Quake Live
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How to improve your FPS
От E3S | The Sound Unique
A small list of commands that can perhaps help you gain more fps.
Ultra low graphics setting.
Work in progress...

Update - Nov 06, 2015
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/!\ Warning /!\

1: Make a backup of your configs: qzconfig.cfg & repconfig.cfg !
If you don't do that and your config are broken, you can only blame yourself.

2: These commands don't change in any way your resolution.
They were tested on 3 different pcs.

3: This is just a guideline, not the sacre bible.
If i made some mistake or you have some suggestions / useful tricks, please let me know.
set cg_allowTaunt "1"
// If you want or not listen taunts

set cg_announcerTiesVO "1"
set cg_announcerRewardsVO "1"
set cg_announcerLeadsVO "1"
set cg_announcerLastStandingVO "1"
set cg_announcer "3"
// Various settings of announcer

set cg_blood "0"
// Not sure. Blood on screen i think

set cg_bob "0"
// removes bobbing while moving (bobbing = the slightly moving up/down from your screen as you walk)

set cg_brasstime "0"
// Amount of time expelled shells remain on screen.

set cg_buzzerSound "0"
// When set to 1, an loud buzzer sound will play when the match ends

set cg_drawCheckpointRemaining "0"
// Only in race

set cg_drawProfileImages "0"
// Don't show peoples steam avatars in game

set cg_drawcrosshairnames "0"
// Deprecated

set cg_drawgun "0"
// “0” will hide your weapon – “1” will show your weapon, but swaying as you walk – “2” will show your weapon and it will not sway as you walk – “3” will show a translucent weapon model.
// I like 3 but 0 is better for performance

set cg_drawRewards "0"
// Show reward icons and sound

set cg_enemyCrosshairNames "0"
// Draw the name of players above the crosshair when targetting them

set cg_forceEnemyModel “keel”
// Force all enemy models to be the same model.
// I suggest keel, because he's noisy but you can use “tankjr” if you want a more visible model

set cg_forceEnemySkin "bright"
// Opponent is brighter !

set cg_gibs "0"
// Controls the number of sparks when gibbing a dead body.

set lightningImpact "0"
// Enables lightning impact affect on surfaces by lightning gun

set cg_lightningStyle "5"
// 1 = Default Q3/QL, 2 = QuakeWorld inspired, 3 = Team Arena shaft, 4 = Thin shaft & 5 = Wide beam (Q3 style)

set cg_lowAmmoWarningSound "0"
// 0 = Disabled, 1 = Low Ammo Clip Reload Sound played for Low Ammo, No Ammo Click Sound played for No Ammo, 2 = No Ammo Click Sound played for both Low and No Ammo.
// Personally i use 1

set cg_lowAmmoWeaponBarWarning "0"
// Controls the weapon bar ammo warning display. (I prefer 2)
// 1=Draw weapon bar ammo value in red when empty, 2=Draw weapon bar ammo value in yellow when low and red when empty

set cg_impactSparks "0"
// Causes the enemy to spark when they are hit by any non-explosive weapons

set cg_marks "0"
// Render bullet marks on walls

set cg_muzzleFlash "0"
// Shows a muzzle flash when firing a weapon.

set cg_noplayeranims "0"
// I suggest to keep this on. Disables player model animations, showing only the 1st frame in the models animation sequence. 0=off, 1=on

set cg_playerNames "0"
// Draw targeted player names while in spectator mode, both in freecam and first-person mode

set cg_plasmaStyle "1"
// 1 = No Trail, 2 = Particle Trail

set cg_playvoicechats "0"
// Enables voice chats

set cg_railStyle "1"
// Railgun trail effect: 1 = Rail core rail trail, 2 = Spiral rail trail

set cg_railTrailTime "400"
// The time (in milliseconds) that rail trails are displayed for. 400 default.
// 0 min, 2000 max

set cg_rocketStyle "1"
// Rocket trail effect: 1 = No Plume, 2 = Fire Plume

set cg_scorePlums "0"
// Show floating score plums

set cg_screendamage "0"
set cg_screenDamageAlpha "0"
set cg_screenDamageAlpha_Team "0"
// Turn off completely the screen blinking red when you taking damage

set cg_shadows "0"
// Players shadow

set cg_simpleitems "1"
// Replaces pickup 3D models with iconic 2D images.

