Wasteland travels, you can find many weapons off the corpses of dead bodies, or looting. Weapons will come in four different types : Pipe, regular, energy and special weapons. All weapons can come in 'Legendary' statuses, recieved by doing quests and kiling legendary mobs.

Pipe Weapons
Pipe weapons are cheap, found all across the wasteland and do little damage compared to other guns, making them the most common variant of guns across the wasteland. However, it makes up for it as pipe weapons are also the most moddable out of all the variants. Feel free to turn that revolver into a automatic sniper rifle.

Regular Weapons
Probably the most vague title I could have attributed it to, regular weapons are the upgrade from the pipe gun variant. These do more damage, but are less moddable. I recommend these guns over pipe weapons.

Energy Weapons
These are high damage weapons, but are less moddable. The plasma weapons can melt enemies and make them drop nuclear materials. The ammo is rare, so it is generally a bad idea to exclusively use energy weapons unless you have boatloads of ammo.

Special Weapons
These are the weapons that don't fall into any other catagory. Junk Jets, Flamers, etc.
Weapon Modifications
Weapon modifcations will use loads of adhesives, so stock up and always grab adhesive items. Check chapter four of my guide for areas to find adhesives.

Weapon modifcations in the Wasteland improve an already good weapon into a true, personal weapon you can be proud to call your own. This can range from simply adding a bayonet to a rifle, to completely modifying a simple pipe pistol into a roaring powerful, automatic combat rifle. I really cannot stress more on how important modifcations are, so check out what you can do at the 'Weapon Modifcation Station'. One can be found in Sanctuary.
Armor and Armor Modifcations
Normal armor works by allowing you to wear unprotected clothes, which typically boosts your S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats, and then adding protective pieces on armor on top. There are eight areas that you can customise: head, torso, left arm, right arm, left leg, and right leg and clothing to go under the armor, as well as a eye piece, for example, sunglasses. Not all head armors support eye pieces. This essentially allows a mix n' match costume.

To modify armor, go to the armor workbench. Typically, there are two areas you can modify: paints and miscellaneous.
Power Armor Mechanics
Power armor allows the wearer to potentially reach old age in the Wasteland.There are many types of power armor suits across the wasteland for you to find, and all of them are super customisable. A standard power armor suit will do the following:

- Increase your carry weight by more than 100
- Allow the wearer to survive explosions, maybe even a mini nuke
- Greatly reduce limb damage
- Greatly reduce damage in general

To get into a suit of power armor, press E. To get out of a suit of power armor, hold E. To repair it, get out of the power armor suit in a power armor station(coloured yellow) and press E on the station. Aluminium is required to repair.

Power Armor Modifications
To modify the armor, the power suit must be in a power armor station. There are three modifications you can do on each piece:

Model Number:
It is generally better to have a higher model number. Each model upgrade is more expensive than the last.

With all your pieces in a suit painted the same way, you will get bonuses, for example, if all pieces are painted with the minuteman paint you will get bonus charisma if wearing the suit. Some paints, like Explosive Shielding, don't need to have all pieces painted to be effective. To get more paint options, join more factions and get the Hot Rod magazine.

Miscellanious modifcation:
You can add jetpacks, auto stimpak injectors and all kinds of modifications on armor to make it effective in combat. These modifications add functionality on your armor.

Still not finished.
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