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Fast Walkthrough
By Scottii
Hey friends,

The purpose of this guide is to provide a fast visual walkthrough for Fallout 1. The walkthrough is pretty direct. For your convenience, I've speed up long battles to skip the boring stuff.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.
Fallout Classic Edition Part 1: The Basics
Fallout Classic Edition Part 2: Radscropions Quest
Fallout Classic Edition Part 3: Rescue Tandi
Fallout Classic Edition Part 4: Vault 15 and UPGRADES!
Fallout Classic Edition Part 5: Gizmo's Confession
Fallout Classic Edition Part 6: Start Waterchip Quest
Fallout Classic Edition Part 7: Retrieving the Waterchip
Fallout Classic Edition Part 8: Finish Waterchip Quest
Fallout Classic Edition Part 9: End the Skulz Gang
Fallout Classic Edition Part 10: Deathclaw Nest
Fallout Classic Edition Part 11: Solution to Razor Bug
Fallout Classic Edition Part 12: Brotherhood of Steel Initiate Quest

Welcome friends!

In this episode we work to become of one the Brotherhood of Steel members. To start this quest, you'll need 1 rope and 2 Rad-X. After which go to the Brotherhood of Steel area to collect the quest, then make your way down to The Glow. All you need to do to complete the quest if to collect the halotape from the dead guy in power armor. If you want to get the good loot, proceed to the other areas.

SPOILER: Floor 5 is the final destination containing the treasures you want before backtracking.
Fallout Classic Edition Part 13: Get Power Armor

Hiya friends!

Want to know how to get power armor? Better be prepared. The bad guys we fight in Old Town are not as easy as they look.
Fallout Classic Edition Part 14: Necropolis

Greetings friends,

In this video we do Necropolis and go speak with Set.

After taking out the Super Mutants near the water pump that was repaired for the peaceful ghouls in the sewers, speak to Set and he will reward you.
Fallout Classic Edition Part 15: Missing Caravan

Hi friends,

In this episode, we solve the mystery of the missing caravan.

Start off by going to Old Town in The Hub and speak to Slappy. He'll tell you to talk to a ghoul named Harold first. Harold doesn't provide any details other than local myths about deathclaws you've heard before. Speak with Slappy again and demand to be brought to the Deathclaw cave.

Go and defeat the Deathclaw then speak to the dying Super Mutant. He'll hand you a holotape. Activate it from your inventory and read the note in your Pipboy.

Return to Butch in The Hub and inform him of the situation. He'll tell you to get the reward from Rutger. When Rutger asks, you can tell him the water merchants, deathclaw, or the supermutants were involved.
Fallout Classic Edition Part 16: Thieves' Guild

Greetings friends,

In this episode we learn about the Thieves' Guild in Old Town.

Once you enter the cellar, unlock the doors, but beware the explosive traps in the middle of the floor. Work your way down and talk to speak to Loxley. He'll want you to steal a necklace from Daren Hightower, but doesn't want you to kill him. Talk to Jasmine to get some supplies.

Next, go down to Daren's house, and the Guards will tell you not to be here, if venturing at night. Before proceeding or attacking any of the guards, creep down behind Daren's house so you can see inside. Wait until he goes to his bedroom. After this, eliminate the guards, then go inside the and use the lockpick Jasmine gave you on the strongbox. The strongbox is also booby trapped. Either disarm it or trigger an explosive trap for a few damage and get the necklace.

Return to Loxley and you'll be rewarded 3,000 caps and the electronic lock pick.
Fallout Classic Edition Part 17: Turbo Plasma Rifle

Hey friends,

In this episode I show you how to get the Turbo Plasma Rifle.

All you have to do is get the part from a dead body where the deathclaws are just before going to the Gun Runners section. Bring the parts back to Miles in Adytum and he'll tell you Smitty can upgrade a weapon.

The only weapon that can be upgraded is a normal plasma rifle. Speak to Smitty and that's it!
Fallout Classic Edition Part 18: Hardened Power Armor

Greetings friends,

In this episode I show you how to get an upgrade for your power armor.

After having power armor on, simply talk to Miles in Adytum. He'll tell you to go speak to a librarian in The Hub named Ms. Stapleton.

Go to the market district and Ms. Stapleton will be in the building above the Guns market. Talk to her and she'll give you a book about chemistry. Return to Miles, and he'll apply the upgrade. This new upgrade will greatly increase your resistances.
Fallout Classic Edition Part 19: The Cathedral

Greetings friends,

In this episode we do The Cathedral.

Starting off, go speak with Nicole on the West side of the bone yard, and she'll give you some more information about the Followers of the Cathedral, and suspects they're up to no good. She has a contact who can help us along the way named Laura.

Make your way to the Cathedral directly below the Boneyard. Speak to Laura in one of the rooms to the left, and shell play clueless to what you're asking. Follow her and she'll spill the truth. She tells you there Morpheus has a secret entrance to the lower levels leads you to the door where the entrance is behind a bookshelf. Follow her to this door and she'll tell you Morpheus has the key.

From, this point forward, there are a few options to take in order to proceed. No matter what happens, combat will eventually happen and you'll have to eliminate some of the followers

1. Kill everyone in the main area and/or upstairs. Be sure to get the purple robes on any member who visibly has them. If you have high enough lockpick skill, you can lockpick the door in order to go down the lower levels.