set cg_simpleitemsbob "0"
// Static items

set cg_smokeRadius_RL "4"
set cg_smokeRadius_NG "1"
set cg_smokeRadius_haste "8"
set cg_smokeRadius_GL "8"
set cg_smokeRadius_flight "8"
set cg_smokeRadius_dust "24"
set cg_smokeRadius_SG "0"
// Smoke of weapons / dust / Power Up

set cg_specNames "0"
// Looks like the same thing of cg_playernames

set cg_teammateNames "1"
// Teammate names...

set cg_useItemMessage "0"
// Enables drawing of the "No Item to Use" message when lacking a holdable item but attempting to use it

set cg_useItemWarning "0"
// Enables playing of the "No Item to Use" sound when any player is lacking a holdable item but is attempting to use it.
// I suggest to use 1

set cg_waterWarp "0"
// Water distortion off
set com_blood "0"
// Blood off

set com_hunkmegs "256"
// More ram. "512" work for me

set com_introplayed "0"
// Disables the playing of intro movie when loading game.

set com_idleSleep "0"
// Use sleep frames to reduce CPU usage.

set com_maxfps "60"
// Depends on your pc
set con_scale "1"
// No impact on fps. Change to 1 just if you wanna read more clearly

set con_speed "1"
// Slow console drop. Pc can take it easy
set r_allowExtensions "1"
// Use OpenGL extensions and r_ext cvars... keep it on !

set r_displayRefresh "60"
// Depends on your monitor

set r_colorbits "16"
// 16 bit colors

set r_depthbits "16"
// 16 bit color depth

set r_detailtextures "0"
// Any code labeled as detail in a texture is not used

set r_dlightBacks "0"
// Lighting values constant for dark and light areas

set r_drawSun "0"
// Controls the way in which lighting of models and objects is handled by simulating effects of sunlight

set r_drawSkyFloor "0"
// Enables a visual fix of the glitchy scrolling sky floors, removing the 'hall of mirrors' effect

set r_dynamiclight "0"
// Enables dynamic light from rockets, Quad, Flag, etc.
// Fixed dynamiclights: 1, use original broken code: 2, debug: 3

set r_fullbright "1"
// Renders all textures on the map at same brightness
// I suggest to turn off: r_mapOverBrightBits "0" & r_overBrightBits "0" and use that

set r_ext_compiled_vertex_array "0"
// Enables hardware compiled vertex array rendering

set r_ext_compressed_textures "1"
// Enables the external texture compression

set r_ext_gamma_control "1"
// "0" stops the gamma been set externally to quake

set r_ext_multitexture "0"
// No multitexturing

set r_ext_texture_env_add "0"
// Enables additive blending when using multi-texturing

set r_facePlaneCull "1"
// Enable culling of brush faces not in view (0 will slow FPS)

set r_fastsky "1"
// No sky's textures, just all black

set r_finish "0"
// Try setting this to 1 if you have laggy inputs.
// Enable extra completion code necesssary for some video cards, may decrease FPS

set r_flares "0"
// Enables projectile flare and lightning effects

set r_ignoreFastPath "0"
// Enables ignoring of Tess fast paths

set r_ignoreGLErros "1"
// Enables ignoring of OpenGL errors in an attempt to continue rendering

set r_ignorehwgamma "1"
// Enables ignoring of hardware gamma settings

set r_inGameVideo "0"
// Enables in-game videos.

set r_intensity "1"
// Intensifies the level of brightness added to textures and model skins

set r_lodCurveError "250"
// This setting determines how close you have to be towards a polygon before it "clips".
// Think of it as similar to Mip - Mapping.

set r_mapoverbrightbits "0"
// This is a setting which controls how bright the scenary, textures and objects are.

set r_overBrightBits "0"
// Ambient lighting applied to in-game entities or objects

set r_primitives "2"
// Sets rendering method.
// Valid settings: -1=skips drawing / 0=uses glDrawelements if compiled vertex arrays are present or strips of glArrayElement if not / 1=forces strips / 2=forces drawElements

set r_roundImagesDown "10"
// Set rounding down factor (larger = faster, lower quality)

set r_simpleMipMaps "1"
// Enables simple MIP mapping

// set r_subdivisions "80" <- Not writable
// Basically sets the "smoothness" of curves. 4 high, 80 low

set r_stencilbits "0"
// Disable stencil buffer

set r_swapinterval "0"
// Vertical synchronization, has mouse lag don't use for playing

set r_lightmap "0"
// Enables the light data lighting model

set r_vertexLight "0"
// Toggles vertex lighting.
// Enabling would mean disabling lightmapping: 0=disables, 1=enables

set r_lodbias "2"
// Sets Level-Of-Detail bias.
// An example would be the complexity of weapon rendering. -2=highest details, 2=low details

set r_textureBits "16"
// 16 bit textures

set r_textureMode "GL_NEAREST"
// Sets texture filtering mode.
// Possible extensions used: GL_NEAREST (nearest interpolation filtering), GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP (nearest interpolation filtering with mipmapping), GL_LINEAR (linear interpolation filtering), GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST (linear interpolation filtering with nearest (bilinear) mipmapping), GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR (linear interpolation filtering with linear (trilinear) mipmapping)

set r_enablePostProcess "0"
// Enables post processing, which offers extra graphical features and quality

set r_enableColorCorrect "0"
// Enables color correction when r_enablePostProcess 1

set r_enableBloom "0"
// Enables light bloom effects when r_enablePostProcess 1
set s_ambient "0"
// Environment sounds off
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Комментариев: 19
E3S | The Sound Unique  [автор] 24 сен. 2016 в 13:07 
r_roundImagesDown "1" is an old fix for some maps of Q3A (if i remember correctly).
Some games with the same Engine allow you to get up to "10".
That's why i put 10 but 1 can be enough.

What you mean about the resolution ? You mean r_picmip ?
r_picmip is just the "quality" of your textures.

r_picmip "0" = High Res
r_picmip "10" (or "20" in other games) = Low res

Personally, i like 10 as value.


Read please

At the moment i' m really busy in my real life and i don't have the time to check the questions on this guide.
If you have some questions and you are in hurry, use the forum.
This is just a suggestion because it's possible that i don't log on Steam for a long time.
vfjpl 24 сен. 2016 в 4:18 
Also what made you think that r_roundImagesDown is not simply 0 and 1 cvar? And when the texture is not a power of 2 resolution it needs to scale it? And then it will scale it down or upp based ot this cvar?
vfjpl 24 сен. 2016 в 4:13 
The cvar is there for you because you have it in your autoexec.cfg remove it and clear the other config files. Then when you type r_d and tab the cvar will not come up. You can simply write r_something "0" in your autoexec.cfg and then the game will show you that cvar when you type r_som + tab.
^71967^2k^7ID 18 сен. 2016 в 13:10 
i play at 1080p its 60mhz anyways i got a 60mhz monitor you can overclock your monitor go to guru3d i think is call crt the program to oc it or just goole it it will tell you how to oc monitor but be cerfull if you go to fare you can f up it
E3S | The Sound Unique  [автор] 18 сен. 2016 в 11:13 
@katus ^_^
oXid 18 сен. 2016 в 10:30 
Thank you! it helped me a lot. and got a bit stability. Great guide!
E3S | The Sound Unique  [автор] 15 сен. 2016 в 10:32 
Hi @hEatDeath
Atm i don't have installed the game on my pc so i can't check.
I'd suggest you try the commands which refer to : Shadows, impact marks, particles and bloom.
I don't wanna say : "this command is better than this one" because this change from 1 pc to another, just try one after the other and use what you need :)
Or... if you are ultra lazy like me, copy all the commands on an autoexec.cfg and type : "exec autoexec.cfg" on the console
hEatDeath 14 сен. 2016 в 23:26 
Great and detailed guide.
One suggestion : Could u highlight the changes that are likely to provide greatest improvement in fps. I don't want to change too much of quakes defaults especially if their effect on fps is marginal

Thanks again for your guide.
E3S | The Sound Unique  [автор] 20 янв. 2016 в 14:26 
No mistake. As you can see this command exist for me.
^1^^0diabolis 20 янв. 2016 в 8:57 
well mate, thats why i asked you, i know about that tab is for autoc. anyways...this cmd not excist...also looked at the cvarlist..

maybe u mistake smthn ;)