Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Network Skins (Park Life compatible)
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Oct 28, 2015 @ 6:07pm
Jul 23, 2018 @ 6:42pm
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Network Skins (Park Life compatible)

The first 2 modules of a network skinning mod:
  • Select the pillars of your bridges
  • Select the street lights of your roads
  • Select roadside trees
The mod supports roads, train tracks and pedestrian paths. All features can be selected per segment.

Planned Features (Module 3 and 4):
  • Set the distance between street lights/trees
  • Custom road textures (e.g. cobblestone roads, brick roads)
  • Remove power wires of train tracks
  • Custom power lines (e.g. wooden poles)
  • Custom bridge meshes (SC4-like bridge selection)

How it works:
  • Movable customizer window that only pops up when you use the network tool
  • This mod will only apply visual changes and can be disabled at any time without breaking saves

The mod supports custom street lights created by modellers:

To create your own, look at this tutorial[].

The mod also supports custom pillars created by modellers:

More can be found in the forum thread below the description!

Supported Mods:
  • Network Extensions
  • Fine Road Heights (It is important that you subscribed to the official workshop item. Outdated versions for offline use are not supported!)
  • Precision Engineering
  • Sharp Junction Angles
  • No Pillars (though it sometimes messes up the pillar selection)

Known Incompatibilities
    ]*]Do not subscribe to other mods while your city is loaded. This is known to cause issues with data saving (all Street lights will revert to default)
  • "Vanilla Trees Remover" interferes with the pillar replacement feature

Source Code[]

Using the C# detours code[] created by Sebastian Schöner, released under the MIT license.

Also using the CimTools library[] created by PropaneDragon, the creator of Road Namer.
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UMR_Princess Mar 28 @ 4:08pm 
Very hope can change the type of the bus stop !!
Catratio Mar 23 @ 4:25pm 
Yessssssss, now there is a reason to use tree lined streets/paths again. Thank you for this!
Altenarian™ Mar 22 @ 3:25pm 
@Tiidus.Jack use the anarchy mod and upgrade the road with your desired/same road w/changed lights.
狼少 Mar 20 @ 8:57am 
Hello,I submitted 5 pillars at once,but when I test the pillar,only 1 pillar appeared in network skin,how should I do?I want them all appear in network skin
Tiidus.Jack Mar 19 @ 2:59pm 
Hello. I am newer to Csky mods but i had a question about this mod. Is their an update street light button. Like I know you can change the light when you plop the road but can you just update the light to something different by like right clicking on the road? I know I am probably doing something wrong. If you can't, is is easier to manually plop light with PLT or use this mod? Thanks for any answers and helping a noob.
RedVelocity Mar 18 @ 11:39pm 
Support Ronyx Expressway please :(
Frank Mar 15 @ 11:38pm 
@BlackStork After a few hours of play, I realized that when you download a mod while you play, the assets return to default, apparently while you do not do not happen,
Frank Mar 11 @ 1:24am 
is the second time that my custom elements change back to default, this time not even reload the game, just minimize the game and when I reopened my streets had the trees vanilla, what is happening!
Oldhip Mar 8 @ 3:52pm 
Sounds like it needs a good fix.
alexkei888 Mar 6 @ 9:05am 
Game crashed by this mod and I don't know why ? :(( Help !!!!