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Official Verdun Support Guide
By WW1GameSeries and 2 collaborators
This guide contains possible solutions for the most common support issues. If you don't see your support issue below, please make a bug report on our UserVoice:

Or if you like, discuss the issue with us on Discord:

We do not monitor comments on this guide, instead use one of the above channels or ask around on the forum.
READ: First Support Steps
Before you read any further, please try the basic support steps. These steps will fix most general problems.

First of all, you need to make sure that your drivers are up to date. Everything including graphics, sound, DirectX, mouse, etc. It is important to note that you also should not install any beta drivers as doing so might cause issues.

If you are on a laptop you also need to make sure your graphics drivers are actually being used by Verdun, see:
Once you have checked all your drivers, if your problem persists the next step is to do a full reinstall + verify of the game. You can do this by following these steps:

1. Go to your Steam library.
2. Right click on Verdun.
3. Select 'Properties'.
4. Go to 'Local Files' tab.
5. Select 'Delete Local Game Content'.
6. The game will now be deleted.
7. Install the game as you would with any other Steam game.
8. Once the install is done follow steps 1 to 4 again but now press the 'Verify Integrity of Game Cache' option.

For more information see:

Once you have followed all these steps try the game and see if your issue is still there. If your issue is fixed: Great! If it is not, please look below for a subject that sounds similar to your issue. If you can't find your issue you need to look at the next step of this guide.
READ: I Can't Find My Issue Here
If none of these steps help we will need more information regarding your issue. Please search for the log on your system, click here for information on how to find your logs.

Zip the log or the content and make a bug report on our UserVoice
( with more details on your issue, including when it happens and how often it happens.
ExceptionOnConnect Error
This issue is being caused by either your firewall or your anti-virus scanner. Make sure your virus scanner and firewall both allow Verdun to pass through. If that fails, try disabling them both. Otherwise you’ll need to investigate further what might be blocking the Verdun connection (possibly a router setting).

If that does not solve your issue, your winsocket might be corrupt. Follow these steps to fix it:
  1. Click the Windows Start button.
  2. Type Cmd in the Start Search text box and press Ctrl-Shift-Enter (keyboard shortcut to run Command Prompt as Administrator). Click Continue to allow elevation request.
  3. Type netsh winsock reset in the Command Prompt shell, and then press the Enter key.
  4. Type netsh int ipv4 reset in the Command Prompt shell, and then press the Enter key.
  5. If you use ipv6, type netsh int ipv6 reset in the Command Prompt shell, and then press the Enter key.
Note: you may need to run Network Diagnostics afterwards to "repair" your connection after this.
Cant Map a Key in Controls, Keep Getting Joystick Input
If you want to rebind a key but you keep getting a different key as input this is caused by an external joystick driver.

First make sure you have unplugged ALL your external Joysticks/Input devices. This could be the cause of a constant input. If that does not work, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Device Manager.
  2. Look for a virtual joystick driver.
  3. Remove the virtual joystick driver.
  4. Restart your PC.
  5. See if it works.
I've Been Banned
If you have been banned for cheating we temporarily restrict your access to the game. The system will automatically unban you after a certain time - this time is displayed in the in-game message. Cheating multiple times increases your banning time exponentially. If you have tampered with your account stats you might need to reset your account data to prevent further banning.

If you think you have been banned incorrectly, you can send an email to
Disconnect Issues
Make sure you are connected to a stable and wired connection. Wireless connections can be unstable and might be causing your problems.

Also see if you are connected to the closest server region nearby. This can be changed in Main Menu.

Furthermore it is important that you are not running any network intensive programs in the background. Programs such as backups, downloads, torrents, other games, browsers, etc.
Lost Account Stats
We save all your data on the Steam cloud. If you have lost your data make sure Steam syncs with the Steam cloud in order to get it back. You can enable Steam cloud in the properties of Verdun in Steam.
Game Is Running Slow
Make sure your graphics drivers are updated to the latest version. Then try tweaking your graphical settings.

