Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

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Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition - 4 Player Mod
By Nazar
New :

There is now a patcher application that applies the modifications to your game without needing to do it manually. You can download the latest releases/source code at https://github.com/krisives/divinityfourplayer/releases If you use this application, you do not need to do any of the steps in this guide. It is highly recommended that the application is used as it automates the process to a few clicks. The information in this guide now serves as documentation to explain how the modification is achieved, and for users on operating systems that can't run the patcher application.

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This is a guide for modding your PC copy of Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition for basic 4 player support. When you folow the instructions in this guide, your copy of the game will allow up 4 players to connect and play on the same server. The host of the server is able to assign any character currently in the party to a player of chosing by using the in-game "Character Assign" menu.

Mod Features:
  • Up the server slot limit from to 2 to 4
  • Disables "Each player must have a main character assigned" error loop.
  • Fully serverside. Only the host needs to make these modifications.
  • Fully compatible as client for unmodded servers. You do not need to undo the mod if you're connecting to standard 2 player servers.

Additional Functions Through 3rd Party Mods/Guides:
Mod Guide
Step 1: Download Norbyte's Pak Extractor[s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com], and XVI32 Hex Editor[www.chmaas.handshake.de]. Extract each to its own folder.

Step 2: Start the Pak Extractor and go to the PAK / LSV Tools tab. For package path choose the "Main.pak" located in your Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition/Data/ folder. For Extraction / Source path choose a convenient destination path. Press the "Extract Package" button. Your window should look a little something like this:

After the pak is extracted, you may close the Pak Extraction tool.

Step 3: Open up the XVI32 hex editor you downloaded earlier. In the editor, press file -> open. Browse to the folder which has the extracted Main.pak files. Continue down the file tree by going into the "Mods" folder, and then the "Main" folder. Open the "meta.lsx" file. You should see something similar to this:

(Slight variations expected between game versions)

Click the search button in the XVI32 program and choose the "Find" in the drop-down. Click the radio button besides "Text String" and search for "NumPlayers". Once you've located this string, you will want to change the value field from 2 to 4. It should look like this:

Go to File -> Save As.. and save your modified meta.lsx file under the following path. \Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition\Data\Mods\Main\meta.lsx. You will have to create the folders if it's your first time doing this modification.

Step 4: In XVI32 go to File -> Open. Browse to \Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition\Shipping\ folder, and open up "EoCApp.exe". We're about to modify the main game .exe, so I suggest making a backup of the original.[color=red]IMPORTANT NOTE: if you have an anti virus, you should temporarily disable file protection or white list the divinity exe for this part. An anti virus will try prevent or reverse your edits to the exe.[/color], Once done, press the "Search" button in XVI32 and click find in the dropdown menu. Choose the radio button for Hex string and paste the hex string approritate for your version. Consult the "Exe Hex Values" section of this guide for the hex string correct to your version. For example, v2.0.99.676 would look something like this:

Once you have modified the bits, you can save your modifications by pressing File -> Save in XVI32. The modification is then complete.
Exe Hex Values
Below you will find the hex string referenced in Step 4 of the main mod guide. The version of the game can be located at the bottom of the in-game Main Menu screen. Find the hex string appropriate to your version and search for this string with the instructions in Step 4 of the main mod guide. The versions are listed newest first.

Version v2.0.119.430
Search for: B4 03 00 00 48 3B D0 40 0F 93 C7 48 8B CB 48 89 6C 24
Replace "40 0F 93 C7" with "31 C0 F7 D0".

Version v2.0.113.775
Search for: B4 03 00 00 48 3B D0 40 0F 93 C7 48 8B CB 48 89 6C 24
Replace "40 0F 93 C7" with "31 C0 F7 D0".

Version v2.0.104.737 (yes, it's the same as v2.0.103.346)
Search for: 9C 03 00 00 48 3B D0 40 0F 93 C7 48 8B CB 48 89 6C 24
Replace "40 0F 93 C7" with "31 C0 F7 D0".

Version v2.0.103.346
Search for: 9C 03 00 00 48 3B D0 40 0F 93 C7 48 8B CB 48 89 6C 24
Replace "40 0F 93 C7" with "31 C0 F7 D0".

Version v2.0.100.40
Search for: 30 8B 81 64 03 00 00 48 3B D0 40 0F 93 C7 48 8B CB 48
Replace "40 0F 93 C7" with "31 C0 F7 D0".