2. Go to the upper level and kill Morpheus or steal the key from him. The key looks like a black circle with a symbol in the middle. Get the electronic lockpick from a shelf. A Tesla Armor will prove itself very handy unless you have a Hardened Power Armor. Upon going to the upper levels, you'll face a few nightkin who will carry miniguns and gatlin lasers. It is not recommended to bring any companions. Return to the door with the secret entrance and use the key to unlock the door and fight another nightkin using a gatlin laser

While in the lower levels, you check the book shelves for a Big Book of Science, if you need it. Wait around the bottom right until a follower opens the bookshelf revealing another secret passage. Alternately, you can use the trap skill to trigger a secret latch to open the passageway.

When you enter the caves, some mutants will attack. Clear them, however if you want to fight the super mutant guards, somewhat difficult, be prepared with your best armor and weapon. A more stealthier approach would be the wear the purple robes and holster your weapon. You can persuade them to get past and proceed further into a vault.

Before proceeding, do not bring any companions.

Next, go to the 3rd floor and then to the elevator on the Northwest side. KEEP THE PURPLE ROBES ON. If not, you'll be forced to fight off the entire level and most likely die. The first door can be lockpicked, however it is more better to use the electric lockpick. Then second door can also be locked picked, but a lockpick kit works better.

Take this elevator down and lockpick the next closed door. Before proceeding, equip your best armor and weapons, as the 2 guards will attack no matter what. Eliminate them and use science skill on the control panel. Once you do this, a the near-by warhead will begin a 4 minute silent countdown. Holster your weapon and put the purple robes back on. Simply leave the same way you came in. Do not use any medical/doctor kits, rest, or read a book which results in immediate death. Exit the cathedral to the world map, and this will trigger a cinematic showing the cathedral being blown up.

Side note 1: Several books can be found on level 2 in the Cathedral, after fighting the nightkins

Side note 2: If you need a lockpick, the Thieves' Guild will give you one for free before doing he test.

Side note 3: The Tesla Armor is a great alternative to Hardened Power Armor, providing 90% laser and 80% plasma resistances
Fallout Classic Edition Part 20: Mariposa Military Base

Greetings friends,

In this final episode, we do the Mariposa Military Base.

At this point, it's best if companions are no longer used due to enemy weapon.

After hacking into a computer in the Cathedral, your world map will load updated to show the location of the Military Base, which is directly due West from Vault 13.

It's best if you are well prepare, because some battles can be very tough, especially if a random encounter occurs outside the base.

When you arrive at the base, take our the guards, and get the radio and holotape from the guard on the far right. Activate the holotape to learn the base's security code for the door. Although it is not necessary, you may activate the radio and have a conversation with the guards inside. Tell them nothing is wrong and you'll be rewarded some experience.

Next, enter the base and you'll be ambushed by 3 guards. Take out the one with the missile launcher first. You'll notice some yellow and red force fields. The red force fields can be walked through taking some damage, and the yellow ones will require deactivation through repair on the emitter, or by placing explosives next to it. Many enemies here do not require battle.

If you want the quick path, take the middle route and fight the robots at the end. Use the elevator to go to the 3rd floor if you do not want to pickup some additional items on the 2nd floor.

On the 2nd floor to the Northeast is a super mutant who isn't as bright as the others. Go there taking out a few super mutants. Do not go down the these enemies. Let these few come to you, or else you'll aggro the entire bunch. After your path is clear, kill the dump super mutant and the lockers has locks of chems and medical suppliers. Return to the elevator and go to the 3rd floor.

On the 3rd floor, take out the 3 super mutants starting with one who has the missile launcher. Proceed Northeast there will be an open area with traps. Take the South path eliminating the super mutant on the other side of the yellow force field. Deactivate the field and take out another super mutant. Inside a cell is Sarah. No matter what you do, Sarah will not come with you nor help because her lover, Flip, whom we just killed, wants to become a super mutant.

Proceed to the elevator in the Southeast path going to the 4th floor. n the 4th floor, take out a pack of 4 super mutants, same strategy as before, and the Mr. Handy. Go Northeast and eliminate the robots. As you proceed, the lieutenants guards will attack. Finish them and the lieutenant next. Get the holotape from him and activate it, giving new access to your Pipboy on a specific terminal. Go to the room in the Northwest, and rightclick the Follower of the Cathedral and he'll suddenly pop like a balloon. Use the science skill on the terminal. You can download logs from Captain Maxson and Anderson.

Next, go to Display security codes. A list of codes will be provided, however they are encrypted. If needed, there is an option to hack the firewall to decrypt the codes. Choose the code you want, I recommend 3 minute self-destruction with silent countdown.

Leave the base as quickly as possible and watch the animation. You'll suddenly appear before Vault 13"s overseer, and he'll thank you for being a hero.

Depending on the quests completed and which options were taken, certain endings will apply.
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Scottii  [author] Sep 13, 2017 @ 6:30am 
That's how it was designed. Text is both in the video and in the walkthrough.
Shingatsu Sep 12, 2017 @ 11:32pm 
I'm not trying to be mean, but If I want to check for video walkthroughs I just go to Youtube...
Scottii  [author] Oct 25, 2016 @ 4:01pm 
Your welcome. =)
Alber7 Oct 25, 2016 @ 3:14pm