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• Two teams battle to capture the five Control Points located throughout the map.
• Owning three Control Points will earn Team Points.
• The first team to reach 5,000 Team Points will win the match.

How to Play:
• Move your hero onto a Control Point to capture it.
• Having more heroes on a Control Point will capture it faster.
• Capturing additional Control Points beyond the third will cause your team to earn Team Points faster.
• Every 1,000 Team Points a team earns will trigger a Milestone, causing their opponents to spawn one or more Behemoths.
• Some hero abilities have been modified for Colosseum.
• Some items have been removed from Colosseum.

• Use the traps located throughout the map to keep your enemies from capturing Control Points.
• Fire Traps, Venom Traps, Boulders and the Pendulum are activated by buttons. Teams can only activate the buttons on their side of the map.
• Spike Traps are activated by stepping on them.
• The Pendulum, Boulders and Spike Traps will damage all heroes regardless of who activated them.
• Fire Traps and Venom Traps only damage enemies of the hero that activated them.

• Choose heroes who work well in team fights to confront the enemy at Control Points.
• Use your team's Waypoint to teleport from the spawn pool toward the central Control Point.
• Killing a hero will cause them to drop Rejuvenation Potions, Mango Juice, and Gold Coins.
• Using Glyph will temporarily block all Control Points from being captured, and from granting Team Points.
• Behemoths are immune to Magical Damage, and have True Sight.
• Heroes can block enemies from activating Trap buttons.

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