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4-3-3 Possession. aka Scholes Cant Tackle.
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Nov 11, 2015 @ 6:38am
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4-3-3 Possession. aka Scholes Cant Tackle.

Confirmed: No Issues in 16.3. Still as good as it ever was!

Heavy Possession based tactic with enough risk/reward to play on any occassion


What you will find on the workshop are tactics that offer the Barcelona Tiki-Taka style of play with every midfielder having over 100 passes and the team having over 70% of the ball. Thats all well and good but it has an issue for mid/low level teams trying to play astecically pleasing football and actually producing results. This tactic tries to address that and I have had success. So, im looking to share this with the community and develop the tactic and the theory over the course of this years game.

This guide is a reworking of my famous iteration on FM14. (Which is still the most popular on the Workshop)
The theories and implementation are exactly the same reguardless which version of Football Manager you are playing. The tactic, is timeless.



1) Make sure Football Manager is up to date
2) Make sure STEAM is up to date.
3) Subscribe to the tactic.
4) Visit your tactic/formation screen.
5) From the dropdown tab, click Load
6) Find the file and click Load.
7) This goes for all Workshop items. Hope this helps.
8) Click Like/favorite and follow!

1) Un-subscribe from the mod.
2) Exit Football Manager and Restart Steam.
4) SUBSCRIBE to the tactic.


What you will see.

As with standerd Tiki-Taka tactics, High Possession, High Percentage pass completion, and 'Sexy Football' But, what you will also see is that even with teams with the less than a perfect setup will be performing well and, most importantly for people playing posession football every week, creating enough goal scoring chances to justify the style.

High Pass completion in the Midfield (Average of 85%)
High Defensive Line.
WB able to bomb forward.
Low direct scoring from setplays
Football which is pleasing to look at and get results against teams of similar and lower quality.
Tough time outplaying really strong teams.

Ideal Starter tactic for teams developing towards a Tiki-Taka

Team Makeup

As this is a tactic for the slightly less technically gifted teams that wish to play 'good' football it is important to recognise that you DONT have worldclass players at your club that will be able to play like Barcelona and produce results like Barcelona. But there is one thing every team can generate to be the same as Barcelona. Tactical Familiarity. I suggest that you learn ONLY this tactic at the start of the Season and Training should be all about Team Cohesion and Teamwork until your team can play this with their eyes closed.

Key Attributes and PPM's per position.

Again, I know your not able to click your fingers and buy Xavi for your team but 'try' to get players who fit the roles with AT LEAST one of the required PPM's in each position and have them learn the missing ones asap.

(Stats)- First Touch, Composure, Rushing Out.

WB: Get forward Whenever Possible, Sticks to (correct) Side of pitch when dibbling.
-Natural Fitness, Stamina, Pace, Acceleration, Teamwork, Work rate.

BPD: Likes to switch ball to opposite flank
-Composure, Passing

CD: Marks opponent tightly.
-Strength, Aggression, Jumping Reach, Bravery, Tackling

DM: Stays back at all times. Plays no through balls (Ideal PPM's yet not essential)
-Decisions, Anticipation, Teamwork, Composure, First Touch.

APS: Comes Deep to get ball, Plays One-Twos, Tries Killer Balls Often
-Composure, First Touch, Passing, Creativity, Anticipation

APA: Moves Into Channels, Plays One-Twos, Arrives Late in Area, Tries killer balls often.
-Composure, First Touch, Passing, Creativity, Anticipation, Off the ball.

WG: (If extremely fast) Hugs Touchline and Knocksball Past Opponents)
-Acceleration, Pace, Dribbling, Agility.

IFA: Moves into Channels, Runs with ball often, Cuts Inside.
-Dribbling, Off the ball, Flair, Agility, Acceleration.

F9: If has excellent balance and composure, Dwells on Ball and Plays Killer Balls Often. (Yes, I realise that it is hard to get both of these, but its possible with correct regen and tutor after a few years) Runs with ball through Centre. Tries first time shots, Plays One-Twos
-Off the ball, Finishing, Passing, Technique. Composure

Remember, the above list is the IDEAL and you should aim for one or two of the PPM's at 'weaker' teams.

