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Soldier Goat
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Oct 30, 2015 @ 10:34am
Jun 7, 2016 @ 2:20am
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Soldier Goat

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Sir! Yes Sir!

Are you ready to fight the Zombie invasion? Sir! Yes Sir! Do you have all your weapons with you? Sir! Yes Sir! So why are you still standing there? Go! Go! Go!

Any question or problem to use this mod? Click here to read the FAQ.

- Soldier Goat: You can use GoatZ weapons everywhere and with unlimited ammo.

- [Ctrl]: Change weapon.
- [LeftClick]: Fire.

- [DPadDown]: Change weapon.
- [RT]: Fire.

- The name of the selected weapon is displayed when you change.
- Weapons do damage to any creature and break/explode objects.
- Your weapons have unlimited ammo.
- You can only switch weapon if you are not ragdoll (for compatibility).
- If a Survivor try to steal your weapon in GoatZ, he will get a normal copy of the weapon instead.

- Combine this mod with the Microwave to set the creatures you shoot on fire.
- Using the Relaxer on Donkeys make them invincible?!?

- Some weapon visual effects are not visible on animals, only on humans.
- Weapons have no effect on ragdolls.

Originally posted by Update 1 (14/11/2015):
- Fixed compatibility with GoatBread.
Originally posted by Update 2 (08/02/2016):
- Fixed compatibility with Payday.
Originally posted by Update 3 (07/06/2016):
- Fixed compatibility with Waste of Space.
Originally posted by About this mod:
That was a quite easy mod compared to the previous two :) Mainly because the devs already made a variable to make infinite ammo on their weapons XD
Anyway I still had some work to do in order to have all the weapon effects working on any creature (not just on GoatZ creatures). I also had to rework part of the weapon attachment code and some stuff in the firing mechanism... But nothing too hard in the end, I could complete it in a single afternoon ^^
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Geneosis  [author] Apr 30 @ 1:50am 
@Blackrooster: Maybe because these are GoatZ weapons ;)
Blackrooster Apr 29 @ 6:13pm 
That weapon looks like goatz
TheBesieger59 Mar 17 @ 3:01am 
can you possibly do a dual minifun?
DOUKNODEWAE? Mar 3 @ 1:51pm 
Yay, now I can cheat, the zombies will be owned!!!! :)
Bill Cipher Jan 21 @ 10:43am 
i will try and see what there is to fix it Geneosis but if i can't get it working then perhaps it might be something in my goat simulator folder that's causing the issue and if i fixed it i'll let you know and tell you what went wrong but if i don't i'll keep trying
Geneosis  [author] Jan 21 @ 2:47am 
@Bill Cipher: Well if you have the outdated mod message, then you can try the solution of the FAQ for that problem :) Then if you still have trouble to see your mod appear, make sure that you don't have more than 50 Goat Sim mods on your computer, and if you do remove some of them and it should work better ^^
Bill Cipher Jan 20 @ 11:22am 
yes i did but it says that it is an outdated mod so it says that no mods will be loaded which i don't know why i''ll check the FAQ again but if none of the ways work then i don't know what is going on
Geneosis  [author] Jan 16 @ 9:51am 
@Bill Cipher: Did you try the potential solutions listed in the FAQ already?
Bill Cipher Jan 15 @ 10:19am 
the mod doesn't work for me and i don't know why but im wondering if anybody has a solution to fixing it cause im all ears here
TheBesieger59 Jan 9 @ 12:10am