Version v2.0.99.676
Search for: 48 89 6C 24 28 FF 15 CD F4 50 00 40 0F B6 C7 48 8B 4C 24 60 48 33 CC E8 24 2D 91
Replace "40 0F B6 C7" with "31 C0 F7 D0".

Search for: 41 4A 00 40 0F B6 C7 48 8B 4C 24 60 48 33 CC E8 34 38 AA FF
Replace "40 0F B6 C7" with "31 C0 F7 D0"
Q: Can I download this mod?
A: No. This is a guide to mod your game. The guide requires modification of the .exe file. I will not be distrubting modded .exe files. It's up to you to follow the guide and make the modifications.

Q: I can't find the values in the hex editor. Why?
A: Different versions of the game have different values. I will make updates as new versions are released. Make sure you're looking for the values which are correct to your version

Q: The version I have isn't listed here. Where do I find the hex values?
A: Update your game to the latest supported version.

Q: When I try to exit the "Character Assign" menu I get an error about each player needing to have a main character assigned. Why?
A: You didn't follow the guide fully. You need to hex edit the EoCAPP.exe as directed to remove this limitation.

Q: Can I make all 4 source hunters?
A: No. You can only assign characters you can get through ingame means. This means your game will typically be 2 source hunters, and 2 companions/henchmen.

Q: Can I play with 3 players?
A: Yes. You can assign characters however you like. For example, player 1 can control both source hunters, player 2 controls a companion like Madora, and player 3 controls a henchman. Any combination will work.

Q: Is the "Lone Wolf" talent supported?
A: Yes, but I wouldn't recommend taking the talent. It's supported in the same way the base game supports it. Meaning if you take it on one source hunter your party will be limited to 3 characters. If both source hunters take the talent then then your party will be limited to the 2 source hunters. While the game will continue to work just fine you won't have any characters to give to additional players.

Q: When I start the game it says "Main" is corrupt. What's wrong with my game?
A: This happens when the md5 hash inside the meta.lsx file mismatches to what the game is expecting. Typically this happens when the game updates. Any time your game updates you'll have to re-do the modifications.

Q: Are saved games compatible? Do I need to start a new game?
A: You can make these modifications at any time or revert them at any time. You will be able to play from the same save files with modifications or without. You do not need to start a new game.
Norbyte - Pak extractor, help with locating the hex values in the game's exe.
Dumb "Le Doré" - 4 Player mod for the original game.
I've recently received a request to make a video version of the guide. As requested, here's a basic video version of the guide for those that prefer to watch a video instead of reading. It's not necessary to view the video to understand the guide, but it may help those who are confused by the instructions.

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Comp625 Jan 1 @ 7:58pm 
When using the 4 connected players mod, does anyone know if 3rd and 4th players will still get Steam achievements?
Zemfira Sep 11, 2020 @ 9:23am 
thespecialguest Sep 2, 2020 @ 1:05pm 
I see - so the .exe can simply be moved over from another computer. Thanks
Nazar  [author] Sep 2, 2020 @ 7:47am 
You could edit the exe manually by following the guide and using a hex editor, or have a friend run the patcher on their computer and send the executable to you.
thespecialguest Sep 1, 2020 @ 8:06pm 
This was working and then yesterday steam forced me to update the game before playing which somehow broke it. The patcher dos file won't run on the windows 8 machine - says incompatible with your version of windows. Any suggestions ?
Tame Aug 20, 2020 @ 7:11am 
That's what we did. Then we killed and removed the 4th source hunter immediately since there's only 3 of us, haha. I guess maybe I'll talk to the author of the other mod (4CC) and see if there's a fix. Playing a 100 hour long game with no dialogue would be.. not fun.
Nazar  [author] Aug 19, 2020 @ 11:06pm 
I think you would have to use a 4 player character creation mod in combination with this mod and create source hunters for the other 2 players.
Tame Aug 19, 2020 @ 10:08pm 
Is there a way to let players 3 and 4 listen in on dialogue? I know that they can't talk and aren't source hunters, which is fine, but.. not even listen? :(
Nazar  [author] Jul 14, 2020 @ 8:31am 
This isn't compatible with the classic edition. I think there's a 4 player mod in the workshop for classic. Modifying the executable isn't necessary for classic since that version of the game doesn't force all players to have a main character assigned.
DirtyMarshall Jul 13, 2020 @ 8:45am 
Is this one working with the Classic edition?