Player Instructions:

SWK: Distribute to Full Backs. Distribute quickly. Roll it out.

CWB's (Attack): Get Further Forward, Stay Wider, Run Wide with Ball, Close Down More, Cross Aim Near Post, More Direct Passes.

BPD (Cover): Ease off Tackles

CD (Stopper): Close Down More, Tackle Harder

DM (Defend/Support depending on the quality of your best player) Pass Shorter, Mark Tighter

AP (Support): Close Down More, More Direct Passes

AP (Attack): More Direct Passes, Roam From Position, Close Down More.

WG (Attack) Roam from Position, Shoot Less Often, Cross Aim Near Post, More Direct Passes.

IF (Attack) Roam from Position, Dribble More, Stay Wider, Cross Aim Near Post, Fewer Risky Passes.

FN: None

Tactical Tips:

If your looking to hold onto a Lead or counter a powerful team. Don't change the formation or roles unless needed but switch Strategy to Attack, Drop Deeper, Pass into space and More Direct Passing and Run at Defence.

To play out the last minutes in a bit more safety hit More Disciplined. Nothing more.

If you find yourself haveing 'too much' possession and struggling to score, have the team Express Themselves more.
Note: EXPRESS THEMSELVES is set to default in the workshop version. Having trouble at the back? Click it off.

If the pther team is camping on their 18 yard line blocking shot after shot, SLOW DOWN the play. Draw them out of position and make one good chance.

Less than 55% posession? Click "Retain Possession"
More than 66% possession? Click "More Direct Passes" and "Slightly Deeper" (This means the other team isnt pressing you)
Other team hitting you on the counter? click play "Slightly Wider"


Set Pieces:
My set pieces are set to short with strong emphasis on ball retension. So, CB stay back at all times and corners will be short to a supporting wide player. Keep it.


Pictures and stats to follow once I am able.

Please Vote up if you found success and share any feedback you have. I don’t take it personally: D

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Shikabane Hime Sep 30, 2018 @ 4:06am 
What to use on opponents instructions?
frost1973 Apr 28, 2018 @ 12:16am 
Great tactic
khalidmkhan Feb 25, 2018 @ 3:37pm 
(Fr)MrSweaT45 Jan 26, 2018 @ 7:59am 
i dont find the workshop tactic when i load
Tableworm Jul 27, 2017 @ 7:23am 
Thank you sir!
I'm still letting in too many goals in but I blame my own lack of understanding of the game engine.
Looking at a 5-7 position with Everton with one game to go. I'm four seasons in so all their best players are gone. I think it's a pretty good result.
Pickles Jun 8, 2017 @ 1:26pm 
nice this one tactic thx
Striblik587 Apr 21, 2017 @ 7:52am 
hey dude it´s a cool tactic.
I have a question , can i change the sides of the BPD and CD or are they connected with the AP(s) and i have to change the sides of them too?
Cause my BPD´s are left footed and i like it more when left foods playing on the left side :D
The_Reckonist  [author] Apr 14, 2017 @ 11:39am 
@Fuzzy Dunlop. When that happens its usually the computer adapting to your tactics. Make sure you have a plan B formation (I suggest my GameBreaker one as it is also a possession based but totally different in shape) to switch to. Then you chop and change over the course of the season. You cannot steamroll an entire season with one tactic. You have to adapt. :soccerball:
Fuzzy Dunlop Apr 14, 2017 @ 11:08am 
Not sure what I'm doing wrong with this tactic ?!
Gets great reviews yet I find it totally inconsistent.
I'll win 4 in a row then lose 4 in a row. Scoring 1 or 2 a game but the defence is appalling!
Can only get mid table in the Premier.
Tactics trained to 'fluid' in everything.
Gawien Apr 4, 2017 @ 2:05am