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The Stanley Parable

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Console Commands To Mess Around With :)
By meetmeinoz
Playing the Stanley Parable can be an interesting experience. However, if you're like me, you've already played all the endings and seen it all. So how does one keep the game from getting boring? Messing with the Console, of course! Remember, you don't need sv_cheats 1 to mess with the game! Here are some commands to mess with, you never know what wacky results you'll get!

NOTE: If you know of any commands that aren't on this list, let me know. I will also update it if I find a new code.
The Basics
These are the basic stuff. Very simple, but cool anyway.

raphael - Narrator just says "Stanley" over and over again.

imabird - Makes it look like you are flying(Warning: Stanley does not actually fly).

facepunch - Don't even need console for this. Replace all textures with the Facepunch logo.

bark - Makes a bark sound whenever you hit the use key.

hideous - Opens a random page of the Team Fortress 2 wiki... for some reason.

secret - Adds something awesome when you select the Credits in the main menu.

vinh - Also does something cool in the Credits.

More Complicated Stuff
Now, let's move on to some of the harder, more complicated ones.

bind 5 "ent_fire !picker unlock; ent_fire !picker open" - Open any door by pressing 5

bind 6 "ent_fire !picker unlock; ent_fire !picker close - Close any door by pressing 6

mat_fullbright 1 - Makes the brightness of the map as bright as possible. Makes the last part of the Games ending a lot less scary. (NOTE: If anyone knows of a code that does the exact opposite, i.e., a code that makes everything dark, let me know. I'm kinda curious to see if there is one).

mat_fullbright 2 - Makes the game simpler looking. I haven't tested this code much so I will need to do more research.

mat_fullbright 3 - Do you hate textures? Or is your computer so slow that textures make the game lag? This code is for you. Gets rid of most textures, and makes the game look like it's made out of clay.

ent_create_portal_companion_cube - Spawns a friend that will never threaten to stab you, and, cannot speak.

thirdperson - Switches to third person view, in which it is revealed that Stanley is actually a glitchy Chell.

firstperson - It lets you jump. Haha just kidding. It brings back first person view.

ent_remove - Removes something if you point at it. Useful for removing doors but can also have some consequences. Might crash game if you remove something important.

fire_rocket_projectile - Fires a blue ERROR rocket. (WARNING: It can kill you.)

create_flashlight - Is mat_fullbright not your style? Then this is for you. This will light up an area that you point at.

ent_fire narrator kill - Ever wanted the Narrator to just shut the hell up? This command silences him. Although, sometimes the game is creepier without him there. 0.0

host_timescale ? - Replace ? with a number between 0.1 and 10. 1.0 is the default. What does it do? Well it's so funny that I won't spoil it. Let's just say you won't take the Narrator seriously when this code is in effect.

ent_fire zaxis_stormy togglesound - This will toggle the rain outside. It'll only work in the office though, so if you're thinking about using it in the last part of that Games ending to make the dark hallways less silent, sorry, but it won't work.

bind MWHEELUP "cl_fov 40"; bind MWHEELDOWN "cl_fov 90" - Now this code is a 2-in-1. Do you ever wanna read those papers on the ground, but the text is too small? This lets you zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.

ent_fire zaxis_paperpocalypse turnon - PAPER EVERYWHERE! Who threw all this paper everywhere!? Was it you, Bob?!?!

ent_fire zaxis_boxvillie turnon - Fills the office with BOXES! But they are just there for show. You can't pick them up or build a fort or do anything cool like that. Wish you could, but you can't.

crosshair 1 - Makes it easier to aim by putting a dot in the middle of the screen.

ent_teleport player - Teleports you to wherever you point at. Pretty neat, you can go to places you couldn't go before. (WARNING: BE VERY CAREFUL! TELEPORTING OUT OF MAP OR TO THE WRONG PLACE CAN CAUSE YOU TO GET STUCK OR YOUR GAME MIGHT CRASH!)

ent_fire bigcounter9 add 2000 - Want to go to the Art ending, but don't want to press that button for four hours? This will take you straight to it.

test_loop - This code crashes your game. You know, in case you want that to happen for some reason.

Teleporting To Different Maps
Now it's time to talk about maps. Some endings are in different maps. Here's how to go to them without having to walk there. Because walking is just too much work.

