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Sugar Lake
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Nov 8, 2015 @ 1:14pm
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Sugar Lake

by Major Desync (AKA Woesinger)

Sugar Lake is a township in the Vieilhomme Delta. A hub for oil exploration and extraction, Sugar Lake has extensive port facilities servicing a number of oil rigs and refineries in the surrounding wetlands. These include the Sugar Lake Oil Field, owned and operated by Vrana Petrochemicals, a division of the multinational conglomerate Vrana Industries.

Given the strategic importance of these assets, Sugar Lake is home to two recently requisitioned military installations - Joint Air Facility (JAF) Sugar Lake (formerly Sugar Lake “International” Airport) and Camp Burnside (formerly Sugar Lake Marina). The military detachments in these bases are supported in local security and counterinsurgency actions by a number of private military contractors (PMCs). The most prominent of these is Ion Services, which operates out of an extensive facility in the port.

The security provided by these forces has encouraged the government to locate several of its displaced persons (DP) camps in Sugar Lake, housing citizens internally displaced by the virulent insurgency that wrack the country. Some of these refugees have voluntarily fled conflict zones, others have been resettled as a result of Ward of the Government Orders. Corporate Social Responsibility Pacts with a number of private enterprises, including Vrana Industries, provide these refugees with welcome opportunities to supplement their subsistence allowances with Productivity Credits by working in the local oil and port facilities. Insurgent and other criminal groups have tried to exploit the DP camps as recruiting grounds, but thanks to the vigilance of the government, the military and their PMC security partners, their efforts have been unsuccessful thus far.

The Vieilhomme Delta is a maze of bayous, channels and watercourses of varying size, and low-lying islands covered with tall marsh grass and patches of dense forest. The wetlands are infested with a number of anti-government militias. According to government sources, several of these insurgent groups are proxies for foreign states and non-state actors bent on the destabilisation of the country. Moreover, many insurgents are affiliated with international organised crime syndicates, who have made Vieilhomme Delta a highway for narcotic and arms, and human trafficking.

Terrain dimensions: 8.2 km x 8.2 km
Terrain area: 67.1 sq. km (same area as Zargabad)
Heightmap resolution: 4 m/pixel
Elevation range: -15 m to +16 m
Approx 280,000 objects drawn from A1, A2, and A3; either AiATP or CUP Terrains is a required addon.
Vast majority of buildings enterable.
Low-lying river delta marsh terrain, with high marsh-grass and patches of dense woodland; many navigable bayous, bays, and channels.
1 large low-density urban area surrounded by levees, and several small outlying delta settlements.
1 large industrial port facility, with a number of different compounds, including a PMC base, several shipping container yards, and oil storage plants.
1 air-base, with extensive hinterland and associated radome installation, military camp, and fuel storage facility, all surrounded by levees.
1 military camp with extensive dock, field hospital and airmobile facilities.
A range of industrial facilities including several oil refineries and isolated outlying extraction rigs and installations.

Sugar Lake’s size, topography, ground cover, and locations make it perfect for amphibious operations involving boats, subs, and divers, and/or airmobile elements, as well as counterinsurgency search-and-destroy missions, and/or insurgency raids against military or industrial infrastructure and/or personnel. The various oil and port installations are suitable for close combat and MOUT. This is not an ideal map for extensive armoured maneuvers, aside from convoys. However, Sugar Lake does offer a chance for amphibious vehicles to shine.

This addon is released under the Arma Public Licence Share Alike (APL-SA) licence

REQUIRED Addons: CUP Terrains OR All in Arma Terrain Pack (note AIATP is no longer being updated, so CUP Terrains is recommended)

BIS Forum Link:

Video showcase by MS Leveldesigns:

Video Zeus flythrough by Hisashi Nagato:

Known Issues:
1: The row of buildings at grid 056978 has a weird lighting glitch, where they do not appear to reflect the ambient artificial light after dark. However, it will reflect vehicle lights, and lights placed via Zeus.
2: A3 water is invisible through A2 windows, which gives players x-ray underwater specs when looking through them.
3: Since v1.2, running Sugar Lake with All in Arma Terrain Pack, produces an annoying, but harmless error message requiring the CUP_Ca_Plants_E2 addon when launching Arma 3. Select OK to close the message and resumes the game launch. As of this release, Sugar Lake is still fully compatible with the All in Arma Terrain Pack.
4: Some of the A2 trees do not play nice with the new A3 lighting.

Credits & Thanks:
Silola for the outstanding X-Cam mod, with which most of the objects in this terrain were placed, and without which this terrain would have been delivered in multiples of the time and fractions of the quality.
CAPTNCAPS (teamproskill) and FSF for their ever helpful Terrain tutorials.
Bushlurker, M!lkman, Jakerod, Uro, Aus, and the many others who offer help and advice in the Arma 3 Terrain forums.
Mikero, whose tools underwrite most of the the Arma modding community.
Gav for alpha testing.
BIS for producing the Arma series.

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