Invisible, Inc.

Invisible, Inc.

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Modding Invisible, Inc.
By Klei-JoeW and 1 collaborators
Getting Started with Invisible, inc. mods and Launguage packs- Official Policies and Helpful Resources.
You can create your own mods for Invisible, Inc. to change your game and share with the community. Add in new characters, create new enemies and items, create or change programs and Daemons. It's also possible to crate new side missions and data logs.

Using our mod uploader, you can put your mods directly onto Steam Workshop for everyone to download and enjoy.
What Can I Mod?
it is quite easy to add new entities such as agents, enemies and mainframe programs to Invisible, Inc.

Common mod ideas include:
  • New agents, complete with custom artwork and special abilities.
  • Create new programs and Daemons.
  • Creating new weapons and items for agents or enemies to use..
  • Tweaking the tuning on an existing agent, enemy, item, program or Daemon.
  • Adding new locations and set pieces into map generation.
  • Create new data log entries.
  • Crate a languge pack that translates Invisible, Inc.
And the modding community is still young, with lots of new ideas still to explore! What will you create?
What Can't I Mod?
For the most part, you can mod anything that you wish. However do have a few restrictions for the purpose of fair-play and a healthy game environment.
  • Mods that make use of other people's work without credited permission
  • Mods that violate the Steam Subscriber Agreement or Klei's Content Guidelines
  • Mods intended to circumvent metagame entitlements (I.e. skins, item drops, DLC or product ownership)
  • Mods that contain copyrighted material of which you do not own or have permission to use
Any mod that makes use of art or assets not entirely created by the mod creator must include a link to where they are granted permission to utilize those assets either individually or under general license.
Modding Etiquette: General Guidelines
Take a few moments to read through and familiarize yourself with our modding etiquette guidelines.
  • Please remember that modders are not required to support their mods; and while you are welcome to ask a modder to add, remove, or change parts of their mod, it is ultimately up to the modders whether they make any changes or not.
  • Public mods must be complete and in working order with a full description of what the mod contains, with applicable screenshots and title image
  • It is good etiquette to create Generation Options entries for your mod.
  • Mods intended to be just for personal use should not be published for public use.
  • Please provide permission details in your mod description if you would like others to be able to use your work. This may be specific names that have been allowed to use your work in another mod, general permissions for everybody and/or specific requirements for attribution.
  • If you would like to modify and upload another person's mod as part of your own work, be sure to ask them for permission if none is specifically provided and provide proper credit as requested by the original creator.
  • In the case where no permission is granted explcitly; it will be assumed that no permission has been granted.
  • In cases where a mod has been abandoned, unfinished or no longer compatible and has updated and reuploaded by another member; unless specifically stated otherwise the original mod will be considered abandoned and permitted to be stay unless otherwise directed in the orignal mods description or the original author requests removal; at which time the original mod will require specific permissions be added to the mod to deny re-use of the mod and the reuploaded mod will be removed.
  • Mods containing assets from other games or media are not allowed.
In addition to the Steam subscriber agreement and Rules and Guidelines for User Generated Content, we also ask that you follow our community guidelines and etiquette.
General Resources and Helpful Links
Here are some handy resources to get you started:
Join the community to learn and contribute!

Modding discussion forum[]

How to play a mod from the Workshop - Guide for suscribing to and playing mods and language packs.

How to Make a Language Pack - Guide for creating tanslation packs for Invisible, Inc.

How to Upload a Mod - Guide for uploding a mod to Steam.

KWAD builder tool[] - Provided by Arc from here at Klei.

A KWAD extractor[] - Posted to the forums by Strelock.

Trouble Shooting
I subscribed to a mod and now I can't start my game
If a mod breaks your game, unsubscribing will not fix the issue until you delete the mod folder from your local files.

To get to the local files, RIGHT CLICK on Invisible Inc in steam and select Properties. Choose LOCAL FILES and then BROWSE LOCAL FILES.

There will be a folder named "mods". Inside that will be a folder for each subscribed mod. Delete the folder for the broken mod and unsubscribe from it in the Steam Workshop.

If you don't know which folder it is, you can delete all of the folders in the mods folder. Next time you run the game, you can REFRESH MODS in the GAMEPLAY tab of the OPTIONS screen to bring back all your subscribed mods.
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The modding discussion forum link goes to the Don't Starve forums. Here's the correct link:
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Awesome guide:steamhappy: