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*Work in progress!*

Roraima is a map for ARK: Surivival evolved, aprox. the size of the main game map "TheIsland," featuring a temperate rainforest climate. The inspiration for this map is the tabletop mountain, also called a Tapuy, "Roraima" in South Eastern Venezuela. Or Brazil. Depends on who you ask.
Generally I tired to make the map more "prehistoric" then ARK's "Island" map and in line with the mesezoic era.


-Map to load?


-I'm running a server and can't get the map to load! Help?
Apparently the map sometimes will not load using the universal command -ModMapID=547828060.
Some server providers have had luck using a "Roraima?listen" command.
Thanks to for letting me know!
Beyond that I don't have experience with running a server, check with your server provider.

**Also apparently adding "/Game/Mods/547828060/maps/Roraima" as a launch parameter works as well for some people. The map location is actually in a maps folder, which I guess shouldn't be the case.

-How complete is this map?
80%. Though a % can be misleading because the final 20% could still take awhile.

-How big is the map?
Slightly smaller then "TheIsland"

-Are there Wyverns?

-What dinos/creatures are on the map?
Most, including Scorched Earth content.
If something is missing and you think it is needed let me know!

-What resources are available?
All resources from the vanilla game plus Scorched Earth resources are already present on the map, or will be added soon. Resources, aside from the basic resources, include oil, crystal, salt, sulphur, cactus sap,
sand, silk. Also rare resources such as rare mushrooms and plant species X.

-Caves? Where?
Caves are getting added soon, stay tuned.

-Where are the artifacts? Obilisks?
Caves and artifacts go hand in hand, so they will be added as needed when a cave is complete.
Obilisks will be getting added as well.


Please feel free to comment, critique, and make suggestions.

Gameplay Hints:
-Rare resources are mostly found in specific areas, not spread all across the map. Look for cliffsides and rocky outcrops to find metal. Crystal can be found typically near metal deposits. All resource locations are subject to change.
-Crystal can be found in small quantities anywhere with large concentrations of rocks
-Obsidian can rarely be found downstream in dry creek beds, where it was washed from the tabletop mountain.
-The largest deposits of obsidian are at the top of the tabletop mountain, however crystal, obsidian, and metal can also be found in large concentrations in caves.
-No caves of decent size currently. They will be getting added.
-All of the new foliage is harvestable.
-Get silicone from clams, which can be found in large numbers in specific parts of the map.
-Oil can anly be found underwater in a few locations right now.
-Watch out for Piranhas, they are deadly.

**Second-place winner of the 2016 "Ark Worldwide Mod Contest" in the map catagory!
Thank you to everyone who has made suggestions to make the map better, everyone who voted of course, and all the other modders who helped pave the way!

"Although Roraima doesn’t have the following of some of the other maps in the workshop, it absolutely blew us away! The naturalistic land formations and the strategic layout of this map makes it a standout entry in the category. While it isn’t as big as some of the other maps, it is clearly a map that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a real-life area in the world. The team were literally shocked at the natural beauty in this map."
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grafikjoe Aug 6 @ 6:05am 
GREAT Map for SP-Play. Nicely done! Hope for the next update ;)
Jacobeforthewin Aug 4 @ 9:12am 
@Max Does it work with Single Player as well?
Jeff  [author] Jul 6 @ 10:03pm 
Great, thanks Max for figuring that out
Max Jul 6 @ 2:30pm 
using /Game/Mods/547828060/maps/Roraima as a launch parameter seems to fix the initiation problems you mention in your post. Its due to using the additional directory "maps", in the mod root dir.

Good luck with the modmap!
Fug Cod Jun 23 @ 10:47am 
Are there caves on this map?
MalseMallert Jun 19 @ 11:14am 
Nonetheless it is an amazing map.
MalseMallert Jun 19 @ 10:48am 
Tbh, i liked the old layout of the map way more then this version. Maybe you could change some of it back? Only like the part with the pine trees? It felt very dense and prehistoric. Just an idea. Maybe it's just my nostalgia or something.

MalseMallert Jun 12 @ 6:33am 
Tropical areas like cryolophysys said pls.
Justice Jun 11 @ 10:48am 

Do three obelisks need to exist? Can you not condense to two or one? How about a version of the map with no Obelisk?

Also, if removing the snow biome, replace it with something volcanic. You could have two parts to it. The active and then the downstream/downland area where the lava has hardened over time and runs out to the ocean.

Whatever you do, no tropical areas please.

Lastly, when is weather coming into play more? I'd really like to see some heavy rains that last for days on end in certain areas, where others are bone dry.
Cryolophysis Jun 11 @ 10:39am 
Maybe where the snow area is could be a tropical plains or savannahs, sort of like the herbivorous areas from Jurassic World