Setting the game to ultra quality means that a lot of effects and options are scaled in distance and size, including ambient artillery and foliage, so do not expect that your computer can run on the higher GFX levels by default. When you are suffering from FPS problems make sure to uncheck all of the Post-FX checkboxes. Turning down your resolution can also help improve FPS.

Most systems have better performance when running with deferred mode on, however if you are having FPS issues it might be worth it to check out the effect of disabling it. There is an FPS counter to help you out when tweaking graphics.

If you are on a laptop you need to make sure the laptop is in high performance mode, and that the graphics drivers are actually being used by Verdun. See:
Laptop Set to High Performance, but Still Won't Use Dedicated Video Card
If you set your laptop to high performance but the game still won't use your dedicated video card, you need to do a clean reinstall of your drivers. This means you have to remove them completely and then download the latest drivers and reinstall them. Then follow the same steps as before:
Stuck in Main Menu / Black Screen but Can Hear Music
This means something went wrong with setting the resolution, which can be solved in windows by pressing alt + enter which triggers windowed mode, allowing you to go to options->graphics to set the correct resolutions (and then disable windowed mode again).

You can also try holding shift while booting up the game to see a resolution dialog (hold alt on Mac).
Archlinux Users
If you have problems see:

This could be helpful if you see the following error in your log:
ERROR: object '~/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32): ignored
Network Lag
If you are experiencing network lag in the game, make sure you are connected to the closest server to you. This can be changed from the main menu. Also make sure you are on a fast wired connection.
I See No Players Online, or Only a Few
This means that you are connected to a server which is not active in your current timeframe. It could happen that you are connected to another regional server by default, for instance we had reports of people connecting to the Japanese / Pacific regional server from Florida, US by default. You can solve this by going to the main menu - in the bottom right you can click on the text US/EU/Japan to bring up a dropdown menu and change to a server of your choice.
Mouse Movement Problems on KDE4 Linux
If you're having problems with your mouse movement on KDE4 Linux, you can try the following steps:
  1. Go to "System Settings > Window Behaviour".
  2. Click "Window Rules".
  3. Click "New..."
  4. Click "Detect Window Properties" (change delay so you can open the game), then click.
  5. Exit the game.
  6. Go to the "Size & Position" tab.
  7. Check "Fullscreen" and set it to "Apply initially/Yes".
  8. Start game.
Where Do I Find Game Logfiles?
  1. Go to your Steam Library.
  2. Go to Verdun and right click.
  3. Go to Properties.
  4. Go to Local Files tab and select 'Browse Local Files'.
  5. If your game crashed there should be a folder with a name of a date of crash such as 2015-02-10......
  6. If you did not crash or do not see a date folder, you can follow the LocalLow Logfile Shortcut to find your output_log.txt.
For Mac the log can be found here:

For Linux the log can be found here:
How Do I Enable Controller Support?
To enable controller support you must rebind your keys for your specific controller. This can be done in the controls tab in the options menu. You can use the second row to bind your controller keys. Simply click on the box and press the button you wish to use for that action.
Game Always Starts on Second Monitor
If you want to switch the default monitor on which Verdun boots up, you need to do the following:
  1. Hold shift while starting up Verdun.
  2. This will open a configuration window.
  3. Change the select monitor to your preferred monitor.
Sluggish / Weird Mouse Movement
You need to add '-window-mode exclusive' as a launch command on Steam to force it into exclusive full screen, that should make it nice and smooth (right click Verdun in your Steam library, open Properties, then click Set Launch Options and paste in '-window-mode exclusive' without the quotes).