Just type "map"(no quotations) then the name:

map1 - Stanley's office

map - Last part of the confusion ending.

map2 - Takes you to the mind control facility.

map_death - Takes you to the crusher and Museum ending.

map_one - First part of the Confusion Ending(Right after the restart in the monitor room.)

map_two - Takes you to below the maintenence room where you see the monitor room.

redstair - Takes you to the creepy as hell Escape Pod ending.

seriousroom - Where do you think it leads? Lol.

testchmb_a_00 - Takes you to the Portal part of the Games ending, as well as the even creepier dark version of the original mod.(Seriously that part gave me nightmares 0.0)

blockbase - Takes you to the Minecraft part of the Games ending.

incorrect - The office that is deteriorating because you messed everything up!

freedom - TO FREEDOM!

buttonworld - Takes you to Heaven. BUTTONS......BUTTONS.....OHHHHH!

babygame - Takes you to that darn Baby Game.

thefirstmap - Second loop of the Confusion Ending.

theonlymap - Third loop of the Confusion Ending.

zending - Takes you to the Zending and the space room(SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!)

Color Codes
There are codes that let you turn certain objects a different color. It works for some objects(mostly doors, buttons, and other objects).
All you have to do is bind a key to one of these codes, and then you can press that key to turn an object that color.

NOTE: I've had a bit of trouble with binding colors other than red, since red does not require a code. If anyone knows how to bind properly with the numbers, let me know.

ent_fire !picker color "
" I will be updating, so I will try to get as many colors as I can. Simple Colors: "255" - Red "0 255 255" - Cyan "255 255 0" - Yellow "255 255 255" - White "255 0 255" - Purple "0 255 0" - Green "0 0 0" - Black "0 0 255" - Blue "255 150 150" - Pink "250 100 50" - Orange More Complicated Colors: "100 255 100" - Light Green "255 50 100" - Magenta "255 200 255" - Lavender "255 100 100" - Medium Pink "100 200 255" - Teal "250 100 50" - Old Orange "200 200 255" - Robin's Egg "255 100 255" - Party Purple "20 60 70" - Deep Ocean "50 50 50" - Dark Gray "100 100 100" - Medium Gray "200 200 200" - Light Gray "140 120 170" - Faded Grapes "250 190 100" - The Office Floor "250 150 100" - Pastel Orange "100 200 255" - Summer Sky "250 250 200" - Buttermilk "5 10 90" - Midnight Blue "50 50 0" - Military Green "255 20 50" - Garnet "210 140 250" - Amethyst "220 220 255" - Pearl "100 255 20" - Peridot "20 100 200" - Lapis Lazuli "255 160 60" - Jasper "255 190 190" - Rose Quartz "255 20 20" - Ruby "100 100 255" - Sapphire "50 100 150" - Blue Diamond "200 230 255" - Blue Pearl "250 250 100" - Yellow Diamond "250 250 150" - Yellow Pearl "50 250 255" - Malachite "100 0 100" - Sugilite
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JAMES Gaming LV2 Sep 6 @ 6:07am 
kinda unrelated fun fact: You can turn on sv_cheats without being sent to the serious room by copying the console file from the demo of the game
FakePillow Jul 5 @ 3:38am 
you can press ` when in the menu to get the console, no need for advanced options, its already in the vanilla game
ferociousfleaman Jun 22 @ 7:26am 
FYI ent_fire narrator kill will also mute stanleys "wife"
user42 Mar 15 @ 6:34pm 
For console, press J. You can find keyboard shortcuts in the options menu
PigsCanFly Feb 7 @ 5:54pm 
also how do you even get the console past the main menu? it always dissapears after i begin
PigsCanFly Feb 7 @ 5:51pm 
@LOLMan707 its not a steven universe refrence those are just colors of different gems
unless it is and im an idiot (probably the most likely answer)
dclift30 Dec 30, 2020 @ 1:25pm 
ah yes. the companion cube...
lawrosa1 Jul 19, 2020 @ 2:24pm 
@Goleihm I tried sv_cheats 2 and it didn't work. I tried at the start the middle and end but never said anything different. Can you give me more info on how you did it.
Goleihm Jul 9, 2020 @ 10:21pm 
It seems everyone knows that 'sv_cheats 1' gets you the serious ending, but I haven't seen anyone talk about the other MORE serious endings when you type 'sv_cheats 2' 'sv_cheats 3' 'sv_cheats 4' and so on. He says something different until like 8 or 10, where he just stops saying new things. You might think I am joking about this, but just try it yourself with console commands.

I propably would never had known about this if I knew what the 'sv_cheats 1' command actually meant, because in other games doing 'sv_cheats 2' wouldn't make sense because 1 and 0 just mean on and off, and 2 wouldn't mean anything. But, I happened to be ignorant of 'server cheats' at the time, so I thought counting up from 1 made sense.

Anyway, if you didn't know:
There is a MORE serious ending after the regular serious ending by counting up by 1 every time you put in the 'sv_cheats #' command. Try it, it's hilarious.
ArcticSnowPup Jun 26, 2020 @ 9:15am 
@sathr99 what happens if you try launching with sv_cheats already set to 1? I have not done it in a long time using gmod, but there is an autoconfig that is read every time the game starts up.