Disabling V-sync can also help.
Sharpness Filter with High DPI
If you have a monitor with high DPI you can experience ugly images with our sharpness filter. Right now we have no simple checkbox to turn it off. However you can turn it off by turning the overall graphics quality slider to medium and simply change all the specific sliders to your preferred settings.
"No data folder" Error.
This issue can happen on Linux platforms. A user had this issue but found a solution:

"This seems to be related to a bug in Unity3D having to do with large partitions. Here is a link to a discussion on the Unity 3D Forums[]. That issue specifically mentions using XFS but I think the filesystem type is irrelevant. I have Steam installed on a 1.8Tb ext4 partition and it exhibits the same problem. I have moved the Verdun directory to a smaller partition and symlinked it into the Steam/SteamApps/common directory."
Verdun Matches Data
If you ever want to access the data of Verdun matches for tournaments or other community projects we have the information exposed for you. You can find all this information here:

There is also a JSON format available:

Have fun!
Backwards Chat OSX
It is an OSX shortcut to change text direction with Command-Option-Control-Right/Left Arrow. You can fix this by pressing Command-Option-Control-Right Arrow.
Have to Click on Buttons Multiple Times
If you have to click multiple times to actually click a button this can be caused by two things. First of all if you are on a IME keyboard setting, such as for example Korean or Japanese. Unity has an issue with IME so it will require a fix from them, but you can soft-fix this by switching your keyboard setting to any non-IME keyboard setting such as English or German. To find out how to switch keyboard layout please see:

If this first cause does not apply, you might need to add a command to the launch options:

-window-mode borderless

You can find the launch options here:
  1. Right-click on the game title under the Library in Steam and select Properties.
  2. Under the General tab click the Set launch options... button.
  3. Enter the launch options you wish to apply (be sure to separate each code with a space) and click OK.
  4. Close the game's Properties window and launch the game.
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Sir Vicious Nov 9 @ 5:01am 
I have a problem with the resolution of the game after the new update, I can not play full screen, the game only allows a resolution of 1680 x 1050 and nothing else, some solution please:health:
Trench Fart Nov 5 @ 4:48am 
Still no sound in the games...
Trench Fart Nov 2 @ 6:05am 
Hey LV, no, no other audio drivers. Everything was ok until the latest update.
LV|Ironstorm767 Nov 1 @ 3:04pm 
@Trench Fart: Windows 10? Try resetting the Spatial Sound Feature/Option.

Don't have any other audio drivers installed however?
Trench Fart Nov 1 @ 2:56pm 
Guys I've checked al my drivers, everything is up to date, tried the procedure mentioned above, and still both Verdun and Tannenberg have no sound for me. When I open the game it says something like "failed to varify audio driver" and the game just doesn't have sound. What should I do? The audio driver is up to date, I have checked.
The Blue Baron Jun 27 @ 1:32pm 
OS X 10.10.5.
LV|Ironstorm767 Jun 27 @ 1:08pm 
@The Blue Baron: Which version of OSX are you using? If you're using Yosemite (10.10) I would try updating, as there have been reports of Yosemite + Steam and/or Unity 2017 engine not working for some reason or another.
The Blue Baron Jun 27 @ 12:17pm 
System Specs:
MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)
Processor: 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3
Graphics:Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB

I've been trying to find the game log, but whenever I search for it all I get back are the "general.manifest" files for both games. I apologize for being a noob.

I have uninstalled the games, then restarted steam, then reinstalled and it still didn't work unfortunately. I'll try again though just in case it works this time.
LV|Ironstorm767 Jun 27 @ 11:39am 
@The Blue Baron: You should create a report on this website, please:

If you could share your game log file and your laptop's specifications, that'd be appreciated. However, when you tried reinstalling the games, did you try restarting Steam after uninstalling the games?
The Blue Baron Jun 27 @ 11:33am 
Hello, I've been having an issue for a long time now with both Verdun and Tannenberg (I think it was caused by the merger).

Basically whenever I click play on either Verdun or Tannenberg in my Steam Library, I'll be taken to the very opening title screen and then I'll stay there. I left my laptop on the title screen for over an hour once and it still never took me to the main menu.

I've tried re-installing both games, restarting steam, restarting my laptop, and verifying the game caches multiple times and nothing's worked.

Please help me figure out how to fix this, I want to get back to rushing through Carpathia with a shashka and storming trenches at the Somme!